A place to hang out or go on a romantic date, or family dinner. Eat good food, while enjoying the view and the fresh air.
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 11 months ago
@zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) Jackson could only scowl from the cheeky responses, and he didn't expect anything less from the spunky omega. Most regarded such omegas as nuisances and general headaches to society, which Jackson could see but for completely different reasons that aren't classist, but with Zhengting the beta can be his usual quiet yet blunt self without hurting his feelings. Others found it jarring, the omega seemed to find it entertaining at times.

Jackson shot the waiter a glare when he readily handed a menu to the other male; the waiter scurrying away before Jackson could even say the omega wouldn't be joining him. The beta quirked a single brow, a typical departure from his neutral expression verging on resting face. It was always odd to see Zhengting outside the usual circumstances; usually legs spread and up, but Jackson supposed this was fine as well. "Then you got too much free time on your hands, Zheng." He answered before munching on a piece of pickled radish.

His gaze dropped to the picture of dish, scoffing lightly. "Who said I was gonna be treating you anyw--" Jackson was caught off when the waiter returned and pointedly ignored Jackson's narrowed gaze. A smart choice. It seemd the omega took upon himself to make the choice for him, so he only rolled his eyes and took a gulp of the soju he was drinking. "What makes you think I'm lonely? Not everyone needs constant attention, unlike /someone/ I know," Their gazes meeting again, a slight chuckle escaping him when Zhengting wiggled his brows in a funny way. He did it often. "Besides you're only person that even tries to bug me. You're like a leech stuck to my side; one too many times you've disturbed my peace." Jackson picks up some rice and mixes it in with his kimchi, a long sigh escaping through his nose. His tone dry, but there was a hint of humor to it. "You're lucky I tolerate you enough to let you."
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 11 months ago
@zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) Jackson felt the threat of a headache looming behind his eyes while he absently munched on some bulgogi, tapping his chopsticks against the metal rim of his rice bowl. Sometimes he thought he didn't get paid enough for the he has to go through with the organization; some of the alphas treating him as a common errand boy, when he cooked the books that are highly sought after from other authorities. He got into today with one of the alphas who liked to jarr at him a little too often, but Jackson kept his cool most of the time. He didn't need to give the others more ammunition for his status as a beta, but he really blew a gasket this time. One punch and the alpha was out cold; it was too easy, and left him unsatisfied.

So how did he deal with it? Heading down to his favorite local restaurant, and filling himself up on his favorite dishes. A guilty pleasure he deserved. So Jackson minded his own business and kept his head down; a perfectly civil beta that never uttered a word unless necessary, but then a person who could get a rise out of him came bouncing up from behind. Jackson quirked a brow when Zhengting decided to take it upon himself to seat himself across from Jackson, used to the omega's odd mannerisms. "Zhengting," He greeted.

Face passively neutral though there was annoyance brewing in the orbs, "Not everyone needs a chatterbox to accompany them for a meal, which I pointedly didn't say you could join in." But Jackson didn't move to eject the omega, as much as the other male got under his skin at times it was relatively harmless. Plus, he didn't have the heart to. "It's the middle of the afternoon. Don't you got to do, Zheng? Bills to pay? People to annoy? People to ?" There wasn't any malice to his tone; it's just how he talked, but who knew how long Zhengting felt like pestering him today.
ℓєє נιикι (α)  1 year ago
@נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) "That's true, what you've said. I'll talk in person to him, maybe tomorrow since I'm free that day." He made a mental note as he relaxing himself on his seat, arms crossed while he was thinking. "Hm.. and I like that.. family type. I prefer to know every single member of my pack, I don't really like that idea of I don't even know that you're a member of my pack, in term of face though since for scent we could always know."
He already likes that Jackson had the same idea and principal of a pack so far. This plan would definitely go well, internally at least. For the external problem, there would always one but he wasn't bothered by it way too much.
"Hmm.. sure.. we could discuss about that. Although there isn't many that I could talk about. Since I'm pretty much a loner." he chuckled, knowing how his work as an artist and also a chef, he barely really interact with someone and even if he did, there wasn't anyone that could be counted as close that he wanted that person to be in his pack, although a name of one particular someone was in the back of his mind, he didn't know whether that omega would agree to it or not.
"Sure. It's no rush actually, you could tell me anytime you want and for the place to meet, we could meet up in my restaurants. But i don't know whether we should stay together or not. if we are staying together, I don't want them to think that they're losing their freedom but if they don't, I am afraid that if they caught a problem, no one would be there to help."
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@ℓєє נιикι (α)  Jackson was somewhat relieved Jinki considered him to help around. Being trusted by the founding alpha of a pack went beyond giving the idea of creating a pack; he held it dear already.
"Even with the best intentionat heart, leaving the pack alone could brush the leader of our old pack wrong, but we still have to make it official by announcing our departure, in person. What is sure is that I shall do all I can to help you out. I believe you have what it takes to lead and a little family shall feel like the best settings to protect oneanother."
They would start small, and maybe remain small, but it was the idea of the pack so far.
"Let's announce it to the pack leaders and only then we can speak of it. I suppose you; like me, can think of a few hybrids you care a lot about and who you'd rather have them with you if anything was to happen?" But his tone lowered a little, hoping it would be okay to the alpha.
"I don't have many, actually I have a couple friends I look out for and I'd like to announce it to them, But I'll run them through you."
It wasn't necessary in all packs, but Jackson wished to do things as politely as he could, leaving for Jinki to give the right direction for the pack.
"And next I guess, we shall think of some place to reunite, be it your place or another place, even a neutral location to start. That's how I'd see it."
ℓєє נιикι (α)  1 year ago
@נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) Jinki noticed the change in Jackson's face, clearly showing that the beta was surprised at his decision, maybe thinking that he wouldn't be agreeing to it that fast. Well, he just didn't like to delay things up. Besides, the faster he solved one thing, he wouldn't get stressed out over it. He was glad though when he saw a smile growing in the beta's face, and that made him think that he really had made the right decision.
"Glad that you think so." He placed the cup of coffee that he was holding back down on the table.
"Hmm... I guess I would need a lot of help from you, since I don't really know how this works as you know that I'm not really active in our previous ones. I just hope that by me making one wouldn't bring trouble from our family, you know, since some might possible think that I'm threatening them or something." he spoke out his concern about leading a pack as it was his main concern. He didn't want people that come joining his pack always felt like there's a threat looming over them, although he believed in himself that he could protect others and that Jackson would also be of a help when it's needed.
"I hope so too and I know I could rely on you to help me with it." He sincerely smiled. He would take everything in one step of a time. Slowly but surely, he would lead his pack properly, especially in making the rules.
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 1 year ago
@ℓєє נιикι (α)  Jackson could imagine how some alphas would need more time to consider leading a pack, making their own vrand from scratch, especially when they were in one that worked alright so far. But he was downright taken aback the older man's decision. It was soon. It was bettet that way but still a nice surprise.
A smile spread on the beta's face, knowibg those first rules would help building many more as every single aspect of the life jn the pack would sooner or late be ran by some serious thinking.
Jackson nodded in reassurance.
"It's a perfect start." He replied and looked down at the drinks they were brought to them.
"I suppose you might have people you'll want to surround yourself with, but I hope I can be of use, as I obviously want to be part of your pack and help as much as possible."
Many parts of making a pack were unknown to him but he'd help.
"There are many things going on in town, I hope within your pack, some will feel protected."
ℓєє נιикι (α)  1 year ago
@נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) What he had learnt as he got to know the beta more was the latter was pretty good in making his argument and he was impressed by it. It left him thinking hard on what to do with it. He ran his thumb on his chin repeatedly, thinking on what's the best decision for it. Could he really lead as good as how he did to his restaurants? He was still questioning that. should he pick up a new challenge? His eyebrows creased as he was in deep thoughts. "Hmm... Alright. I'll lead a pack." In the end he took that challenge. Maybe having a pack wouldn't be that bad and definitely would ease up things, especially when there's trouble. "The rule is simple. Just don't create trouble and respect everyone as I see everyone at the same level." He explained. He saw his cup of coffee and he took the cup and had a sip of it. "So... how is it?" He asked for Jackson's opinion since the latter was the one starting that idea.
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 1 year ago
@ℓєє נιикι (α)  "Well a weak alpha wouldn't be managing many restaurants so easily, for starters."
To Jackson, this was the most flagrant part of Jinki's abilities. The rest of course he couldn't see since they weren't close friends.
'And being calm is the right thing to be if no aggressivity I required. I guess you would show your colors when you'd need to or you'd surround yourself with people you'll keep on a leash and lead them to handle the issues. Packs like that exist too."
He wasnt really lookijg for words, as a matter of fact Jackson had let the idea mature up in his head for so long it made so much sense he had no idea if he was making a point. Jinki /had/ to be making his own pack, Jackson couldnt trust anyone else to have the adequate profile for it.
"I believe in you, making your own pack because I know your plan wouldn't be to defeat other or geow numbers. You'd keep it fair, you'd know each of your pack members and you'd trust them. You do that in your different restaurants, I read a few articles over the last few weeks."
The beta stried to think of what the other could be meaning when he mentioned that pack life could be troublesome but he couldn't quite figure out what the other was fearing now. He was reeling for those troubles but he had no idea what an alpha, or rather what this alpha wouldn't enjoy with packlife.
"A coffee would be great. Black and no sugar." He asked when the employee reached them. He used the time Jinki was talking to his employee to think about what could possibly be troublesome. It was always about protecting one another and equipping for bad times.
"Okay, I have no idea what you may find troublesome but tell me about it, because in your pack, you would surely have other members willing to handle the troublesome parts if you prefer to sit a few out. Or you could make rules so that those troubles arent allowed in the pack?"
Jackson smiled and was taking all his courage to expose it to Jinki, hoping the other would seriously think of it.
"Life itself is troublesome but in your own manageable pack, you wouldn't have to deal with it alone. Don't you think?"
ℓєє נιикι (α)  1 year ago
@נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) Okay... an offer to start a pack was something he didn't expect coming. He honestly also never thought of it until it was presented by the beta in front of him. He was an alpha, that's true but somehow the people around him, or those in his clan never really consider him as one because he was mostly calm and sort of a bit different with the fiery type of alpha that were out there. So having someone to actually mention and ask him to be an alpha to a pack, sort of made him happy. It's like he was being acknowledge that he could do well as a leader.
"How could you be so sure that I'll be a good leader? most of the people out there always thought of a calm alpha being a weak one." He stated, wanting to know the beta's opinion. Well... if he was going to make a pack of himself, it would be brain over muscle because he didn't want to have a pack that created trouble. Instead, he wanted a pack that protect others from trouble, become a place that's safe for his pack.
"I believe in a pack life. It's just.. sometimes, it could be troublesome." he chuckled, turning to look for his employee before waving one of them to come closer.
"Want something to drink or some snacks?" he kindly offered, because he himself also would get his morning coffee.
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 1 year ago
@ℓєє נιикι (α)  "In our clan as it is, there are enough influent alphas doing all the work..." Jackson agreed, and crossed his arms on the table, looking at Jinki for a moment. There were no soft words to say what he had in mind it was about starting a lifelong enterprise, about responsibilities and strategies.
"Our clan is growing out of proportions to the point we barely ever take any big decision. I feel like they allow so many exceptions to whatever rule that we aren't united anymore and that's not what a pack should be about. So why don't you make your own pack?"
The suggestion had nothing supporting except for Jackson himself backing it but he was as serious as he could get.
"Don't you believe in a real pack life? With all your restaurants, I know you can manage people, and I like that you might be calm and discreet. I feel like I'd fight for your pack if you had one."
He had always been like that, making big decisions on a gut feeling and sticking to them eyes closed. But he wondered how the alpha would react.
ℓєє נιикι (α)  1 year ago
@נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) [it's fine. I understand too if you're busy. so don't worry]

The gesture and reaction of the beta in front of him sort of intrigued him. Despite of not showing much about how he actually thinks or feels. He gave a nod to the beta in front of him before walking away and dismissing his employees who somehow thought that the guest was a threat. He walked towards the table before pulling the chair, taking the spot next to the latter.
"Clan matter?" this topic was even more intriguing to him. No one ever brought this topic to him, most of the time for this topic, the people in his clans tend to look for his more aggressive alpha cousins.
"Well, honestly.. there aren't many people looking for me about clan matter. So, what can I do to help you with it?" he tilted his head slightly in curiosity, wondering what the latter wanted to him to help about.
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 1 year ago
@ℓєє נιикι (α)  (So sorry to get back to you only now /bows/ I thought my answer was posted ._.)

"I hope so, Mister Lee..."
Mirroring the formal distance the Chef created between them seemed like the polite thing to do. And yet Jackson's tone considerably decreased, his self confidence dissipating just enough to make it clear he'd need to shorten the distance between them figuratively to be comfortable.
"Well, I am curious about your new restaurant, but I did come in with something else in mind."
He looked left and right, and though there was no one eavesdropping nearby, Jackson wished he could somewhat get the other's full attention.
"Would you mind sitting with me for a moment? It's been so long since we got to chat... and I admit I haven't been checking in the matters of the clan... what about you?"
It was one thing to bring up the matters of the clan they grew up in out of the blue but it was quite suspicious to ask about the other's involvement in the pack's affairs. Jackson had figured there was no innocent way to introduce the matter of his visit anyway and he pulled a chair from the nearest free table, waiting for Jinki's go to sit.
ℓєє נιикι (α)  1 year ago
@נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) Jinki was in his newly opened restaurant, preparing the menu for the day and also checking around his crew on getting things ready for the day. He stopped doing his things when he heard the door of his restaurant opened. He didn't expect anyone to come in just yet as it still hasn't reached its opening time. So, walking out of the kitchen, he saw a guy walking to him, 'ignoring' his employee that was trying to stop the latter but in the end, not doing anything when they saw Jinki. Jinki noticed the guy who was smiling all too happily in front of him. He recognized the guy, not really close but at least he knew his name. He was just good with things like that. "Anything that I can help you with, Mr Wang?" he addressed the latter formally. He wasn't the type of alpha that was showing off his power and looked down on betas and omegas. He looked at everyone equally although when times needed him to act as an alpha he would definitely do so. But now wasn't the occasion.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 1 year ago
@נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) (No problem babe!! we've all been busy xD take your time :)
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 1 year ago
@ℓєє נιикι (α)  Jackson knew he'd have to shake hands with a lot of people if he was going out the day following a race he won but what he wasn't sure was wether he'd shake Jinki's hand. The latter was no supporter and Jackson did not mind that detail. Jinki was a pureblood he had known for years without really bonding with. They were in the same pack, crossed paths, acknowledged each other and maybe played as kids on occasion but that was it. But lately, Jackson has been questionning alphas of the pack, and those he asked first did not give the answer he wanted so Jinki was next. The beta looked for the owner of the restaurant he had walked in, hoping the word going around was true. Well it turned out to be very true indeed. Jackson smiled when he recognized the discreet Chef and walked straight to him. He had a way to just join in whatever was happening and wait next to the Chef with a goofy smile on his face that would attract the attention, hopefully sooner than later.
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 1 year ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) (( dang! I'll follow up on this in another room, weeks later, with matters to bring to Yukhei's attention, I promise))
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 2 years ago
@נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) Yukhei's grin did widen the slightest at his friend's words "Okay... That does serve as a bit of consolation.." He admitted with a small chuckle "And aren't you that beta already though?" He questioned with a small raise of brow before smiling at him again "Nah, I'm joking... I'm not planning on avoiding you..Ever.." He confirmed slapping his hand against his chest to in a promise, that he would, obviously keep.

Yukhei almost spit his drink as he burst out laughing at his friend's statement, setting his glass down and covering his face with the back of his hand as he laughed, and coughed at the same time "I can't really argue with that!" He said with a small nod, listening again as he spoke. "Oh so you do, still have a little mischief in you!" He commented wiggingle his eyebrows. Jackson had always been slightly michievious and looking for trouble, but this wasn't exacly what he did back then when they were just kids, so this was completely new info for him. Still it wasn't /that/ surprising, but he was happy that the other wasn't letting it get to him, and letting people use him for their own benefit.

He let out a long sigh, considering what and how to reply to the beta's question. He knew exacly why it was that he couldn't really get into people much for the past years, but at the same time it wasn't that easy to just explain it, so he ended up shrugging his shoulders.
"Well, yeah... In a way I guess you could say that.. I don't really feel like I can dedicate myself to someone like that anymore..." His fingers were lightly tapping at the wood of the bar at a rhythmic pace and he slightly shook his head, accompannied of another shrug of his shoulders.
"I just don't feel like putting myself through all the trouble you have to, when you fully dedicate yourself to someone... and you never know what can happen.. It might not be worth the effort and consequences it might bring..." He admitted looking straight at the just refilled shot glasses in front of them. As he was done speaking there was a short silence before the other spoke again, now going into his own story.
He nodded in understanding with a small knowing smile "So you were interested back then when she was, intriguing, but right now it's just... Too easy and you need something more challenging?" He joked a little, though he completely understood what he meant to say, before the next words picked up his utmost interest.
"So there is someone right now? But... Why would you say she deserves more?" He asked surprised the other would think that about himself when it came to 'love'.
"Still you will have to eventually present us.. I wanna know who is this 'perfect omega for you'." He said with a small smirk before reaching for his first shot of the next ten.
He gulped shot after shot until all 10 were done and he looked back at Jackson with a small chuckle "It does.." He agreed with a small nod of his head, that made everything slightly spin.
"Oh that's recent..." He commented feeling a bit for his friend, his jaw dropping a bit by the end of the short story.
"Ouch... And that's one of the reasons why I don't like getting seriously involved with people... Anything can happen.." He said reaching over to pat the other's shoulder, letting his hand rub down the other's back in an attempt to be comforting.
"Well... Let me just say this, he was probably an .... " He said truthfully before turning into yet another playful smile "And that last warning, might be a bit too late for that now..." He said noding his head towards the various empty shot glasses on the counter "But seriously I'm sorry about that... People ! I mean... Not everyone, but you get me..."
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 2 years ago
@ωσηg уυкнєι (α) Jackson's grins would say it all if he wasn't nodding on top of it, confirming he'd always find a way to call Yukhei cute. "If it's any consolation, I don't just call anyone cute. It's not about being the opposite of y or mature at all, more about being irresistible... now don't let that part get to your head huh?" But it would, Jackson knew better. "Please don't you ever avoid me or I'll be that sticky beta you wish you didn't know." He whined, making that light frown that said he'd be a little disappointed, yet so quick to turn into a smirk.

How his younger friend turned around the serious topic made Jackson chuckle and nod, agreeing to take some distance to how much it hurt to be seen as a plus one in gossip magazines, an ideal boyfriend for models to get scouted earlier or something. "Actually, not to brag but-" obviously bragging: "I'm quite the guy every mother wants for their kid and for themselves." He winks. He was no more the pureblood hotshot who collected one nightstands per nights. He was wedding material, wooing anyone he'd be interested in like he'd propose to them by the end of the night, every single day. It was slow but satisfying to get to that and quietly back off when they were getting too serious and he wasn't feeling like it anymore, caise Jackson was picky. "They really have no idea how much they'll wish to be keeping me afterall." He shrugs innocently. It used to be the way he got his revenge, making those poor souls fall for him hard, and it became all he did.

He was done with the first ten just when Yukhei was but his low growl was interrupted by the other's silent complaint. That was truly cute, how his childhood energy bomb had grown up to become this strong man ready to take him on any challenge, no matter the struggle. But since the beta could almost aw at him, he said nothing.
He listened carefully to the other's words as their shots were being replaced but he perked at the fact that something had changed his friend, enough for him to maybe not think he could be into anyone anymore. "You're saying you were soft enough to fall for someone? So are you implying you could not be into someone anymore? That you consider it being soft? I'm curious what changed you." He assumed it wasn't about being an alpha but it seemed like it was important although he wouldn't ask directly, not on their first meeting as adults. He sat back, a little surprised and thought of his own relationships.
"My firt love was certainly when I was in kindergarten, a spoiled princess who's still very spoiled, very sissy and not so out of my grasp... but just too..." he sighs, unable to find a better word for it: "needy. I have nothing against omegas but rare are those actually having a will of their own. I guess I have issues with people making themselves preys to anyone in rut? That was cute when she was young but not anymore, it just lacks personality." His eyes narrows shortly and he claps his hands, changing topics. "And then, there's my lovely bestie, who might be the perfect omega for me but she deserve even more." He sighs softly. "I am not sure I want to let you meet her you might make a perfect match." He added. "And I fear I need more alcohol to mention how I almost marked someone recently..."
Jackson feels a pang to his heart at the mere thought and he chugs on the 10 new shots straight up til his mind is getting really fuzzy. "That. Feels. Good." He wipes his lips and winces in the aftermath, shameful words flowing easier.
"It was a month ago or something? I met a guy, a cook I knew gor a fwmew years but never talked to. We talked and his smell was so good. I think the fact that he hated hybrids above all made me want him even more. We were kinda dancing, making out and I bared my teeth in the middle of sofly marking him. Like I was really going to..." no alcohol amount could possibly prevenr him from feeling ashamed but Jackson is curious what his friend thinks of it. "Then the guy disappeared. I think he even changed jobs, I can't seem to find him anymore.. he was hansome, wild when tipsy bold and japanese. I think I might have scared my best chance at love away. There. You know my darkest secret: I could mark you when drunk" he chortles and wiggles his eyebrows at Yukhei to end on a funny note although he misses the human.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 2 years ago
@נα¢кѕσи ωαиg Yukhei rolled his eyes at the other with a scoff reaching the other's next shot glass towards him while grabbing his own "I'll only allow that, cuz I don't think we'd reach an agreement otherwise.. And you would still call me cute anyway.." He said with a small grin as he shakes his head.
Yukhei lets out a small laugh looking at the other "I wouldn't avoid you.. When did I ever avoid you?" He asked crossing his arms in front of his chest "Plus.. I don't need an excuse, if I wanted to avoid you I'd just do so!"

Yukhei looked at the other geniunely curious. Most of the time he didn't really mind if people just liked his appearance, he wouldn't have to see most of them again either way, so who cares if they disliked his personality.
Still he could tell fame wasn't so easy to deal with, and having people coming after you for what you have, or what they can get out of you, instead of well, you, might be extremely annoying.
He nodded in understanding "Hm.. I think I get it.. Makes sense" He said reaching his arm to pat the other's back. "I guess that would be best for someone like you... Still if they try to get stuff out of you or use you, they wouldn't know what they're getting themselves into.." He said playfully giving the other a quick wink.

Yukhei scrunched up his nose with each shot, trying not too focus on the extreme taste of alcohol on each one of them. After the full 10 drinks he dropped his head for a second with a small 'ahh', feeling his throat burning all the slighest but a bit more used to the burning of the alcohol. He then lifted his head up once again to look up at his friend, letting out a laugh at his statement.
"I will remember my pin code... but if I don't I do have some cash on me.." He assured, not knowing if it would be even enough, but for now that wasn't on the list of his top priorities. He'd worry about it when the time came,
He leaned forward covering his face with his hands, and letting out a sigh, before leaning back again turning to his friend.
"There was this one girl... It was a whole long while ago, during middle school.." He said softly before thinking back to it. He remembered her well but there was not really much to say.
"I was into her for a while.. She was gorgeous, and really nice? We dated for a few months... I don't know... I was much more soft back then.." He said with a chuckle running his hands through his hair, not sure what to say . It had been a long while ago before he even found out about his father's broken bond "That was probably the only 'serious' relationship I had, and the only one I put any real effort into..." He shook his head and looked up at the other,
"What about you? Tell me about your first lover... Or that one you mentioned that almost had my brother do something as weird as imprinting someone!" He said wiggling his eyebrows, his teasing tone taking over, as his palm wrapped around the first glass of the next round of shots.
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 2 years ago
@ωσηg уυкнєι (α) “Definitely not you” Jackson parrots, mocking the other a little. But he could understand how the alpha played super manly, he had been a freak for looking alpha when he was found a beta. Seeing the younger defend the essence of his type itself was cute just because it reminded Jackson of his own younger self but that he wouldn't tell.
“okay okay then maybe we can find an understanding: as your older bro, I can't label you as y whenever you put your finger before your lips like that right? So I might say it's c. u. t. e. and you may hear it as something else?” he suggested and gritted his teeth, not even lying on that one. “I won't stain your reputation, you'd use that as an excuse to avoid me.”

Jackson had a knowing nod to the other combining business and pleasure. There weren't a thousand ways to deal with a rut, that he knew.
But he sure was picky. Jackson liked to be praised some, not just a tool. If he was honest, he liked if the people he got in bed with thought of more than a one night stand although he wouldn't give news any time soon. Cruel with a sweet smile and breakfast in the morning.
“I'm not getting in bed with people who just want my looks or just my fame. Only with people I know who know me too… but it's still one night stands. Per say, I won't engage in relationships but I go to friends only for stress relief. I'm the friend with benefits kind I suppose?”
And maybe not all his friends like that about him, but that felt better than sleeping with stranger who'd scratch off a major league racer off their To Do list every once in a while. His eyes scrutinized Yukhei for a moment, getting the other saw him as most of the sport guys. “I'm only combining friendship and pleasure, to put it on your words.”

Jackson was amused and drank all first ten shots up, barely breathing but counting in between each sharp intake of liquor. He hissed at the end of the serie and glanced at his friend's face. The post shots face was always the funniest. “you say you will pay the cab like you will still remember your credit card pin code. I hope you have cash, Wong.” he chuckled.
“Come on, tell me of your first lover… there must have been a someone who left you an impression even if it was in high school. I'm curious of what speaks to your alpha.” he said and made a sign to the closest bartender to order a refill for both of them.
“If it gets me a little jealous I'll tell you about the one who almost had me imprint on my own will…” he coughed, knowing this kind of primitive behavior was really not a good publicity for anyone, let alone a famous pureblood like him.
The shots were refilled and he quickly made a sign to add it to his tab, /as usual/. He was used to the heavy drinking but he did intend to monitor the challenger lover he opposed.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 2 years ago
@נα¢кѕσи ωαиg "Nah I'm joking.. Your voice's pretty nice too" He admitted along with a small aknowledging nod.
Yukhei feigned shock before shaking his head "No no no.. Not at all! An alpha can have their cute moments... Just not every alpha! And definitely not me..." He says pretending to 'judge' his friend before leaning in to jokingly whisper in his ear /shut up, you'll ruin my reputation../ and give him a 'shh' motion, with his finger in front of his lips.
"I'm not cute, I'm handsome, and hot.. Occasionally nice, but not 'cute'.." He said as if he despised the word.
He softly shrugged his shoulders with a laugh "I mean, it's not like I sleep around or anything.. But well, rut kinda to be spent alone, and my big eyes do give me a bit of attention, and it is true that I've always loved a bit of attention so.... I'm only combining /business/ with pleasure" He said carefully. It wasn't like he ever looked for a relationship so it was kind of a 'one night stand' type of thing.. Still he liked to believe he wasn't really a bad person, and he could be a good boyfriend /if/ he wanted to.
"Ohh picky, I see.. So like, you enjoy it if they like your confidence, but they should like you for who you are, and not just what you are type of thing? What if they just want to get in bed with you because of your appearance, does that count? Or you don't really do one night stands?" He asked eyeing the other curiously, a bit surprised to. He'd have thought Jackson would be one to sleep around. Not that he was disregarding the other, not at all.. He just, kinda had 'that look'. He looked a bit like what /the player/ of a movie would look like, if that even made sense.

Yukhei let out a loud laugh at the other's reply nodding in understanding.
"I see I see, so as a hero, your achievements need to be celebrated! I will have to agree.. You could be dead right now, so let's celebrate the fact that you are a great racer, and managed to survive all of those, plus win them!" He said lifting up one of the shot glasses.
"You challenged me, of course you're paying!" He tsked the other with a small smirk "Obviously.. We might be idiots, but we're still not that dumb.. Better safe than sorry.. I'll pay for the cab." He agreed signaling the other to lift his own glass before coutning "One!"

Yukhei raised his eyebrow in consideration "That shouldn't be too hard then.. I know exacly how I like my people.. I will look forward to setting you up~" He said with a wiggling of his eyebrows.
"Hm.. I don't think that's going to happen Wang" He replied confidentely, though he wouldn't blame them if some of his turned to Jackson in the end.
"Sounds good to me! Let's see how well you're doing after the first ten!" He said jokingly almost too painfully aware of how he'd most likely be the first one to beggining slurring. Though until it happened he'd deny it.
He immediately followed his friend swift and gulped down the bitter liquid of the first glass, slamming it (carefully) back down on the table.
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 2 years ago
@ωσηg уυкнєι (α) "Yeah your voice is... something else."
There was no way he'd say it out loud, how Yukhei's voice was just y. "My voice is pretty strong too, I'm not envying you about that." he said, scrunching his nose a little to the nudge to his shoulder.
"My definition of cute is my own, your dictionnary is just outdated and wouldn't consider an alpha can have his cute moments." he shrugged innocently and smirked. He was in fact amused by how the younger though of his flaws, how confident he was in himself.
"So you fool around a lot with people falling for those wide eyes? You sure liked being at the center of the attention since your youngest age but I can't imagine you flirting and having one night stands every night, no matter how tall you are and how mature you sound." He shook his head slowly, just wondering if the other's hate for soulmates made his a heartless heartbreaker with that irresistible smile of his. "I can't deny being popular, but I also can't lie: I'm not fond of people who just want to get in bed with me just because I have the mindset of a winner. I need more. Call me picky."

"It's not about raising the bar for you to drink too much, but more about each of my win deserving a proper celebration, Yukhei. Each of those wins were a long race, where I took risks, I could have fallen of cliffs on those extreme rallies, I could have messed up in so many ways and not be here to tell about them that it should even be more than a drink per won race." he huffed sufficiently. But he had no idea Yukhei would be drinking too many of those shots although he should have expected no less. A challenge meant an obligation for the alpha to assert his worth, just a new occasion for it. "That's the spirit! let's get ruined with shots tonight, I'm paying to celebrate!" he announced and ordered several row more at once. He'd do shots too, and he was used to doing those, but forty four seemed like a lot to him too. "We're getting a cab to go home later. And next time we have shots shall be about your grades."

Despite the many challenging looks, Jackson recognized here and there, the soft glances of a friend he knew he could still trust, no matter what. He was so thankful he could count Yukhei as a friend. He hoped blood would never change that, because his friendship with Yukhei went beyong blood, mixed or pure, beta or alpha.
Jackson rose his first shot glass to the other's intention to present him to someone and raised a brow: "someone you'd want for yourself obviously. I think we might have the same type, you shal just be clever if you don't want to lose all your harem to me." he chuckled, clinking his glass with Yukhei's and chugged the strong liquor. "Let's get going: how about we take ten each in a row and speak later?" he challenged, already organizing their glasses in lines for the competition.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 2 years ago
@נα¢кѕσи ωαиg Yukhei let out a laugh nodding his head a little in agreement "That would make sense I guess... My voice is much ier now isn't it?" He joked wiggling his eyebrows "Maybe you should try containing your energy a bit too!" He suggested playfully knocking the other's shoulder with his own.
Yukhei raised his eyebrow as the other /squeaked/ pulling away from him, and the corners of his lips slowly turned upwards at the discovery of his friend's weak spot "And then you go and call me cute? Should I offer you a dictionary on your birthday?" He asked as he leaned comfortably on his seat, yet giving the other a soft nod in aknowldgement as the other talked about his 'younger self'. The smaller Lucas who would /most definitely not/ follow Jackson around to play with him, and give him puppy eyes whenever Jackson tried to sneak out of it.
"Most definitely.. Although some may disagree, I am quite proud of my ego, which in return will boost it even more and make me more proud of it.. It's a vicious cycle" Yukhei chuckled and nodded, remembering how it had always been like this. Jackson teasing him endlessly about something, but the moment someone else teased Lucas and he got upset, Jackson would be all up their neck already. And for that he had always been rather thankful, even if he didn't always express it in the best way... Or if he didn't express it at all.
"Is that so? My ego gives me self-confidence and that's what gets me all these beautiful people.. So I can't really complain?" He shrugged his shoulders smirking slightly before patting Jackson's back "But of course yours would! You're a winner Wang, that definitely gets omegas, betas and maybe even some soft alphas whipped right away.." He couldn't deny that Jackson was good lookig, so they were most definitely both not in a bad place when it came to charming someone.

As soon as Jackson ordered the round of shots he let out a loud sigh, rubbing his face with a small smile.
"I did say /one/ toast to /all/ your wins, and not one toast to /each/ of your wins... But quite it's predicatble that you'd raise the bar.."
Man 21 shots was quite a bit. Specially for a 19 year old who didn't drink /that/ often, but to hell with it. He was not one to back out of a challenge. "Bring it!"
He said pushing his sleeves up to his elbow and sitting up straight on his seat giving Jackson a challenging look. If was indeed going to get challenged to do 44 shots eventually, he better get his body used to it before that happens. He wouldn't want to make a fool of himself, or loose the challenge. He couldn't really tell which one would be worse. Was it even safe? Well.. He'd care about that later, right now he had a challenge to finish.
"You do know I'm top of my year right? I'm obviously a great student..." He said with a smirk on his lips as the waiter brough over the shot glasses slowly filling them in. "Just so you know, I'm counting in the exams and midterms and all that jeez, cuz just the grades makes it extremely unfair!"

Yukhei laughed loudly shaking his head "You wish Wang.. Last thing I'm gonna do is give you the pleasure of hearing me scream while you drive me around in your super fast, fancy race car.." He declared, ready to fight for his image and reputation.
The next words made his challenging smile, soften into one of affection. He had been so worried about his alpha image, and following in his dad's footsteps and getting into college and his business major, that he'd totally forgotten about most of his friends. He'd definitely missed Jackson. He was the closest thing to a brother he had ever had, and hell did he wish he had had a brother.
The nostalgic feeling was broken in a second when the other spoke again with his joking tone. "Glad to know I am still one of your best interests... That might give you an advantage then, I might find someone to present to you.." He said as a reply, circling his fingers around one of the shot glasses before scoffind "Of course you would..." He said without any bitterness to it, simply amusement "Would you rather my seconds, or someone who I'd never think of getting with?" He asked with a small smirk getting ready to down the shot.
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 2 years ago
@ωσηg уυкнєι (α) “You contain your energy so strongly your voice turned grave, it almost like I can hear all the energy.” he teased, complimenting the other as he did so. Jackson was never as sarcastic as his friend here, but he had a talent to bring stuff up and turn them as jokes to not sound too offensive. It was certainly a faculty belonging to all betas, a second nature to Jackson.
Jackson let his reflexes fail him when he was poked, he deserved that one. He squeaked and smirked, not fond of unveiling a weak spot but what could he say: he was ticklish.
“It's not just /an alpha/ I'm calling cute, but the childhood friend of mine I still recognize all over the alpha cover you have permanently on I suppose.” Jackson could wiggle his eyebrows and give any explanation, he still found the other adorable. It was crazy how this doe eyes both meant trouble and trust at the same time.
“Alright, I get it: You're not a fan of the word cute and you'd rather gave people complain about your ego. But I can't be that kind of pleasing type, you know me. I must tease until I find someone teasing you a little too much and the I end them.
“Never heard of ego to that extent being a charm, but surely are some omegas whipped for your self-confidence… mine isn't that strong and it gets some going already.” he chuckled. Or was it too early to speak of conquests. Mates were overrated to Jackson, for reasons different from Yukhei's but that made it common ground for the time being.

He caught the waiter right after his friends and ordered a round of shots. They loved a little competition and the adrenaline seemed to be something both had to deal with; shots would only make them giddy.
“just one toast for all of my wins, that's unfair. I'll have you raise your glass to each of my win since this years championship started, that's just 21 wins. Next time I shall have you drink to each of lasts year's wins and last year was a very good year for me. Prepare yourself to raise your glass 44 times.” he chortled. He really would do such a thing to Yukhei.
“In return I could raise my glass to all your As.. no, to all your Bs and As, JUST BECAUSE.” He grinned.

“You fear for your life a little… good. I really am a hothead when it comes to crazy rides but You're right when you assume I would protect you, even when you don't need it. I guess I won't be taking too many risks with you. Still if I can make you high pitch scream, I'll feel proud.”
He had a sparkle in his eyes that said it all, how he’d challenge the alpha to do the not so alpha stuff /if/ he could. “Just cause you’re my favorite pup” he added in the same way he did when he got into fights with hybrids who’d get angry at his friend and he got bruises on his face in the process, when he was younger.
“No, following your scent is not being cute, that’s me knowing where my best interests are… But I won’t refuse the title of /cutest/ from you, just because I like to appear manly and strong. I like to think I’m good at everything. Besides, my pals tend to only look for mates around this time of the day, it’s getting boring. That being said, do you have people to present to me?” he asked cheekily, knowing he’d appear just like the rest of his friends, which he wasn’t so different from after all.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 2 years ago
@נα¢кѕσи ωαиg Yukhei leaned slightly forward covering mouth with his hand as he laughed.
"Well I have changed quite a bit..I still have most of that energy, it's just that now I try to keep it contained for when I actually need it.." He said pretty much aware that a part of himself, is still that young pup that used to enjoy turning into his wolf form and running through the fields and playing with Jackson. That is a very small part though. Right now, he has grown, and he has an image he wants to keep. Someone he wants to be. Yet for some reason, listening to Jackson saying that gave him a small sense of confort. The small Lucas within him, wasn't completely erased, and his friend was the physical reminder of that.
Being called cute though, he raised his eyebrow at his friend before reaching over to poke his side.
"What makes you think you can call an alpha cute? Just because you're all muscle and a race champion?"
He asks shaking his head in dismissal "As you said I have my way with people, and for sure it is not by being cute.. But you might be right about my ego, that's one of my charms!" He said wiggling his eyebrows.
Although he wasn't exacly arrogant, Yukhei was aware that he could get people to like him easily, and that might be the reason for his confidence and slightly big ego, which it wasn't exacly something he wasn't proud of.
Yukhei ordered another drink before looking at the other again giving him a playful 'more or less' hand motion while scrunching up his nose "Well yeah... I guess you could say that.." He replies with a curt nod followed by a laugh.

Yukhei nodded in understanding. He knew the other had attended good schools for hybrids and although he didn't know all that much, he knew Jackson's parents cared quite a bit about 'hybrids' and doing stuff that would be of some help in the future.
"Well that's pretty awesome.. I propose a toast to all of your wins up until now then!" He said as he was handed his new drink, immediately lifting it up towards the other. His mood, was rising incredibly fast just being with Jackson, he had almost forgotten all about his previous fight which was all he had wanted as soon as he stepped inside this place "As long as you're happy and being successful at doing what you love, who cares if you're a beta?" He joked giving the other a quick wink.
He sure as hell didn't. Aside from himself, he wasn't really discriminative towards other 'rankings', if you could call it that. He didn't mind others being betas, omegas or alphas. But he himself, he wanted to own up to what he presented as, and become a good leader, for whoever was willing to follow him.
Listening to his friend, Yukhei leant a bit further away from him "I'm not sure I'm that excited to get into that car with you Wang.. Only reason I will, is cuz you protected me more times than I'd like to admit in the past, so I kidna doubt you'd do anything that could kill me now.. It would be throwing all that effort out the window, and you'd have nothing to brag about!" He said with a chuckle before looking over at the group of guys his friend was pointing at.
Shaking his head with a sigh, he waved his hand in dismissal "It's not really like I ditched them, they were having their own hang out anyway, so I just left early!" He looked up at the other with a small smiled.
"Aren't you the cutest Wang? You didn't need to~" He said jokingly reaching up his hand to pat the other's cheek.
The last time they had seen each other, Jackson didn't have his 'own scent' yet and neither did Yukhei. But now that he mentioned it, he was quite glad to meet him here. It was nice to see how grown up they both were, and how they had both changed, even if some things were still the same, it made it all even better. Some things were definitely supposed to remain the same after all.
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 2 years ago
@ωσηg уυкнєι (α) Jackson didn't even try to hide the laugh that shook his chest. It was a tender way to see Yukhei. "Hey you're all calm right now, and maybe fooling people in believing you were the obedient and calm pup back then, but you ain't fooling me. You seemed high on something really really good like, I remember wishing sugar had that effect on him; the undying energy. You were a Power Battery ad all by yourself and you were rather tiny, so yeah, let me be precise: I saw you as a cute little bug."
But the beta wasn't being crazy, he pulled away from Yukhei, expecting the other to shove him a little for saying the awful curse word that could get an alpha go from 0 to 100: /cute/. He hoped however to convey how much he had cherished his younger friend, and how he knew it was part of the past. "You still have those eyes though. People would give you the world on a golden platter for those eyes and you'd still piss in their backyard and get away with it right?" he chuckled, teasing some more. That had to be true: Yukhei could snatch someone's breath away and makethem his anytime, if only he had desired to. "How's that ego of yourse even contained in your body, as I'm sorry, but I feel like you're not tall or big enough for it, alpha." he continued, definitely not done teasing after all.
"I didn't turn out so bad? Wong, jut get real and say it." Jackson said seriously and rubbed back the slick platinum hair. "I'm smokin hot okay." Someone else maybe had ego issues...

"Yeah. The folks do regret I am not that much into hybrid circles..." Mostly into pureblood ones, but that was the kind of details he'd rather leave out, since his parents were quite the conservative aristocracy and they tended to despise anything else. "But you got it all right: I just wanted to be best at what I'd do. And I am for now. Doesn't matter if that makes any change to the headlines."
Jackson nodded as Yukhei turned out to be mature, and maybe each of those calm words made him look a little more unpredictable. Jackson could sense it. And the way the blood type built a wall in the other's mind, like there was alphas, and the rest of the world. Leaders, and the rest. It was what Jackson ached to be part of. Being the best racer and possibly in the top 10 of the hottest sportmen of the country according to some papers made up for that beta condition but it still wasn't the real thing, and in a way he wasn't really fond of how the ego defined the alpha. Not that he minded Yukhei being that way, but he figured he maybe wouldn't want to be like that so much. Just maybe.
"Oh I happen to flip the car over too... hormones and adrenalines make the weirdest mixes and my sponsors can only monitor so much!" he laughed, thinking of the last time he got roasted for ruinning a training car. Betas could be ticking bombs too depending on the hormones and the seasons and those took tolls of his mental and self confidence. "Always my worst for you Wong!" he complied and smiled contently. "So who did you ditch to end up alone in this restaurant? I ditched them" he said and pointed to the noisy lads a few meters away. "Just for your scent. If that's not real love, I don't know what is." he chuckled and surely he had no idea what was real love, but the care he felt for Yukhei was one of the strongest feeling he remembered from childhood. That and his love for Mochis which he's still sit, roll and be a /good boy/ for.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 2 years ago
@נα¢кѕσи ωαиg "You saw me as a little bug? That's nice" Yukhei said sarcastically before raising his eyebrow a small cocky smirk on his lips as the other finished his sentence "Is that so? Don't say that too much or my ego will be way too big to this body already.." He warned playfully before nodding softly sitting more comfortably "You didn't turn out so bad yourself.." He said lifting his glass for a toast.
He nods in understanding drinking the remaining drink in his glass.
"Then again.. There are not that many jobs that actually bring much change to humans and hybrids.. That will fall on society and mostly the activists, and whatever business is linked with media, and the public or whatever..." He said gesturing dismissively with his hand "But I'm actually glad for you.. You seem to be enjoying your life as a winner?" He said nudging the other back in approvement. He seemed pretty proud of what he'd achieved so for which made Yukhei happy for him, He was glad at least one of them was sure of what they wanted, and succeeding at it.
He lets out a short laugh as he looks around the bar memories rushing back in his mind. That was true, he was never one to give up easily. "It is probably in my alpha blood... One of alpha's strongest characteristics is their determination and how they don't know when to give up..." He said setting his cup down and crossing his arms over his chest, locking eyes with Jackson's challenging ones.
"Not at all, I'm not underestimating you guys.. Had it not been for the scents, I'd probably have mistaken quite a few for alphas before.." He said laughing along with his friend.
He listened carefully to the other nodding his head slightly "Yeah... That's my plan at least.. What's an alpha who doesn'thave anyone to protect?" He said playfully letting out a chuckle.
"Hm.. I see.. Then I'll have to trust you.. As well as my luck?" Yukhei replied showing the other his crossed fingers "Nah.. I'm sure I'd be fine, you now I've always liked a little danger as well, so just hit me up anytime... I doubt I'd ever drive one, since I'd probably manage to flip it over, but I'm sure it will be fun to go for a ride with a race champion such as yourself, Wang! Do your worst.." He said in the tone they usually used for a challenge, even though both their voices had mostly changed, he hoped it kept the same impact it had then. Yet if it didn't the look he was giving the other, surely would do the trick.
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 2 years ago
@ωσηg уυкнєι (α) "Went from little bug to intimidating for a living real fast I see. But you sure did grow in spectacular ways, and not just because you turned out A rank, also in looks and personality, for all I can say."
That was how Jackson worked: if at ease and respected, he would respect in return, even showering that one special alpha with compliments which hardly ever happened.
"My job brings no significant change to either hybrids or humans, that I know, I just like to win but I'm fine with it. For now it's all I want to do." He said and shrugged, fine although it was a childish whim to race. "And I get so popular with all my wins..." he added, wiggling his brows. Even tabloids happened to report of the dates, the ridiculous amounts spent on some people for just a dinner out. He could leave a really good impression when he felt like it, that he wouldn't hide either.
"Whatever the type, you could do it. Just seeing how you'd just get back on your feet to fightsome more, I always knew you could handle anything." Jackson was proud, he wouldn't hide it, instead he rose his glass and drank to it. He was fine with it because visibly, Yukhei always had what it took to be an alpha unlike him. His eyes found the younger's, challenging a little. "But being a beta doesn't make it harder to be strong or something. I've seen some pretty scary omegas." He chuckled, now able to laugh about it since with Yukhei.
Jackson listened carefully to the younger's thoughts and it was clear to him that because of the fright of a mate mishap, his friend just replaced having his own family by having his own pack. It could work, even Jackson who didn't want to belong to one would be interested by the other's enterprise.
"I think you'd make a good pack leader... hopefully you find the family you need within your pack cause it's always best to protect your own." He encouraged and looked around for anyone who was maybe looking for Yukhei. He couldn't believe the young just came there alone. Jackson snapped out of it when he heard of his natural attraction to danger.
"You know me. I too keep no one safe, no one relied on me so I can takr risks and race. But even if you plan on having your own pack, don't tell me you'd chicken away from a crazy ride with your old pal...." he teased, and frowned, amused. "Since when do you only donthe safe stuff? There's a seat belt in the passenger seat if that's what you want to know. The only risk you'd be taking is to suddenly wish you could try driving one. It's like karting but worse, mud, the smell of gasoline, high jumps and rough landings... don't you want to try?" He suggested, even more amused now. He so needed his friend to appreciate that like they likes to many games together when they were younger.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 2 years ago
@נα¢кѕσи ωαиg Yukhei shrugged his shoulders with a chuckle and turned to Jackson again.
"What can I say? It feels great not being the little kid, who needs to be protected anymore! Now I can intimidate people with just my height.." He says with a proud smile, straightening his back on his seat to make himself look taller.
As the other continues to speak about his new life, which Yukhei barely knows anything about, he lets himself lean back against onto his elbow, resting his face on his palm, his other hand bringing the glass to his lips.
"Uhm.. I guess if all this muscle comes from racing I won't ever think of underestimating your job.." He says raising both his hands in defeat before settling back into his previous position.
He laughs a little while shaking his head at the new found nickname, This was one of their things. Apart from that one nickname they always used for each other, they had a dozen others they would switch to depending on the situation. Apparentely it was still counting.
"I'm not sure I would live up to your expectations or even survive your training regimen.." He said pushing up his tshirts sleeve to show his thin biceps "You were always better at sports and all that athletic stuff... Still I might get some motivation back now that I'm an alpha and you're a beta.." He replied nudging the other's shoulder, carefully to search the other's eyes for any warning of 'dangerous' territory. He wasn't sure wether the other was okay with him joking about this or not, but hopefully it would be okay.
"Yeah.. I know... Still that's really the only thing I can actually picture myself doing.. It's not that I don't like my dad's pack, I look up to my dad a lot... And that's probably it? I want to be like him, and have my own pack to lead, and build my own thing!" He said shrugging his shoulders unsure. He wasn't sure when or if, or even how he was going to do it. But it was something he really wanted to, even if he hadn't given it enough thought yet.
He scrunched up his nose at the mention of a 'special someone' that was definitely something he hadn't given any thought at all.
"No... That part of me is still the same as it was all those years ago... I'm not looking forward to a mate... I think I might be glad if I don't find one.. As long as I have friends and family to count on and protect, I'll be fine without a mate..." He said. He was well aware that friends and family were totally different than a mate, and only with a mate could he think of creating his own family, and pups. But hell, he was only nineteen, the last thing he was thinking about or worrying over was creating his own family.
"Ah that was always your thing... You always liked stuff that pushed the boundries and put you just through enough danger and andrenaline!" He takes another sip listening to the other passionately talking about his job.
"Is it safe to ride with a rally racer?" He asks raising an eyebrow with a small smirk, though he was sure Jackson was a great racer. And he'd most likely take it either way.
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 2 years ago
@ωσηg уυкнєι (α) "Pfff just admit it, you want me to look like a dwarf next to you and that's giving you wings to keep on growing."
If Jackson was to be teased about something, he had to break himself down to open the way for his friend. That he didn't mind, because he wouldn't have to prove superiority to his friend, they had always been on the same side so far and hopefully they would remain that way. He took a sip of the cocktail that would keep him bouncy for more hours and nodded.
"Lots of work out. I had no idea how much actual sport it was to race but yeah, I have to work out and monitor my weight to drive those cars to their best potential." He gave out tapping onto his own -meaty- thighs. "I could coach you, spaghetti." That one marked the return of the playful name calling but it was a genuine offer. "Although I bet you will easily gain in shape because of the alpha stats." He was happy his friend could tone down on the teasing but he hoped he'd freely some, or what would friends be for?
An amused smile curled Jackson's lips, because it seemed clear the younger hadn't given much thoughts to his future. Something had to distract him.
"Create your own pack? That's a big step for someone as young as you. What do you want in your own pack that you haven't found in your parents' pack?" He asked, really curious as to how the younger wanted the responsibility of leading several hybrids when the future seemed so foggy, hrybrids failing to unite, omegas fearing alphas and so on. "Are you doing that to impress a special someone, maybe?" He knew mating was a taboo for his friend although he had no idea if the younger's father had a happy ending later on.
"I did become a pro rally racer and the job is harder thsn I thought. But man the adrenaline... the speed. And those cars are just sweet." He smiles at the thought and takes another sip. "I could take you on a ride someday on my favorite field track. That's all I focus on." And to that, Jackson made the kind of flat smile that spoke volumes about mates and packs which he didn't care for.


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