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Any plots you're looking for a partner to?
Share them here and see if someone's interested ^^
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 10 months ago
@тєи ℓєє¢нαιуαρσяикυℓ @нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) @ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) @υиσ ѕнσмα (α) @ραяк нуєѕσσ @zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) for the newbies just to let you all know this room exists! and if you ever wanna plot hmu on dm's or if you are looking for a partner for a plot you wanna try out and yukhei fits well, feel free to pm me as well :D
if you scroll through some of the other's have shared some plots as well so don't be afraid to pm them if you're interested ^^
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 11 months ago
the plots are vague but on purpose so that they can easily changed in whatever way we need uwu
hmu in pms if interested, or if it sparks another idea!! c:
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 11 months ago
current open plots
protection— went down, and you need to lay low for some time. jackson has a reputation of convincing the boss when certain people need to be taken under the organization's wing. doesn't happen often, but you corner jackson, desperate for any potential protection. so, what does it take to convince jackson to go to the boss? perhaps the price is higher than you expect.

unexpected—when either of our ruts/heats are close, we meet up and help each other through it. it's a clear arrangement and it has worked out pretty well. while it's safe to say we're friends on some level, though never meet up outside of our arrangements. nothing seems to connect our personal lives to one another until circumstances force us together, seeing each other in a different light...for better or for worse?

hit—frustrated and heartbroken, you track down jackson to order a hit on someone who wronged you. bewildered, jackson immediately declines and goes about his business. though you persist until jackson finally asks why to go to such extreme measures, it's then you spill your troubles. by the end, jackson's got put some food in you and a few drinks and sends you on your way. but then you two regularly meet up to vent, and jackson thinks perhaps this is friendship?
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 11 months ago
@נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) @вαє ѕυנι @ѕσиg уυqι (σ) @ѕσи ѕєυиgωαи (в) @ραяк נιмιи for the newbies just to let you all know this room exists! and if you ever wanna plot hmu on dm's or if you are looking for a partner for a plot you wanna try out and I yukhei fits well, feel free to pm me as well :D
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 11 months ago
@(в) ¢нσииαѕσяи ѕαנαкυℓ cool cool! might pm later for some plot then ;)
кιм иαмנσσи (α) 11 months ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) Thank you
∂σиg ѕι¢нєиg (σ) 11 months ago
I don’t have a profile up though so rip
נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) 11 months ago
i’m up for plotting too ^^
∂σиg ѕι¢нєиg (σ) 11 months ago
Omg yes please someone plot with me
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 11 months ago
@∂σиg ѕι¢нєиg @ℓєє נιикι (α)  @נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) @נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) @нωαиg нуυиנιи (σ) @gσ тαєѕєσв (σ) @мαттнєω кιм (α) @мαʀк ꜰιѕ¢нʙα¢н (σ) @кιм тαєнуυиg (α) @кιм иαмנσσи @кιм ωσσѕєσк @вαє נσσнуυη (σ) @ѕнιи нσѕєσк (α) @ωσσ ∂σ нωαи (α) @ιм ¢нαиgкуυи (в) @(в) ¢нσииαѕσяи ѕαנαкυℓ @¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Sorry for the mass tag! But just to let y'all know that if anyone wants to plot something and rp hmu!! And don't forget this room exists so if you're inspiration is not at it's best feel free to scroll through and try to find a plot to your liking!
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 1 year ago
Have some other plot ideas as well, none of this are mine!! :)
1 - https://aminoapps.com/c/-rp-6/page/item/ph-omegaverse-idea-ph/qg02_naH3IB767jwmLbDreMnQJxY2qwa7b

2 - (these are some of my fav) - http://omegaverse-seeker.tumblr.com/post/153677001181/random-omegaverse-startersprompts
Specially want to try
- “Hey! You didn’t have to save me ya’know. Just because I’m an Omega/Beta doesn’t mean I’m weak! I could handle myself.”
- Alpha asks a friend or a random Omega to be their plus one to a family event so their traditional family doesn’t even them lip for still being single.
- “This is not a place for a tiny Omega/Beta to be this late at night.”

pm me for any you want to do! (or minhyun or jennie for some beta action!)
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 1 year ago
For anyone looking for plots Imma just leave some here!! Feel free to take this and plot around them, edit them however you please!!! (none of these are mine!)

1) Character A has very strict parents that never let them leave the house without supervision. Eventually they get tired of this. One night while A is in heat and very frustrated at being kept inside, they sneak out and head to a bar/party. There they meet Character B, who is immediately attracted to their smell and asks A why they’re out in such a vulnerable condition. B finds out that A doesn’t know much about the way things work and decides to show A how it’s done. *wink*
2) Character A is in heat, and in an irrational, frustrated move, they go to a bar where alphas and betas are known to hang out. This could end in a massive , or Character B decides to protect A from the others, or A is laughed at and humiliated for the stupid mistake of going to a place like that in their current state.
3) Character A was adopted into a rich family of alphas, and is given pills to get rid of their omega tendencies, such as smell, heat, etc. A identifies as an alpha and is friends with other alphas. But then A loses their pills, and suddenly goes into heat.
4) Character A runs away from home, sick of being taunted for being an omega. They meet Character B, who just so happens to be looking for a vulnerable omega. What happens from there on out can either be , adventure, gore… anything, really.
5) Character A is fed up with being an omega and wants to try to find a way to… stop it. Character B just so happens to have a way to do this, but in exchange for… something.

ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 2 years ago
@נα¢кѕσи ωαиg sounds pretty good to me!
кιм נυиgωσσ (в) 2 years ago
Jungwoo's profile is up!
I have yet to find actual content for his 'blog entries', gossips and all :> counting on all of you!
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 2 years ago
can we assume there's been lone wolf attacks in town recently to instill the need to belong to a pack in all the beautiful minds around here?
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 2 years ago
@נα¢кѕσи ωαиg alright~!! ;)
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 2 years ago
I think I have most of my profile ready. Out of the layout and some parts may need precisions but I'm up for plots!
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 2 years ago
whoever wants to plot i'm all up for it you guys u.u just hit me up on wall or pms and we can come up with something together :)


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Panda_PrinceJae 7 months ago
is this rp still open?
djinnamon 8 months ago
Reece King pls
tenpachi 9 months ago
I’m so sorry to say this, but Zhengting and Shoma will be going.
It was nice RPing here while it lasted <3 Thank you for having me, it was truly fun :’)
ubebread 9 months ago
hi sorn is leaving. thank you for having me <3
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jungkook dipped
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Yuqi left, thanks for having me!
ChoiKyun 10 months ago
Kim Jisoo please
RabInA 10 months ago
Can you add Myou Mina for me?
Amberflame 10 months ago
OuO May I snag Lee Donghae for a 3rd character now that I have over 100 points on Kyu?
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Can you add Hanyu Yuzuru and Son Dongju
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