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park jeonghwa ( H ) 2 months ago
*gets a cup of coffee and 2 donuts since im really hungry*
*sits down and eats alone*
well at least i got food but now im lonely *pouts*
christian yu ( h ) 4 months ago
One cup is never enough
/cues that song from the greatest showman.
jasper liu 1 year ago
@kim hyuna smiles back and slightly nods my head
well thank you for that
grins cheekily
its not a problem, i was once like you and it took me a long time before i adjusted well here
kim hyuna ( H ) 1 year ago
@jasper liu /smiles
I'm glad Ive made you laugh somehow Jas
/chuckles softly
I still havent thanked you for today... so thanks jas i usually have a hard time making friends so im glad youre there
jasper liu 1 year ago
@kim hyuna hmm i can't remember? i just haven't had a laugh like this
chuckles softly as i noticed you look a bit uncomfortable and smiles softly
its just that people im closed with here are busy or starting to leave, its kinda sad for me but i hope they're doing good, but having new friends is nice too
[post deleted by owner]
kim hyuna ( H ) 1 year ago
@jasper liu Really? How long?
/bites my lip uncomfortably hoping i didnt overstep my boundaries and takes another sip of hot choco then turns my gaze to the bustling street outside
jasper liu 1 year ago
@kim hyuna shakes my head and continues to laughs softly
its okay, it was kinda unexpected to her that and i just suddenly thought the same when you said that
now chuckling softly as i run my fingers through my hair
wow i haven't laughed in a long time, now that i have thought about it
kim hyuna ( H ) 1 year ago
@jasper liu Sorryyy
/continues laughing trying hard to contain it
It just came to me
/wipes a tear escaping my eye from laughing to hard as i slowly calm down
It just fits perfectly
jasper liu 1 year ago
@kim hyuna maybe when she's less busy I'll tell her about you
smiles back softly and sips on my drink, almost choked from hearing your words as i put down my cup and bites my lower lip to hold my laughter though my body
that,, was unexpected, really
kim hyuna ( H ) 1 year ago
@jasper liu You think so? i would love to meet her someday
Maybe some day you could be a salad of some sort orrrrr you guys could be called the produce isle..pfft.
/tries to hold my laughter but fails
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jasper liu 1 year ago
@kim hyuna she's a lovely person im sure you both would get along well
chuckles as i run my fingers through my hair, laughing softly
well im broccoli cause thats what fans call me ever since my first small appearance in a drama because of my curly hair, and so i spread the veggie names and so far there's christian as potato and hyojong used to be lettuce but sadly he left and i i think we had a tomato around here too
kim hyuna ( H ) 1 year ago
@jasper liu Hmmm I havent met her yet and I'm sure theres nothing to worry about
/Smiles softly then laughs when you mention broccoli
If youre broccoli who are the other veggies?
[post deleted by owner]
jasper liu 1 year ago
@kim hyuna smiles cheekily
my girlfriend is kim chungha, well i think you haven't yet since she's busy, too busy which makes me worried
chuckles and shakes my head
ita okay, i hope you get to meet my gang here, we're like a bunch of weirdos doing random stuff, and just so you know, im the resident broccoli and dog
kim hyuna ( H ) 1 year ago
@jasper liu /chuckles
Ohh who is your girlfriend anyway,have i met her? Im sorry I dont know who she is
/smiles apologetically
jasper liu 1 year ago
@kim hyuna well that happens to me all the time, which is why my girlfriend made sure that someone keeps an eye on me while she's out
chuckles as i shift slightly in my seat and place my leg over the other
kim hyuna ( H ) 1 year ago
@jasper liu ohhhh... baby proofing the corners of things helps I once missed a step at my own house cause i miscalculated /giggles
i'm thankful i missed the corner of our coffee table
[post deleted by owner]
jasper liu 1 year ago
@kim hyuna well i did, but for a different reason since i usually have my baby nephew over to take care of
chuckles and shakes my head
oh well, i did once but it seemed useless so i threw it away
kim hyuna ( H ) 1 year ago
@jasper liu /laughs softly
but did you baby proof your room?
/smiles and takes another sip of my hot choco
orrrrr do you wear extra padding under your clothes?
jasper liu 1 year ago
@kim hyuna laughs and nods, faintly shaking my head
they told me once to wrap my in tons of bubble wrap so I'll be safe and even mentioned to baby proof everything in the room just in case
heaves a soft sigh and chuckles
kim hyuna ( H ) 1 year ago
@jasper liu /gasps a litte in surprise
Sooooooo.... you seldom go clumsy but you usually 'almost' break a bone? that seems scary... i think you shoul be wrapped up in bubble wrap or at least put on a helmet or kneepads
/giggles a bit as i tease
jasper liu 1 year ago
@kim hyuna we can always go to the bar, its would be common to be a mess there
lets out another short laugh as i take a sip on my drink
well im not that normal clumsy guy, im that guy that would trip and almost break a bone, go out for an errand and come home with bruises or something
kim hyuna ( H ) 1 year ago
@jasper liu I bet it would be a riot in here, maybe we should find someplace else if that happens.
/chuckles softly
You are? You don't look like one, you even managed not to trip here.
/smiles softly at you then takes another sip of my choco
jasper liu 1 year ago
@kim hyuna they've got the best drinks here you could go try them next time too, or maybe if some of the people are less busy , we can schedule a hang out again. wow luckily they didn't, it would be stressful if they did
lets out a soft chuckle and hums softly in thought
well nothing much, except that i almost got myself injured again, im like the clumsy guy here, which is why some people would always ask if im okay or did i get injured again
kim hyuna ( H ) 1 year ago
@jasper liu Ohh... I'm not actually a fan of sweet things but hot chocolate is one of the exceptions, so i have to try that next time I go here... I'm good thanks for asking, nothing big actually happened, just that the movers almost lost my luggage moving here
/chuckles softly remembering the event from earlier then takes a small sip of my drink
How bout you jas?
jasper liu 1 year ago
@kim hyuna thanking the waiter as he placed our orders, wrapping my hands around the cup to warm my hands as i looked at you with a small smile
i just like how its kinda bitter yet somehow sweet,its the usual thing i always order when i pass by here
chuckles softly as i slightly blow the drink to briefly cool down and takes a sip after a few moments
so how are you today? anything good happen?
kim hyuna ( H ) 1 year ago
@jasper liu /chuckles softly and gets comfortable in my side of the table
That would be nice...
/notices the waiter heading our way with our orders
/waits for him to place our cups of hot choco then thanks him afterwards
So.... dark choco huh?
/smiles softly as i gingerly hold my cup


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-jeoncena 7 hours ago
can you reserve kim heejung pls?
baby-groot 20 hours ago
i know im horrible at keeping a second chara but could I get kim kisung again?
baby-groot 20 hours ago
i know im horrible at keeping a second chara but could I get kim kisung again?
Warlock 1 day ago
hi do you guys need more guys or girls? c:
lemillion 1 day ago
hi bebs pls reaccept me I was trying to change my dp on mobile and accidentally left ryu ;;
soliphrenia 1 day ago
Han jisung pleaseee :))
-Shady 5 days ago

Something different to my pingu


As you can see , we are ers for sat... I mean Nutella and strawberries in this place, no we have not met .. YET!... but if you are also a er for one or the other or even both then please, come join us , you will be welcomed with a tray of Nutella filled strawberries all for yourself!
purenjunboi 6 days ago
can I be dong sicheng for my second. :D
eurydice- 6 days ago
May I have seo soojin as my 2nd chara? Thank you uwu
groovy [A] 6 days ago
╱ : CHECKED BY ADMINS! and still in need of more males to join! pls don't forget to fav the rp, guys! ty !
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