「ѕнσмα&zнєиgтιиg'ѕ αραятмєит」

 ☓ ѕнσмα&zнєиgтιиg'ѕ αραятмєит

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Panda_PrinceJae 3 months ago
is this rp still open?
djinnamon 3 months ago
Reece King pls
RinYukituji 4 months ago
I’m so sorry to say this, but Zhengting and Shoma will be going.
It was nice RPing here while it lasted <3 Thank you for having me, it was truly fun :’)
ubebread 5 months ago
hi sorn is leaving. thank you for having me <3
pinwheel 5 months ago
jungkook dipped
killerchrome 5 months ago
Yuqi left, thanks for having me!
ChoiKyun 5 months ago
Kim Jisoo please
RabInA 6 months ago
Can you add Myou Mina for me?
Amberflame 6 months ago
OuO May I snag Lee Donghae for a 3rd character now that I have over 100 points on Kyu?
TwilightSeoho 6 months ago
Can you add Hanyu Yuzuru and Son Dongju
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