Who knows what goes on in the long hidden corridors of this old warehouse?
ℓєє נιикι (α)  1 year ago
@נєσи נιωσσ (σ) Screeches of tires could be heard as he stopped his sport car in front of the warehouse. Well, he owned one as he made it as his hobby center. He seldom went there but he made sure that he did when he had free time. Sometimes he even painted there, finding comfort in the place as he didn't need to worry of the mess that the paint created. He simply bought the warehouse when there was an advertisement of it, without knowing that actually it was in the area of some gangs that might bring conflict at times.
Stepping out of the car, he got into the warehouse, loving the smell of the paint that was still there. He walked around and thought on what he should be doing. Maybe he should just paint but he could do a lot of other things, like crafting something, if not simply relaxing and listening to music. He was left to ponder for a minute, until he heard ruckus coming from the front door. he turned his head to the door and saw that he was surrounded by a bunch of people, instinctively his alpha wolf kicked in, still trying to remain calm without letting out a growl to the intruders.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 2 years ago
@kím tαєhчung (σ) Yukhei watches as the other freaks out a bit and tries to get out of the small room which is now locked. He looks over at the two older men wondering what they wanted to get out of this. Either way, there was absolutely nothing he could do at this moment, after all he did not have the key.
"Sorry.. But it's not in my hands wether you get to leave.." He says as he crouches down in front of the smaller boy.
"What's your name?" He asks with a small smirk, his eyes analyzing the other carefully.
נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) 2 years ago
@кιм ѕєσнуυиg (α) Jackson parked the black chrome sport car in the warehouse parking lot Nd made his way in, sunglasses on although it was a bit cloudy, white slicked hair pulled back, looking as sharp as he could for a job he just couldn't eait to escape from. The thing was: he had a sponsor which he knew made tons of money with his wins. Still that did not mean he was dispensed from attending to his other requirements, the paragraphs he neglected to read when he was just an aspirinf racer with a name that mean nothing. Success wouldn't easily change that contract and the V's brand owner was the kind of lady you couldn't mess around. Past her strong alpha iron fist, she was an influent pureblood you liked counting in your allies, for the bad days, cause those would come. So Jackson arrived on time, but walked straight to Seohyung, ignoring all assistants.
"Here I am, what do you require me for?" He asked quietly, eyes wandering to the brand new collection. He hoped he wouldn't have to change, he hoped it would just be a photoshoot for new portraits to be posted on the website, he hoped they wouldn't play dress up Ken today. The week end was young and he wished he could have some me time in about /now/.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 2 years ago
@kím tαєhчung (σ) It doesn't take him long before he spots the omega quickly making his way towards him. Before he could do anything though, one of the men behind him step forward and grab the smaller boy, leading them both towards a smaller room at the back. Yukhei walks behind the man and he isn't really enjoying this all that much, as he wasn't informed what this would be about. When he is finally enlightened as to why he is here, a small smirk spreads across his lips.
"So you're scared of alphas huh?" He says standing right in front of the smaller boy as there isn't really much space anyway, and he slowly leans down to get face to face with him.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 2 years ago
@kím tαєhчung (σ) As soon as the man arrive they don't tell him much about the job either, simply explaining that they have someone waiting for him inside.
As the doors open though, he immediately hears someone yelling for help and quick footsteps somewhere around the warehouse. His nostrils are immediately filled with the scent of an omega, as he starts to look through the corridors.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 2 years ago
@kím tαєhчung (σ) Lucas had been called over to this warehouse for a job, and although he was already here and waiting for whoever called him to show up, he still had no idea exacly what they expected him to do, so for now he leant against the concrete wall next to the big gate that lead inside the warehouse.


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