「∂σям 8」(в)

∂σям 8
- Im Changkyun (в)
кιм נυиgωσσ (в) 1 year ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) Even while playing, Jungwoo’s thoughts casually fluttered from the requirements to upgrade his battleships to his guest, the one he didnt know the right things about. His back was Yukhei but so very close the air the other was breathing was very, very faintly blowing down his neck if the other sighed in his sleep. He wasn't yet over the fact that the nonchalant alpha happened to lead the Mahfud empire, despite how calm and normal he seemed. Jungwoo definitely did not expect him to be that much of a big deal in his works on top of being a big deal as just an alpha, at least to him.

The recurrent question in his mind was about the flaw. Yukhei /had/ to have one, the one thing that could help Jungwoo get over him as a friend, the flaw that would keep him in check. Because in this moment, Jungwoo was having more thoughts about protecting the alpha, about keeping him to himself. He had called a doctor with the intention to book an appointment but he had changed his mind, settling for remote questions to play doctor instead. Jungwoo possessed close to nothing and he believed that made his strength. He had nothing or no one to lose. So of course, his protectiveness was showing now in extreme ways. But he smiled as he launched an attack on enemies, proud he was in charge of the stranger's well being. Until it hit him: wasn't it called kidnapping? It would be irrelevant with anyone but with a chaebol. Although Yukhei seemed to be living alone, Jungwoo suddenly feared people would be looking for the heir to an empire. He was always up for a fight, but he figured he was the enemy here; the doctor himself had mentioned how he shouldn't stay around the alpha if it made his rut worse.

He heard his name and kneeled right away by the bedside, resting his phone next to the pillow. It was such a nice sight, it scared him. Jungwoo raised a brow, having trouble swallowing his saliva, trouble speaking, breathing even. Maybe this was why they sperated blood types he figured, feeling so drawn to the alpha.

“Hey, big guy. Lay down, the doctor said you should take it easy and you should go away from me. I guess he's a really smart doctor to assess my presence as destructive, right?” he chuckles, careful to the alpha's reactions. He wondered how bad it was, pretty certain Yukhei would barely be honest with him. Jungwoo's hands worked on bringing the bottle of fresh bottle up without losing eyesight of the alpha. He wished for Yukhei to spend more time on his bunk, leave his scent all over the place to help him feel better when his heat would come along.

“Here, drink. How are you feeling, Cas? You totally fainted, people were snapping, I'm sorry, I tried telling them you never fainted in my arms like that but they're already calling you a Sissy.” he still joked, trying to hear the other's laugh.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 1 year ago
@кιм נυиgωσσ (в) His lips stretched further and he suppressed a small laugh at the other's reaction. He wasn't sure if the other had meant it when he said it, but honestly, the beta having a cologne of his scent kind of put his mind at rest for a little bit. It wouldn't be exactly like scent marking, not nearly as strong, but he was sure it would still be noticeable enough for other alphas and maybe it was not his right to be thinking such thoughts, but one of his biggest characteristics was that he was a bit of a push-over and definitely too impulsive and that is probably why he was allowing himself to venture down this train of thought. He was not even sure if it was something that was possible to do, but thinking that one could make stuff such as scent suppressants, it might not be impossible. He'd consider discussing it with one of his employees later on. That might make a great christmas gift since he had no idea when the other's birthday even is.
"That is indeed a good guess... I'm sure I'd be talented for that" He replied with a laugh before shaking his head a little "But no... I actually own the Mahfud Empire company..." He said with a small shrug of his shoulders "It belonged to my father and I kinda inherited it?" He let out a small chuckle. He knew he didn't look at all like someone who'd work seriously let alone own a company. And that's probably why he had so many people working for him and help him manage the work so that he wouldn't have to take on a too serious lifestyle.
He forced his expression to remain that of a small proud smirk, as he nodded a little pushing back his thoughts of relief and the intent to let out the /I'm glad to hear that/ his mouth was about to utter. Though he was.

He was not sure how long had been since he had lost consciousness, but his body felt extremely heavy. Not as hot as the last time he remembered, but incredibly heavy to the point even fluttering his eyes open was proving to be quite a task, so for a few moments, he just let himself bread slowly. The scent around him was at the same time very familiar, and very unfamiliar. Due to his brain still trying to figure out how to work properly again, he didn't immediately recognize it, but when he took in another deep breath through his nose it finally hit him. Jungwoo.
Everything around him smelled incredibly like Jungwoo and he was definitely sure this was not his room. Either that or he was going crazy. He finally pushed his efforts a bit harder and got his eyes to open carefully, blinking a little at the light in the room.
His eyes ran a little through the unfamiliar room he had never been in, before immediately stopping at the very familiar presence that seemed to sit on the floor near the bed he was laying in, making him immediately force his body to move so that he could push himself to sit up, his small voice calling over the other's name softly.
кιм נυиgωσσ (в) 1 year ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) Jungwoo couldn't believe his ears, wide eyeballing the alpha who so nonchalantly offered to make a drinkable cologne of his (addictive) scent. He wasn't sure he should thank him for helping him cope with the addiction by indulging, or if he should smack him for so seriously planning to encourage the addiction. Jungwoo considered doing both, only he was too surprised to properly react at that moment.

“Is it what you do for a living? Synthesize fragrance that make hybrids go berserk? Or do you ‘give fake hopes to hybrids who admitted a little weakness of theirs’ for a living?” he asked, actually wondering about the alpha's job, the alpha's everything. They knew each other for months and though Jungwoo could find Yukhei with his eyes closed in a crowd, he still had no idea about some basic facts, like the other's age for instance. A shame, meanwhile, he could draw the alpha's scent, he could write pages about the scent, about the alpha's voice and how it spoke in a dual tone, one to his ears, the other to his gut, to his core. He could argument on it for days surely.

Another trigger word was underlined by the immediate frown on the alpha's face. Jungwoo was glad. Which was completely dumb of him. But he was so very pleased to share that distaste with Yukhei. He wondered about the roots of that distaste for mates, supposing it was more something along the lines of a love deception of some kind rather than a disagreement with the mate-ruled society they were living in. Still it was the illusion of yet another reason for his nose to be so fond of Yukhei's scent, hopefully, something that would have nothing to do with the said Mates fate.

“Of course I still want to come over!”

Jungwoo needed a pause before he made a disapproving noise, finding out how he was suddenly so inclined to speak his mind, as if the scent made him dizzy enough, or rather /inhibited/ his body enough to allow the truth, uncensored. In this state, the tiniest disapproval with Yukhei felt like wat in him and the mere common agreement was like fulfilment. This was dangerous. This sounded like the cheesy chapter 3 or 4 of your typical mate love story and Jungwoo had to puff his cheeks to breathe out slowly thinking he wouldn't make it so close to the alpha in his rut. It was too much for him to handle.

Carrying Yukhei was not the best way to think clearly, but he cared for his friend. He unfortunately wasn't able to care all the way to the mansion belonging to the alpha and lost his valance more than once when he climbed the stairs to his dorm. Betas turned their head as they crossed his path, they stared him and the unconscious male on his back and Jungwoo glared in return. It was his defense mechanism, considering no other types were allowed to the beta aisle and he did bring the alpha wuth the most distinguished scent he had ever felt. Hia point was that he never caused issues, and he was alone in his room lately, the 3 other bunks remained free. So for once, he supposed he'd bend a couple rules and let the alpha into his humble place.

He laid the alpha down cautiously on his lower bunk and let himself collapse on the floor  his body abnormally hot after the effort. Maybe the alpha was just too heavy for him, so strong, or maybe it was the scent playing with his hormones. It happened, even on his missions, to be directly affected by alphas or betas in rut. But unless they were the mission, he never shared a bed with them so here too. He decided it would be safer to leave Yukhei aline in his narrow bunk bed. Instead he ran little errands, getting fresh water, ice cubes, an air freshener and turning in the air conditioner in the room. Soon, he sat down on the floor, he head and back resting against the side of the bunk, hearing the alpha's breath while he played on his phone, feeling like this could be one of the greatest afternoon ever.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 1 year ago
@кιм נυиgωσσ (в) His lips stretched out into yet another laugh at the other's reply and he quickly shrugged his shoulders smile still in place "Then I'll make sure to make it tasty, or at the very least non-toxic...".
He wanted to add a comment about how he should be 'rewarded with a cologne of the beta's scent as well' but once again decided it would be better to go unsaid. He enjoyed the other's comments and he loved the feeling that it gave him. Of being 'wanted' or even 'needed'. He wondered whether the other would also enjoy him sharing his honest thoughts, or whether he is better off just keeping quiet. As of now he does feel better not saying anything unsure of what the other would think of him. Not every omega and specially not every beta likes getting cumplimented by alphas like this and definitely not about their scent. He wonders if the beta fits into this type? He would need to do his own research on the other to try and figure it out, cuz he wasn't sure he'd be able to keep his thoughts to himself forever.
He was snapped out of his train of thought by Jungwoo's next words, which did nothing to take the frown out of his face, and if anything, only deepened it. He scrunched his nose at the word 'mate'. For sure not one of his favourites. Although he'd have to admit not giving it much thought, when you bond with someone it is supposed to be your soulmate, otherwise you'll end up with a broken bond, and that's definitely something Yukhei does not look forward to.
"Who says I'm looking for a mate?" He asked simply raising his eyebrow at the other in question "I have no intention of bonding with someone, so I think that part should not be a worry for you to come over... Unless of course, you don't want to..." He slid that in there his eyes still piercing into the other looking for the truth.

The other was very quiet and still for a few moments and Yukhei could only be left to wonder what was going through his head at this very moment. He could feel him sitting closer to him on the bench as his body felt so damn warm, and yet he could still feel the very specific comforting warmth from the other's body right next to him.
He kept breathing in slow waiting for the other to react, say something or do something, and the first thing he heard was the other's intake of breath before he got up. The other's voice sounded loud and a bit mad.
The other had voiced his distaste for the pills earlier in their conversation and Yukhei could only guess he wasn't happy to hear that those same pills he despised were actually on the root of his headache, if he could even call it that.
The other took only a few moments before the alpha felt his presence back at his side, a small tap on his shoulder leading his body to lean back up. It was one of the big bottles and felt slightly heavy on his hands, and he was thankful that at least he worked out pretty often because he was feeling pretty weak, but not weak enough to not be able to lift up the bottle.
He tilted his head back a little to swallow down big gulps of the water, feeling just the slightest better, but still heating up, closing his eyes in concentration to try and will the symptoms away.
He heard the other mumbling and didn't really catch a word, but wasn't about to ask him to repeat, since at the state his mind was in right now, he'd most likely miss everything all the same.
He felt the other kneeling before him and opened his eyes again to look at him, this time the words registered in his mind though they did sound slightly like slipping away from him.
He wanted to argue and say no. The other was smaller than him, and although Jungwoo was definitely not weak, Yukhei was heavy. The beta would probably have a hard time carrying him all the way back, but at the same time, the alpha did not really feel like he could walk all the way back either. He didn't even think he could stand at this point. His headache was killing him, it felt like his brain was pulsing against his skull in all its force.
It took him a few moments, and some discussion with himself inside his head, but he eventually allowed the other to take care of him, and leaned forward, throwing one of his arms around the other's shoulders, using the other to push his weight of the bench.
"Thanks Jungwoo... Sorry..." He wasn't exacly sure why he was apologizing? For taking too many suppressants and completely ignoring the warning in the package? For ruining their hang out session because of the symptoms added to his rut? For making him worry and cary him all the way to his home? He wasn't entirely sure when he uttered it as he wasn't entirely sure of anything at the moment.
The last thing he remembers is the throwing his other arm over the other's chest to hold onto him, and Jungwoo lifting him up, but after only a few steps he blacked out.
кιм נυиgωσσ (в) 1 year ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) The way Yukhei laughed felt as if it didn't matter mach to the alpha ans that itself was reassuring to Jungwoo. He could afford being truthful only because the alpha didn't seem to feel as attracted to him as the beta felt towards Yukhei. Each of his reaction either gave the feeling the alpha was not interested or just your usual alpha, protective and attentive. He seemed also to have his ego swelling at Jungwoo's admitting he kind of needed the scent. "Shut up." he nagged when the alpha seemed to be mocking his weakness. "I'd drink the damn cologne." Jungwoo frowned at his own words,regretting immediately saying this, both because it was extreme and yet true. He'd wake up in the morning and almost choke into the torn pillowcase he had stolen from Yukhei's bedroom; his obsession wasn't any close to healthy and despite how liberating it felt to speak of it, he felt like he should maybe keep those details to himself.
It was a distant hope he nourished, to someday move on. Because if he was to be forever in need of Yukhei's scent, then what would that make him. Where would that leave them? He didn't hide his surprise when the alpha frowned, reacting so very alpha to the mention of him, moving on. "As in: do you really want to wish for me to hang around your place every once in a while, even when you'll be mated to someone or whatever yall do at some point?" Jungwoo had no intention to belongto anyone, any soon, but he didn't expect Yukhein to be any different from other hybrids, needing to settle down with their mate. "I'd rather not be waiting for your soulmate to someday kick me away." he rolled his eyes, feeling like the alpha was being selfish for expecting him to forever be around, when they were nothing to each other. And maybe the hormones made Jungwoo less patient, less comprehensive and somewhat impolite to an alpha nearing his rut.

Jungwoo felt insulted but what actually defined him: he was not meaning to be like any other beta, like any other hybrid, rejecting the trend to blend in, rejecting the mate concept, lacking of respect to anything he wanted. But if it was Yukhei saying it, he felt just guilty, /lacking/. His frown however faded as he saw the alpha in a bad state, holding his own head, not looking in his direction, untalkative. It was little in appearance, but Jungwoo knew it in his entrails: Yukhei was far from fine. He slid closer on the bench, inches closer because he felt like the next step would have him hug the alpha, drown in his scent. A scent that indicated that something was definitely wrong. He was rendered speechless and motionless, stuck in the seat of the beta he wished to be: the one who didn't bond emotionally to others. His touching the other's forehead left Jungwoo overflown with feelings he couldn't quite describe. He retrieved his hand, finding the same look on the alpha's face when he tried to get rif of the fateful aftertaste the physical felt like.
His jaw dropped upon hearing the mention of suppressants: Everything made more sense now: the changing scent, the intensity of it as he had approached Yukhei's place, his ability to withstand it now, this close to the alpha: Yukhei had taken some damn pills to be here with him. He inhaled slowly, about to explode in a mix of anger and despair when he was asked to bring water.
"YEAH I'LL BRING YOU WATER!" he scolded and stomped away, getting two bottles of half a liter of water from the food truck for his friend, feeling like it wouldn't be enough. He was boiling in the mix of feeling but mostly in worries. When he was back, Jungwoo opened a bottle of water and brought it up to the alpha, guiding his shoulder to sit up.
"Just how many of those bad boys did you swallow; you're so pale!" he argued, but quietly, because he was under the impression that Yukhei had not followed the directions of the suppressant; either that or it was pure poison he had taken.
"Come on Yukhei, let's go." he said, kneeling before the other. "I'll carry you home and call for a doctor. You can't just pop pills to deal with your cycle!" Jungwoo earned himself the frowns and judging looks of strangers, but he felt just responsible. The quiet alpha just risked it t spend some time outside on his demand. He was able to carry Yukhei, he just feared all the way to the alpha's home would be too far for his limbs. He immediately decided to cut the road in half and head to his dorm instead.
"Trust me, you'll be fine after some rest and a stomach purge or something."
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 1 year ago
@кιм נυиgωσσ (в) Yukhei nodded slightly at the other's reply letting out a short laugh at his confession. The first thought in his mind was how he would be fine with an 'unreliable' Jungwoo, but he knew those were his hormones talking and he decided he'd be better off not saying it out loud.
The alpha felt a small smirk taking over his lips when the other mentioned showing up at random times just to get more of his scent. It obviously made him feel proud of himself and he couldn't help but look forward to those moments.
"Should I come up with an idea for a cologne with my scent and offer it to you on your next birthday?" He suggested jokingly though he did not even know when the other's birthday was or what his scent felt like to the other. But he knew he'd take a cologne with the beta's scent and spray it on his pillow more often than not if that were possible, maybe his mind would give him a bit of rest then.
His smirk immediately fell at the other's next statement, and he could feel it in his muscles that his expression was probably in a quite strong frown at the moment, the words 'move on to some other obsession' stuck in his mind, and he knew they'd bother him over and over for a long while.
"As in... Finding another alpha with an even more exotic scent who will give you shelter into his expensive appartment when you need to escape the cops?" He asked, probably sounding a bit more rude than he intended to, but trying to lock his eyes with the other's so he try and guess how serious he was about it.

As he continued to eat he kept his face staring straight ahead, though he did observe the beta from the corner of his eye every so often. He could tell the other looked a bit flustered, and that felt slightly comforting, to know it was affecting the other too and that it wasn't just the other that was taking a tool on him. His scent was probably much stronger, and the other could probably sense his rut easily by now, even through all the suppressants, much like the other's scent seemed specifically much sweeter at this very day than it already did every other day. As if it wasn't hard to deal with as it was. Still he was doing his best to keep himself strong and composed.
He let out a chuckle at the others question and took another small spoon of ice cream into his mouth letting it melt for a few seconds before swallowing and turning to Jungwoo.
"I could ask the same about you... You're not exacly the conventional beta! Or not that you let it show anyway..." He said softly setting the plate of food next to him on the bench and leaning back on his hands, his head feeling slightly dizzy once again.

His mind seemed to dooze off for a few seconds, but the touch of the seemingly cold hand against his warm forehead immediately brought him back to reality. His slightly narrowed eyes turned to look at the other giving him the smallest of nods and waving his hand dismissively.
"I'm fine.. Don't worry.. It's just the hormones acting up.." He replied carefully his eyes still on Jungwoo's, their minds probably stuck on the same thought, yet knowing that none of them would bring it up.
He blinked his eyes slowly trying to get his mind to stop spinning, and trying to foccus on answering the beta's question.
"It's probably the suppressants doing their job..." He said slowly pulling his hands from behind him and now leaning slightly forward hands prpessed against his knees for support "The first signs showed just a couple days ago, so it's likely nearing it's peak..." He said his own lips and feeling how hot his own tongue felt to him, his eyes darted to the ice cream though he wasn't sure it had made any difference yet.
"Can you get me some water please? I just need a minute..." He said carefully closing his eyes as he turned his head towards the ground.
кιм נυиgωσσ (в) 1 year ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) Jungwoo understand his immediate response was maybe not clever although it was honest. His way of living was very incompatible with the requirements of one's life. Societe would have to be entirely thought through if everyone was to live the natural life like he did.
"Meh..." he repliesto the alpha, for once learning to compromise and give full disclosure. "It also makes me very unreliable around cycles." He didn't say much, because he liked to dwell on how atentive and open mindedthe alpha was, even when he was nearning the moment when his hormones wouldn't let him breathe.
He rolled his eyes and sighed when Yukhei asked if he could take his weakness to the strong scent as a compliment.
"I don't know actually, it's just plan flattery to feel weak to someone's scent; it also means at times, I might come to you for no reason at all but to sniff you; it means I won't have any pity and drag you out of your place when your scent is just too nice to lock myself in with you..."
He nods, thinking of all he just said and eyes Yukhei: " You and your exotic flavor are screwed until I move on to some other obsession."
The word obsession felt a little too quick to be censored, but Jungwoo was also positive the other's musc was like a truth potion. A dangerous perfume that had him so overworked by his own hormones that he'd confess to all hiscrimes if he was asked or given a long silence. He felt alright being that weak, because he felt like he was alone in it; he wouldn't mind if it made Yukhei mock him or if it gave the latter enough details to destroy him.

Jungwoo had to hold his breath in when the alpha so casually leaned in, taking a waffle off his hand and he was only lucky their hands did not touch. Without anycontact, he felt electricity freeze his brain, his head heating up while icy sweatdrops rolled down his nape, all because of the closeness. He looked at him like he was crazy, but he said nothing, because Jungwoo was the crazy one, feeling his self control crumble and the need to be close to Yukhei take over all of his other priorities.
Yukhei was not making it easy for him; not when he was this sweet with him. Was that what alphas were when they were entering their cycle? What kind of charm was he casting on him? Was this how they lured omegas to stay around and help them out? Because this was genious enough to work on Jungwoo. He was breathing a little louder ever since his heartrate had fastened. The scent was taking a toll on him and whenever he looked at the other's eyes, they seemed so light green they seemed unreal. He noticed a little too late how Yukhei was burning up right next to him and heard the alpha mention he'd let him force feed.
"What kind of alpha are you." he mumbled in disbelief and finished his waffle which failed to distract him. The scent seemed to be fading, but all signs called for the rut getting worse, nothing made sense to Jungwoo. It was like the scent was shutting itself down and it drawn him in like he needed it after all.

"What's happening. It was strong and it's.. fading?" he asked, his hand going up to the other's forehead a little too quick to be held back.
The contact of their skin had Jungwoo's eyes go round, his wolf acting up in ways he could easily ignore all thanks to how his mind was blown. He was instantly aware of something that would scare him later : this was what it was to touch his soulmate. The fight on his face reflected his immediate reaction to that knowledge. It made no sense either; how all his life he couldn't believe the concept of soulmate was real and suddenly, everything in him screamt so. He blamed it on his friend whom he had told about how he needed a token from the alpha to be efficient on his missions nowadays and the guy had commented that was some pretty heavy soulmate witchery considering they weren't bonded in any way. Jungwoo still wanted to believe it was an obsession that would pass but the thought of it could break his heart.
"Okay, your scent is fading but Ifeel like your aura is messing with me... What stage of your cycle are you in again?" he questionned, smelling danger in the air. Althout it didn't feel like he was into any kind of danger himself, he worried Yukhei could be.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 1 year ago
@кιм נυиgωσσ (в) Yukhei immediately lifts his eyes towards the other at his response, noticing what seemed to him like, discomfort.
"Oh..." Yukhei replied softly his brows raising softly before turning to look at the ground, nodding his head a little in agreement "I see..." He says in understanding wondering how it exactly felt for the other, dealing with it so naturally "But that's good isn't it? You don't get dependent on something like pills to deal with a cycle that naturally happens to you every few weeks!" He agreed with a small smile.
Yukhei had been taking rut suppressants basically since the first time he got his rut. It was his father's way to prevent trouble and help him deal with all the aggressiveness, impulsiveness, plus his lack of self-control and all the side effects. Sure it had good points, but it also meant that he hadn't learned how to deal with it when he had no suppressants. There had been occasions when he hadn't used them, and he tended to avoid them when he stayed at home by himself. But when he had to interact with other's and go out there was no way he'd let himself go out without them, otherwise, he was sure to screw himself over big time. Still, he admired the other for not using them. It was probably not easy to get through your cycle with no pills so he wondered how the other managed, and a part of him really wanted to ask, know what the other was up to during his cycle, and exactly what were those /measures/ he used to deal with it, but that wasn't something he could simply ask like that, still, some of his worries were slightly put at ease when the other mentioned 'not making the worst decisions when vulnerable'.
Yukhei let out a laugh at the other's mention of his 'different' scent that Jungwoo described as /exotic/ due to his roots. The beta had been the first person to describe it like that, and Yukhei quite enjoyed the thought.
"Should I take that as a compliment?" He asked with a small amused smile.
He turned to face the other after his confident remark and offered him raising his eyebrow at him before letting his eyes run up and down the beta pretending to analyze him and shrugging his shoulders a little.
"That's probably true..."

His lips spread further into an amused smile at the comment before he leaned down slightly into the other's hands that reached further and took the first bite of the waffle he had initially gotten his attention first.
He offered him a smile as he chewed before swallowing "Thanks..." He said before reaching his own hand further to grab the waffle out of the other's fingers so that each of them held one.
The alpha lets out a loud laugh at the other's honesty and simply takes a sit on the bench before nodding his head "That does seem pretty legit..." He admitted before turning his eyes back to a girl sitting near a fountain in the center of a park "But I don't think you'd be kicked out of my garden that easily... You can simply make that our joint hobby, I'm pretty good at judging people if I'm to be honest..." He said before turning back to the other and noticing the small spoon filled with ice cream being brought to his lips. He parted his lips allowing the other to feed him, his body feeling slightly warmer than it did before despite the cold ice cream against his tongue.
"Is that so?" He asks a bit surprised but the amusement never leaving his voice before shaking his head "Don't worry... If I wanted to run away I wouldn't have opened the door and would've just stayed home.." He admitted softly taking another bite, now of the opposed waffle, and silently chewing on it slowly.
He is brought out of his thoughts by the other's voice, again offering him more waffle and he offers him a smile in return taking one of the small spoons and scooping the chocolate ice cream taking it to his mouth, before slipping it back out of his lips to show the other the now empty spoon with a teasing smile.
"Though you are still welcome to force feed me" He teased playfully pushing the spoon back into the ice cream.
He wasn't sure whether the ice cream was helping, because even though he could feel the sugar in his veins make him slightly less dizzy, at the same time he could still feel his body heating up quickly.
кιм נυиgωσσ (в) 1 year ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) There was some unexplained tension Jungwoo noticed after he promised a treat. Something close to getting punched in the face he figured from how white the alpha's knuckles were. Yukhei was maybe feelingasgreatas hehad claimed. His voice was softer as a consequence, his beta dealing with the other’s hormones without even deciding to do so, but Jungwoo didn't mind. He happened to do that often when there was a prize waiting, on missions. With Yukhei, there was no clear goal but to remain on friendly terms and to keep that powerful aura closer than he would with any of his friends in their rut.

Jungwoo winced at the mention of suppressant. To him those pills were part of being a good pureblood, dwelling in and rejecting all they were, only to live almost as humans.
“Yikes.” he comments and glares to the ground. Any of his friends would have gotten shoved for even thinking he'd ever take those damn pills unless the cause was at sake. But he didn't dare do so with this alpha, maybe because of his hormones acting up in the way he spoke, or simply because he didn't want to sound like he'd lack respect for him if he ever used any.
“I mean, I don't do those. Unless I am needed at my best of my abilities around cycles. But my way to manage them is to not manage them at all.”
It got people to eye him like he's the last freak on earth usually, but Jungwoo stands untamed.
“I do take some measures to keep myself in check and to not make the worst decisions when vulnerable.” he eyed the alpha and sighed just soft enough to nearly hum in appreciation. It's that maddening scent that made him feel almost vulnerable even while off his cycle.
“I doubt my measures could ever work out with your whole...” his hands drew circles in the air in-between them. “...Lucas-scent going on,even on regular days.” And just like that, One of the other’s names became a synonym for exotic, or if he was to be honest: irresistible.
He winks at the alpha, surely feeling less and less subtle about how much he doesn't trust himself around Yukhei while he leans on the belief that it's a one sided frenzy and Yukhei sees him as any other beta.
“Not only my scent catches the cops’ attention, believe me.” he chuckles, so very self confident about his charms. This was partly why he was that good at those missions that had him take identities and roles to extract information or distract key people on key hours of the rebellion.
“I look after myself though. So, no worries.” It was clear the alpha wanted to protect him; either by instinct or out of common courtesy so he tried to reassure he was not to depend on anyone. The Shelter had been a nice excuse, a one time weakness but he hoped that would be it; that he’d drag Yukhei outside rather than go crazy, locked in with the alpha that seemed to be designed for Jungwoo’s downfall.

Jungwoo smiles softly when he sees the alpha’s hand retreat from picking one of the waffles. It’s a surprise that makes him blush like a teenager, how despite the rut coming, the hormones raging, Yukhei still was a gentleman. It meant he was controlling himself, something Jungwoo wanted almost no part in, but it held an unexplainable beauty. A strength of mind Jungwoo was fascinated by.
“Yes we can share. But that is the only treat you’re getting today so drop the selflessness and bite!” He encouraged and presented both waffles to the other’s lips, his almond eyes peeking at the other’s jade orbs. He could drop both treats to just gaze into those for a couple minutes, he wouldn’t regret it no matter how much of a sweet tooth he was. Yukhei’s eyes were the better treat.
“Judge stranger? I do that all the time. I do that as a countermeasure to acting around people most of the time for the missions. I usually act pleased, happy,nice to all types of people who may someday be of help; so when I’m alone, I destroy them in my head.” He smiles cutely, vengeance going so well with the innocence in his looks he uses it even here. But he doesn’t want to hide from Yukhei.
“You get to hear all the ugly, until you decide you don’t want me to land in your garden anymore.”
Jungwoo bites on the opposed side of one of the waffles and uses one of the tiny spoons stuck into some ice cream to rub some off and offers itto Yukhei. People passing by could be assuming they were more than friends, but he looks like he just wants to feed Yukhei, caring for him more than he wants to admit.
“Eat, you’re going to need all the strength you can get to get through this. I can go get some water for you. I just forbid you to suddenly drop everything to leave me because the rut is coming badly and you don’t see it coming or whatever yall say, I can’t be left alone like that.” He complained like he had been left alone in such situations before, and he has. Only he never really minded until Yukhei was the one he was trying to get a good dose of before they’d be apart.

He keeps on picking onto both waffles, feeling almost light headed to be this close to Yukhei. He can feel the scent changing, giving him goosebumps and subconsciously encouraging him to bite into the waffles even when it brings him so very close to Yukhei. He /loves/ is, their closeness. He loves the scent and this moment, Jungwoo hopes Yukhei somehow doesn’t need to go away. How silly of him to assume this alpha wasn’t very well functionning, or that he only is pulled. Jungwoo knits his eyebrows and looks a little demanding despite the other’s hormones this time.
“Eat more or I will force feed you!"
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 1 year ago
@кιм נυиgωσσ (в) They were leaving his house, and in a simple attempt at making conversation, Yukhei was /this/ close to commenting that the other better get him a 'nice treat' but his mind immediately tricked him and worked against everything he was trying to accomplish. Damn hormones.
It took him a few moments of silence, tightly clenched fists and the least inhalation of the other's scent he could possibly manage while breathing next to him, for the alpha to get his mind out of the gutter and not feel like he might hold onto the other, not so innocently, if he as much as moved a finger.
As soon as he was feeling better though, he took a short deep breath and allowed his hands to slip into his jacket's pockets where he played with his fingers to keep himself slightly distracted.

Yukhei felt his aggressiveness subsiding the slightest at the other's softer tone, but his body was still tense. He knew the thought would stay would him for a while, if he was lucky, just until the other found his way into his house again, deep into the night to take shelter.
He knew in late nights when he was awake he'd wonder if the other hadn't been visiting for a while because he was with someone else, or because he hadn't needed and he'd get protective and mad without a reason for that. Still, he couldn't help it. He was feeling mad just thinking about but pushed the thought to the back of his mind, bitting lightly onto his tongue to get back to their present conversation.
"Thanks for your trust..." He said a small dry laugh hoping the other knew he might be playing with fire and maybe Yukhei wasn't deserving of the other's blind trust, but he also knew that he'd do anything at his reach to make sure he wouldn't break that trust or that might fully break whatever friendship had been growing between the beta and him "I'm sure with the right suppressants and careful measures you'll manage..." He said with a small nod, face still serious as he continued to consider the situation before he turned to eye the other with a questioningly raised eyebrow.
"That's nice to know... At least you won't be going around doing illegal stuff in a.... vulnerable state..." He worded his words carefully not wanting to make it seem like he doubted the other's skills or that he was a /defenseless/ beta either, while still getting his point across "Your scent might get the cop's attention" He ended up adding with a small teasing smile.

As they moved along the streets more and more people were feeling it and all the scents were slightly messing with his mind, and yet not like they usually did, but more like making him slightly dizzy. He stopped for a few seconds blinking his eyes and take a small breathes trying to push it away. There were way too many people, and way too many noises, too many smells, and everything was feeling a bit too much, but soon he heard Jungwoo's voice again and that was enough to distract him for a while again as he looked down at the two waffles in the other's hands.
The alpha offered him a smile, he carefully reached for the mango and strawberry one, trying to read the other's expression and whether he had a preference.
"Do you have a preference?" He asked anyway just to make sure before slightly shrugging his shoulders "We can share them?" He asked as they moved towards the bench where they would sit and 'rate passerbys'.
"Is this what you do in your free time?" He asked with a clearly amused smile as he looked around them to the various types of people crowding the streets.
кιм נυиgωσσ (в) 1 year ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) Jungwoo pretty easily noticed how Yukhei was different, beside the scent and the eyes. While it seemed the moment cycles reduced all hybrids to their primal urges, this alpha looked even more in control than ever, strong and sharp, not even moving an inch. That's what it looked to the beta: self control at its finest. And later, he'd take a breather and consider if the alpha resisted him in the beginning of his rut then he was alone in the insane attraction and that would be alright. Jungwoo could be the silly beta with an innate crush of some kind and Yukhei would have the maturity and the self control to push him away.
So Jungwoo smiled, getting the idea that Yukhei had absolutely no intention to go out, but he'd stand his ground luring him out.
“Treats on me. I know I'm forcing you out and I don't know where you found it in you to accept so I owe you at least that.”
He comments while the alpha climbs the stairs. Then it's a game of hesitation that starts. Jungwoo’s fingers instinctively tear the piece of pillow case he has in the sleeve of his leather jacket. He smiles to himself a little, thinking he could run in and exchange it for some piece of cloth but just peeking in costs him a few neurons. The scent within the house is all Yukhei, only so intense he knows he'd lose himself there. He can feel the soft buzz that usually comes around a few days before his heat and that simple impression raises all flags in him without provoking much of a defense. Jungwoo just isn’t the type to resist. Here he’s just scared that going in may lead to mindless choices he’d hate himself for later. But those are new grounds and he just looks inside, inhaling deeply as if he could already feel he’d be missing the addictive scent. The beta brushes the tip of his nose and collects himself when he hears the alpha approaching.

While the amusement to the way he rehashed the other’s first name completely went unnoticed, Jungwoo unconsciously gains confidence as to how he may tease the alpha, even when the other’s hormones are supposedly acting up. At all times, a silence means a positive answer to Jungwoo and more often than not, even a negation still means a positive answer to him. But when Yukhei visibly tenses up and speaks, Jungwoo knows it’s a strong advice, something maybe close to a command. Considering how this alpha downtone on everything, he assumes it’s actually an order, although the words picked seem to speak as an invitation.
“I may trust you, but I’m not sure I could deal with it.” He says, softer than he had planned, but feeling how the alpha had just set limits to the teasing. Still he doesn’t refuse to still take shelter at Yukhei’s place, he couldn’t dare to and very honestly he was anxious to know how he’d act when his cycle would come around, now that he knew what effect Yukhei had on him.
“It should be okay for my cycles, as I don’t do engage in missions, but I guess, I’ll have to be cautious around yours.” He smiles, knowing he’d still want to visit, even if he’s not hiding from cops.

They reach more crowded street and while any rut would be obvious to his nose, Yukhei’s is so different Jungwoo frowns when they pass groups of omegas who barely glance at the alpha. It suddenly feel like it’s just him finding the scent so oppressing it might press on his heat to begin. He gulps down at the thought and suddenly darts away from Yukhei to a waffle parlor. It’s a short escapes, but it helps him change his mind a little and a part of him still worries the alpha wouldn’t follow, that they wouldn’t meet for days, and that is how Jungwoo gets introduced to the longing of an alpha he barely knows and has no ties with.
He reads the choices and immediately orders two, one chocolate ice cream waffle and one with mango and strawberries. He immediately pays to make sure he can treat the alpha and turns to look for him right after his purchase.
“You better like at least one of those!” he offers, hoping this could somewhat help shortly with the heat. “Let’s sit on this bench to eat and rate passerbys” he offers, nodding in the direction of the said bench. Anything to change the topic seems interesting to him and Jungwoo would be lying if he didn’t admit he’s looking forward to knowing Yukhei’s type, his thoughts on everything.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 1 year ago
@кιм נυиgωσσ (в) As soon as the door was open and they were standing face to face, Yukhei's body immediately froze and he did not dare move an inch. It was like his feet were stuck strongly to the ground, and even when the other stepped closer, he could not force himself to step back. He believed it was his mind doing its own thing knowing that if he were to move, it might not have been to actually step back, but launch forward instead.
His eyes were locked on the other's as he stared at him and yet before the alpha managed to open his mouth to speak, pretty unsure of what he was going to say anyway, the other answered that question that was clouding his mind.
Yukhei attempted a short laugh, ending with a small awkward laugh, his hand momentarily unfreezing as it came up to rub at the back of his neck in embarrassment.
"Yeah... It's just the start so it is not affecting me too much just yet" He lied smoothly, attempting to sound cool and collected, but feeling his body tensing up at just the thought "But I wasn't sure when it would get worse so I thought it would be better to just stay in instead..." He said with a small look around his apartment. The truth was actually that he couldn't stand the simple thought of being around the other during his rut. He had no idea what would come over him if it got too serious and he did not want to deal with the consequences of it. But having the other standing in front of him right now, he did not have the willpower to send him away. Aside from all the pressure and stress, it put him through having the other so close to him, his scent seeming to play with his mind and body, he still got some sort of comfort from it, and after feeling the sweet scent so close to him, right when it felt it's strongest, there was no way Yukhei would be giving it up.
Still, as he turned his head slightly to look back inside the house, his mind was torn. He had opted to stay at home because of all the triggering things there were on the outside world that might set his self-control off, but taking into account that the most triggering one of them was standing two steps from him at his doorstep, he now realized it was a terrible idea to invite the other in to stay at a closed space with him and no one else around.
He was glad for the other's suggestion to go outside and gave him a quick nod letting out a small sigh, as he turned around.
"Going out sounds good... Let me just get my phone and wallet..." He said as he walked back into the house. The thought of the suppressants he had taken earlier were slightly comforting as well, as he could slightly feel his body reacting to them now. He left the other at the door hoping to god he'd just wait there as he climbed up the stairs and getting his belongings from his room, sliding a couple more suppressants into his back pocket, just in case.

As soon as he felt mentally prepared, he climbed down the stairs once again, forcing a smile onto his face as he paced towards the other, walking out and locking the door behind him taking yet another small breath through his nose, his brain taking various mental notes of all the details about how the other smelled right now. It was different than before, and Yukhei liked it... A lot. He was aware everyone smelled different, much stronger, while they or you were going through rut or heat, and yet, the beta's scent just seemed a lot more complex than anything he'd smelled before. Much more addicting.
The other opens his mouth to speak again and it brings the alpha out of his thoughts, noticing they are still standing on the steps in front of his door and he simply looks at the other as he questions him, his mind bugging a little. It was a good question. Where should the other take shelter in at this moments? Or rather, the question in Yukhei's mind was, how to make it safe for both of them, so the other could still take shelter in his house?
As the other urged him to start walking, he took a few steps after him into the main street, as they walked almost side by side on the road, unsure of where they were heading. Yukhei was usually protective of both his names as they both had great meaning to him, but for some reason, the way the other called him just sounded cute. Unique even. It was the first time someone played around with his names instead of just sticking with Lucas or Yukhei for the sake of simplicity, and Yukhei just let out a small laugh at that before his alpha instincts kicked on at the other's next statement.
Everyone's characteristics got more obvious during their cycle and their instincts made a clear appearance, but this time Yukhei felt extra protective just on the brink of aggressiveness as he turned to the other strongly, feeling his jaw tense up before he opened it to speak, his tone a bit more commanding than it ever should have sounded to someone who did not belong to him.
"You can still take shelter in my house... I'm sure we can find a way to deal with it..." He wasn't sure how the other would take almost getting scolded by a random alpha who simply gave him shelter and shared the halfblood cause with him. Still the thought of the other finding some other alpha to give him refugee did not sit well with him. Not at all. And Yukhei was not about to let that happen.
Both his mind and his body were feeling quite strongly about this, and he could feel his muscles rather tense, and his body getting warmer and warmer, though it was also probably his rut aggravating.
кιм נυиgωσσ (в) 1 year ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) He stood before the door and though he heard no noise, Jungwoo could feel Yukhei was just on the other side of the door. It was pure witchcraft. The kind that would leave you speechless and bound to let the charms play their numbers on you, leave you an empty shell or an obedient little slave. Cause he definitely was the latter, as far as the strong scent was concerned. It smelled too good to be normal. Jungwoo couldn’t lie to himself; a rut was definitely coming and he should be running so far away from the alpha but not only did his body disobey, his mind too was all into staying put. His wolf did not even have to command him to do so. There was no fight in his head and no surprise on his face when the door opened before him, increasing the intensity of the scent by maybe half a percent, but definitely sending his sanity to bed forever.

Yukhei had that disheveled look Jungwoo felt both lucky and cursed to witness: he’d never forget about it. He’d never remember well enough the emerald luster of his irises.
Jungwoo actually blinked and stepped closer to the doorframe, pulled inevitably by the scent he could resist usually, but way too intrigued by the eyes of the alpha and maybe satisfying his need for closure with the alpha. Not even once this day had the beta thought Yukhei might need the him. Especially when he he smelled so nice already Jungwoo was pretty sure it was a matter of hours before the other would be sweating himself off.
Damn he wished he could see that.
Without thinking of the consequences to being that close to an alpha in rut that is.
He gulped down the inexistent saliva, figuratively nudging himself to collect his thoughts and speak, and to do that quickly.
“Okay so I get why I didn’t see you at the meeting… But you look fine?” There was a little tone of amusement in the way he asked, because fine was not the right word. He exhaled and stepped back with all the might he could muster.
“I mean you don’t seem too affected yet… And You might be looking like you could be needing a little time outside before you’re confined by your hormones?”
And Jungwoo hopes the other isn’t yet moody enough to disapprove the way a beta tells him what he looks like and what he should do.

Still it sounds so tempting, getting to know the alpha when the hormones are likely to start acting up, trying to resist the other at his worst or rather when everything is made for Jungwoo to fall to his knees. It’s a challenge he cannot win, and yet the beta wants to trust the other and spend some time before he can’t at all.
“That’s something we haven’t discussed. Where am I supposed to hide if I can’t come to your place? And just to be clear it’s not about not trusting your calm self when in your cycle, but rather about lacking trust in myself around that lethally exotic scent you carry around innocently.”
He tried to glare at Yukhei to hide the want in his eyes. Jungwoo definitely had some regrets over how he hadn’t taught himself self-control. There was no ignoring the alpha, he had caught himself sleepwalking to this very house when he was feeling sick or simply when he had night terrors. Jungwoo was positive it would fade some day if he didn't let it become a thing but in the meantime, he assumed he should at least be honest with Yukhei rather than making foolish and impossible excuses, trying to hide the obvious. The only way he turned his weaknesses into strengths was by admitting them, owning them. He'd never beat the alpha's self control so he didn't really try.
“Come on, chop chop /Lu...Khei/.”
He smirked and flinched, thinking he could have triggered the alpha just on the right day. The idea had Jungwoo ecstatic, eager to enjoy this time with Yukhei as much as he could before he'd have to restrain himself to keeping off. He jogged off the steps and hoping Yukhei would follow him even just to get moody about the way he chopped his first names.
“Shall I hopp into more gardens and possibly find another alpha from somewhere in Europe to get shelter in? One with a scent that keeps me up you know...” he comments to himself, bit loud enough for the other to hear.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 1 year ago
@кιм נυиgωσσ (в) To say Yukhei was struggling would be an understatement. He was already an intense person when his hormones were not messing him up, so no need to say during his ruts he'd feel ten times more intense, and be a hundred times more sensitive.
He immediately realized that the morning he woke up feeling much hotter than he usually did during any of his previous ruts, the pillow that still smelled like the beta right under his face and probably much too close to his nose than it should be in a moment like this. As if the other's scent wasn't strong enough as it was.
There was a meeting on that day, but as Yukhei could feel the beginning of his rut hitting him, hard, he decided it would be best to stay away. Yukhei knew better than to show up. There was no way, he'd go out into the middle of a crowd, especially where it was likely Jungwoo would be present. His self-control was bad enough as it was around /normal/ people, he wasn't sure how he'd react at having the other standing in front of him, during one of his vulnerable moments and with his self-control working at a minimum.
Instead of looking for relief elsewhere, he decided it would do him good to stay home for once. He felt extremely out of character at this decision, but it just didn't feel right this time around. So he took his rut suppressants to keep calm, as his mind could not stop swirling with thoughts of the halfblood beta, as he layed on his couch, eyes on the closed trying to lazy his day away.

That didn't last long though, as Yukhei's nose picked up the scent once again. Stronger than ever. He had purposely left the pillow upstairs, the scent was fading anyway, but due to his rut, he could still pick it up rather clearly, which was doing him no good and he needed a break from it. From /him/.
So at first, when he felt it, he considered it being his mind playing tricks on him because of his hormones, or maybe just his body rejecting the suppressants. He realized it was not when he attempted at getting up, and taking a few more steps towards the scent, only for it to grow stronger and he scrunched his nose at the fragrance that seemed to force him towards his door. He could tell the other was here. He could physically feel it.
Yukhei's body was not physically or mentally prepared for it and he could feel himself beginning to sweat from how hot he was feeling. He knew that if he didn't do anything quickly he'd end up opening that door and doing something pretty messed up that might just push the other away for good. So, not feeling the suppressants kicking in or being of any help, he used his last bit of self-control to push himself up the stairs against his body's will, and towards his private bathroom, where he opened his top drawer and slid the bottle of suppressants out, letting quite a few fall onto his hand.
He was aware that you shouldn't be taken too many at the same time, and especially not on such curt intervals, but there was no way Yukhei would be able to deal with the beta otherwise, so he took them into his mouth and swallowed them with some water.
For a few minutes, he just stood there, hands against the sink and head leaned down taking deep breathes as a way to calm himself down and mentally prepare to see the other. When he felt it was enough and the meds were taking effect, he allowed his body down the stairs feeling much calmer than before, but still a bit on edge.
He took a few moments just standing face to face with his door knowing the other was on the other side, and aware that the other could probably tell he was right there as well. When he felt brave enough, he finally opened the door, carefully lifting his bright colored eyes, not sure whether he'd rather be wrong about the other's presence, or he'd feel more peaceful having the other's comforting presence around.
кιм נυиgωσσ (в) 1 year ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) Jungwoo failed to see the alpha at the next meeting. Despite being asked out of the crowd to plot a few coups, his nose was on high alert. And yet the familiar scent he expected never came to tickle his nose. Right at the end of the meeting, he wished to barge in the alpha’s house, maybe find out the other was simply busy, maybe working. He had no idea what was Yukhei’s business. He had a few regrets about that, but stubbornly, he went back to the dorms and torn the pillowcase around his right forearm as he did every night. He could close his fist, holding it very strongly to his chest and it didn’t help with forgetting Yukhei at all. It just delayed the need to be next to him a little. Now the alpha was always on his mind and the fabric was with him all the time, in his hand, in his sleeve or even in his hood, comforting him and helping him focus on the missions. It took a few more days to find himself standing before the actual door of the building the alpha lived in. But each of those days was no progress. On the contrary, each of the extra days apart were way, way too much time to be thinking about how he’d be spending time with Yukhei the next time he’d see him, rubbing a corner of the pillowcase to the tip of his nose like some mad man.
The final to challenging himself was truly the moment Jungwoo turned the pillowcase in all possible ways and found absolutely no strong trace of the alpha’s scent. It left him in pure /want/ for a scent he couldn’t even remember for anything but how good it made him feel.

Two streets away from Yukhei’s house, Jungwoo had started fighting himself.
It was the scent, it was so intense, way too intense for Jungwoo’s good, and his body was giving in like he always taught it to. Only this time, he wanted some control over himself, he wished he could make the tiniest step in any direction that wouldn’t lead to that house; a complete failure he admitted when he stood before the door. The only thing his self-control was strong enough for was to not knock at the door. So he just stood there.
And maybe it was safer there, because his blood was boiling, his hands trembling. He vaguely remembered being angry with the alpha for not showing up but that mood was long gone. Jungwoo could feel his hands wanted to land on the other’s body this time, for holding only too long on a fabric with a scent he couldn’t get tired of, secretly turning the need for Yukhei’s presence in the same room into a need to be in physical contact with him. And that was worse. His brain refused to even believe this time was the wrong time to be around the alpha simply because his own wolf was ordering him to stay put. Ruts plainly /smelled/, making it unbearable but Jungwoo wasn’t sweating or feeling needy for more than to be next to Yukhei which had become his new normal. He figured the rut was maybe coming, and this could be the the last time before he’d have to step away for a full cycle, something he didn’t look forward to. He absolutely did not think suppressants could be doing a job here, simply because he didn’t use any unless he had to show up in town, which was rare. He considered sitting down on the porch but couldn’t move, fearing the scent wouldn’t feel as good as when he was staying there. Hell, he needed to be able to reach out to the alpha, he needed to close his fist on the other’s clothes even before he felt the strong pull, ringing the door now that he needed more was the bigger challenge. Yukhei challenged just about everything in him, without even knowing.
кιм נυиgωσσ (в) 2 years ago
@∂σиg ѕι¢нєиg (в) Jungwoo is on his bed, laptop on, a mellow song playing and a mess of papers all around him. It's his treasure and biggest pride, the papers he wrote. Here breaking the image of an influent pureblood, there reporting about how mixed bloods were discriminated out if that famous pack, the list went on. He looked up when the door opened, caught in the mess and blinked. Jungwoo expected a stranger but this face he'd recognize among a thousand. "Hello!! Uhhhhh-" he bugged but stood up, not really caring how messier his bed would be. "You're familiar. But your name..." he squinted his eyes and bowed lightly, smiling politely. His eyes looked down the long and this legs of the other and he snapped his fingers: "Sicheng right? We crossed paths on a job."
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 2 years ago
@∂σиg ѕι¢нєиg (в) @ℓєє тαєуσиg (в) @кιм נυиgωσσ (в) @Im Chang-kyun (New roommate!)
кιм נυиgωσσ (в) 2 years ago
*Walks in, looks left, looks right and take the bottom bunk next to the window*
Lucky... *singsongs and starts unpacking all his stuff)
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 2 years ago
@ℓєє тαєуσиg (в) @кιм נυиgωσσ (в) @Im Chang-kyun (From now on until you move, this will be your new room! Please feel at home! Greet your roommates~ Good luck!)


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