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It's exactly what it sounds like 100% Jimin & BTS trash.
Basically just spam, but so I don't clog up the spam room

Anybody can post here so feel free ;;; I just really really like BTS so I gave myself a room 

Jimin ★ [H] [A] 3 hours ago
when your ships sail themselves
Jimin ★ [H] [A] 4 days ago
Hobi ready to kill a
Jimin ★ [H] [A] 4 days ago
drunk Hobi on the loose
Jimin ★ [H] [A] 4 days ago
Jimin ★ [H] [A] 4 days ago
he's still young uu and if he keeps practicing and receiving coaching I'm sure his voice can become even stronger
Jungkook ★ 4 days ago
I agreed with you on that. And i believe is singging will change and get a lot better ~
Jimin ★ [H] [A] 4 days ago
doesn't take away from how lovely he sounds
Jimin ★ [H] [A] 4 days ago
I love Jimin's voice but from a technical stand point he has room to grow because he doesn't sing in a traditional method which can tire and strain his voice


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sxftcore 5 days ago
jsdhhssh sorry, but minkyung has to go! sadly, my muse isn't that high anymore, but i may come back in the future. thank you for everything!
kykofifi 1 week ago
Hello, sulli is leaving. Thanks for everything!
diamond-mamba 1 week ago
Can I get Kim Hyuna if she’s available
QueenHyo 1 week ago
Can i get Hyoyeon?
silvermist1116 2 weeks ago
Yan An needs to go on hiatus.
daeyumjae 2 weeks ago
hey jessica is gonna go ♥
i had fun here, and everyone is great-
work is just a pain ;;;
good luck, babes!
JoeJoker 2 weeks ago
debating whether to choose rose or nayeon
or a guy lol
rogue_knight 2 weeks ago
Kitten, please buy Sehun on hiatus until 1st of July. Sorry for troubling you.
SatinDoll_LXIX 2 weeks ago
Thanks for having me!
Sooyoung left and sorry jisoo we didn't get to do our lovely plot
[comment deleted by owner]
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