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Truth or dare?

who doesn't know the classic party game "truth or dare"? If you want to play it with your friends, here is the right place for you. First, you choose truth or dare but you mustn't choose truth or dare twice in a row! After you chose, you roll the dice and your task will be the outcome of your rolled dice!

1 what's the most embarrassing that ever happened to you?
2 How many people did you kiss before?
3 would you rather have a tattoo on your  or a tongue piercing?
4 which idol is the hottest?
5 what would you do if you were the opposite gender for a day?
6 Joker

1 feed the person next to you
2 peck the person next to you on the lips 
3 the person on your left is allowed to mix a drink with whatever he/she wants and you have to drink it
4 Joker
5 tell someone in the round a sincere compliment
6 Seduce someone who plays with you

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kittenonaroll 8 months ago
Byeongkwan is leaving~ THank you for having meee
wassowasso 1 year ago
yukhei left, but let me know if you guys revamp.
eudaimonia 1 year ago
taeyong has left. thank you for everything!
dummyacount 1 year ago
amber left. too inactive and i don't want to hog a chara
qtprettie 1 year ago
jungkook dipped;;
nefxrious 1 year ago
may i reserve twice's tzuyu?
difficultcheese 1 year ago
Hello! Would you be interested in becoming affiliates with a new rp?
-brokenhearted 1 year ago
Choi Chanhee from The Boyz please? <3
KpopVamp 1 year ago
Park Chaeyoung please ^^?
TaeKook 1 year ago
Park Jimin please
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