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Hyungseok 1 week ago
@Yongguk I don't tease I act...
/grins and winks at you
Maybe but it's for the best...what's the point of getting attached if people leave anyway?
/this time I use my bottle to take a big sip and smiles
that's better
/chuckles and pats your chest
Sure if you say so....I'm saying just enjoy and stop over thinking
you wanna put the focus on me? who am I to stop you
/shakes my head
not really my type...I like my guys manly, top/bottom I don't give a damn but they should look masculine
Yongguk 1 week ago
@Hyungseok Ditto!
/smiles at your compliment /
It's hard not to get attached isn't it?
/laughs and pours self a shot, using your glass, downing it right away/
Okay okay, let's have a total blackout of the night.
/widens his eyes, startled by your words/
I think I didn't break my own heart, but I sure let myself down. What is that typical barman tip. Live the moment. Is that a subtle way to tell me to focus on you since we're together in this moment?
/chuckles and pours another shot /
What about the newbies? Met anyone worth the gaze?
Hyungseok 1 week ago
@Yongguk Yeah right....we both know you are the biggest tease around
/laughs and drinks the offered shot
I guess so...but oh well, I'm not attaching myself to anyone and enjoying my time
/eyes you when you rub my back
nahhh not fun...I said I wanted you ed up as well idiot
/pokes your forehead I smile
what about what you want and what you need? you were so careful not to break someone's heart and then you got yours broken
/pours more shots
yes....live the moment
Yongguk 1 week ago
@Hyungseok If you're getting flirty, I'll be in trouble cause you must be one of the best flirt in town..
/chuckles and pours another shot for you/
Ah... I'm sorry about that. Seonghwa was in your seat just months ago. Your pair is a rollercoaster, and the wait can be long.
/presses his lips in a small smile, rubbing your back/
You better get ed up with me. I'll be a drink away from you just to make sure you get home safe.
/snorts all of a sudden and shakes his head/
You know what: i can be daring if I want to. But it's like I'd break some hearts if I acted recklessly. So I don't. But what about you, do you think you're the daring type? Do you have tips for me?
Hyungseok 1 week ago
@Yongguk Yep and maybe cause I'm a flirt myself so if I'm gone shake you'll be shaking it with me
/downs another shot at the mention of another person
well been gone for over a month so meh....
/shrugs and pours two shots this time, giving one to you
if I'm gonna get ed up it's going to be with you and not by myself
/he stated and let a soft sigh
you are just not daring enough
Yongguk 1 week ago
@Hyungseok Yeah, barman don't get so easily flustered since theyre most likely used to being flirted with...
/gulps down some beer and smiles when you say you don't mind his watching/
Yup. And you, are you not flirty anymore? I remember a certain someone flirting madly with you...
I was chatting with a cute guy recently who had just joined the show and I hoped he wouldn't ask me for my experience on this cause it's been a long status quo in my relationships. Kinda disappointing. And lonely right?
Hyungseok 1 week ago
@Yongguk nahhhh you'll need to bolder to make me actually blush and we both know it
/chuckles shaking my head
again...I'm not easily embarrassed, if you enjoy watching me shaking who am I to stop you?
/says as I pour another shot, gulping it down and looks at you
someone is in a very flirty mood today...
Yongguk 1 week ago
@Hyungseok If you blush because people appreciate your company then I won't keep you from blushing and feeling flattered..
/says, amused and shrugs/
It's more than flirty I think, it's just provocative, and made to make you want to hide next time I sit silently and you make a cocktail.
/Wiggles my eyebrows but closes both eyes when you poke my forehead/
I thought youof all people had the strongest resistance to alcohol... How many bottles is it going to cost to see you drunkenly shaking yourself around?
/pulls out my wallet, counting bills as if I were ready to buy all in advance just to see you drunk/
Hyungseok 1 week ago
@Yongguk awww now you make it sound like you coming to the bar to see me....should I feel flattered and blush?
/looks at you with raised eyebrow, shaking my head as I down my tequila
so you like seeing me shaking my body? that's a flirty move mr. guk
/laughs and pokes your forehead
maybe if ill get drunk enough I'll shake with out the cocktail
Yongguk 1 week ago
@Hyungseok You think I'm coming to your bar just to get free drinks? I want to be mad but I kinda like that I still have that bad bad boy image so we're good.

I like ordering so cocktails and watch you shake them.
/says and sips noisily at his beer, eyeing you from the corner of his eyes, playfully/
Hyungseok 1 week ago
@Yongguk I'm a bartender of course you always drink with me
it's cause you always come to my work place knowing you'll get freebies
/shakes head
Yongguk 1 week ago
Because, I always end up drinking with one of you.
/drums the bar/
I have a beer coming. What are you going to drink
Hyungseok 1 week ago
Let's party
Hyungseok 1 week ago
Let's party
Hyungseok 1 week ago
Let's party
Hyungseok 1 week ago
Let's party
Lee Seonghwa 1 week ago
*ince the bartender arrives, I order a beer and a bottle of Tequila as well*
Lee Seonghwa 1 week ago
@Yongguk Eh? Why’s that?
Yongguk 1 week ago
@Lee Seonghwa @Hyungseok This should be a ritual. Crashing here.
Lee Seonghwa 1 week ago
@Yongguk Hello stranger.
*says as I take a sit next to you, and pulling ahyungseok next to me. motions for the bartender to come to us for an order*
Lee Seonghwa 1 week ago
@Hyungseok *pulls you in here with me* okay now to drink till we don’t know our names.
Yongguk 1 week ago
/orders a pint of beer and sits at the bar, ready to watch people around/
Choi Seunghyun 3 weeks ago
*takes a chair away from the others, enjoying my quiet time alone with my wine*
Choi Seunghyun 3 months ago
@Yukhei SH Yes, this is a partnership pretty awesome right?
*wide eyes with a grins on my face*
We are in the bar not in a smoothie shop
Come on, what do you want to drink?
Yukhei SH 3 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun /follows after you
It's nice
/walks over to the counter and sits at it
Partnership, huh?
Well.... What's the sweetest thing you can make?
Choi Seunghyun 3 months ago
@Yukhei SH *brings you in here*
Welcome to my bar
*smile and gesture you towards the counter*
I actually this is a partnership, what do you want to drink?
Dong Sicheng 3 months ago
@Lee Seonghwa /gasps when you say you were paired to Jungwoo once/
Okay okay... mhhh.. I met him when he joined the show so I might be responsible for nothing happening back in the day... I should maybe be sorry but I'm just so happy yo get a chance with Jungwoo.
/smiles at you and nudges you gently/
Your words mean the world to me. I do hope I can be the right one for him. And I do hope you meet the right one for you too. Your very own head over heels.
/ponders for a moment and grits his teeth/
I think I like the idea of keeping it civil outside and making sure he's all mine when we're alone I guess.
/giggles ans pushes the empty shot glasses to the bartender's side of the counter before looking innocently at you/
Jaewon would kill me for trying to set him up.
Why should I not say that aloud? He really looks fine! I'm trying to convince you to look into him... make beautiful eyebabies with him or something
/he snickers and hums/
Won't you let me set you up?
Lee Seonghwa 4 months ago
@Dong Sicheng The heart its reasons.. *repeats softly and just shakes my head at those worde*thats dumb.
*laughs and pats your shoulder*
No worries... i dont think it was something i could say...so therefore you nor no one could help you know....im only able to say it to you know cuz Im gonna put it behind me. But thank you though. *smiles softly full of gratitude at the fact that you thought of wanting to help*
What?!? Youre crazy, judt so you knowm *laughs out as i shake my head*imma tell you something... i dont know if he remembers..but i do...i remember mostly all of them... anyways...i was paired with him once...but...it just felt that he wasnt for me so yeah..but nothing happened...so do trust me when i tell you, youre much better than me for him. so do not think that me or someone else is better for him, he wants you, he likes you....*pats your shoulder * we'll practice...we'll get you there to that honesty.
Well...dont tell him to change his dream...just when he's not out there, and he's with you, just mske sure he knows he belongs to you.....
*states. Cant hel but think that perhape i just think a little sinple of these things*
IM NOT STEALING *huffs, ends up groaning when you pull at the cuffs*
*looks ay you when. Raises my eyebrows as i watch you chug all 5 shots down in one go. * wow...hardcore.
*taunts playfuly as i watch you entertained. My mind long having forgotten to work to unlock the cuffs*
...ohh...really now? *mumbles softly*
Who would have killed you?..Jaewon..or Jungwoo..?
*questions as i cant hekp but watch entertained*
Hm... ...oh im sure your right....but you should not say that aloud..
Dong Sicheng 4 months ago
@Lee Seonghwa *smiles, grateful you let him be his self*
Well, sadly our heart just doesn't think. It has no logic. The hearts had its reasons.. right.
*frowns lightly, understanding you really /wanted/ someone and gave up. He brushes your shoulder and sighs*
I wish I could have helped you. But I'm here now, we can drink up and go play darts. You can imagine that love deception is the target. I won't be able to help you much cause my good hand is cuffed with yours but I hope I can be your chinese lucky charm.
*tries to cheer you up with this*
*lets my cuffed hand lose when you move it and chuckles when you end up patting him with the other*
It's so easy when you say it. He deserves someone as kind and wise as you but he has me instead. I think I really have issues being honest sometimes. It's going to stab me in the back someday.
*shrugs, seemingly not ready to really speak of it*
I can't tell him to change his dream. That's not my place. I must stop being so sickly possessive...
*sighs when he sees you took another shot glass*
Those are mine STOP STEALING FROM ME! *scolds and pulls on the cuffs shortly to make you lose track of what you were doing*
*smirks when you order more*
Okay, check this out.
*chugs on 5 shots in a combo and winces when it's done.*
Oh boy this is going to end me... *feels light headed all of a sudden, watching the table dance with his hands on it*
you have to meet my friend. My dear friend Jaewon. He's kind and playful. He could have been my soulmate in a different dimension *sighs*
He's going to kill me if he knows I told you that.
*giggles, on his merry way to getting drunk* he's really a killer though. His looks. Ace.
Lee Seonghwa 4 months ago
@Dong Sicheng Of course! Everything us pre-meditated!
*scoffs and rolls my eyes* sure, bro. Be youre real self.
*smiles softly as i look down at the cuffs for a tad longer than needed*
Its dumb...cuz whats the point of falling for someone that you know, you cant have ..*shrugs my shoulders* but its life...younlive and you learn. *chuckles*
*sneaks a shot away from you, quickly takin it in as i face you when you speak, a compassionste smile on my lips as i watch you*
*moves my hand to pat your shoulder but stops since its ththe hand thats cuffed to yours, making me chuckle as i then use the other, free, hand.*
Talk to him..tell him what youre telling me... im sure he'll listen to you...though he might say youre an idiot for being insecure..but thats about it...dont hold those thoughts in, cuz they can damage you....and thats not good....plus..it would you to..unite more. You know.
*smiles softly as i order more shots our way*
Its gonna be okay ..everything will work out.
*laughs when you call me thief and shrugs*
Noooo, dont tske my glasses away! I lied!im not lucky
*laughs at your words* doubt I'll meet my soulamte. .if i even have one, while im drunk...but it would make for one hell of a story! Dont you think?
Now drink more bro...we got to get you wasted!!
*exclaims ordering your to take more shots*


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