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ong seungwoo 2 months ago
@son hwamin ( h ) im pretty sure we wont last long im the show, I'll probably get too busy again with schedules, but its much better that i can just have time with orange dino at home
chuckles when you laughed and smiles softly
eat well baby~
smiles and pats your head gently before i start to eat my food
son hwamin ( h ) 2 months ago
@ong seungwoo eyy i'm pretty sure most of the attention will be towards you and orange dino.
laughs at your actions with a shake of my head, clearly amused. smiles thankfully and takes the utensil.
aaaah time to indulge in some carbonara goodness. let's eat!
ong seungwoo 2 months ago
@son hwamin ( h ) and im sure you'll get fans too if they see your pretty face, they might go "aaahh such a visual family, even their baby looks like a loving doll"
imitates what a fan would say as i put a hand on my cheek while making funny faces, shakes my head before placing your food infront of you and giving you a utensil
just in time before my tummy would go wild
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son hwamin ( h ) 2 months ago
@ong seungwoo mm, that would be great for the both of you. i'm sure orange dino would be getting a lot of fans, just like their daddy.
chuckles as i made sure the table was clean enough and had enough room for our food.
yay food time!
ong seungwoo 2 months ago
@son hwamin ( h ) you could be, what if me and orange dino appear on return of superman? wouldn't that be cool?
closes the door after before walking back over to you, setting the food down on the small table before disappearing to the kitchen to get some utensils, walks back to you
spaghetti carbonara for the pretty pregnant lady
son hwamin ( h ) 2 months ago
@ong seungwoo maybe i could be wanna one's very own version of hellp baby or the return of superman, no?
smiles softly as i watched you headed for the water, heading over to the main room to sit myself beside the wider window of the room.
ong seungwoo 2 months ago
@son hwamin ( h ) laughs and nods my head
totally, its like bringing back wannaone go but with a kid
chuckles softly as i nod my head
I'll just get it
smooches your cheek before jogging over to the door, opening the door and smiles gently to the delivery guy before taking our food and thanking him
son hwamin ( h ) 2 months ago
@ong seungwoo laughs at the thought before resting my cheek against your shoulder, shutting my eyes as i swayed us slightly.
brings a whole new meaning to the song energetic, no?
lifts my head up once i heard the doorbell ringing, looking up at you with a smile.
i guess our food is here?
ong seungwoo 2 months ago
@son hwamin ( h ) chuckles softly as i peck your lips
i get that feeling too, wannaone is capable of taking care of kids, even if they're also kids, I've got jisung hyung minhyun, daniel and probably daehwi
i dont want our child to be too much energetic like woojin
son hwamin ( h ) 2 months ago
@ong seungwoo releases a small noise out of surprise from the gentle bite, chuckling to myself at the thought.
why do i have this feeling that the older members in wanna one will dote on our child?
ong seungwoo 2 months ago
@son hwamin ( h ) catches your index finger with my lips and gently bites on it
well you can trust jisung and daniel and can trust the other guys to mess the room, but they're good with kids too
laughs as i imagined the guys over before shaking my head and smiles
son hwamin ( h ) 2 months ago
@ong seungwoo chuckles and lightly taps your lower lip with my index finger.
hmm? are you sure that i could trust the guys with you.
raises an eyebrow playfully before laughing, pecking you on the lips.
ong seungwoo 2 months ago
@son hwamin ( h ) rest my forehead against yours as you pull away
dont worry, I'll be trying my best starting from day 1 so you dont have to do everything plus i can always have the guys over sometime too so they can help me if you're not home
son hwamin ( h ) 2 months ago
@ong seungwoo pulls away slightly with my arms still wrapped around your neck.
don't worry baby, you'll soon be able to take care of them by yourself whenever i'm not home, hm?
ong seungwoo 2 months ago
@son hwamin ( h ) smiles softly after the kiss and chuckles
yes please, and especially help me when they cry, i can't tell if they're gonna cry because of hunger or something else, but i can assure you i can play with them quite well
son hwamin ( h ) 2 months ago
@ong seungwoo laughs along with you and returns the peck with my own, lips lingering against yours for a few seconds before speaking.
i'll be sure to be there with you at all times to help you with our baby.
ong seungwoo 2 months ago
@son hwamin ( h ) resting my forehead against yours, a smiling gently as i tuck some strands of hair behind your ear
i can't wait for that day too, us taking care of our baby together, it might be a mess for me since i dont have that mother senses y'know, I'll probably be rattled everytime they cry
laughs softly and leans in to peck your lips
son hwamin ( h ) 2 months ago
@ong seungwoo turns around so i could face you properly, smiling gently to myself with my arms wounding themselves around your neck.
i can't wait for that day to come. seeing you interacting with our baby would be so adorable.
ong seungwoo 2 months ago
@son hwamin ( h ) chuckles softly and leaves kisses on the side of your head
I'll probably smile all day seeing you waddle around in our house with our baby growing up inside your tumtum, i can't wait to carry him in my arms
my lips form a wide grin from the thought leaving a giddy feeling in my chest
son hwamin ( h ) 2 months ago
@ong seungwoo laughs gently, your words never failed to cause my heartbeat to increase its pace, and places a hand on top of yours as i looked down at my tummy.
hm, lil bean has been growing up little by little everyday. and before we know it, i'll probably look like a penguin just waddling around with a huge baby bump.
ong seungwoo 2 months ago
@son hwamin ( h ) hums softly and tightens my arms around you
well, the one infront of me of course, nothing beats this, my arms securely wrapped around you, and you leaning back on my chest, enjoying the view together but what's more special avout it cause we have someone on board with us
chuckles softly and rubs my hand on your tummy
son hwamin ( h ) 2 months ago
@ong seungwoo my smile widens upon hearing your words, my back resting against your chest as i tilted my head to look over at you.
oh? which view are you talking about hm?
ong seungwoo 2 months ago
@son hwamin ( h ) smiles softly, resting my chin on your shoulder, humming softly to a tune
you know, i got the most stunning view
grins cheekily as i whispered by your ear
son hwamin ( h ) 2 months ago
@ong seungwoo jumps a little bit in my place once your arms wrapped themselves around my waist, smiling up at you afterwards.
mm, that's good. i was just admiring the view from here.
turns to look back at the scenery, releasing a content sigh.
it's so pretty.
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ong seungwoo 2 months ago
@son hwamin ( h ) closing my eyes briefly as i take few deep breath, shaking my hands and my head at the same time
calm down ong, just dont think about it
whispering softly to myself before walking back to you, smiling to myself seeing you by the window and approaching you from behind and wrapping my arms around your waist
the food will be here in a few
son hwamin ( h ) 2 months ago
@ong seungwoo sits on the bed as i watched you heading out of the room, smiling mischievously to myself at how you were stumbling ever so slightly.
laughs underneath my breath and gets off of the bed just to head to the window, leaning against it as i admired the view, listening to you speaking to the phone.
ong seungwoo 2 months ago
@son hwamin ( h ) my eyes widen slightly from the kiss before nodding my head, waiting for you to get off of me before getting off the bed and walk out to the living, stumbling a bit by the door, making sure i was out of sight before slapping both my flustered cheeks and shaking my head
aaaaaa ong whats wrong with you~
continues to go over the living room, picking up the phone to order our foods and puts it back down after finishing our order
son hwamin ( h ) 2 months ago
@ong seungwoo the stuttering in your words made my grin grow a little wider, chuckling underneath my breath as i leaned in to give your lips a chaste kiss.
right, food. we needed to eat.
winks down at you as i moved to get off of you.


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