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the mall
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lee soohyuk ( h ) 1 day ago
@yoo kihyun I'll give it a thought.
/nods, following where your eyes goes and nods.
Alright. Let's play that one althought I dont know the basics of piano.
/follows your lead, sitting down beside you and looks at the machine.
so this goes here? /puts the coiins in the slot.
yoo kihyun 2 weeks ago
@lee soohyuk ( h ) who knows, maybe you'll add it to one of your many ventures. you've already got me as a customer
/looks form the machine to the bag you hold up, smiling again before i glance around and then point across the room
how's about the piano one?
/gently tugs on your sleeve, walking us over there before i sit down on the bench, leaving the other half for you
lee soohyuk ( h ) 2 weeks ago
@yoo kihyun Coffee tycoon sonds like im going to start my business soon /chuckles ligthly.
/comes back a few moments later and holds up the bag of tokens.
Which one do you want to try first?
yoo kihyun 2 weeks ago
@lee soohyuk ( h ) i'll have to think of something for you. coffee is just related to you in my mind now
maybe... coffee tycoon? hmm, no
needs more though
/tugs my sleeves down over my hands as we arrive, glancing around before i nod at you
alright, i'll be here
/moves over to one of the machines, glancing over the toys inside whilst i wait
lee soohyuk ( h ) 2 weeks ago
@yoo kihyun [] and I dont mind at all. thank you :)
lee soohyuk ( h ) 2 weeks ago
@yoo kihyun Oh. I remember it now /nods and hums.
but I dont think I can have the honor of being called that.
It sounds... a little bit weird. /chuckles a bit.
/continues to lead the way, reaching the arcade.
and here we are. /nods, looking around.
I will go get us those tokens /nods walking to the booth.
yoo kihyun 2 weeks ago
@lee soohyuk ( h ) /follows behind, trying to sort out my hair a little before i glance up, smiling again
that's because its an old, famous drama that was popular back in the day
you just remind me of it a little considering our history
/shrugs softly, entering the mall with you and heading to the arcade near the back

[hope you don't mind me moving them!]
son naeun 11 months ago
@jeon hyosung For no one eh
/wiggle my eyebrows.
Aww dont be, flaunt your body for everyone!
Cuz you are pretty and deserved to be loved ♡
jeon hyosung 11 months ago
@son naeun I'm confident
Ha, what guys-
I flaunt my body for no one :^)
Just myself
son naeun 11 months ago
@jeon hyosung Eh tanned is good and y you should feel confident!
/smiles widely and nods.
Flaunt your body more for the y guys outta there ehe
jeon hyosung 11 months ago
@son naeun Oh shhh not all the time tanned is good
-grins, and looks through them-
Flaunt my body for the beach and get more tanned--
son naeun 11 months ago
@jeon hyosung Aye what you talking about you looks good in yellow! And tanned is good ya know flaunt your body more babe♡
jeon hyosung 11 months ago
Awesome yellow, even though my skin looks slightly tanned
-hums and looks at them
son naeun 11 months ago
@jeon hyosung and look the yellow bikini for you
/points at a few varieties of yellow bikinis ranging from its pattern and designs
jeon hyosung 11 months ago
@son naeun Tis okay -follows in and looks around-
son naeun 11 months ago
@jeon hyosung Forgot to tag you lmao okay lets go~ /links arm to the bikini shop o u o
jeon hyosung 11 months ago
@son naeun Naeun ♡
son naeun 11 months ago
Hyo ♡
birdy knight wife ( H ) 11 months ago
Finishes eating a sandwhich then dusts off the bread crumbs onto the ground
christian yu ( h ) 11 months ago
buys new stuff for Tina.
diapers. check.
bird seeds. check.
new bird swing. check
hm what else?
yoon jeonghan 11 months ago
i am wearing undies with ducks in them right now hihi ❤
bae sehun ❝ tuxedo mask ❞ 11 months ago
steals the room's v card c":


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Kyutaro 2 hours ago
so i at being wonwoo... and i don't wanna hog him up for someone.
for now, i'm gonna step down- but i may be back! <3
jiasstory 10 hours ago
can I have kim seolhyun
yunhos 22 hours ago
w heezes ok imy guys take me back skjd ;;
Queen_Riri 1 day ago
Park Hyungseok pls
AJCrowley 2 days ago
Byun Baekhyun, please? Thank you.
nabongs 6 days ago
can i have cho seungyoun?
wujuskies 6 days ago
heya! i hope it won't be a bother but can woong and jieqiong both be put into an indefinite hiatus? thank you so much < 3
Burning 1 week ago

-clears my throat- hello , to you all , I do not believe we have met yet HOWEVER if you like to see more of this https://66.media.tumblr.com/440aead4b2cd318243bc3793942ef0ba/tumblr_nj6jsb40Fc1s4kjkoo1_640.jpg then please come to us, we are very warming and welcoming SO JOIN FOR YOUR NOOT NOOTS OR ELSE you get the wrath of mommy myoui
hxrdcore 1 week ago
any wanted males? uwu
wujuskies 1 week ago
hi! just wondering, are there any requirements on having a second? :o if there isn't any, may i please have zhou jieqiong? thankies :D
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