For some fun nights, and to let out the stress of daily life, or just to drink your night away with your friends. Great place to meet new people too ;)
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@נυиg нσѕєσк (σ) Kyuhyun sat at the bar, already drinking his second drink for the night though he wasn't feeling the effects of it yet a good thing mostly since he had to walk back home later. He'd be sitting back, leaning on the counter while looking out at the crowd, tilting his head slightly as he observed the others within the club, he hadn't seen anyone he knew of nor had any trouble started for once, at least not just yet.
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) "Oh... yeah, please?" he asked politely as he shuffled a little closer to avoid someone backing up to take a photo of another group of people they were with.
(Skidaddle to apartment~)
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun looked to Ryeowook and lightly nodded while keeping him close as he moved through the sea of people to get both of them out of there for the night. "I was thinking snack wise. Something light that might make your night better?"
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook shook his head lightly, though regretted it somewhat and leaned against Kyuhyun. "Oh... r-right" he muttered in response, it was all a little foggy but he'd probably just had the sense knocked out of him. Painkillers and rest should be enough for him. "Um... I'm not really hungry but, maybe something small?"
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) "We live close to each other, I can always go grab some stuff for you. Or, you can borrow some of my stuff." Kyuhyun said, humming lightly while taking the other's hand. "Come on, we'll go get you some painkillers and stuff. Want any snacks?"
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook nodded lightly, trying to ignore the sting it brought from his neck and stood to his feet with the Alpha's help. "Y-yeah... okay" he replied. "But, I don't have any clothes" he whined lightly.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun retracted his hand as soon as there was any negative response, the flinch and hiss being enough as he frowned more in worry. "I'm sorry..." He'd mutter, giving the other a soft peck on the cheek as if to add to the apology. He'd give the other a moment, nodding and tilting his head. "Home it is then, we'll go back to mine for the night. Come on, let's go." He'd smile softly at the beta, gently pulling him up to lead him through the club, heading on out.
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook relaxed, giving a light smile as Kyuhyun gave him a brief once-over. He flinched slightly and hissed as the Alpha pet his hair however, not from fear but the sting as he was quickly reminded about the pain in his head from hitting the wall and from the stress overall.
"I think I'd rather just go home... please...?" he asked, gently cradling the back of his head. He didn't appear to be bleeding at all but he'd probably have a mighty bruise beneath the hair and be sore for a day or more.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun wandered to Ryeowook once he noted where he was at, humming as he checked the other over properly just to be extra certain the beta hadn't been harmed in any way. The guy wouldn't die or go into any coma, he hadn't been that drastic. He'd merely be aching for a while.
Petting the other's hair he tilted his head a little. "Are you okay? Do you want to go home or stay here a while longer? Either way I'm spending the rest of the night with you, I'm not leaving you alone after something like that." He stated, frowning in concern.
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook was sitting at an empty table near the bathroom door, looking over to the dance-floor with anxiety as he dreaded going back up to dance. The entire ordeal with the rogue Alpha had thoroughly removed him from the partying or dancing mood and now? He wanted nothing more than to go home and curl up in bed until slumber took him. This wasn't the worse day he'd ever had but it was up in the top ten at least.
He eyed the bathroom door as Kyuhyun emerged, a look of relief on his features to see the other unharmed at least though was slightly afraid of what he might have done to the other. Sure, he was an but he didn't want the guy dead or in a coma...
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun brought an arm up in a block to the swing and was seemingly satisfied with the way the other alpha crumpled up. Kyuhyun gave a sharp kick to the man's side just for good measure. "Don't ever try to touch my beta again, next time you'll be trying to dig your own out of your own ." He backed off before leaving the bathroom without another word and instantly went to look around for Ryeowook outside. "Wookie?"
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) The man swung an arm for Kyuhyun's head, not a punch but a wide-sweeping swing to clap the other in the ear as he lunged. When toppled, one hand went back to brace himself and twisted awkwardly against the sink which had him wincing already though the knee to his groin made the difference as the Alpha crumpled to his knees and curled up.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Growling a little, Kyuhyun glared at the other alpha just daring him to try something when Ryeowook had been making his way out of the room. He'd see red and more or less lunged for the other male when he'd made a grab for Ryeowook, shoving at the alpha to topple him over into the sink closeby and swiftly aimed his knee to connect with the other's groin, not caring one bit for how hard it would have been, he'd given perhaps one too many chances this time around for someone to back off from his friend.
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook inwardly whined, leaning his head against the hand for a moment before nodding to signal he was ready. He was worried about Kyuhyun, he didn't like anyone fighting and much less because of him and last thing he wanted was his friend getting hurt. Nevertheless, he attempted to slip past.

The Alpha grinned, keeping his eyes on Kyuhyun though made a grab at the Beta as he passed, Ryeowook yelping and darting to and out the door before the Alpha could touch him.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun stilled for a moment until he was recognised, sighing in a bit of relief and gave the beta a reassuring smile before he'd help him up, humming lightly while glancing at the door, turning backa moment later to nod his head lightly to give the confirmation to Ryeowook. He'd also give the beta a hug, more out of relief than anything, he'd hate to have thought what could have happened if he hadn't been here or if he hadn't noticed the beta at all. He'd lower his voice an octave and mutter against the other's ear. "I'll open the door and keep him busy, you get out of here and wait for me outside the bathroom, yeah? I'll be out once I deal with this guy." He'd tilt his head while lifting a hand to try and fix the beta's hair into place.

Kyuhyun offered another smile before turning to open the door again and step out, leaving enough space for the beta to slip past him without being in the range of the other alpha, he'd make sure of that. He grumbled after recalling the other alpha's words. "I wonder why that could have been, couldn't possibly have been the fact you were trying to force yourself on him. He'd wait for Ryeowook to leave, keeping his gaze on the alpha just to be able to react quick to any movement he made towards the beta, he was a bit done playing nice now.
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook jumped lightly and stared at Kyuhyun for a moment until he processed who it was, instantly seeming that little less frightened by his mere presence and reassurance.He gulped, taking a second to catch his breath and awkwardly get up off the seat which wasn't easy considering his trousers and the lessened space in the stall.
Pulling his trousers up, he took the jacket and looked to Kyuhyun for confirmation before slipping it on.

The man outside the stall tilted his head. "Oh please... you were pissy before you even told me to off. Don't you know how to have a good time? ing stressy..." the Alpha might be an regardless, but it was a little clear he was just a tad bit drunk on top of that. He might be easier to topple but he likely wouldn't feel much being inebriated as he was.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 1 year ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) "Maybe you should take off as an answer the first time, you'd run into a lot less," Kyuhyun muttered back sarcastically before growling lightly and clenched his teeth together. "You're pathetic, is that why you're trying to force yourself onto others? I'll literally give you one final chance to find your brain and ing leave." He'd scowl at the man, taking a moment to step back quickly and shut the stall door, locking it quickly to buy himself some time. He'd turn to Ryeowook, his expression instantly softening as he took his jacket off and shift over to the beta, speaking to him in a softer tone while running his hand over the beta's hair. "Wookie? It'll be okay, come on... stand up, pull your trousers up and wear this for me?" He'd gesture to the jacket.
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 1 year ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) The man groaned lightly in annoyance. "Why do I always run into some pissy Alpha... we're going to have trouble then, because frankly I like his scent and I don't fancy trying to find someone else in this ing club" he answered.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 1 year ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun's glare slowly turned deadly when the male even dared to suggest something like that. He wasn't playing games with the man. He wasn't about to back down and was more than ready to fight the alpha if he had to. He rarely ended up in a figh. "Leave, and find someone else willing to satisfy your needs. I'm not playing games. Leave."
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 1 year ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook remained balled up in the stall, only half conscious that his pants were half down but that wasn't his concern at this moment. He was vaguely aware Kyuhyun was talking, but didn't dare hazard himself a peek over. The Alpha's could brawl, he didn't want Kyuhyun in a fight but if that's what was necessary...

The Stranger took a deep breath in and fully squared up, thinking over his chances for a moment only to then grin playfully and bat a hand toward the other Alpha laying claim. "Hey come on... why don't we just... share, for tonight hm? We're all out looking for a good time here~" he'd changed his tactic, perhaps a sign he didn't want to fight or of desperation.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 1 year ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun gave a glance to Ryeowook in worry, though seeing him in a state of fear only angered him further, his glare to the alpha in front of him. "He's not just a beta, he's my beta, my pack and my friend. So, unless you want to be swallowing your own balls within the next few minutes, I'd back off and leave him alone." The alpha stated perhaps a little too calmly, a likely hint that he was just a little...a small, teensy bit pissed off right now and wasn't in the mood for idiots like this alpha he was faced with.
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 1 year ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook meeped as the other man was yanked backwards, the Alpha's grip on his jeans still tight until finally he let go only after half-dragging the Beta off the toilet causing him to smack his head against the wall though Wook barely noticed. He was running high on the fear that adrenaline was stopping him from feeling the pain for now as he raised his legs to his chest and braced his hands over his head to defend himself, essentially curling into a ball on the toilet with his jeans half-down.

The Alpha growled, hand on his head where his scalp was beginning to sting from some of his hair being pulled out in the process. He glared at Kyuhyun and tilted his head, "Defending a Beta of all things? An Omega I'd understand but really?" he scowled, standing himself up and rolling one shoulder to square up.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 1 year ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun had started to grow bored at the bar area, simply sitting there and swirling the contents of the glass every now and then while checking his phone, either looking at chats and messages or browsing the net for the most random things he could find. Not that the browsing kept his attention all that long really. He frowned when the chats and messages went silent after another few minutes, sighing as he downed the last of his drink and pushed himself away from the bar to go to the floor for a bit. Normally he didn't dance often unless he was with the usual group but, he hadn't really brought them with him so what choice did he have?

He'd be just getting into the swing of it and letting loose to the music when a familiar figure caught his eye, scent included, he'd recognise both no matter where they were, that probably happened when you knew someone for so long. He seemed confused for a moment when noting the other seemed to be slinking off somewhere and then noted another alpha following, instantly making him frown with concern and even had him slipping a soft growl as he instantly set to follow the two, throwing a glare to one or two people along the way when they tried stopping him.

Kyuhyun stopped outside just to listen, he didn't want to do anything rash just in case he was overreacting to something that he didn't have to. Hearing the commotion from within the room however, he pushed the door open and moved over to the stall and wasn't quiet about pushing that door open either, not even having to look twice at the scene to let a growl of his own as he reached for the other alpha's hair, gripping harshly, twisting his hand slightly and yanking hard enough to force the male to let go of Ryeowook before he'd shift to pull the offending alpha away from the beta, enough to have him stumble backwards out of the stall so that he could put himself between Ryeowook and the other alpha. "Stay the away from him." was the only warning he'd give the alpha. Normally he was a nice alpha, right up until someone blatantly ed up.
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 1 year ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook had been having somewhat a similar day, but rather than come to drink away his misery he'd come for a distraction. Nightclubs weren't, in his mind, a place to just hook up or drink until your eyeballs float into your skull cavity, but it was a place to have fun. He'd come to dance, drink just a little and just let loose and came dressed simply in black jeans and crimson jersey, hair fluffed up and styled of course.

On the dance floor, he'd noticed someone looking in his direction now and then and was becoming that little bit uncomfortable. He figured nothing would happen and simply continued dancing though was immediately aware when someone moved past him that he received a firm on his which had his alarm-bells ringing.
'Why me? Of ALL the people here!' he thought to himself, scowling at the thought before slipping his way through the crowd and slinking into the Male bathrooms, positive he'd been stealthy about it... only for the same big boy Alpha, now he somewhat got the scent in the enclosed room, had followed him.

"Excuse me little one... seem awfully alone~" he catcalled, stepping into the room and letting the door swing shut as he stood in front of it.
Ryeowook backed up, cursing inwardly as he felt the sinks against his back. "Maybe I prefer to be alone..." personally? He didn't... he liked company, but only of those he chose and this was not his choice. Not now or ever.
The Alpha grinned, "Maybe you haven't had someone convincing enough to make you decide otherwise~" he advanced but the Beta was quick to dart into one of the toilet stalls and turned to lock the door when suddenly the Alpha barrelled into the stall after him, knocking Ryeowook back and onto the toilet with the man looming over him.
Attempting to kick, the Alpha grabbed both ankles and pulled them apart before moving into the space it opened up between them as he stood between the Beta's legs.
"Now... that wasn't a good idea..." he growled, hands darting to Wook's trousers.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 1 year ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) It'd been one of those long days today where he just wanted to curl up and sleep for the next ten years or so. Kyuhyun hummed lightly and was only on his second drink of the night, he'd come alone not wanting to bother anyone to come out with him. He'd been approached a few times though had no interest in those who had, not even to simply hold a conversation with them, it wasn't often that the alpha completely disregarded other people in favour of being left alone to his own thoughts, in fact, there was only really two people currently that he'd happily give his attention to. His mind being on one in particular at the moment.
ωσσ ∂σ нωαи (α) [A] 1 year ago
@נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) Moving past all the , alcohol and the deeply embedded scents of sweat and different scents behind him the male alpha looked up at the sky. Pitch black, no one else around but with a couple stars shining down on the isolated back door of the nightclub. Another useless night spent amongst others in a dark crowded area where everyone searched for something to fill their desperation for a connection of some sort. Whether it was the feeling of intimate , the admirations or lust of others. The act of filling the emptiness of their souls with the constant refills of liquor in the bottomless glasses. Maybe it was just pure bliss they were after in another dimension, and trippy thoughts through the use of subtances. One thing was for sure, all of them were running away from something. Some situation. Some thought. Some feeling. Maybe even someone.

Dohwan stared at the open dark night sky as he tried to make sense of his day at work. Soft lights sighing through the cracks of the building the male caught a few glimpses of the sliverstars trying it's best to shine without the moon to lead them through the darkness. Why was it they looked tired and worn out like he was tonight. With his ebony hair covering the dark raven orbs of the male he took a seat against the cold metal steps and his slender hands reached into his pocket.

The amber fire flashing through with a flick of his thumb resting against the sliver lighter's ignition. Another habit of his after a long night despite knowing it damages him more in the end. Dohwan placed the poisonous stick against his rosy red lips inhaling the grey smoke deep down into his lungs. The sweet relief of this was enough to keep the male stable enough for perhaps some sleep tonight. The male was beginning to feel burnt out from the lack of sleep every night. Maybe it was incidents like that happening every time he closed his eyes keeping him up. What was worse, was those were the lesser troubling ones. Things he had seen, heard and watched was a enough to loose hope in all living things. As he inhaled another whiff of the smoke his mind turned back to the younger more naive omega at the club tonight. What was his deal?

"What an idiot." Dohwan scoffed as the corners of his lips tugged up in a smile amused at the recklessness of young people these days. Just when he was about to leave he noticed the same omega stubbling out of the night club looking confused and in search for something. Not paying much attention to him he put out his and threw it into a commerical sized bin. Gesturing for the kid to go home Dohwan just turned around and walked down the familiar murky streets. The area he grew up in, it wasn't pleasant to look at but this was the place he called home. Running his fingers through his locks of short messy hair he pushed it out of his face as he continued down past the familiar kebab shop staying open late into the night. With a small smile he exchanged looks with the owner, ordering what he wanted without and words exchanged.
ωσσ ∂σ нωαи (α) [A] 1 year ago
@נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) Dohwan did not want to get involved, he really did not. Anytime something happened he would and things would end up only getting worse. For his work, he was different, victims would die or be scarred for life. Whether his work superiors or partners gave him the dirty look never really bothered him, but this was a completely different story. This was a nightclub he enjoyed coming to, and the one place he hid the fact he was a cop. All the drugs were legal in regards to the law and people were just getting ed up on their own accord. Running his fingers through his short messy styled back hair he let out a soft sigh as he waited for the person in front to pay their tab, they sure were taking a while.

"You also look like you've never had a drink before." Dohwan looked straight ahead not even bothering to turn his head in the direction. The omega was going to have to learn from his dumb mistakes. Honestly, what did he expect walking into a ing nightclub? Princesses and ponies? The reality was harsh but it would be better for him to learn when he was still young. "One drink for the pretty new omega. Have a sip, it'll do ya good! I promise you!" The constant egging on from the alpha was cringy but Dohwan kept his face looking straight ahead like there was no return.

Of course, Dohwan's impulsive nature would always get him involved. Curiously the male turned his head the slightest angle as she looked over at the omega with a clear dislike of what was going on showing up on his transparent expression. Letting out a soft sigh in response to what was going on, the alpha slipped his card back inside in pocket and headed right over next to the amusing chaotic pair just making a scene like every other at the counter near the bar.

With a swift gripping of the alpha by his neck Dohwan shoved him to the right with ease before taking a seat next to the omega and grabbed the glass and finished off the free liquor, it was something he would never ever turn down. Not even bothering to look twice at the omega he walked over to the knocked over alpha and whispered to him. "If you ever want a fun time buddy, hit me up. I'll lock you up for ual assault. I'm sure you'll be a popular to when they're bored." Shoving the alpha aside with his foot Dohwan tapped the card against the machine, paid and left the nightclub.
ωσσ ∂σ нωαи (α) [A] 1 year ago
@נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) () no worries :3 sorry if dohwan is a lmao also on mobile rip ;; sozz the next reply with hopefully be longer

Never really the type to stay home or do anything else other than self-destruct unless he was at work, it was no surprise the mixed male alpha was sitting in the corner at a table sipping his favourite gin and tonic as he just observed those making the worse decisions for the night. Risky , extreme intoxication, and drugs of any form were the main points within the walls of the night club. Mostly omegas looking to get ed up, and alphas or betas looking for no strings attached, it sure was a sight to see.

It didn't take long for the mixed hybrid to sense the presence of fresh blood, one that had been untouched or used I any kind of way. The strong pungent smell was enough to grab the attention of just about any alpha within the walls. What reckless naive omega had decided to get reckless tonight. Eyes scanning the room with a sharp gaze he noticed a young male. Barely legal taking a seat near the bar already being hit on by an alpha. Letting out a scoff in amusement the alpha just watched for a bit wondering what sort of damaged home this pureblood omega came from.

"None of my business." Dohwan murmured as he chugged down the rest of his drink before grabbing his jacket and heading towards the exit, near the omega and the predatory alpha.


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