「נυиgкσσк'ѕ αραятмєит」

 ☓ נυиgкσσк'ѕ αραятмєит
~~~ JUNGKOOK's apartment ~~~
кιм иαмנσσи (α) 3 months ago
@נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) “Does it feel good~?” Namjoon helps Jungkook move, gentle and caring. “You’re doing fantastic, darling, I’m so proud of you~” The alpha cooed, gently kissing the omega’s forehead and cheeks. “I’m going to take such good care of you, forever~ Do you want that~?”

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נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) 4 months ago
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кιм иαмנσσи (α) 4 months ago
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@кιм иαмנσσи Something hot and warm swirled around in him in response Namjoon's words. The idea of being mated in such a way made his inner omega puff up in excitement, in pride. Jungkook gives him a small nod, the approval the alpha was clearly looking for, and holds on to Namjoon's legs as he's guided to begin bouncing on him. "F-Feels good!" He moans and tips his head back, eyes fluttering shut. "B-But.. want more.. M-More.." The boy's body is almost jello-like as he's maneuvered around but this position, he liked better. Having something to hold on to and being able to face him - he likes this better. Jungkook whimpers against his ear and grips on to his shoulders as his body begins to move on its own accord; instincts taking over.
кιм иαмנσσи (α) 4 months ago
@נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) “I want to mate you and fill you with my pups~” Namjoon growls. He waits for Jungkook’s approval before beginning to move. He bounces the younger in his lap, his length moving in and out of the tight, wet entrance. “How do you feel? Is it okay?” Namjoon massages the omega’s hips as he slowly bounces him. He turns Jungkook so the Omega was facing him, not even pulling out as he did so. He wrapped Jungkook’s arms around his neck and helped him rest his head on Namjoon’s shoulder before continuing to bounce him.
נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) 4 months ago
@кιм иαмנσσи ( hh dont worry about it bubs )

He bobs his head in another, quicker, nod. "Y-Yes.. No other alpha, but y-you.." Jungkook throws his head back with a loud moan, body trembling in ecstacy. But then those fingers are gone and he can't help but whine a little at the feeling emptiness. Biting down on his bottom lip he steadies himself as he's lowered down and lets out a hitched gasp as he feels Namjoon's begin to fill him up. The omega's body goes a bit slack but more pliant instantly and moans the alpha's name.
кιм иαмנσσи (α) 4 months ago
@נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) “Then mine you’ll be. I don’t want to see any Alphas touching you, you hear me?” He growls, jerking his wrist and slamming his fingers deeper into the hot cavern. Soon, his fingers were replaced with something much larger. Namjoon slowly lowered the omega onto him, murmuring praises and growls of possessiveness. “Mine~”

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נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) 4 months ago
@кιм иαмנσσи Swallowing thickly, Jungkook bobs his head in a small nod. He opens his eyes and peers over at the alpha, amber orbs dilated with intense lust and a fiery passion. "I-If you'll have me, that is.." His head is so hazy that he could barely think straight, incoherent and unfocused. But Jungkook pushed further into his cravings and into his desires; wanting nothing more than for this night to be filled with bliss. The omega trembled in the alpha's hold as he moaned, hips still continuously rolling down against his fingers, and tried desperately to get some more friction. "J-Joonie.. please, I'm ready."
кιм иαмנσσи (α) 4 months ago
@נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) “My omega? Well I love the sound of that~ Will you be mine~?” Namjoon s his fingers faster, matching his pumping to his ing. “Ah, your little sounds are such a beautiful song that I can only dream of recreating~ You deserve to be worshipped, little pup~” Namjoon’s lips attach to Jungkook’s neck and start and biting, leaving pretty, purple marks on the milky, heated flesh. “Jungkookie, you’re so pretty~”
נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) 4 months ago
@кιм иαмנσσи The flush on Jungkook's cheeks only deepen at Namjoon's words. He squirms a little, spreading his legs even wider, and lets out a lewd moan as a finger is pressed inside. Jungkook arches his back and reaches up with one, grabbing onto the arm in front of him that's pumping his length as his head leans back against Namjoon's shoulder. "Mmh.. ngh--y-yes.. I'll be your omega.." He rocks hips against the fingers inside of him, feeling so consumed with desire and pleasure that it's beginning to warp his sense of reality. Jungkook whines and tightens his grip on his arm. "A-Alpha, please.. More.."
кιм иαмנσσи (α) 4 months ago
@נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) “You’re so needy for hyung, pup~ I’m gonna take good care of you how he should have treated you~” Namjoon gently pushes his finger inside, feeling hot slick sqirt all over his hand as he moves deeper. His other hand continues to pump the omega’s throbbing length. “Poor little pup~ When I’m in rut, I bet it will be hard to find an omega... would you like to be my omega for my rut?” Namjoon adds a second finger and begins pushing them in and out slowly, scissoring the loose, wet muscle.
נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) 4 months ago
@кιм иαмנσσи A gasp leaves his petal lips when he feels the hand wrap around his shaft. His eyes flutter and he leans back against Namjoon's chest as he moans quietly. "I-I did.. I asked people.. T-Tried looking for an alpha.. Thought I had one, b-but.. dunno where he is.." Jungkook swallows thickly and looks down to watch Namjoon's hand pumping him steadily, biting his lips at the sight. "F-Feels good, hyung.. Really good.." His eyes widen when something prods against his entrance, smooth with slick and radiating heat. The omega whimpers, needy and desperate as he pushes his hips back against the finger. "Ahh h-hyung.."
кιм иαмנσσи (α) 4 months ago
@נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) Namjoon wraps his cool hand around the small, burning shaft, wincing. “Three days? Little one, you need to tell people. I’ll always be here to help umyoy, honey. Just hit me up.” Namjoon slowly starts to pump Jungkook, starting slow. “This is a . I use my hands to make you feel good this way and also by .” He proceeds to use his other hand to cup Jungkook’s entrance, index finger probing at the pulsing heat, causing more slick to come out. “Ah, you’re a squirted~”
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נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) 4 months ago
@кιм иαмנσσи His cheeks flushed a scarlet hue and he looks away shyly, bringing his legs together in an attempt to hide himself. "3 days," he answers quietly. "There was an alpha that was.. w-well, that said he was going to, but.. I don't know where he went.." Jungkook's eyes flick back up to Namjoon's figure as he watches him undress intently, drinking in the sight of his tanned skin. He lets out a hitched gasp in surprise when he's pulled back against his chest, legs spread open. Namjoon's scent was filling his senses, making his head spin. "T-Touch? ... Okay, hyung," he agrees after a couple seconds, biting down on his bottom lip.
кιм иαмנσσи (α) 4 months ago
@נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) “Poor thing~ God you smell so good, little one~“ Namjoon looks at Jungkook’s throbbing length and oozing entrance. “Oh, honey... how long were you like this? Why didn’t you find me sooner? I’ll make sure you’re all better~” Namjoon strips off his own clothes and sits on the bed, back against the headrest. He pulls Jungkook up so the omega’s back was to Namjoon’s toned chest. He spreads Jungkook’s legs open and rests his head on the boy’s shoulder. “I’m going to touch you now, okay? Just tell me to quit if it is too much.”
נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) 4 months ago
@кιм иαмנσσи Jungkook immediately silences his ramblings as Namjoon takes his hands and gently shushes him. He sniffles quietly as he keeps his gaze locked on the male. He listens to Namjoon's words and slowly moves his head in an understanding nod before letting out a noise of surprise when he's lifted up and carried to the bed. The omega's eyes flutter softly in response to the kiss on his forehead and it seems to do the trick; calming his nerves down significantly as he sits on the mattress, patient and pliant now. Jungkook's eyes widen briefly at his next words. His clothes... He'll have to take them off? But then that makes he'll be in front of someone for the first time- the baggy clothes he wears will be off of his body. He chewed on his bottom lip and nods meekly and makes a movement to take the blanket that was wrapped tightly around his form off of him, setting it to the side. It did a good job on concealing his scent but once it was off, it filled the entire apartment in a second; the aroma of sweet cinnamon tea with honey. He lets Namjoon strip him of his clothing, ultimately revealing his toned body and tiny waist.
кιм иαмנσσи (α) 4 months ago
@נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) /I take your hands and shush you./
Look at me. Jungkook, you’re okay. I’m going to take the pain away and make you feel good. I’ll teach you about what I’m doing too. Maybe when this happens again, I’ll be the one to get to help you.
/I smile and lift you up. I get you into bed and kiss your forehead to calm you./
I’m going to take your clothes off, okay? I know that it will be strange but I have to do it to make you feel better.
/I gently strip your clothes off and smile./
נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) 4 months ago
@кιм иαмנσσи i-i'm sorry to contact you so suddenly.. i just don't know what's going on.. i'm a little scared.. -murmurs quietly as i stare up at you with doe-like amber eyes. we were currently standing in the middle of my apartment by the stairs that led up to where my bed was. i had practically dragged you in here out of desperation and confusion; my body was feeling intensely hot and there was this... wetness seeping out of me and this strong, unshakable desire to be touched, to be explored- i-i don't know what to do.. i'm really hot and uhm.. there's this.. this wetness that won't stop coming out of me..
נєσи נυиgкσσк (σ) 4 months ago
-is currently buried under a mess of blankets on my bed, whimpering quietly as i curl up into a tight ball-


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