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@zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) (( finally back!! thank you so much for your patience! i found inspiration again and my workload is lighter too :D ))

Sorn scrunched her nose at his question. “Would it be weird that I thought you two were father and son?” Only realizing after the words that came out of her big, fat mouth that they could be seen as insulting, she started backtracking frantically. “Um, not that I think you look old or that he looks like a baby. You both /totally/ look like your age, better eve–” She managed to cut her rambling off. As much as she wanted to die from embarrassment, she focused on Zhengting’s cute exchange with Shoma. “I’m sure he will!” she said with a bright smile. “It took me a while to come out of my shell, so I can empathize completely.”

Sorn stepped into their apartment and was in awe with how well-decorated it was. “Wow,” she said as she walked to the living room. “Your apartment is beautiful! How did you get it done so quickly? You just moved in!” She took a seat on the all-too-comfortable couch, watching Zhengting walk into the kitchen. She spotted Shoma and gave him a small wave before going to admiring their living room. “You know, it took me weeks just to unpack all my moving boxes and even longer to buy decent furniture for my place,” she commented with a sigh.

When Zhengting reappeared with the much-needed coffee, she smiled. “Thank you!” she said as she took the cup from his hand. Heeding his warning, she carefully placed the cup on the coffee table. Opening all the sugar packets at once, she poured them into her coffee and gave them a quick stir with the teaspoon. “Gotta have some coffee with my sugar~” she joked as she grabbed and raised the cup to her face, blowing on it softly to help cool it down. After she took a sip and hummed in approval of the taste. “So what brings you to this city, Zhengting?” She asked with curious eyes.
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@¢нσииαѕσяи ѕαנαкυℓ (в) ((Weeee Yey hey I’m so sorry I’m so late QAQ Here’s my reply before I allow procrastination to tell me otherwise ></))

Zhengting blinked in slight confusion at Sorn’s words, asking curiously. “What had you been thinking?” He had chuckled since Sorn’s first thought of the two was that they were a couple and many people tend to have the same thought. He finds it amusing, though he could understand where they’re coming from. He relaxed a bit in relief after hearing Sorn’s assurance, smiling. “Thank you, I’m glad you understand. Shoma may be an alpha, but he’s still young and he’s small-” there’s an indignant ‘hey’ somewhere in the background, “-so he can get shy and nervous easily. Don’t worry, he’ll warm up to you real fast!”

Zhengting wanted to object at first when Sorn insisted on him not repaying back, though the words died after she accepted his offer on having a drink. He couldn’t help the smile on his face as he stepped aside for Sorn to enter, closing the door once the latter had entered. “Right this way,” mused the omega as he brought her to the living room and gestured for her to sit. “I’ll be back real quick!”

Zhengting disappeared into the kitchen and reheated the pot of coffee he made that morning after putting the basket aside (it’s on the dining table, and curious Shoma couldn’t help but sneak a peek at what’s inside and maybe stealing some cookies), quickly pouring a cup and taking a few packs of sugar just in case. Taking a teaspoon, he came back to the living room and gave Sorn her coffee. “Here you go! Be careful, it’s hot. Here’s the sugar if you want them.” He smiled as he waved the packets before placing them on the coffee table alongside the teaspoon, taking the seat opposite of her. “
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@zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) (( well i appreciate your honesty <3 omg yes, they’re so cute and sweet that i think i got a cavity from them lol ))

“That’s good to hear,” Sorn said, relief evident in her voice. She only realized how early in the day it was after she had knocked on the door. Luckily it seemed like her neighbor was a morning person as well. Encouraged by his growing smile, she responded back, “It’s nice to meet you too, Zhengting!” She took a moment to peek into the apartment, noticing that her other neighbor had his back turned, most likely focused on eating his breakfast.

She shot Zhengting a puzzled look, unsure of what she said that made him chuckle. Like how off was she? If Shoma ended up being his son or something, she was going to grill him on how he unlocked the fountain of youth. She tossed that crazy notion away when he clarified their relationship. “Ah, I see! That makes a lot more sense than what I was thinking.” She rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. She watched the male omega nag his younger brother to greet her, the latter mumbling a ‘hello’ so soft that she had to strain her ears to hear it. Sensing his shyness, she simply smiled and waved at him before turning back to Zhengting. “Oh, no need to apologize!” she assured him, speaking slightly louder so that the shy alpha could hear. “I used to be pretty shy myself so I get it.”

Sorn couldn’t help but giggle at his look of surprise as she handed him the gift basket. “You’re welcome!” she responded, giving him a beaming smile. When he started talking about paying her back, she shook her head. “You don’t have to repay me anything. This is a gift! Last time I checked, you could receive one without owing anything back,” she teased. “I’ll take up your offer for a drink though. Lead the way!” She wasn’t ready to end their interaction especially when they were getting along so well. Plus a cup of fresh coffee sounded pretty good at the moment.
zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) 3 months ago
@¢нσииαѕσяи ѕαנαкυℓ (в) ((I’m not kind, just honest uwu Kekeke oorz I'm so glad that it does QvQ I live for these kind of siblings’ interactions, they’re so adorable CX))

Zhengting couldn’t help the smile on his face as he listened and watched the woman before him, finding the other’s cheeriness very amusing and her smile to be deadly infectious. Chuckling, he answered, “Yeah, now’s a perfectly good time. It’s nice to meet you, Sorn. I’m Zhengting, and the guy sitting over there is Shoma.” He allowed her a peek into the apartment as he gestured towards the dining area where his brother was munching away at his cereal, ignoring whatever was going on at the door mostly due to shyness.

At the confusion on Shoma’s type of relationship with Zhengting, the latter couldn’t help but to grin broadly, holding back a laugh though a chuckle managed to slip from him anyway as he clarified, “Shoma’s my younger brother.” He turned to said male and called, “Sho, come and say hi to our neighbour!” There were grunts coming from the alpha boy as he turned in his seat and waved, mumbling a soft ‘hello’ before quickly turning back to his cereals, eating quicker than before.

Zhengting sighed at Shoma’s antics, turning back to Sorn and smiling apologetically. “Sorry about that, Sho is a very shy person. Please don’t take his actions to heart, he doesn’t mean to act cold.” The male blinked in surprise as he was handed the gift basket, smiling appreciatively at Sorn and feeling his heart warming from the other’s generosity. “Ah, thank you so much, you’re too kind.” He held the gift basket before asking, “How about you come in for a drink? I can’t possibly accept these for free. Allow me to repay you for your kindness!”
¢нσииαѕσяи ѕαנαкυℓ (в) 3 months ago
@zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) (( omg you’re too kind ;____; shoma and zheng’s relationship warms my heart <3 ))

Sorn didn’t have to wait long for someone to answer the door. When it opened, she was almost taken aback by the appearance of her neighbor. She didn’t get a good enough look when she first saw him across the hall since she didn’t expect him to be so tall and handsome. After taking a second to recover, she returned his friendly smile with one of her own.

“Good morning! Is this a good time? I’m Sorn and I live across the hall,” she said, taking a moment to point to her apartment door. “I wanted to welcome you and your um, partner? Brother? Roommate? To the neighborhood!”

Sorn held out the gift basket to him. “Also this is for you! There’s some baked goods, house plants, and a map of the neighborhood in it,” she described with enthusiasm, her smile growing wider and eyes forming into little crescent moons. “Hope you guys enjoy it!”
zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) 3 months ago
@¢нσииαѕσяи ѕαנαкυℓ (в) ((Oof, she’s so sweet and cute QvQ I’m already loving her oorz uwu))

“Yo, Shoma, wake up,” called Zhengting as he playfully slapped the young alpha’s behind, earning a tired groan as said male turned in his sleep, slowly opening his eyes to half glare at the former.
“Whaddaya want?” Shoma murmured, almost incomprehensible.
Zhengting snorted before turning away to exit their shared bedroom. “Get up and get dressed already. I want you to go out later to buy groceries.”
Shoma grumbled. “Do that yourself.”
Zhengting shrugged. “Okay, no desserts tonight.”

Fifteen minutes later and Shoma was out of the shower, all fresh and clean. The boy complained under his breath as he sat down at the dining table to have his breakfast, Zhengting grinning from his post in the living room where he was reading the morning’s newspaper. It was their off-day, so the elder had every plan to live like a hermit in the apartment, probably play some games with his brother.

Hearing the knock on the door, Zhengting tilted his head in curiosity and got off the couch, placing the newspaper down on the coffee table. He shuffled towards the door and answered the knock, looking at the pretty lady that was standing on the other side and instantly smiling in a friendly manner. “Oh, good morning!”
¢нσииαѕσяи ѕαנαкυℓ (в) 3 months ago
@zнυ zнєиgтιиg (σ) Sorn was brimming with excitement. Earlier in the week, she had noticed an alpha-omega pair moving into the previously vacant apartment across the hall. She wanted to introduce herself but sadly she was running late for work and had to book it out of her apartment complex. Three 12-hour shifts and good night’s rest later, she was putting the final touches to her ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ gift: a small basket filled with chocolate chip cookies, a pair of succulents, and an illustrated map of the neighborhood with a list of her favorite restaurants. Perhaps she was being a bit overzealous but she couldn’t help it. She still didn’t have many friends here, especially close to her, and her new neighbors seem like really nice people.

Satisfied with her gift, she placed it in her left arm and used the other to close her door behind her. ‘Hopefully, they like plants,’ she mused as she walked across the hall. She reached her destination and eagerly knocked on the door in front of her.


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