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lalisa manoban 5 months ago
@jeon jungkook c ries again as you pats my back. why did he left me - I've done everything for him. I don't get it why he's so stupid. sniffs before I pulls away and looks back at you squinting my eyes. how do you know my name - do we know each other oh wait! why you looks so familiar do I know you from somewhere. hiccups before I laughs messily. aren't you bts? oh wait -why bts is here oh my God. I've been a fan REALLY. hiccups again and glances over at my drink as I'm about to take them to sip. I need to drink more.
lalisa manoban 5 months ago
@jeon jungkook still crying as I keeps on drinking - totally not in my right mind right now as I mumbling nonsense things. maybe I should just kill myself so he'll regrets it - nods to myself as I try to stand up before wobbling and grabs your body to supports. ohhhh hahaha. I'm s-sorry -i must be crazy oh wait - squints just to look at your face though it's bit blurry at that time. you're h-handsome. is this f-fate - laughs as I shakes my head. don't worry - I'll disappear so you can be with any woman you wants! you're stupid! starts to cries again as I sobbing into your arms.
lalisa manoban 5 months ago
@jeon jungkook gets inside the bar and proceed to take my seat in front of the bartenders as he bows his head asking me what's I want. give me the hard one. don't ask just give me. my eyes getting teary at the thought of what's happened - after all this while I've been loyal and honest with that person, how could he cheated behind me. grabs the drink once the bartender served me the drink - and sips it before I coughs while crying at the same time. couldn't even notice anyone around me as I'm too engrossed with my sad feels.
lee gikwang 7 months ago
One woon’s cannibal chicken please
im jinah 7 months ago
/walking towards the bar with my heels clacking loudly against the floor before sitting on one of the high stools and propping my elbows against the counter.
Give me a tequila please I feel like drinking myself til i'm drunk.
/immediately bottoms up the shot as the bartender handed it to me and gestures him to give me more
yoon jeonghan 8 months ago
i am wearing undies with ducks in them right now hihi ❤


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supine- [A] 12 hours ago
╱ : checked by admins and in need of more males to join! pls don't forget to fav the rp, cuties! ty uwu
fullsuns 2 days ago
zhong chenle please
kimkibumz 3 days ago
lee taemin please!
kimjiwoos 3 days ago
choi yena please!
-Shady 4 days ago
Its taken me two days but I finally decided on my second, oh look im taking over the commentm section >:)
Kyutaro 4 days ago
i hate to be a pain in the nooting but i need an indefinite semihiatus due to health reasons... i am so sorry
seilah 5 days ago
lee chaeyeon jsy
-Shady 5 days ago

-clears my throat- hello , to you all , I do not believe we have met yet HOWEVER if you like to see more of this https://66.media.tumblr.com/440aead4b2cd318243bc3793942ef0ba/tumblr_nj6jsb40Fc1s4kjkoo1_640.jpg then please come to us, we are very warming and welcoming SO JOIN FOR YOUR NOOT NOOTS OR ELSE
-Shady 5 days ago
Am I ready , yes I am , can I take up a second, its your boyo deongyeon
wujuskies 6 days ago
tmw you really have no idea on who to be... my bRAIN
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