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yoo jeongyeon ❝ the twicey's appa ❞ 2 minutes ago
@mina myoui Oh mina -walks over to you wearing a coconut bra and a banana leaf pants, with war paint looking like ruins painted over my body- now let me show you how to sacrifice a fish so us humans do not become doomed -laughs hard before dipping my fingers into the paint before adding some on your nose and cheeks before picking you up and carries you into the ritual room- are you ready for your first sacrifice
hwang yeji 3 minutes ago
@lee chaeryeong *turns my head to face you as I plop down* Tempting and job-- Have you done the killing before? *furrows my brows a bit* Well, true. Seeing her fangirl so hard is very cute~ *smiles softly at the pat* All of us should try to worry less before we end up getting sick. Haha! *lets out a giggle as you place a kiss on top of my head* Sacrifice a fish for what? :o
lee chaeryeong 7 minutes ago
@hwang yeji -scoots over to give you space then rests my feet on the table- pretty much , I aint going to kill her , no matter how tempting it maybe , then again it is my job, but it is cute to see her fangirl so hard -carefully pats your hair then nods- plus worry is a two way street we worry about you guys too , that is good that you have become careful now -places a gentle kiss upon the top of your head - and now I think we are about to witness jeongyeon sacrifice a fish
hwang yeji 8 minutes ago
@shin yuna I'm not sure where she hides them honestly. Suzy unnie's cooking class might be only how to cook fried eggs since the frying pan is her only tool--

*stops for a moment before glancing back at you* Hmm, well... I don't like bitter gourd and too much mayo. I'm fine with a normal serving of mayo though! :>
shin yuna 15 minutes ago
@hwang yeji HO..HOLD UP WHAT 10 damn, well I guess it doesnt hurt to have weapons everywhere , ooh cooking class with suzy sounds fun, but its true, I love multi purpose weapons

*chuckles then nods a little*
Ok 3 , sure thing mama yeji , but before you do go , is there anything you do not like
And I dont mean raw chicken
*folds my arms in curiousity*
hwang yeji 21 minutes ago
@shin yuna I think she has 10 at the moment-- yes, she would. Her frying pans are multi-purpose after all~

*smiles softly as you beam* Haha, good~ You're welcome. *laughs before going on my way out* Yes, 3 sammiches. I'll be out here if you need me, sweetheart! :>
hwang yeji 27 minutes ago
@lee chaeryeong *plops down on the couch as I laugh* I see. Then that's what our maknae's death mean? *nods* We'll try to worry less for all of you. We're careful now, since... suzy unnie did get sick one time when she worried a bit too much. uwu;;
yoo jeongyeon ❝ the twicey's appa ❞ 1 hour ago
Oh i missed my bunno
zhong chenle 2 hours ago
lays here
im yeojin 2 hours ago
zhong chenle 4 hours ago
jang dahye ( h ) 5 hours ago
how can i help?
zhong chenle 5 hours ago
i am: suffering
lee nancy [A] 7 hours ago
jeon heejin ❝ jeno's cute yet y woman ❞ [A] 7 hours ago
missed my bubu again :c
huang renjun ❝ yoonyoon's peanut ❞ [A] 7 hours ago
oh we've been dead
jang dahye ( h ) 9 hours ago
@jackson wang jackson wang [A] 12 hours ago Reply
dahye dp kinda makes me wanna jump in her bed and cuddle her c':

i approve
zhong chenle 12 hours ago
zhong chenle 12 hours ago
i love you yoo <3
im yeojin 12 hours ago
i love you <3
zhong chenle 12 hours ago
im yeojin 12 hours ago
yes you are a baby
mina myoui 12 hours ago
@nam joohyuk I'm gonna miss you too.
You're a bit free tomorrow??
Weekends and mondays are always my free time
im yeojin 12 hours ago
lays on the floor in tired
nam joohyuk 12 hours ago
yeah im gonna miss you lots


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wujuskies 17 hours ago
yiren is already missing y'all, especially yuna and yeojin uwu
supine- [A] 1 day ago
╱ : checked by admins and in need of more males to join! pls don't forget to fav the rp, cuties! ty uwu
fullsuns 3 days ago
zhong chenle please
kimkibumz 4 days ago
lee taemin please!
kimjiwoos 4 days ago
choi yena please!
-Shady 5 days ago
Its taken me two days but I finally decided on my second, oh look im taking over the commentm section >:)
Kyutaro 5 days ago
i hate to be a pain in the nooting but i need an indefinite semihiatus due to health reasons... i am so sorry
seilah 6 days ago
lee chaeyeon jsy
-Shady 6 days ago

-clears my throat- hello , to you all , I do not believe we have met yet HOWEVER if you like to see more of this https://66.media.tumblr.com/440aead4b2cd318243bc3793942ef0ba/tumblr_nj6jsb40Fc1s4kjkoo1_640.jpg then please come to us, we are very warming and welcoming SO JOIN FOR YOUR NOOT NOOTS OR ELSE
-Shady 6 days ago
Am I ready , yes I am , can I take up a second, its your boyo deongyeon
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