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kittenonaroll 9 months ago
Byeongkwan is leaving~ THank you for having meee
wassowasso 1 year ago
yukhei left, but let me know if you guys revamp.
eudaimonia 1 year ago
taeyong has left. thank you for everything!
dummyacount 1 year ago
amber left. too inactive and i don't want to hog a chara
qtprettie 1 year ago
jungkook dipped;;
nefxrious 1 year ago
may i reserve twice's tzuyu?
difficultcheese 1 year ago
Hello! Would you be interested in becoming affiliates with a new rp?
-brokenhearted 1 year ago
Choi Chanhee from The Boyz please? <3
KpopVamp 1 year ago
Park Chaeyoung please ^^?
TaeKook 1 year ago
Park Jimin please
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