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Hyungseok H [A] 1 week ago
@Yan An Yeah I don't think I'm the type to go under the sergeants table without a life risking reason, I prefer the wrinkles.../I say with a small laugh, pouring myself another glass from the alcoholic drink as you speak, chuckling softly at your joke/ I think I've seen too many people to notice if you were an underaged guy or not /I sip from my second drink humming, raising my hand as I gently wave it at you/ no no no, it looks like you had a lot more than four already, I'm not sure I'm ready to carry you all the way home...
Yan An 1 week ago
@Hyungseok H oh that's undoubtedly achievable if you have enough money on your account. /i comment to remind you there still would be different options available, just in case your genes wouldn't be so gracious around the fourth decade of your life. wanting to make it easier, or maybe not, for you to judge my age, i turn my head from one side to another, presenting to you different profiles of my face/ close. i'm 24. that's good tho. i don't have to turn this conversation towards a little more awkward direction, where i admit i'm actually underage and drunk. /cackling at my rather mildly successful attempt to joke, i wet my lips with cool alcohol again/ four, you say? well let's see if i can keep your pace and be able to remember at least tiny bits of your foolish performance. /i grin at you merrily, the amount of alcohol i've drunk so far makes me feel a little hot already/
Hyungseok H [A] 1 week ago
@Yan An Maybe...I usually get the 22-23 age so I'm pleased, I hope I'll look this young even when I'm 40 /I say with a small laugh, swirling the drink in my head while looking at you, taking a better glance now that you really ask/ I would say 25 or so? am I right? /I ask with a raised eyebrow and a playful gaze/ And what will you consider more entertaining? cause I find this conversation quite fun /I say with a chuckle and finishes my drink/ either way I know my limit is 4 before I'll start making a fool out of my self.
Yan An 1 week ago
@Hyungseok H this can be when you try to judge somebody's age based on their appearance. /i explain with a little smile dancing in both corners of my lips. the glass that i've been holding in my hand this far, i place down on the surface of the counter, but my fingers still touch the transparent walls of the dish, as if i were afraid somebody would take it away from my grasp and reach/ how old do you think i am? /i ask instead of answering to your question directly. perhaps i'm partly interested in knowing how correct you will be at guessing. nodding, i gently lean my head to the side, seemingly weighing my words before speaking/ nope. or maybe i'm still a little too sober to make this night more entertaining to you.
Hyungseok H [A] 1 week ago
@Yan An Yeah I'm 26...is it that much of a surprise? /I say with a small laugh, looking at you with raised eyebrow, watching you as your eyes scan me up/ Oh....older? how old are you? /I ask curious, wondering how much younger you are since we kind of look the same age/ oh well, in that case you are welcomed here anytime. Well, we usually have our crowd and people that come here always come back, so I notice the new faces /I say with a shrug, gulping down my drink/ and you have a drunken story to tell?
Yan An 1 week ago
@Hyungseok H you're 26? /i ask and i don't even try to hide my surprise at the newfound information. squinting my eyes a little, i scan your body, as much as the counter allows me to, guessing that my drunken vision must be playing tricks on me. initially, the full discount for my drink slips my attention/ how is that possible you're older than me? /i ask then, purely enjoying this little exchange we have, no less than the alcohol that nicely warms me up from the inside/ i'm not new in the town, not at all. it's just my first time in your bar. do you remember all of your clients? i'm sure it's easier to remember the embarrassing stories they drunkenly share with you more than their faces.
Hyungseok H [A] 1 week ago
@Yan An /I smile and glances at you, taking another sip from my drink/ well, I'm 26 so I'm not that young, also the drink will be on the house, so don't worry about compliments /I say in a more playful teasing way, smiling when you say your name/ likewise...so I've never really seen you before, are you new in town? /I ask while placing the bottle on the wooden counter, knowing to be in some kind of check since you already seem to be a little bit tipsy/
Yan An 1 week ago
@Hyungseok H so young, yet so successful? tell me your secret. i promise i will keep it to myself. /i joke lightly and slide the empty glass closer to you. if it was quieter in the bar, i'm sure one could hear the screeching noise of the friction between glass and wooden surface. i observe how ginger alcohol gradually fills the glass up, just enough to make my head lighter and lighter with every sip i take. i wouldn't say i'm particularly lightweight/ yanan. pleasure to meet you, hyungseok. /i exchange the formalities with you, before i pick my glass up and make it click against yours one second later. somehow the rum tastes slightly better, when i have a companion to empty the glass with again/
Hyungseok H [A] 1 week ago
@Yan An /holds back a smile when you seem to agree with my idea, as a bartender it's a little bit of my job to make the clients feel comfortable, and it seems like the fact I was there was enough to put a smile on your face/ Well, that's the plus in working at a bar, especially if you are the owner / I reply with a small wink, pulling out another clean glass and a bottle of rum, pouring the drink for both of us/ I'm Hyungseok by the way.../ I say with a smile and lifts my glass up for an almost cheers motion/
Yan An 1 week ago
@Hyungseok H /my lips curve into something delusively similar to a smile, when my wordless request appear to be enough to catch your attention, soon hopefully also to fill the empty glass with the right amount of amber alcohol/ hello. /i greet you with a little wider smile. after all being nice to bartender always increased my chances to receive a little fuller glass of alcohol than original recipe establishes and it doesn't matter i'm most likely not the first, nor the last one who, in his tipsy manner, attempts to milk every gene responsible for making their features at least slightly more attractive than average/ oh? is drinking allowed here during working hours? /i chat up, visibly amused with the turn of events/ pour some rum for us then.
Hyungseok H [A] 1 week ago
@Yan An /It was a normal night at the bar, the music was nice and smooth, not too loud as he let the people enjoy their talks, while I kept serving drinks to the passing costumers, moving around the long counter from one side to the other, mostly serving simple stuff like beer and scotch. when rush hour was finally over I make myself useful by cleaning the glasses only to notice you on the edge of the bar, waving yours/ Hi! what can I get you? /I ask with a polite smile, noticing you've been sitting here on your own for most of the night and I can't help but feel the need for company as well/ what ever you are having I'll have one too.../ I say in a more playful way, knowing it's usually a good conversation starter/
Yan An 1 week ago
@Hyungseok H /emptying another glass of tea-like colored liquid has never been as easy as it is for me tonight and i'm nowhere close to be willing enough to search for the right excuse for pitifully drinking by myself. loneliness has been something i've been enduring for years, with some short breaks for more or less serious romantic interests, and sometimes during the quiet, free from work nights I can't refuse to peek into my glass and let the alcohol help me enjoy my life a bit more. sitting at the bar at one of the tall, black stools, i enjoy the music playing in the background. i'm here long enough to notice the variety of genres which became the playlist of the night and i can't approve the sounds more. looking around i have no trouble with spotting a bartender, you, and expressing my needs by wiggly the empty glass in the air/
Hyungseok H [A] 2 weeks ago
@Wang Ziyi Hyungseok listened quietly and he couldn't hold back his smile, thee idea of keep going or give up is too familiar for him not to, and the feeling of being in short breath as well, the difference between the two of them is that Hyungseok's professional life was the thing that gave him comfort. "What are the things though? that makes you breathe? I mean, for me it's cooking, I know that once I am in the kitchen my mind is clean and I can feel myself" Hyungseok said with a small embarrassed smile looking down at his glass and swirled the amber liquid inside it before he took his sip from the drink, letting the warm burn ego down his throat. "So you decided to leave your business for a week or two just so you could meet people? I mean let's hypothetically say you found that person you were looking for what's next? you'll be just as busy right?" he asked and took another sip, shaking his head. "don't get me wrong...I'm not trying to bring you down, just thinking that maybe the change you are looking for is a little more in depth?"
Wang Ziyi 2 weeks ago
@Hyungseok H It was rather a comfortable talk between two grown men when they were expecting things could get awkward but no, Ziyi does feel like he could unwrap his mask and be his true self unlike the time he had to cover it all up during work hours. He had to come across those mumbling and whispering passerby, from mouth to mouth. They would dare to open a topic even if they fear of their boss but still, they would not control themselves from speaking and voicing out stories about the others too. Ziyi listens to the slightly shorter male with full attention concentrated as he take one offered glass of scotch, sniffing the liquor in pleasure. "To be honest, there is nothing much to be proud of, for me. I may seemed okay with the things I had but in the reality, on deep down inside of me, I just feel sort of breathless. But that is how life processes. Either we can handle it and continue, or just giving up. There are only two kind of people." He elaborated it, smiling as he clunk their glasses together with the lightest way possible so it won't break, then sipping on the drink before he casually respond. "I barely got time for socializing. Yes, I admit I've gone to many entertainment pubs but it's different. I can't find the one I would likely spend time with. I just needed to make a room for new acquaintances around that show and gain experience in variety too?" He let out a small chuckle and sipping once more.
Hyungseok H [A] 2 weeks ago
@Wang Ziyi Hyungseok listened while watching the other open the scotch bottle, smiling to himself as he nodded, once again he found the idea of giving up on a dream for someone else is quite admirable and maybe Ziyi had more pressure on his shoulder than he would admit, but for Seok it was weird cause he never really had dreams about his future, he kinda flew with what he had and what life gave him, so when life gave him tons of lemons he decided to with lemonade and make a whole margarita out of it. "Well in a way you helped your father, your family and all the people that had their jobs at stake" he said while pouring the scotch into the glasses, handing one to Ziyi as well. "Well, yeah I like it, I meet new people I make enough money to afford my way of living, and it's not much but I like keeping things simple" he explained with a nod. "should I ask what made you come to the show?" he asked why lifting the glass of scotch, mouthing a small cheers as he did.
Wang Ziyi 2 weeks ago
@Hyungseok H Nodding his head in approval of the suggestion and straight up forward, following the lead as he spot the said booth which preferably more comfortable rather than being exposed about their conversation. Even though it was not much of a secretive but still, anyone would enjoy privacy more than getting highlighted. Ziyi wear on his smile, pretty much a honest one, shrugging his shoulders playfully while plopping on the seat with his hands helping with the bottle opener to pluck off the lid of the bottle effortlessly as a gesture of grateful for Hyungseok's kindness in treating him a drink. “I honestly didn't like it at first because I always focused on medical and stuffs back in school. I was already dreaming to become a surgeon and to help people in need. But as my dad fell sick, tired and exhausted with the stresses, I had to learn to love this business.” He explained thoroughly as he hand over the opened bottle with full composed self. “How about yourself? Do you like the way you're living now?”
Hyungseok H [A] 2 weeks ago
@Wang Ziyi "Really? how come?" the shorter male asked with a raised eyebrow, slipping out of the counter with the bottle and two glasses. "let's go sit in one of the back booths, it'll be more quiet there and it's not more my work day so it's more likely we won't be disturbed either" He explained with a genuine smile, walking to the small leather booths direction in the back. "So you did that to make your family happy? that's admirable in a way, putting yourself aside for the sake of your family" he said with a small hum and slipped into the both quietly, placing the glasses and the bottle there as well. " 'only' " he said with a small chuckle as the other listed all the places he manages. "is it ok to ask if you feel happy though?"
Wang Ziyi 2 weeks ago
@Hyungseok H "I'd say you have a lot of creativity too." Ziyi commented, smiling with a softened tiers of his corner lips, dragging himself closer to the counter and standing just in front of the serving bar with his arms crossed loosely leaning against the edge. His eyes following each movements of the latter with anticipation then turning his attention back to the other male. "I used to dream of being a doctor but because of some family complications, I had to grant what they wanted. So I only manage hotels and one resort back in Beijing of the same branch for a living."
Hyungseok H [A] 2 weeks ago
@Wang Ziyi Leading the way to his small bar Hyungseok couldn't help but to feel excited, he loved the place, after all he spent most of his nights there for the past 8 years, ever since he came to this city and started working for Jongjin, but now buying the 50% share for this place he could call himself the proud owner. "It is...You get to meet new people, talk around and have fun" He explained with a shrug, quickly taking his spot behind the bar as they walked to the counter, taking two clean glasses and a bottle of one of the finest scotch they had. "This one is on me....so tell me what do you do for a living?" Hyungseok asked curiously.
Wang Ziyi 2 weeks ago
@Hyungseok H On the way back from office, Ziyi got into harsh arguments with his father way earlier in the morning before he presented for the other male around the same age as himself but rather slightly smaller than him, had him dragged over willingly toward the mentioned bar and the excitement sprouted as soon as he catch the smell of liquors. From lightest to the heaviest one, he seems to get entertained by that, including the designs and how the bottles being arranged neatly across the shelves without a single crook that would trigger his comfortableness. Checking out the interior with an amazed look in the eyes, obviously liking the place already as his hands being slipped into the pockets attached to his jeans.

“So this is where you would be for a living? More than fascinating to be here, I could say.” He commented as he continue tracking behind Hyungseok for leading the way in as he is still new to that area.
Guanlin 2 weeks ago
@Kim Namjoon /laughs shaking my head at your words/
But thats my limit of danger not other things. Each man to there own i would say.
/ shifts my glass around on the counter looking around thw bar/
Safety is good and I dont mind losing control. But i prefer control, my mind depends it. Power over me is hard to get. / it was just his way, power needed to be in his hand at his pace and for him to cut off./
We all have our little secret.
Kim Namjoon 2 weeks ago
@Guanlin Our degree doesn’t make us better than everyone else. It’s just a thing. /takes another sip of water and spills some on my chin, I groan, my fingers rubbing the water off my skin and lips/
Fast cars are more dangerous than what I do. You could hurt someone. I just jump on a stranger’s at times. /points at you/ and I always use precautions. I lose myself in the pleasure and not the alcohol, usually.
/looks at you, and then grabs your arm/ the truth is that you don’t want to lose control. You can’t allow yourself to lose control and be weak. You can’t stand it if someone else has power over you, and having messy or drunk is just that. Tell me I’m wrong.
Guanlin 2 weeks ago
@Kim Namjoon Guess you're right even doctors need help themselves.
Danger can be alright depending on the type. I like driving fast thats my type of danger.
/ shakes my head at your thinking /
Thats what you think ...it can happen if you get drunk and lose yourself. Not hard to make babies you of all people should know. Accidents happen.
Passion is there trust me but i dont like messy . I dont like drunk , i should be help for my actions and i dont want to blame something else for it. Simple i am
Kim Namjoon 2 weeks ago
@Guanlin Being a doctor doesn’t make me a well-balanced person. I can help with people’s mental health but can’t change my own. The good thing is that I know exactly how broken I am and why. Does that make it better? /I take a swig of the water/ Danger is fun. Makes me feel alive. I know it’s wrong. But what can you do.
/eyebrow curls at your scenarios/ why would anyone want to marry me or knock me up? I don’t think there’s a high risk of that. /laughs/
No, we never know. We gotta keep our eyes peeled.
/looks at you weirdly/ you have a very scientific approach about it... feels a bit sterile though... Where’s the passion? The heat of the moment?
Guanlin 2 weeks ago
@Kim Namjoon Danger? What doctor likes danger / chuckles as i see your blush face/
Yes very worried, you can slip up and end up married, pregnant or both. If not you might knock someone up.
/ nods at your word /
I know but the line is thin , never fully know the crazy from the not crazy. Not like we wear labels.
/ smirks at how you process my words/
Yes, I want then to need me in a way that drives them to the edge of pleasure. I give them what they need on my terms not when they want it but when i see fit. Its like each person is a body to be studied and handle differently.
Kim Namjoon 2 weeks ago
@Guanlin Mm, I like the rush of danger though /I smirk, although my cheeks blushing red shows you I’m not so used to being so brazen/
But why really? Are you worried for me?
Obsession? I think there’s underlying mental health issues that cause that kind of thing to develop... it doesn’t have to become obsession... and it doesn’t become like that for everyone.
Mm, depends how you define doing it right. Some would just care to get off... while you want the other person to need you, don’t you?
Guanlin 3 weeks ago
@Kim Namjoon / Nods and grin at your statement knowing you got clearly what I meant/
That might be for the best, careful who you drink with too.
You think so? What when love leads to obsession?
/ smiles against when you poke my cheeks/
Not really but if im doing something why not do it right the first time than half crap it?
Kim Namjoon 3 weeks ago
@Guanlin Mm. Sure. And I bet you’re very healthy... /teases, patting you arm for a second, I feel looser now/
I’ll try not to visit Las Vegas any time soon. Seems like my drunk me loves a romantic marriage.
/eyebrow curls/ that usually stems from previous conditions... I don’t know if a well-balanced person can truly be made crazy by love...
But it’s true I haven’t got much experience on that field. Aaaand I’m not well-balanced to begin with...
I admire your determination in getting a good job done. /pokes you cheek/ I feel like deep down you’re very eager to please, am I wrong?
Guanlin 3 weeks ago
@Kim Namjoon / acts shocked/ No , its called being a healthy man.
/ laughs at your floor marrying/ Maybe next time you will end up marrying someone. Be careful.
Guess there are many ways to look at it but passionate love kill too.
/ takes up the other glass drinking it down in one go /
I can be trusted very much and I don't disappoint. Never, I do the job right or I don't do it at all.
Kim Namjoon 3 weeks ago
@Guanlin You can say what you want. But I can’t think you sweet. You’re a sneaky and I know it.
/shakes my head/ Yep. Lots of trouble. Although sometimes I just attempt to marry the floor so that’s fine, I guess?
/gratefully grabs the glass of water and sips it, still looking at you/ just because we can explain things doesn’t mean they aren’t valid though. Just because love isn’t real, it doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy it. So no, I don’t think the world is ed. Not yet at least.
/shivers a little at your words, my eyes meeting yours as I think about it/ can you be trusted with that kind of thing, I wonder. /teases with a little smile/


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