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christian yu ( h ) 1 month ago
Missing you everyday.
christian yu ( h ) 6 months ago
Come to think of it. We weren't really able to make that blueberry cheesecake.
son naeun 10 months ago
@christian yu ( h ) Blueberry cheesecake /hums softly before nodding my head.
Yes we can make it~ and its actually one of my favorite too so lets go~
christian yu ( h ) 10 months ago
@son naeun oh alright then /smiles.
Blueberry cheesecake please! /nods and smiles.
can we make it?
son naeun 10 months ago
@christian yu ( h ) Of course my place? Nope we dont have to I have all the stuffs needed.
/smiles widely at you and nods my head.
Or if there's any specific flavor that you would like to have?
christian yu ( h ) 10 months ago
@son naeun your place or mine? U dont have baking stuff /blinks and nods.
do we need to buy ingredients first or? /blinks more not sure what to do really.
son naeun 10 months ago
@christian yu ( h ) A cruel lil sissie because she has her dorky big brobro here
/sticks out my tongue at you before snuggling onto you closely and sighs in content.
Alright yes lets go baking now! <3
christian yu ( h ) 10 months ago
@son naeun what a cruel lil sissie /says playfully. but awe~ my precious lil sissie you are
/nods and swings an arm over you and hugs you close.
so lets go baking now /grins and nods.
son naeun 10 months ago
@christian yu ( h ) Yes I will smack my brother's head if he messed up. Because uh- i'm your weak lil sissie?
/acts cutely towards you before laughing a little.
Kidding I wont smack ya head alright~ head is too precious just like how Chris is so precious in my life
christian yu ( h ) 10 months ago
@son naeun /furrows my brows a bit playfully when you said you'll smack my head.
Aye. You're going to smack your brothers head huh?
how are you not sure im not going to smack your head back?
/playfully quirks my brow then.
son naeun 10 months ago
@christian yu ( h ) Omomo~ what is this a child hm?
/leans down and playfully your head before laughing a little as I hold onto your hand tightly.
Ey it's okay I teached yuri and jennie before so I'm pretty sure I can be patient with you or else i could just smack you if you messed up?
/grins innocently
christian yu ( h ) 10 months ago
@son naeun Now that's my good girl /smiles as I pat your head.
/smiles a bit playfully since I ruffled your hair then takes your hand to hold you securely like a child.
I didn't really get to take classes with her yet but I wouldn't want to bother her about it anymore /chuckles softly then shrugs. so im basically dont know anything about baking. ah please be patient with me chef~
/says playfully and bows.
son naeun 10 months ago
@christian yu ( h ) /scrunches up my nose playfully at you before laughing at you.
Ayt bro chris~ I will do that and I will fight. And yes lets go and spend some bro and sis bonding time~
/pouts at you for ruffling my hair before standing up and tugs on your hand.
Come lets go chris~ oh yes you told me that you would learn from Nahee first then only you will come and get my class
christian yu ( h ) 10 months ago
@son naeun /cups your cheeks gently then and smiles softly.
as long as you at least fought back okay? I would be fine knowing that when the day eventually comes
and with that being said, shall we go spend some bro and sis time together? /smiles and ruffles your hair then.
I said that Nahee offered to teach me baking but I guess its still different getting it from my lil naenae /grins.
son naeun 10 months ago
@christian yu ( h ) I will chris. I wont ever give up but again if i'm just tired I might have given up and when that day comes- I dont know if I could make it here to at least say my goodbyes.
Ayt brother~ /playfully salutes at you before blinking a little.
Now? Sure I dont mind that chrissy i'm just here waiting for you to come and claim your class~ /winks playfully
christian yu ( h ) 10 months ago
@son naeun All the more important is you dont give up for yourself okay? /nods and smiles, leaning to your touch again.
and that you do so you better be here when I claim that cooking class from you, ayt?
/smiles and pokes your cheek gently.
or we could actually do it now if you want /nods quickly as I sat up excitedly.
son naeun 10 months ago
@christian yu ( h ) I will try chris I wont give up for you and everyone else that's dear to me.
/ your head gently before smiling widely.
Now dont go all sad and gloomy okay I will get sad too alright.
And i still owe you a baking class right? Dont forget about that hm~
christian yu ( h ) 10 months ago
@son naeun I can only imagine how it has been for you going all through these alone or feeling tired.
But please dont give up okay? Wed still go on lots of adventures and i would really need my happy talk
and cookies soon and no one can ever give me those but you. /nods.
son naeun 10 months ago
@christian yu ( h ) Aye dont worry about me Chris i will be fine i hope..
/hugs you back tightly with a wide smile but soon fading away as I hide my face against your chest.
Some day I woke up wishing I'd stop breathing. Some day I woke up wishing please let me stay alive.
/lifts up my head and look at you before nodding my head.
You dont have to try Chris~ you being here sometimes with the balloon is enough for me
christian yu ( h ) 10 months ago
@son naeun /frowns more. you're making me all the more worried, Naeun.
/sighs and hugs you close to me then.
Like I said, Im not going to push you to tell me..
Im here for you okay? I hope you feel better and healthier if possible.
/nods and looks at you then with a soft smile.
and I will try to do my part and make you happy with your time here. It's all I can do to help you after all.
/pokes your cheek then.
son naeun 10 months ago
@christian yu ( h ) /looks at you sitting up all properly before laughing a little, squishing your cheeks tightly.
Well.. i've been sick all the time but i'm not gonna tell you what kind though. I've been going on check ups and treatments although it kind of impossible because i'm always here but i did. I'm getting tired each day and I dont have the will to be happy again but i tried. This place makes me happy and I tried to live each other because of you and some other people /smiles.
christian yu ( h ) 10 months ago
@son naeun /stops and blinks then sits properly to look at you, frowning a bit.
what do you mean? What are you not telling me, Naenae?
/holds your hand worriedly then.
son naeun 10 months ago
@christian yu ( h ) /laughs a little as if you are being a puppy when I your head, letting out a quiet sigh as my hand still stroking your head.
I am always sick.. its just the matter of time actually.
/chuckles a little. I dont want to tell anyone about this actually
christian yu ( h ) 10 months ago
@son naeun /nods and hums. you bet. /smiles and nudges you back too,
chuckling softly when you my head and I bent down my head a bit towards you.
were you sick? /pouts a bit as I look at you.
son naeun 10 months ago
@christian yu ( h ) So whenever you didnt see me in the chat room you know where to find me right?
/chuckles a little before nudging you back a bit harder this time.
Well I am tired nowadays, slightly weak though but I'm feeling good these days Chris.
/ your head gently
christian yu ( h ) 10 months ago
@son naeun well you're my closest friend and lil naenae of course I'll know your hang out place
/smiles and nudges you back lightly.
how about you? arent you tired?have you been well this past few days?
son naeun 10 months ago
@christian yu ( h ) Yes I like it here when the chat room is too crowded or i dont feel like talking, I go here. It seems like you're the only one that knows my hang out place
/nudges you gently when you sit next to me before laughing.
Oh I didnt want to ask at the first place but you're tired now so i dont have the heart to do that~
christian yu ( h ) 10 months ago
@son naeun well I go here hoping to catch you cause I know this has become like your hang out place
/chuckles and nods, taking the seat next to you then.
ah I thought you'd never ask /says playfully.
son naeun 10 months ago
@christian yu ( h ) /watches the balloon gets nudged away before letting it hit your head again.
Yes we did. We would often see each other here
/laughs a little then patting the space next to me.
You have been standing since just now~
christian yu ( h ) 10 months ago
@son naeun glad we're clear then
/chuckles softly then gently nudges the balloon with my head.
we made the park our hang out please, didn't we?


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Kyutaro 1 hour ago
so i at being wonwoo... and i don't wanna hog him up for someone.
for now, i'm gonna step down- but i may be back! <3
jiasstory 9 hours ago
can I have kim seolhyun
yunhos 21 hours ago
w heezes ok imy guys take me back skjd ;;
Queen_Riri 1 day ago
Park Hyungseok pls
AJCrowley 2 days ago
Byun Baekhyun, please? Thank you.
nabongs 6 days ago
can i have cho seungyoun?
wujuskies 6 days ago
heya! i hope it won't be a bother but can woong and jieqiong both be put into an indefinite hiatus? thank you so much < 3
Burning 1 week ago

-clears my throat- hello , to you all , I do not believe we have met yet HOWEVER if you like to see more of this https://66.media.tumblr.com/440aead4b2cd318243bc3793942ef0ba/tumblr_nj6jsb40Fc1s4kjkoo1_640.jpg then please come to us, we are very warming and welcoming SO JOIN FOR YOUR NOOT NOOTS OR ELSE you get the wrath of mommy myoui
hxrdcore 1 week ago
any wanted males? uwu
wujuskies 1 week ago
hi! just wondering, are there any requirements on having a second? :o if there isn't any, may i please have zhou jieqiong? thankies :D
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