bask in the beautiful warm rays under the sun, climb a tree, enjoy the playground if you're so inclined.
Jennie Kim ★ 6 days ago
@Jisoo ★ [SH] Probably the best time of the year was this, Carnivals.

It didn't matter whether it was big or small, the colorful winks of the lights and the rows and rows of games along with the colorful music and papers spread around the streets of the park was a sight to see. Tonight, the carnival had outdone itself compared to the last year. Each tree held snow flake lights, dripping down in a motion as if there was real shiny snow falling down and finding a home between the green leaves of the trees. It was fun to be in the winter mood with such a summery air. Piles of fake snow was spread around the grass, melting away slow enough for small kids to throw them at each other. Then the further you went, the more you heard, of the music, of the random rides, of he sweet smell of sugar and food crawling up the nostrils to tempt anyone passing by, from the singles looking for a date to the couples walking with their hands enterwined, and then there was the endless sea of kids and families, running around and bumping into grown ups without a single care and a word of gentle 'apology' on their tongues- too busy playing to ever stop.

Jennie was dragged away to the event easily, her co workers ordering her presence there. She wandered, played games and ate, her green and red polka dotted skirt swirling and dancing on her own with a black red top decorating it. 'you look like christmas' his friend had mentioned, but she was too busy watching the red apple getting dipped into sweet caramel to care for the girl's words. She was too excited for the sweet treat- that aside, she was way too fond of Christmas to mind it.

With a jump on her feet, the caramel dripped away on her hands, though each finger was , accompanied by the soft bites of the sweet treat. it was as if the child had never died in her- but the unexpected was the naughty chase and run of her friends amidst the crowed, making them look younger than the kids- a single rock and trip. Her hand clutched the wood attacked to the treat, but the treat had hit the bull's eye, managing to crawl and smear the long black locks of a person before her- causing her to choke on the bite in .

"oh -"
Jimin ★ [H] [A] 1 month ago
@Kim Taehyung Jimin bristles at the less-than-friendly call from beyond the other side of the door, but he's not going to let a little morning grumpiness deter his good mood. Another deep breath, then Jimin's pushing inside bright eyed, cheery and determined to win over his obviously-not-a-morning-person mentor. The moment Jimin spots the young man, though, he thinks he might know what a balloon feels like when someone opens it up and lets all the air out. His chipper reside deflates a little, but hasn't had the opportunity to be banished just yet.

"Er, it's Jimin, actually." He corrects, a puzzled expression claiming his features. "There are kids? On a hike alone?"

Jimin's eyes flicker to the partially shaded window in hopes of spotting the supposedly unattended children just outside. He doesn't see anyone, in fact he has yet to see a single person since arriving. Just how long has his Taehyung person been lazing about the cabin for anyway? His attention returns instantaneously to the slightly taller male whom he plans to address, but the smile catches him off guard. Only then does Jimin figure out what Taehyung is doing-- taking pictures.

"Aren't you one of the counselors? Shouldn't you be outside monitoring activity? You know, helping fish or canoe or set up camp or... whatever it is you do with the kids?"

Jimin is still willing to give Taehyung the benefit of the doubt. They just met after all and Jimin has no proof that the good-looking man is as negligent as presumed.

Jimin's eyes nearly double in size. "I beg your unbelievable pardon? What sort of greeting is that?"

It takes every ounce of control he's got not to let his frustrations show. It's his first day here and no matter how relaxed the rules may be for Kim Taehyung, Jimin isn't about to be fired before he gets a chance to start. Plus, the last thing Jimin wanted was to let his face get any 'pudgier' as it often did when he was pissed. And oh, yes, he was pissed. He drops his bag on the floor, plants both hands on his hips and sets a stern glare to Taehyung.

"I don't know what kind of games you're playing in here, Tae, but I have a job to do. And you're going to show me how to do it. Because that is /your/ job." Jimin paused, swallowing a bundle of nerves that always came when he put his foot down. "Now if you're incapable of doing that because you're... face chatting or whatever it is you're trying to do, then kindly point me to someone who can help. I'm not going to get paid watching you lounge around snapping pictures of yourself."
Jimin ★ [H] [A] 1 month ago
@Kim Taehyung [[It got longer PLEASE don't feel like you have to match-- I'm a mirror rper, I answer everything and add to it ;;]]
[post deleted by owner]
Kim Taehyung ★ [SH] 1 month ago
@Jimin No. No. No. It wasn't going to be a ‘thing’ and the thing wasn’t going to happen. Which was slightly humorous for the his supposed audience to hear. A stomp, fingers clenched to a fist, teeth snapping and gritting, and eyes narrowed. A whine easily sprouts from his lips, frankly one could say it was a whiny howl just with words used as a substitute. Sure, he knew he wasn't a very ‘good’ counselor (maybe the worst one on the camp-- that's not the point) but he made sure the kids were breathing. They were alive with him. So what if a girl nearly twisted her ankles while running in the forest? So what if one kid nearly got lost for three days? So what if Taehyung was voted as the worst camp counselor? All minor details and opinions.

He should becoming any time now. Any moment now. The time seems to pass by even more slowly. Tick, tock, the clock say. Tick, tock, Kim Taehyung is going to punch a clock. Fingers trailed down against his small bed with his small blanket living in a very ‘small’ world. Finger grip and tighten, pulling it closer to his chest as if it could protect from an unknown fear. Frankly, there's an offer which is his actual job where it can distract him. Be with the kids and watch over them. Prepare for the next activity. Sleep. Eat. Something relevant for him to do but none of that come to good use. A complainer at his best. A huff and a puff escape his chest, eyes lingering longing at the window as if jumping can figure out his problem.

A knock.

Hands panic and launch to the nearest device to his hands. His eyes flicker at the door for a short moment, his finger squeezing painfully against his phone. His whole body freezes. Tongue swipes pass his lips anxiously before casually turning his eyes away nonchalantly. “The door is opened. Make sure you don't leave the door open for too long because that filters in extra light and it's not going to come out well in this picture.” Click. Snap. The picture doesn’t look too bad. Too bad he can't post it on Instagram. No service, how funny (not). The voice is scratchy; as if he hasn’t used it for hours. He coughs.

“Park Minmin? That's your name right? Well,I’m Kim Taehyung but you should know that already. I’ll be here to basically teach you and guide you-- blah and blah and more blah. There’s some kids on a hike. Find them.” One more picture. This time his hands twirl at at the ends of his locks. He’s smiling in this one. Teeth glimmering but his eyes are narrowed. Words are cautious from his lips. Not exactly the softest. Guiding? More like guiding Park what's-his-face to his job. Finally, his gaze flickers and analyzes. “Pudgy-”
Jimin ★ [H] [A] 1 month ago
[[driver....................typo already fml]]
Jimin ★ [H] [A] 1 month ago
@Kim Taehyung Jimin bid the bus drive adieu then bounded down the steps two at a time. He didn't mind going for a drive, but man bus seats were particularly uncomfortable. Every bone in Jimin's body creaked as he stretched from head to toe, working the kinks in his neck and the knot of muscles in his calves. So far, at least from what Jimin had observed on the ride through camp, everything seemed relatively quiet. Perhaps the councilors had taken their kids water rafting or bug hunting or- well, whatever it is you were supposed to do with kids. Jimin still wasn't entirely certain how or why he'd been given the job opportunity in the first place since he had no prior experience nor even younger siblings of his own he may have cared for to substitute the aforementioned experience.

But alas, here he was, bright and early and ready to start the day. Jimin drug a hand through his bangs, pushing a curtain of dark locks aside before glancing down at his paperwork. 'Kim Taehyung', it read, the counselor he needed to find as soon as possible. Similar to the details surrounding his employment, Jimin was given very little useful information about this Taehyung man except that he was the 'go-to' during training. Whatever that meant. No need for specifics just yet, Jimin could ask questions later. Jimin made his way through the camp with impressive speed and located Taehyung's cabin nearly as fast: he would've gotten there sooner were it not for a threatening row of cobwebs blocking his path through the trees.

He smoothed his shirt, cleared his throat and then knocked on the door. The urge to fidget was banished and confidence surged through Park Jimin. His first day was going to be incredible.
Jimin ★ [H] [A] 1 month ago
[v-card.... which I find punny rn]


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