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¢σffєє ѕнσρ
Very soft and simple, stop by when you're feeling happy, or when you're feeling down and need to cheer up. If the atmosphere of the coffee shop doesn't automatically put you in a good mood, anything from the menu certainly will.
ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) 3 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Until close?
*checks the time*
Few hours still...
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 3 months ago
@ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) *smiles*
You're welcome,
How long have we got anyway?
ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) 3 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) *laughs softly and shakes my head*
Right got it...
Thank you Kyu
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 3 months ago
@ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) *hums*
I'd still kick them in the for it. Just give names.
zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) 3 months ago
@ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) What? [pouts unhappily] Is it because of the lack of staff? [huffs in disapproval, shaking my head] That’s so unfair!
So you’ll have to stay until the shop closes?
ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) 3 months ago
@zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) *finishes getting everything ready for you*
*shakes my head a little and smiles*
I wont get one today, and I am on till close as well.
zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) 3 months ago
@ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) Ahh, poor you. [smiles sympathetically] Good thing there isn’t a lot of customers. [looks back at the seated people] Still, it must be tiring being the only one serving.
[waits for you to return and hums at the question] Yeah, he eats them. Unless they’re sour, but he likes them.
When is your break time? I think you deserve a bit of rest after working so hard.
ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) 3 months ago
@zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) *shakes my head a little and starts working on the drinks quickly*
Nah, its just me today... well me and one of the other supervisors, so just me.
*shrugs a little*
One second I will look out the back
*runs out the back and checks through everything before coming back*
I found some strawberry cheesecake...
Shoma likes Strawberries right.
ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) 3 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) *chuckles a little and nods*
I will keep that in mind.
But I don't think it helps when they are supervisors as well.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 3 months ago
@ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) *chuckles*
Mmm people try that with me too, though they stop when I tell them off for it. Just tell them you'll tell me~
*grins lightly*
Not a supervisor role for nothing~
zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) 3 months ago
@ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) Thank you so much, Dongju, you’re a life saver! [grins]
Okay, I’ll wait for the macaroons then. [smiles] Hopefully there’s still some of the cookies and cream flavoured, or the green tea one.
Is Kyuhyun in today? [tries to peek to the back]
ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) 3 months ago
@zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) *laughs a little and nods slightly*
Got it. I'll make him a shake or something. And I'll check what we have hiding around.
The macaroons sell pretty fast but there might be some out the back that didn't make it here.
Give me a few minutes and it will all be ready
ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) 3 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) *shakes my head a little and smiles*
I'm never put on my own.
They out me on with people who seem to think they don't have to do anything when I'm there.
zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) 3 months ago
@ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) He does, but he already drank them for three consecutive days... or was it nights? Either way, he’s gonna have to control his caffeine intake, it’s getting unhealthy. [shakes head and sighs] He’s sleeping in because he drank coffee late at night. Idiot.
Thank you, that’ll be great. [smiles broadly] Ah, do you guys have macaroons today? Shoma will probably want some.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 3 months ago
@ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) Yup, been on close most of the week.
*smiles, chuckling lightly*
Heheh, same~ It's not been fun on my own most times
ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) 3 months ago
@zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) Well... yeah I can do a shake or something.
But he likes coffee right?
*tilts my head a little*
I thought he did... maybe I'm wrong...
*shakes my head slightly and smiles*
I'll look at the options and pick the sweetest
ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) 3 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Your on close too?
*grins a little and nods*
Sounds like fun really. I miss doing close with you
zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) 3 months ago
@ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) [raises a brow in amusement at the bidding, grinning] Yeah, hey~
[nods and hums thoughtfully] Really sweet coffee... is there a better alternative? Maybe some tea or shakes? What would you recommend?
[chuckles] Okay, cake, I see. What’s your best cake here? [leans against the counter with my forearms on the countertop]
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 3 months ago
@ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) *nods*
Yeah, it'd be cool to
*smiles then grins happily*
Oh really? Great, that means I have someone to suffer with me until closing again.
ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) 3 months ago
@zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) *quickly got a everything up on the register before looking up at your question*
Oh hey~
Uh... *looks at everything carefully*
I mean I can make you a really sweet coffee... but... food wise... I mean. There is cake.
zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) 3 months ago
@ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) [enters the coffee shop with a happy sigh, walking over to the counter and checking out the menu with a hum]
A cup of milk tea and a plate of blueberry cheesecake, please. [smiles, still looking at the menu] Hm, what’s the sweetest drink and dessert you have here? [finally turns to look at you]
ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) 3 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) *nods a little and looks at you*
Yeah we can hang out if you want to...
I mean, I think I might be on close though, I dont know any more.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 3 months ago
@ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) *smiles and gives a small nod*
No problem, Dongju
*goes to get the rest of some orders prepared and helps take them out*
*wanders back over after a little while.*
What time are you off at? Could hang out if you have time later?
ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) 3 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) *nods a little and smiles happily*
Thank you Kyu~
*heads over to the register and gets sorted out before focusing on serving the customers until they clear up a little*
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 3 months ago
@ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) *looks up and chuckles lightly noting the other arriving late*
You're fine, don't worry about it, I got you covered.
*lifts my head to look over at you as you come back, offers a smile*
Take orders, I'm helping to get some done already
ѕσи ∂σиgנυ (в) 3 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) *heads in a little late quickly heading tot he back and dumping my back and pulling out my work shirt*
Sorry, I'll be there in a second.
*struggles into my shirts and tries to neaten up my hair a little before heading back out the front smiling sheepishly*
What do you want me to do
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 3 months ago
@ραяк нуєѕσσ "Really? That sounds neat, that does sound like a win-win." He'd smile and laugh softly before tilting his head. "How long have you worked as a barista and waitress?"
Kyuhyun gave a nod of his head, he found it sll impressive still, he didn't like school as much as he'd pretended to years ago. "School isn't something I remotely miss, I'll say that." He chuckled and looked over at the woman. "I don't mind being asked things, my name is Kyuhyun. What might yours be?"
ραяк нуєѕσσ (σ) 3 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Hyesoo practically beamed at his response. “I’m also a waitress and barista. I do dog walking on the side as well, so it’s pretty flexible. Plus it’s a great boost of happiness so it’s a win win.” She didn’t want to seem to eager to continue discussion, but it was nice to know someone else could understand her pain of making coffees and consistent customer service. It can be overwhelming at times. “And school is just something I’m good at. It comes easy to me so it’s not too much work.” She continued on, taking a hand through her long locks. “I don’t mean to be rude or forward, but what’s your name? I don’t know many people around here..”
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 3 months ago
@ραяк нуєѕσσ Kyuhyun tilt his head slightly again, mere habit at this point and hummed briefly. "I work at a cafe, barista and waiter mostly. I get to supervise at times too, it's fun but also hellish when it's a bad day or busy. Today was a combination since we had new starts." He laughed lightly and looked at the woman again. "Three jobs, and school... how do you even manage." He asked curiously, also a bit impressed by anyone that could juggle all of that. "I could only imagine how that must make you tired really, what is it that you do? If that's not too intrusive to ask about?"
ραяк нуєѕσσ (σ) 3 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Hyesoo was pretty amazed at how casual their meeting was. Despite them meeting on odd circumstances, she wasn't opposed to friendly conversations. After all it's not like she had any time to make friends within these past few years. The petite woman hummed in deep thought at that comment, "What do you do for work?" She questioned before yawning once more in response. "Tired and...content I guess. It's the first day in forever I had a day off from three jobs. Which seems great, until I realize that school never stops being a job. I wish I could get a day off from that." She had no idea why she was dumping this onto a stranger, but it was better than talking to herself.


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It was nice RPing here while it lasted <3 Thank you for having me, it was truly fun :’)
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