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Cjamm [A] 1 week ago
@Wonshik H /laugh/ I think we had it trough all different genre of movies but it was the best during bl movies /hum and bite lip, tugging on it as I feel those moments to slip away from my grasp just as a memories/ we would be perfect... if he wouldn't have this bad habit on leaving me all the time things get tough/sigh/ aren't couples about living trough the good and bad ... together... /picks up your shot of vodka and gulps it in/
yeah but we haven't done anything like that for a while...I wonder did he lose the interest? the spark/hum sadly and pour myself more of the disgusting liquor/ it /groan and strip my shirt off/ here
/stand up and place foot on a chair, flailing my arms/ I am shirtless and handsome everyone else
/gaze at you and hum/ aren't you scared? to be left alone again?/gets the serious atmosphere back and sit back on chair/
corny.....hmm maybe fits/snort
ayyy don't be mean... it just happened it isn't in worst stage so will try my best with exercises and to fix it /sigh/ though gets painful as sometime depending what I am doing like I am in tears I have to say no to weights for a while /ugly sob/
Wonshik H 1 week ago
@Cjamm [I'm sorry, I got busier than I expected to be the last three days and wasn't at my computer but now, I shouldn't have too much to do again, luckily]

Oh watching movies often times ends in having somehow, it is kind of a weird phenomenon. I mean, I never had while watching a horror movie, I feel like I would jinx me getting killed by a ghost if I did that....because those murderers and ghosts always kill the people who hump each other oh god /regrets all his life decisions for a brief moment/ but let's not think about getting killed, we are still alive! /nods/
That sounds pretty hot actually. I thought he would just sit there and watch you but if he touches you, too...that's actually kind of hot, I can understand why you obviously like that /grins/ Really? I would have never thought that but if you don't mind that, I'm fine with it, too! And please fight for your rights to be shirtless, so we can be shirtless together. You could also wear wet white shirts, that's basically no shirt but still pretty hot /hums and looks down on his white shirt/ that works a lot
Hey, you can ask me anything and I would tell you all I know! I'm just not good at initiating to talk about my own and love life! But if you have any questions, regarding me, just shoot them out! /laughs and drinks again from his glass/
Well, I guess that just kind of happened, you know? It was just a joke but now I called my corny more than I wanted to so I guess he is called corny now /pouts a little/
Oh my lord, how did that happen?! I always thought that could happen to older people only. Shouldn't you have time off for that? Because that's a pretty bad and serious thing, obviously, you can't do a lot because you are in so much pain. When did that happen?
Cjamm [A] 1 week ago
@Wonshik H . . .
Cjamm [A] 1 week ago
@Wonshik H yeah being wild is one of the charms he has... when he can't take it how I or he is just needy and ngh my favorite is when we watch movies always get distracted with making love to that lovely man. /grin brightly/
oh no no he touch ... he sit admire and then get his hands on what's belong to him /nibble on my lip and tug on it, getting aroused just by thoughts of him/ yeah yeah honestly his possessiviness is something I fell for most though he has bad habit of leavibg rather than claim his possessions when it's difficult /huff/ but... I love him and yes kinda fighting for my rights to be shirtless
that is part of me you know
when I was with shirt?!/snorts/
maybe I do... but would love to hwar from your lips too, drink it and open up to me man/laugh and almost choke/ corny?! is that really his name? my love calls his little daddy but oh I can assure you he is no little/grin proudly and pour more wine into my glass/
yeah... Spinal disc herniation /rub nape/ kinda
Wonshik H 1 week ago
@Cjamm You do it in a lot of places, that's wild! You two just can't keep your hands off of each other, huh? /laughs/ So he just sits there and watches you? Not something, I would like to have myself but as long as you have fun and like it? I bet, Hakyeon would have liked that, he always put on a show /nods/ But he is also like very possessive, isn't he? Or at least that's what I saw, are you fine with that? I wouldn't be able to keep my shirt on in public places, for example! I mean what would my fans think of me when there is no fanservice? /laughs/ Hey, that's okay, you can tell me all the details you want, I'm fine with that, you probably know some things about me that I don't even know you know about me
I bet not, things like that are always sweet and everyone loves that so don't worry about that, Jammie /nods/
Okay, maybe we were close to humping before because I like teasing him and that always escalates quickly but we haven't done anything yet, my corny is still untouched, by him at least, and I mean let's see where things are going~
That doesn't sound good, did something specific happen with your back or is it just because of all the things you have to do in military?
Cjamm [A] 2 weeks ago
@Wonshik H yes/grin proudly/ doing in the bathtub, in the classroom... under the desk while his students were listening to his class, then later on his desk while he had a break ngh my most exciting memories honestly oh also in jacuzzi we just couldn't keep our hands away /blush/ in public room against the wall and oh my that was hot /bite my lip/ in shower, he even has his seat there to watch me shower that became even my thing showering doesn't feel the same when he isn't sitting there/laugh/ oh god the more I remember I can say the more I love how our bodies are just made for each other not only he is sweet, protective so lovable but also great in bed ngh/almost moans and just sips on wine more, coughing/ so y-yeah sorry went overboard but had no one I could say such things so proudly
yeah that is great idea I honestly always do that ..afraid that he gets bored/huff/
yet... I surely saw some boners tho/tease more/and the urge to hump one another showed on the sweat that were dripping down your foreheads, yeah can't wait but won't be surprised if he seduce you so good you jump on him before you both are official/laugh/
yeah but my back is doing bad... two months seem like hell...like heck everything is difficult now honestly I will need massage even after these drinks/snort/
Wonshik H 2 weeks ago
@Cjamm I know, I know but it can be nice sometimes to get a little , it spices things up. I was just teasing you, don't worry~ /smiles/ But I think so, too, that is a way to just be close to each other and literally make love to each other. /takes away the bottle of wine to drink it myself before you drink even more/
You won't do anything wrong while he is gone. He will like you the same way when he comes back and he will just like you the same way. You can also leave him some sweet messages while he is gone so that he can read them after he comes back and has a smile on his face because his little Jammie thought of him~ /nods and looks at you/
We didn't just suddenly have boners, nothing nsfw happened yet! And I am not really a person who has with someone he isn't in a relationship with. So in case, we happen to be an official couple one day, then you will get to see the spicy stuff going on, I guess~ /laughs/ But really, somehow, this man cast a spell on me it felt like love on first sight and that confuses me so much /whines/
You can do those two months!! After that, you are free~
Cjamm [A] 2 weeks ago
@Wonshik H jajdjdjdjhfh that is actually not good to ne constantly and /huff/ make people misunderstand I only care for ... I do care it's one of biggedt plessures of life it is very important in love life too I agree but it's also the way O express love because I am rather bad with words /suddenly talks as he sips on more wine/
yeah... I believe he loves me still so much... he said so... he said he does just I get now more anxious than ever and too afraid to get in his way while he is busy or do something wrong while he is gone /bite lip/
I am afraid... honestly me and Jay have also great memories but our break up... the time before it... it's like trauma for me... I am afraid to hear the same painful lines...
I know I know but some stuff need to be said twice/laugh/ I mean I see how you two look at each other amd I do have eyes to see you both suddenly stand with boners ay must hurt /tease/
same...I expected different but still as hadd .. two full months...
Wonshik H 2 weeks ago
@Cjamm Then I will show them that you are actually not someone to be afraid of! I mean your dogs are named and , that's not how someone dangerous would name them~ Just someone who is and all day /laughs/
That doesn't sound great but in the end, through every fight, you learn even more and you get to know each other better, too, you know? /smiles at you/ so even thought it was a bad fight, you know where each other's limits better. So something like that will not happen again, after all, you love each other so much that you decided to try it again /wipes your tear away/ And yes, you have to sip wine, vodka or something is what you gulp down, mate /chuckles/
You already said that, Mr. Cupid~ /smiles/ so I guess you are really good in noticing these things. Although I'm afraid to hurt him, he seems so precious but also has a very fragile side inside of him /nods/ But mate, I'm crushing so hard on him, I'm not able to keep my cool anymore
Yeah, they're our past now! /pokes you/
Military is definitely not what I expected it to be like but you will be able to get through it, it's only until summer, is it?
Cjamm [A] 2 weeks ago
@Wonshik H /laugh/ but not everyone knows that /hum/
yeah he indeed stole it... we were on edge not so long time ago honestly... even broke up for a week... /look at distance and pour myself a glass of wine/ but... I came back begging to be accepted back... we did have a reason you know I can be quite stubborn and rash and annoying too I was selfish and angry, he was at fault too we sometimes have our difficulties when it comes to communicating you know I want to talk it out, be stopped and held close and he wants to leave the room instead fighting but it only always made it worse/hum/ and one day we actually broke up /gets teary/ now I am so afraid of every single fight we have honestly so afraid he might leave me for good one day we did come back together with thoughts to come over it think twice before our actions but the fear lingers within me always.../bite lip and raise the glass up, drinking it all in one gulp and frowning/ it's only delicious when you sip on it huh/laugh/
yeah I saw some sparks as soon you two had eye contact/snorting as I tease you/
well yeah... Jay was of my past too like Hyungseok was of yours huh...
yeah the diet there big time/whine/ it feels like you stab me in heart /laugh/
yeah stuff happened in military too/coughs/
Wonshik H 2 weeks ago
@Cjamm I hope not, you are not someone to be afraid of! /nods/ I'm sure we will meet and since you are together for so long actually have to meet him, I mean I have to know who the man is who stole my bro's heart. Also, that's so sweet of him and that he is so considerate of you, you know? /smiles a little/ It makes me happy to see you being so in love~
Oh did he? I'm really flattered and yes, he loved wearing his skirts, man. /sighs/ I mean, it is still a little painful but it was still a great time with him and I have to move on one day. People like you or Hyungseok make it easier for me. I didn't expect to meet someone like Hyungseok so soon /laughs a little and plays with his glass/ Yes, no more rocks, bro! Just our future /fistbumps you/
Wait, you gained belly fat? I thought you would get more ripped with serving the military but it's good that you also gained some positive things from your experience. And you don't need a lot of people if you have the right people at home waiting for you and thinking about you. /gasps/ Oh? I will keep that secret like it is my own, don't worry~ /laughs with you/
Cjamm [A] 2 weeks ago
@Wonshik H oh that kiddo/laugh/ yes he does get scared easily but what can I do he is cute that way can't be helped, he might as well get scared of me too someday/hum/ but really once he is less busy I hope you two meet... he's really something... we are together for quite long time now... damn it I wonder how long is it... like five months if not more he patiently waits for me in military, is there next to me in bed when I come back on weekend... sometimes he's busy too but I appreciate the time he gives me... I truly... crazily love him
he said stuff how good you are in bed/stick tongue out/ and how rough you get how needy he is and how he wants to wear skirts for you but aren't these rather... painful things to talk about? but you're right we came here to talk about that, to get the last stuff that are hard on our chests off them. no more rocks\!
ay...it's hard... I gained some belly fat/poke my tummy/ and I ed my back... got a bit more depressed but realized some stuff how life and time is precious try to figure out what should do next in my life ya know... but you know me I don't get along so much with people, outcast. Though received some confessions from dudes but that is a secret don't tell my babe/laugh/ he might not let me go back/jokes/
Wonshik H 2 weeks ago
@Cjamm Okay okay, if you pout like that, how can I not telling you! It was Felix, I think but he might be scared of anything, so it's okay! /is a little overwhelmed and definitely doesn't want anyone to get into trouble/
Well, maybe we can meet when he isn't that busy anymore, so I won't disturb him. I really don't want to bother your boyfriend and make a bad impression on him, you know
But now you've got someone new who took your heart and it is going to last this time for sure! Or else...well, there will be no "or else" so there is no use to think about that /nods and looks at you confidently/ Wait, what? You're so mean! First, you tease me about it and then don't tell me anything /pouts/
It must be really hard to keep things working here but you've been successful for 4 years now, so I'm really proud of you, bro /pats your shoulder and then takes the vodka and takes a sip/ I don't drink that much either but it's nice sometimes. How is military, by the way? I hope it is not all depressing
Cjamm [A] 2 weeks ago
@Wonshik H wow man that's sad you don't trust me enough to tell me stuff/ugly pout and look away dramatically/
but yes will tell you more over drinks... I really think you two should meet though you see he is also professor in university and it's exam time hr is very busy now...god I miss him already and it has just been few days of him being busy...
oh yeah I know how you feel... it was similar with me and Jay... I took so long to get over him honestly thought it was impossible he had my whole heart I am not even sure how I would face him if I see him ever again
and nope not telling/stick tongue out .
and you're right that's why jinhwan helps me out a little too when I'm busy he keeps eye on things /picks up orange juice and vodka for you, bucket of ice/ I am not sure since I don't drink but damn serving in military made me depressed so maybe will have that one drink/pick red wine that remind me of Seunghyun/
Wonshik H 2 weeks ago
@Cjamm I can't tell you, sorry~ /laughs a little/ but I bet he was just positively intimidated by him! /nods/ But sounds like a nice guy that deserves you. For how long are you together now? /gasps/ Wait, he told private things? Oh god, what did he tell you? But it's great to hear that he liked me as much as I liked him...I really sincerely loved him, just thinking about our past and what we wanted to do in the future, it's still kind of hard but I will be fine, I mean I am fine but I will be completely fine soon, I'm sure, I already had like half a year to get over him /raises his eyebrow/ Oh yeah, you like to stalk, don't you? But that's just normal, you basically have to know about anything that goes on here! /laughs a little as he looks to the shelf with the drinks/ I think I'm just fine with some vodka with orange juice or coke, what are you going to drink?
Cjamm [A] 2 weeks ago
@Wonshik H what the/gasp dramatically/ c'mon who said that tell me honestly I accept answers don't try to dip and actually he is big softie too... he might just come out rough first but he is so warm and sweet... /smile warmly/
and you're right we only had small talks and I only heard more private things from Hakyeon... he always was proud and happy because of you he shared some of personal stuff too/laugh/ I more stalked though/mumble/
but now can finally jear from man himself...teddy bear was it?/laugh and sit on the counter and spin to face the drinks/ so what are you having?
Wonshik H 2 weeks ago
@Cjamm You think so? I heard he is a scary dude and I just look like one but I'm pretty soft inside, I guess /nods/
But I'm so glad you finally found the man of your dreams! But I definitely remember Ryo, sad he's not here anymore. Well, maybe you should definitely visit him more often and "help" him with work /winks at you/
Great, I am glad that we actually do something together! We never went anywhere together, I think. /takes out drinks and some glasses/
Cjamm [A] 2 weeks ago
@Wonshik H I think you and my man would get along...
he is fantastic/says dreamily/ I didn't expect this to be so cool
at first he opened this with Ryo... I think you met him maybe or no? anyway Ryo left and so now my babe is such a y business man... ngh should visit his office room to ...help him with stuff/mumbles last part/
ANYWAY yes right now it's reserved for my bro and me so you can rant and cry on my shoulder freely
Wonshik H 2 weeks ago
@Cjamm /looks around the bar/ Wow, I like the theme and decoration of it, it's definitely my style. And this is your boyfriend's bar? That's pretty cool /nods and hums/ So the bar is all ours right now?
Cjamm [A] 2 weeks ago
@Wonshik H /drag you here by your hand, wanted to use your ear but can't walk long distances on tiptoes so-/
there look how amazing everything looks here, so dark and those lights I love it here
honestly first time coming in here/laugh as I confess/ what do you think? Looks cool?
/I still look around in awe myself
Hyungseok 2 months ago
@Yongguk I don't tease I act...
/grins and winks at you
Maybe but it's for the best...what's the point of getting attached if people leave anyway?
/this time I use my bottle to take a big sip and smiles
that's better
/chuckles and pats your chest
Sure if you say so....I'm saying just enjoy and stop over thinking
you wanna put the focus on me? who am I to stop you
/shakes my head
not really my type...I like my guys manly, top/bottom I don't give a damn but they should look masculine
Hyungseok 2 months ago
@Yongguk Yeah right....we both know you are the biggest tease around
/laughs and drinks the offered shot
I guess so...but oh well, I'm not attaching myself to anyone and enjoying my time
/eyes you when you rub my back
nahhh not fun...I said I wanted you ed up as well idiot
/pokes your forehead I smile
what about what you want and what you need? you were so careful not to break someone's heart and then you got yours broken
/pours more shots
yes....live the moment
Hyungseok 2 months ago
@Yongguk Yep and maybe cause I'm a flirt myself so if I'm gone shake you'll be shaking it with me
/downs another shot at the mention of another person
well been gone for over a month so meh....
/shrugs and pours two shots this time, giving one to you
if I'm gonna get ed up it's going to be with you and not by myself
/he stated and let a soft sigh
you are just not daring enough
Hyungseok 2 months ago
@Yongguk nahhhh you'll need to bolder to make me actually blush and we both know it
/chuckles shaking my head
again...I'm not easily embarrassed, if you enjoy watching me shaking who am I to stop you?
/says as I pour another shot, gulping it down and looks at you
someone is in a very flirty mood today...
Hyungseok 2 months ago
@Yongguk awww now you make it sound like you coming to the bar to see me....should I feel flattered and blush?
/looks at you with raised eyebrow, shaking my head as I down my tequila
so you like seeing me shaking my body? that's a flirty move mr. guk
/laughs and pokes your forehead
maybe if ill get drunk enough I'll shake with out the cocktail
Hyungseok 2 months ago
@Yongguk I'm a bartender of course you always drink with me
it's cause you always come to my work place knowing you'll get freebies
/shakes head
Hyungseok 2 months ago
Let's party
Hyungseok 2 months ago
Let's party
Hyungseok 2 months ago
Let's party
Hyungseok 2 months ago
Let's party


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ateez' mingi, please!
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Please remove the sh sign for Seunghyun
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vixx cha hakyeon please!
allgame 3 days ago
I'm going to miss this place a lot. I met a lot of great people here as taehyung but I can't keep going. I'm sorry to anyone that didn't get a goodbye. this rp family has been the best I've been apart of in my journey rping, on as many platforms that I've tried. nothing has compared to lith. thank you. I wish y'all the best.
yujeong 3 days ago
crush (shin hyoseob), please!
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kim wooseok for me pls?
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lee hoseok
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Jung Taekwoon (as a second character), please!
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