「мαттнєω'ѕ αραятмєит」


 ☓ мαттнєω'ѕ αραятмєит

~~~ matthew's apartment ~~~
נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) 3 months ago
@мαттнєω кιм (α) y view, huh?
/he says with a quiet laugh, eyes twinkling with mischief and anticipation as he all the way up to your tip before slowly swirling it around the bulbous head, gathering the tiny bit of precum on his boneless muscle, only to swallow what was there, humming at the taste.
Sweet, yet salty.
/he chirps happily, then takes the tip past his plump tiers, lowering his head down until his nose was nestled against your base, holding that position for a few moments before slipping off, his throat burning pleasantly from the stretch.
/after a second, he once again repeats that until he bobs his head in a languid, lazily pace, his chocolate orbs trained on your face the entire time.
мαттнєω кιм (α) [A] 4 months ago
@נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) My eyes follow you as you move to rest somewhere between my legs and your adventurous little hand running tastefully up and down my thigh, the digging of my teeth go into my lower lips as you and my pants and my clothes make a little mess on the floor as I look at you/
A sudden exhale escaping my lips when your warm thick lips make a mark against my navel, and in a teasing manner trailing down to my shaft, your nose nuzzling against my base my fingertips intertwine with your hair messy y hair covering your face and moves it out of the way/
I'm just glad I get to enjoy such a y view.
A soft chuckle escaping my lips as I my lips as I watch and feel every inch of my shaft being felt up by your warm and wet tongue I let out a soft sigh as know innocent you looked doing something so lewd/
נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) 4 months ago
@мαттнєω кιм (α) /he emits a soft giggle, moving to settle comfortably between your legs, palms running up and down your inner thighs a few times before his hands slide up to and your pants, curling his delicate fingers into the waistband and slowly slips the garments down to pool at your ankles.
/he hums in content, pressing his plump lips to your navel, then trails them down lower so he could nuzzle his nose against the base of your shaft, inhaling the musky scent.
It's been quite a while since I've been in this position...so be patient with me, okay?
/he asks while innocently fluttering his lashes, though the way he pokes his tongue out and drags it up the side of your length was anything but angelic.
мαттнєω кιм (α) [A] 4 months ago
@נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) The sounds of your whimpers my hands start to massage your in my hands as I my lips/
My breath hitching when you pull away and watches when you look at with your sparkling eyes filled with eagerness, you your lower lips being very y/
It would be my pleasure.
Carefully I gently release your cute and hums softly as I lean back a little against the armrest and watches you for your reaction/
נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) 4 months ago
@мαттнєω кιм (α) Ah...I'm glad for that...
/he murmurs softly, continuing to roll his hips in a slow-motion, making sure to apply the pressure right on the front of your pants, his breath hitching once he feels the hardness below him.
/whimpering, he willingly allows you to his , loving the rough touch on him, only to pull back after a few moments, panting hard.
Let me, mm, you off?
/he asks, eyes sparkling with eagerness as his tongue swipes over his lower tier.
мαттнєω кιм (α) [A] 4 months ago
@נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) Chuckles softly as I hear your sweet comment my tongue brushes against your lower lips as I let out a groan when you roll your hips against me and I press my bulge aginst you as I return the kiss leading your mouth for a sweet passionate kiss/
My hands roaming your body as I my lips as you push your chest and I lightly tug at your rosey buds and pinches down hard watching them perk up my other hand roams down to your as I push my hand into your pants and squeeze your tight and firm cheeks/
You're -
נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) 4 months ago
@мαттнєω кιм (α) Th-thank you.
/he whispers, a surprised gasp leaving his lips once your upper body is revealed to him.
Jesus, Matt...And you say /I’m/ hot.
/his own fingers run across the toned skin, taking in every contour and crevice, only to pause and moan softly once your fingers touch his sensitive s, pushing his chest out more.
Feels good, I-
/he squeaks from the squeeze to his backside and he rolls his hips down onto your crotch, head falling backwards slightly as another moan tumbles out; when you guide his mouth back to yours, he opens it up, and lets your tongue in, poking his own out to meet yours.
мαттнєω кιм (α) [A] 4 months ago
@[H] נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) /I smile when you tske your shirt off and unconsciously lips my lips subtly when I can see you straddling me from your lap with your upper body exposed/
It's fine Daehyun. I'll take it slow.
/the corner of my lips tugging up into an unknowing smile as I let you lead the shirt before pushing it up and over my head and threw it to the side, my hands now holding onto your waist and pulling you even closer my eyes viewing and taking you in all ways possible/
God you're so hot.
/I let out an exhale as my warm fingertips trail up to wards your upper body gently stopping and tracing around your rosy buds a couple times before lightly giving them a tug, my other hand gently massaging your inner thigh inching closer and closer to your giving one side a playful light squeeze/
/lips locking with yours I let my tongue lightly lead the kiss, tracing over your lower lips/
נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) 4 months ago
@мαттнєω кιм (α) /he hums in response, shifting back just a little to slip his shirt over his head, tossing it behind him as a shy blush coats his cheekbones.
Ah, it’s really been awhile for me...so, I’m sorry if I’m a bit nervous.
/he murmurs and bites his lower tier, then reaches to tug on the hem of your shirt.
Your turn, Matt~!
мαттнєω кιм (α) [A] 4 months ago
@[H] נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) /when you whine and press your chest against mine I let out a soft exhale as I feel your hips grinding against mine and the grip tightening on my shirt/
Take this off for me.
/I gently lead the shirt up just over one arm and pulls away from the kiss to watch you, my rut slowly taking over I watch as the visual stimulatez me even further/
נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) 4 months ago
@мαттнєω кιм (α) /a shiver runs down his spine from feeling your cool fingertips against his heated flesh, making him whine quietly and press his chest against yours.
/he whimpers on your mouth, grinding his hips down onto your lap at this point, his grip getting tighter on your shirt.
мαттнєω кιм (α) [A] 4 months ago
@[H] נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) /lets out a aodt groan when you nibble on my lower lips as I chuckle softly and edge closer to you gently caressing your waist/
/hand gently running under your shirt and against your soft skin, tilting my head to the side for better acess to your lips I savour the sweetness/
נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) 4 months ago
@мαттнєω кιм (α) I’m happy you’re not fighting this anymore then.
/he says softly, then his eyelids flutter shut upon impact, fingers sliding down to grip onto the front of your shirt, holding it lightly.
/he nibbles softly on your lower lip, a shy grin forming on his tiers.
мαттнєω кιм (α) [A] 4 months ago
@[H] נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) /chuckles softly when you blush ans gently brushes my thumb against your soft cheeks and feels the heat exchanged in this small space/
/eyes watch as you replace yourself on my lap taking the pillow out of the way I just look at you and gently your thigh/
Yes...you're too much.
/I muffle before gently holding onto your chin and pulling you towards me shortening all the space and kissing your soft plump lips/
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נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) 4 months ago
@мαттнєω кιм (α) Rut. Right!
/he corrects himself with a light blush.
I’m so used to being around omegas-
/he whispers, reaching for the pillow and tosses it to the side, only to replace it with his own body, legs straddling your thighs.
/his hands then cup your cheeks, stroking your face gently while peering down at you.
You really want this?
мαттнєω кιм (α) [A] 4 months ago
@[H] נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) My rut yeah...
/i close my eyes and feel your fingertips brush over my jaw and I reach up and gently hold onto your hand as I nod silently/
/I say feeling bad too ask you with words I just lightly plant a soft kiss against your neck as I brush my lips against you and gently brush my hand up and down against your side/
נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) 4 months ago
@мαттнєω кιм (α) You’re struggling with your heat, yes, I can tell. I told you whenever you needed me, I’d be here. So, here I am, Matt-
/he murmurs gently, brushing the pads of his fingers over your jaw, eyes searching your face.
Do you want me to help you out? I don’t have a problem doing it...
мαттнєω кιм (α) [A] 4 months ago
@[H] נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) /chokes when you point out my actions and stops and looks at you when you lean in and turn my face to look at you and feels my body heating up and my ears and cheeks turning a little red/
I-I am just uh...you know pillow-
/when you ask if I am alright I stop and try tor regain my thoughts and try to return to normal but with you being so close I lean in closer than you and inhale your scent and exhales against your neck as my hands gently hold ontoy our waist and pulls you closer/
You know why.
נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) 4 months ago
@мαттнєω кιм (α) /he takes the water and drinks a few sips, paying attention to the show that was on the television, only to look to the side after a little while, chuckling once he sees the pillow on your lap.
What’s that for, hm? You’re getting fidgety, Matt.
/he states, leaning over to turn your face towards him.
Are you feeling alright?
мαттнєω кιм (α) [A] 4 months ago
@[H] נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) Alirghty then this it is haha
/I glance at you and chuckle when ypu bring your legs up and sit crossed thinking it is a little cute and passes you the opened bottle of water to the male/
/eyes glued to the screen I just watch in silence as I lean back against the couch and hums softly to myself as I look over my shoulder at the clock for a second and nods before looking at the screen again/
/shoves around in my seat a little and quietly reaches out and grabs a couch and clears my throat as I cover and place it on my lap and lean forwards looking at the screen intensely/
נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) 4 months ago
@мαттнєω кιм (α) Perfect, thank you~
/he grins and plops down on the couch next to you, slipping off the jacket you gave him and hangs it over the armrest of the sofa.
Oh? Whatever you want to watch, Matt. I’m not picky at all!
/he says with a smile, bringing his legs up to sit with them crossed.
мαттнєω кιм (α) [A] 4 months ago
@[H] נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) Thanks haha...Water it is!
/quietly I bring over a bottle of water and take a seat on the couch ans tap the spot next to me as I hum and flip through netflix/
um well I wanted to watch this
/clicking on the button I turn it on and lean back against the top of the couch my arms resting at rhe top and I look over at you/
We can watch it for a bit...if you dont like it we can ir change it.
נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) 4 months ago
@мαттнєω кιм (α) /he raises his eyebrows, rather shocked that you touched him so fondly, but melts into a shy smile as he ducks his head a little.
Ah, that’s okay- I don’t mind paying!
/he walks alongside you, the smile still in place as he clings onto your arm and then enters the apartment, looking around.
Cute place! Umm...I’ll just take a water, please.
/he shoots you another smile while removing his shoes.
мαттнєω кιм (α) [A] 4 months ago
@[H] נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) /chuckles when you put the bills on the table and runs my fingers through your hair as I sneak a small peck on your forehead/
Next time I'll get you then.
/walking down the familiar street I gently pull ypu to my side and the whiff of you makes me flinch a second and hums before I head to the door leading to my hom/
Come in.
/turning on the lights I head to the fridge after turning on the TV and hums/
want some soda or water? milk?
/a little nervous to be alone with you I clear my throat and bite my lower lips/


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