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lee soohyuk ( h ) 1 week ago
@yoo kihyun isn't that what you need with dancing? Hand-eye coordination or any coordination at that.
/nods my head but steps on the platform nonetheless, eyeing the screen as you select through the song
and watches you do it for a moment.
Well.. it doesn't really look that easy.
/i was unsure but does it anyway; steps on the squares that corresponds to the ones on screen, looking a bit funny as I struggle to step one square after another, the music getting a bit faster.
yoo kihyun 2 weeks ago
@lee soohyuk ( h ) aye you don't have to dance to do these, hyung
like you didn't have to play piano for the last game either
/stands on one of the dance pads and slots in a coin, smiling at you before i point to the space beside me
you just need SOME hand-eye coordination and i'm pretty sure you have that
/scrolls through the songs on option, humming a little at the things i see before i pick an old one, the screen lighting up in front of me as i begin to dance, smiling as my feet gently step on the squares that light up
see? its not so bad!
lee soohyuk ( h ) 2 weeks ago
@yoo kihyun /shakes my head. Im alright just a bit sore from the game. /nods.
well you can try and we'll see /nods again, following where you pointed at with my eyes.
oh. I guess that could work too.
/nods and walks towards the dance machine you pointed out.
I dont dance so I guess it's my turn to cheer you on this time. /nods.
yoo kihyun 2 weeks ago
@lee soohyuk ( h ) are you hurt, hyung?
/asks as i look at you rubbing your shoulder, tilting my head with a frown of worry before i shake my head
me? no way-
i'd not even compare to you-
/laughs softly to myself, shaking my head before i glance around and point to one of the dance machines
i shouldn't do too badly on that one
shall we?
lee soohyuk ( h ) 2 weeks ago
@yoo kihyun /rubs my arm, slightly moving my shoulder in circles as I can feel it become sore from playing.
Well i havent played for too long. I guess I still did pretty well huh?
/nods as I look at the token since it somehow confirms that I did pretty good with the game.
Would you want to try? /nods towards the basketball machine.
yoo kihyun 2 weeks ago
@lee soohyuk ( h ) /my eyes widen when i see how few you miss, knowing i could never do that well but i'm happy for you and it shows as i clap my hands together when it stops
let's see... how many
/leans up to see the final score, gasping when i see you're in the seventies, nudging your arm gently as i begin folding the tokens that come out
you undersold yourself with that. look how well you did!
/holds up the tokens, handing them to you so you can see for yourself how much you've earned for it
lee soohyuk ( h ) 2 weeks ago
@yoo kihyun I havent played ball for some time now so im not sure how good I'll do but then I will try my best.
/nods, walking towards one of the machines and thanks you with a nod as you hand me the ball.
/nods once more, my eyes focusing on the ring as the game starts and I just shoot and release one ball after another, my long limb making it easier for me as I just rapidly shoots the ball to make up for a few of missed hoops.
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yoo kihyun 2 weeks ago
@lee soohyuk ( h ) /smiles and says 'yes' quickly when you as if we did that well, grinning to myself before i stand up and nod
what about the basketball hoop one?
you're tall so i'm sure you'd be good at that right?
/starts walking over to the one i mean, smiling as i pocket the tokens to keep them safer before i hand you one of the basket balls
/pushes a coin into the slot before i stand back, watching you go with the hoops as i quietly cheer you on
lee soohyuk ( h ) 2 weeks ago
@yoo kihyun /nods and hums, my eyes still on the screen.
it was rather enjoyable.
/nods again, moving my eyes to look at the tokens we got.
we did that well?
/smiles softly, happy that we got that lot of tokens.
would you want to play other games? /blinks and looks around to see what other games might be interesting.
yoo kihyun 1 month ago
@lee soohyuk ( h ) kinda yeah!
/nods my head before i give you a bright smile, watching you playing from the corner of my eye still
you're doing great, relax
/encourages you before i continue playing and it comes to an end after a while, pursing my lips before i turn to you for a moment
how was that? did you enjoy it?
/leans back, collecting the tokens that come out from how well we did, folding them neatly before i hold it up for you to see
look see- you did really well
lee soohyuk ( h ) 1 month ago
@yoo kihyun Similar to that gamin in the phone? /remembers a piano tile game.
/watches you for a moment, nodding my head and does like you did,
simply pressing on the keys that shows up on my side of the screen.
it's not that hard than I expected.
/nods and hums, soon finding the keys to be moving faster and I start to struggle with pressing on the keys.
yoo kihyun 1 month ago
@lee soohyuk ( h ) its okay, you don't have to actually know piano. you just need to press the keys that light up
/nods my head a little when you ask about the coins, smiling as i look at the screen
/sets it up as two players before the music begins, both my hands over the keys and moving around to press the ones on my side that light up, glancing over to you now and then
anyone can play piano like this, heh
lee soohyuk ( h ) 1 month ago
@yoo kihyun I'll give it a thought.
/nods, following where your eyes goes and nods.
Alright. Let's play that one althought I dont know the basics of piano.
/follows your lead, sitting down beside you and looks at the machine.
so this goes here? /puts the coiins in the slot.
yoo kihyun 1 month ago
@lee soohyuk ( h ) who knows, maybe you'll add it to one of your many ventures. you've already got me as a customer
/looks form the machine to the bag you hold up, smiling again before i glance around and then point across the room
how's about the piano one?
/gently tugs on your sleeve, walking us over there before i sit down on the bench, leaving the other half for you
lee soohyuk ( h ) 1 month ago
@yoo kihyun Coffee tycoon sonds like im going to start my business soon /chuckles ligthly.
/comes back a few moments later and holds up the bag of tokens.
Which one do you want to try first?
yoo kihyun 1 month ago
@lee soohyuk ( h ) i'll have to think of something for you. coffee is just related to you in my mind now
maybe... coffee tycoon? hmm, no
needs more though
/tugs my sleeves down over my hands as we arrive, glancing around before i nod at you
alright, i'll be here
/moves over to one of the machines, glancing over the toys inside whilst i wait
lee soohyuk ( h ) 1 month ago
@yoo kihyun [] and I dont mind at all. thank you :)
lee soohyuk ( h ) 1 month ago
@yoo kihyun Oh. I remember it now /nods and hums.
but I dont think I can have the honor of being called that.
It sounds... a little bit weird. /chuckles a bit.
/continues to lead the way, reaching the arcade.
and here we are. /nods, looking around.
I will go get us those tokens /nods walking to the booth.
yoo kihyun 1 month ago
@lee soohyuk ( h ) /follows behind, trying to sort out my hair a little before i glance up, smiling again
that's because its an old, famous drama that was popular back in the day
you just remind me of it a little considering our history
/shrugs softly, entering the mall with you and heading to the arcade near the back

[hope you don't mind me moving them!]
son naeun 1 year ago
@jeon hyosung For no one eh
/wiggle my eyebrows.
Aww dont be, flaunt your body for everyone!
Cuz you are pretty and deserved to be loved ♡
jeon hyosung 1 year ago
@son naeun I'm confident
Ha, what guys-
I flaunt my body for no one :^)
Just myself
son naeun 1 year ago
@jeon hyosung Eh tanned is good and y you should feel confident!
/smiles widely and nods.
Flaunt your body more for the y guys outta there ehe
jeon hyosung 1 year ago
@son naeun Oh shhh not all the time tanned is good
-grins, and looks through them-
Flaunt my body for the beach and get more tanned--
son naeun 1 year ago
@jeon hyosung Aye what you talking about you looks good in yellow! And tanned is good ya know flaunt your body more babe♡
jeon hyosung 1 year ago
Awesome yellow, even though my skin looks slightly tanned
-hums and looks at them
son naeun 1 year ago
@jeon hyosung and look the yellow bikini for you
/points at a few varieties of yellow bikinis ranging from its pattern and designs
jeon hyosung 1 year ago
@son naeun Tis okay -follows in and looks around-
son naeun 1 year ago
@jeon hyosung Forgot to tag you lmao okay lets go~ /links arm to the bikini shop o u o
jeon hyosung 1 year ago
@son naeun Naeun ♡


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Burning 3 days ago

-clears my throat- hello , to you all , I do not believe we have met yet HOWEVER if you like to see more of this https://66.media.tumblr.com/440aead4b2cd318243bc3793942ef0ba/tumblr_nj6jsb40Fc1s4kjkoo1_640.jpg then please come to us, we are very warming and welcoming SO JOIN FOR YOUR NOOT NOOTS OR ELSE

Dont ask my why this stuff is still happening
cheolsu 3 days ago
hi can i get byun baekhyun as my 4th character? thanks c:
uravity 3 days ago
heh hi frens could i possibly get my wonyoung back if she's still somewhere in there :o
webtoon 5 days ago
mind adding choi junhong for me?
windowsxp 1 week ago
koo junhoe por favor
laconism 2 weeks ago
can I get Lia?
nabongs 2 weeks ago
is wonho available?
killerchrome 2 weeks ago
slap the hiatus sign on ryujin please, going on hiatus till 24th since I’m going on a trip
BTSkpopgirl1 3 weeks ago
Park Jeong-hwa
carrefour 3 weeks ago
park sooyoung/joy, please!
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