☆ : wishes

Wish upon a star maybe your whish will come true -
mark wishes for luna, aliee, eric nam, son wendy, yoon bora, rest of snsd, hyuna, krystal and hani
hongbin wishes for : snsd members ( esp taeyeon and yuri ), jessi oh, jay park, yoon bora, mamamoo's wheein, blackpink, fx's luna and amber, ikon members, red velvet members & shinee's key plus minho.the rest of in2it , wanana one, jbj , ze;a , sonanamo and more people to join.
sehun wishes for dreamcatcher members, esp. Sua. jaekyung, jisook, hyunyoung, choa, seolhyun, hyejeong, kwon mina, seo jisoo, mijoo, jiae, momo, sana, jessica, jessi ho, yuju, nam dawon, moon gayoung, baek sumin, song ahri, kim seukhye
tzuyu wishes for the rest of twice coughs 
christian wishes for : fx, jeon hyosung, kim hyuna, park hyemin, lee hyori, kim taeyeon, mamamoo, lee sunmi, rest of seventeen esp woozi and jeonghan
Jennie wishes for sf9's rowoon
jinhwan wishes for the rest of ikon
mandy wishes for Exile tribe so I can have my daddies and kids
sakura wishes for Dylan Wang, Hu Yitian, Song weilong, iKon's Yunhyeong & Chanwoo, Guanlin, Ong Seongwoo and Woojin, Wonwoo, Joshua, DK and urgent.. twice, bp, rv and Snsd including jessica and a chanyeol
joy wishes for Big Bang members ♡ shinee's minho ♡ Ikon Bobby and B.I. ♡♡
jungkook wishes for namjoon
wendy wishes for a qt to complete my puzzle if y'nam sayin'--
hyosung wishes for for Ji Changwook, Shim Changmin, Lee Donghae, Lee Jongsuk Kim Woobin, Ok Taecyeon, Jay Park, Choi Seunghyun Lee Seunghyun, Doing Youngbae, Kim Jaejoong and henry lau.
Nako wishes for produce 48 trainees like really bad.
esp. honda hitomi, wang yiren, takahashi juri, heo yunjin, taekuchi miyu, kim hyuna, park haeyun, goto moe, lee haeun (chungha will adopt you), yamada noe
seola wishes for her wjsn babies
amber wishes for taeyeon and seohyun
Yoona wishes for ok taecyeon and lee donghae rest of shine, snsd plus 2nd generation groups
ong wishes for his wanna one members 
jung yoon wishes for exo baekhyun d.o chanyeol and xiumin, seventeen minghao woozi hoshi vernon and joshua, ikon b.i june and jay, all of kard, stray kids chan!, day6 Jae, twice jap line, all of blackpink, all of wannaone, shinee, jessica jung, fx amber krystal and victoria, momoland nancy, some of me ulzzang frends c: snsd tts, mamamoo, winner! Akmu, iu, dean, crush, zico, gray, zion t, gfriend, sistar, models and actors n manhi manhi more ♡♡
han jeong joo wishes for didnt check masterlist im praying for pentagon's hui, hongseok, kino, and yanan. ikon b.i, june and jinhwan. seventeen minghao, jun, dino, vernon, wonwoo, joshua, woozi, hoshi. kard j.seph. got7 bambam and jackson. bts taehyung, suga, jin. zico, crush, the rose, day6 jae, stray kids chan, exo baekhyun, d.o, chanyeol, xiumin,
yuqi wishes for : kino or yeoone
seyong wishes for : the rest of myname and cross gene
kim taeyeon wishes for : kris wu and a park bogum
wish room

wang yiren 1 month ago
han seungwoo!!, kim mingyu!!, Scoups!!, Wonwoo!!
shin ryujin 1 month ago
[ thor's voice ] bring me jisung...from stray kids
pls, ty
wang yiren 1 month ago
han seungwoo!!!!
shin ryujin 2 months ago
reposting heh sorry
izone !!!, oh my girl !!!, jeon somi !!!, ateez, stray kids, pentagon's yan an, ab6ix esp youngmin and woong and txt
kim seolhyun 2 months ago
mayhaps i'm taking this hoe thing a lil seriously
kim seolhyun 2 months ago
kim seolhyun 2 months ago
cha eunwoo
kim seolhyun 2 months ago
cnblue's minhyuk
kim seolhyun 2 months ago
also yes ok taecyeon and pcy would be gReat :D
kim seolhyun 2 months ago
im yoona ❝ miss pupper ❞ 8 months ago Reply
but like subtly jump on him

im yoona ❝ miss pupper ❞ 8 months ago Reply
zhang yixing so i can jump on him
kim seolhyun 2 months ago
kang seulgi ( h ) 4 months ago Reply
ESPECIALLY a changmin
yabuki nako ( H ) 2 months ago
bless us with x1 members esp kim yohan love me please ;-;
park jeonghwa ( H ) 3 months ago
i wish upon a star to have my own room and a dance studio to be added. also a recording studio to be added too!
shin ryujin 4 months ago
also adding izone !!!, stray kids, jeon somi, the boyz and ab6ix
shin ryujin 5 months ago
my (g)i-dle members, oh my girl, clc esp elkie and yeeun, loona and ateez esp yunho hskjfdfsf that's it. that's the wish u w u sips da tea
kim hyuna ( H ) 6 months ago
2pm and 2am pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
kang seulgi ( h ) 7 months ago
ESPECIALLY a changmin
kang seulgi ( h ) 7 months ago
hmu with more sm tbh
kang seulgi ( h ) 8 months ago
a changmin oof yes please
christian yu ( h ) 8 months ago
lee soohyuk ( h ) 8 months ago
Sumire Matsubara.
lee soohyuk ( h ) 10 months ago
A little, hence the hat. Are we allowed to talk here though? /blinks.
El niño kaicito hehehe ❝ suzy's cutie ❞ 10 months ago
Oh that sounds great so how are you soohyuk? feeling the Christmas spirit?
lee soohyuk ( h ) 10 months ago
A company is better than none. For the coffee, I think it can be arranged.
El niño kaicito hehehe ❝ suzy's cutie ❞ 10 months ago
I could be that f riend but my coffee s
lee soohyuk ( h ) 10 months ago
A friend that makes good coffee.
mina myoui ( H ) 10 months ago
kim hwiyoung, kang chani, jung chanwoo, dylan wang, stray kids hyunjin, park bogum
And the rest of twice and snsd
[post deleted by owner]
jang dahye "fendiwoman" 10 months ago
asking for a friend, but dean?
im yoona ❝ miss pupper ❞ 11 months ago
but like subtly jump on him


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inertialsunflower 1 day ago
can I have mamamoo's wheein please?
softpupper 2 days ago
which one?
svt hoshi or woozi because i can never decide
baby-groot 2 days ago
groovy [A] 3 days ago
╱ : CHECKED BY ADMINS! and still in need of more females to join! pls don't forget to fav the rp, guys! ty !
Luscinia 4 days ago
Cheng Xiao pls
hanako 4 days ago
I suddenly want to have a third-- may I have loona's jo haseul? ouo
Blackpink123 1 week ago
hey this is BTSkpopgirl1. im on a second account since im at school. my brother plays with my computer more now and im busy so thats why im not on as much! ill try to get on soon!
-lavelycode 1 week ago
WhatDoYouWant 1 week ago
[comment deleted by owner]
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