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lalisa manoban ❝ mrs jeon ❞ 7 months ago
@jeon jungkook c ries again as you pats my back. why did he left me - I've done everything for him. I don't get it why he's so stupid. sniffs before I pulls away and looks back at you squinting my eyes. how do you know my name - do we know each other oh wait! why you looks so familiar do I know you from somewhere. hiccups before I laughs messily. aren't you bts? oh wait -why bts is here oh my God. I've been a fan REALLY. hiccups again and glances over at my drink as I'm about to take them to sip. I need to drink more.
lalisa manoban ❝ mrs jeon ❞ 7 months ago
@jeon jungkook still crying as I keeps on drinking - totally not in my right mind right now as I mumbling nonsense things. maybe I should just kill myself so he'll regrets it - nods to myself as I try to stand up before wobbling and grabs your body to supports. ohhhh hahaha. I'm s-sorry -i must be crazy oh wait - squints just to look at your face though it's bit blurry at that time. you're h-handsome. is this f-fate - laughs as I shakes my head. don't worry - I'll disappear so you can be with any woman you wants! you're stupid! starts to cries again as I sobbing into your arms.
lalisa manoban ❝ mrs jeon ❞ 7 months ago
@jeon jungkook gets inside the bar and proceed to take my seat in front of the bartenders as he bows his head asking me what's I want. give me the hard one. don't ask just give me. my eyes getting teary at the thought of what's happened - after all this while I've been loyal and honest with that person, how could he cheated behind me. grabs the drink once the bartender served me the drink - and sips it before I coughs while crying at the same time. couldn't even notice anyone around me as I'm too engrossed with my sad feels.
lee gikwang 10 months ago
One woon’s cannibal chicken please
im jinah 10 months ago
/walking towards the bar with my heels clacking loudly against the floor before sitting on one of the high stools and propping my elbows against the counter.
Give me a tequila please I feel like drinking myself til i'm drunk.
/immediately bottoms up the shot as the bartender handed it to me and gestures him to give me more
yoon jeonghan 11 months ago
i am wearing undies with ducks in them right now hihi ❤


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Kyutaro 1 hour ago
so i at being wonwoo... and i don't wanna hog him up for someone.
for now, i'm gonna step down- but i may be back! <3
jiasstory 9 hours ago
can I have kim seolhyun
yunhos 21 hours ago
w heezes ok imy guys take me back skjd ;;
Queen_Riri 1 day ago
Park Hyungseok pls
AJCrowley 2 days ago
Byun Baekhyun, please? Thank you.
nabongs 6 days ago
can i have cho seungyoun?
wujuskies 6 days ago
heya! i hope it won't be a bother but can woong and jieqiong both be put into an indefinite hiatus? thank you so much < 3
Burning 1 week ago

-clears my throat- hello , to you all , I do not believe we have met yet HOWEVER if you like to see more of this https://66.media.tumblr.com/440aead4b2cd318243bc3793942ef0ba/tumblr_nj6jsb40Fc1s4kjkoo1_640.jpg then please come to us, we are very warming and welcoming SO JOIN FOR YOUR NOOT NOOTS OR ELSE you get the wrath of mommy myoui
hxrdcore 1 week ago
any wanted males? uwu
wujuskies 1 week ago
hi! just wondering, are there any requirements on having a second? :o if there isn't any, may i please have zhou jieqiong? thankies :D
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