hey, i love you

prince 🙈
pretty girls say 'yes' (pls)

j. hyeran 1 year ago Reply

b. baekhyun 1 year ago Reply History 
we can be crappy together.

b. baekhyun 2 minutes ago Reply
but hyeran no one can steal me for you--
i mean

j. hyeran 1 minute ago Reply
okay somewhat charming

b. baekhyun 3 minutes ago Reply
bUt still even if i didn't expose
you're beautiful
on the inside

k. heechul 1 year ago Reply
j. hyeran 1 minute ago Reply
I'll grant one wish from me if you sleep

p. sooyoung 32 seconds ago Reply

j. hyeran 2 minutes ago Reply
you're going to make me bake the brownies with hatred instead of love at this point

b. baekhyun 1 year ago Reply 
@j. hyeran alright, ok, shush. i'm trying my best i just- ok. so, what i'm about to tell you... well it may not come as a surprise to you, so i don't expect a big reaction... well... screw it, actions speak louder than words, yes?

smiles wider, full of mischief and playfulness and leans forward, pulling you closer by your waist and pressing a soft, yet short kiss on your lips, pulling back with a nervous chuckle.

i would like it if you became my girlfriend.


j. hyeran 1 year ago Reply
@b. baekhyun remains silent at your little confession, feeling my heart flutter at your words and actions with a familiar blush rising up onto my cheeks and pulls you by the collar of your shirt, pressing another kiss on your lips to ease your worry.

you know it was about time you asked - I was getting a bit impatient and wondered if i should pop the question instead.

b. baekhyun 1 year ago Reply 
@j. hyeran hyeran, you really have me wrapped around your finger, you know that, right?

j. hyeran 1 year ago Reply
@b. baekhyun I figured you need an actual resppnse from me. yes byun baekhyun , i'll be your girlfriend.'

◇ hyeran j. 11 minutes ago Reply
that loser in the comments is funny to watch :')

but then that loser is who I miss most

◇ hyeran j. 1 minute ago Reply
I, ji hyeran, pledge to love byun baekhyun till death do us part

◇ hyeran j. 3 minutes ago Reply
I thought I was going to die single

but that all changed when the fire nation attacked-

wait am I mixing up my stories

◆ baekhyun b. [h] 8 months ago
@◇ hyeran j. you remind me of the moon cuz uh it's like a toe nail

◇ hyeran j. 4 minutes ago Reply


okay bye-

◇ hyeran j. 13 minutes ago Reply 
baek you're better than dogs.

◇ hyeran j. 10 minutes ago Reply
like boyfriend like girlfriend

you're welcome

◆ baekhyun b. [h] 2 months ago Reply 
hye, if sehun and jisoo aren't here to get married, then we will get married

◆ baekhyun b. [h] 2 months ago Reply 
we gon get married

alright alright. so -- i don't have a ring. i just... can't really pick one for you? like, i feel like none of them are good enough for you. i also just don't see you wearing a pretty diamond but that could just be me... maybe because you are a pretty diamond? or, like i've said, you have me wrapped around your finger. that's your ring. because i'm pretty and sparkly and i will be your ring
is it alright if i make a beyonce reference? i liked it, so i put a ring on it. me.
i hope you don't mind how casual this is.  i wanted to do a grand gesture but i feel like we're the type of people to be like "hey wanna get married" "sure dude" but maybe that's just me. maybe you want a big grand gesture where i write our names in the sky and get the jonas brothers to serenade you or something... but i can't do that despite how utterly famous i am. for now, you get a little doggo asking you to marry me (i am the doggo) and me wrapping my finger around your's because if i was small enough, that would be me. 
i love you. it's simple as that. love is simple to me, because it's you. before i met you, i was still hung up on someone else. i thought i could never be with someone that made me feel the same way that person did. the next person i would meet would just... not be good enough. but you were more than enough. you came into my life with your silly jokes and adorable confusion and i was overwhelmed how easy it was to just... be with you. to wrap my arms around you and to put my problems on you and you put yours on me. it was weird, in a way, because i'm not the sort of person to just willy nilly fall for someone. but i adored you so much when you came into my life and i don't want to let you go.
you remember when we talked about conjoined twins? probably not, because it was a conversation we had when we first met. i don't even remember what lead up to it. i just remembered because i was going back in time and seeing all of our landmarks. but i want to be attached to you by the hip just like those twins, maybe not in a physical sense because i just can't handle being around a significant other 24/7, but... i want to be conjoined forever. because i want you to be with me forever. as long as it takes. 
this will not turn out like scarlet heart, okay? we will get our happy ending. because gosh darnit, i love you too much to let a sad ending come to be.
did i mention i loved you?
and i want you to, formally and legally, be my wife?
so.... will you say yes? pretty girls say yes, no take backs (just kidding. if you want to take it back i won't be heartbroken h ah)
scroll the left one first


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◇ baekhyun’s loser [byun hyeran] [h] 1 year ago
you do make me happy. you're my happiness and my ray of sunshine. tilts my head up with a soft smile on my lips, scrunching my nose before returning a kiss to your chin. if you cry, I promise I'll wipe your tears away
◆ byun baekhyun [A] 1 year ago
brings my arms to snake around your waist, kissing your forehead and hair with a laugh. don't cry, because i'll cry. i want to make you happy!
◇ baekhyun’s loser [byun hyeran] [h] 1 year ago
circles my arms around your waist, nuzzling my face into your chest with a whine. I was about to turn into a crying mess.
◆ byun baekhyun [A] 1 year ago
i love you, so much
◆ byun baekhyun [A] 1 year ago
don't shake;;;
◇ baekhyun’s loser [byun hyeran] [h] 1 year ago
I'm still shaking so bad because of you
◇ baekhyun’s loser [byun hyeran] [h] 1 year ago
oh god you're adorable I love you
◆ byun baekhyun [A] 1 year ago
you did the same thing when i asked you to be my girlfriend and I JUST WANNA MAKE SURE
◆ byun baekhyun [A] 1 year ago
◇ baekhyun’s loser [byun hyeran] [h] 1 year ago
it's a yes, you loser
◇ baekhyun’s loser [byun hyeran] [h] 1 year ago
I don't know baekhyun
◆ byun baekhyun [A] 1 year ago
is that a yes because you're kinda giving me ANXIETY
◇ baekhyun’s loser [byun hyeran] [h] 1 year ago
okay enough of this
◆ byun baekhyun [A] 1 year ago
and like you
◇ baekhyun’s loser [byun hyeran] [h] 1 year ago
I find it cute and simple
like you
◆ byun baekhyun [A] 1 year ago
it's rose quartz because i think diamonds are ugly and don't suit you idk
◆ byun baekhyun [A] 1 year ago
do u wanna see it
◆ byun baekhyun [A] 1 year ago
i did find a ring btw
◆ byun baekhyun [A] 1 year ago
◇ baekhyun’s loser [byun hyeran] [h] 1 year ago
and i'm that beautiful
◇ baekhyun’s loser [byun hyeran] [h] 1 year ago
because beautiful girls say yes I'll marry you
◆ byun baekhyun [A] 1 year ago
i see
◆ byun baekhyun [A] 1 year ago
are you pretty?
◆ byun baekhyun [A] 1 year ago
◆ byun baekhyun [A] 1 year ago


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