From tigers, to snakes, and dolphins to koalas, you can see mostly any type of animal around here. Just remember to not pet them, or feed them and you'll be okay.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun paused a moment, looking at the other curiously while glancing him over with a slowly but surely growing smile. "Was that what I think it was, Wookie?" He mused as he passed the tray towards him. He'd been thinking about what the other had said and how he'd reacted to it, it had all been true. He'd probably be warning people off of his beta before anything was even official.
"Even if you deny it, I liked it." Kyuhyun added while giving a small grin after he got his mind back on track. He thought for a moment of where they were at before mapping it out in his head and gave a nod. "Next would be giraffes and maybe we can see if they have the otters further down?"
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook took the time alone at the table to fix himself up a little bit, brushing the hair back into place and out of his face as well as taking a few deep breaths to calm himself down before he got too excited about it all. Oh why was he waiting... could he ask Kyuhyun first? Though his dream was for the Alpha to ask him and he wasn't about to ruin it.

He of course hummed and tried to hide the giddy smile as Kyuhyun returned with the tray and food, cracking into a giggle... a ing, giggle, as the Alpha sat beside him. He deadpanned at himself and silenced immediately, coughing lightly and shaking his head. "Mm, oh uhm. I don't know. What's next on the map?" he asked, busying himself pulling his dish off the tray to cut the roll in half.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun smiled lightly at the other, humming while watching the reaction and noticing the blush on the other's cheeks. He liked it, he'd keep it up all day if he could do so really. He'd pay for the order and wait by the side to collect it once it was all done, in the meantime he'd check his phone for any messages from the others or from work itself, not that he'd be dropping what he was currently doing to go help anyone else.

After collecting, he'd take the tray over to the table and took a seat next to Ryeowook rather than sitting across from him. "here we go~ What do you want to see after we're done here? Can head to the next place in about a couple of hours after we're good here." He'd ask while leaning his elbow on the table and took a sip from the drink.
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook whined inwardly, blushing slightly as Kyuhyun leaned in close. His mind had wished something else was said, but the later part of the comment had him substituting it for nothing. Kyuhyun being possessive of him? Yes please! To others that might be a bit creepy, but he found it quite endearing and almost romantic.
Snapping from his thoughts he nodded quickly and shuffled off to obtain and secure a table for them, moving an uncollected tray from their table to another empty one beside it before taking a seat and waiting.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun hummed as he looked Ryeowook over and then grinned slightly in approval while leaning over to playfully whisper. "I think you'll really look good with red~ I might have to warn others off from you." He chuckled.
Nodding his head aftrr Ryeowook was done with making his choice, Kyuhyun would make the order. "Yeah~ you can have that." He smiled while also ordering his own drink and bingsu. "Want to grab a table and I'll bring the stuff over?"
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook tilted his head slightly. He'd been thinking about red hair for a while himself actually, a nice dark blend... he'd need to shop around for something good of course. "Good. I think I want to try red..." he trailed off in thought again before shaking his head and eyeing the menu.
"Umm... I could have a tea-no, hot chocolate! And... Cinammon roll?" he asked, "I'm not too hungry at the moment but that'd do nicely" he hummed lightly, looking to Kyuhyun to make sure his choice was okay.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun looked up at the other, grinning lightly as he nodded. "Sure...and, red? I think you'd look great in it. More than great actually." He hummed looking up at the menu to see what there was, smiling a little when noting they had bingsu on it, a likely favourite of his. "I am, I told you~ I wanted to have you destress and cheer you up a bit, so, it's my treat today~" He'd look to the beta with a smile and gestured to the menu. "What would you like?"
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook grinned, "Okay, how about red hair? We'll figure it out one colour at a time" he responded, fluffing his hair subconsciously and looking to the Café menu above the counter.
"Oh... are you paying? I don't want to feel like I'm doing nothing" as much as he liked getting gifts- okay, he LOVED getting gifts, he didn't want to feel selfish.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun grinned playfully at Ryeowook, shaking his head lightly as he gestured to the other's hair with a nod of his head. "You do look perfect the way you are, but, hey colours in hair is normal and I'm actually trying to envision you with rainbow hair now." He chuckled lightly, tilting his head slightly while glancing over his shoulder at the beta. "You'd still look fine, and when we get to the cafe just pick out whatever you want, yeah?"
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) "Pfft... you're meant to say I look fine as I am!" he whined, clearly just playing around of course. "I mean, I'd find someone to do it for me. No way I'd be able to actually do it myself" he sighed lightly, giving one last look to the birds before following Kyuhyun to the Café. "I hope not!"
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun glanced towards the other, maybe grinning to himself inwardly at the other's blush not able to help loving the various reactions that Ryeowook could give in the one go. Hearing the other's question he paused in his step and tilted his head slightly while eyeing the hair, giving a nod eventually. "I actually think you could do, though isn't finding someone that can do it properly hard to find?... or do you plan on doing it yourself?" He chuckled lightly, humming soon after at the next reply and question, shrugging his shoulder. "The last time I was here? They had some, yeah. Let's go see if they still have any. They won't run out anytime soon."
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook nodded, trying as he might to hide the light blush on his cheeks as Kyuhyun took his hand. He smiled happily and gawked at the exotic birds. "They're so colourful... what do you think? Reckon I could pull off rainbow hair?" he tilted his head, grinning to Kyuhyun a moment with the stupidity of the question.
"Oh, just a little bit. Do they have any pastries?".
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun merely looked amused at the other's delay in response, a small smile creeping onto his face while looking the beta over with fondness. "We have time you know, it's still early. The other place we're going to is later on, it'll be alright." He smiled and took the other's hand again to lead him to the next few enclosures, the most recent would have been some exotic birds. Stretching his arms, the alpha looked over and tilted his head at Ryeowook. "You hungry?" He gestured towards the cafe not too far from the enclosure they were at, there was still time to eat and see the rest before they'd go to the other place he had in mind.
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) The Beta nearly melted at the idea. It was probably an idea just as bad as actually owning one as a pet, for if he did get a plushie he'd no doubt start collecting them all. Meerkats, Otters, Giraffes... he'd own an entire room filled with soft plushies, his bed would be 90% plushie. The 10% however... he bit his lip at the thought. 5% him and 5% Kyuhyun. He shook his head, he wanted that to be 100% but who knows? He looked up to the Alpha in thought before realising he was asking him a question.
"Hm? Oh erm... other animals. I love these guys but I want to see them all before the Café runs out or closes" he reasoned.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun blinked and looked up at the beta, tilting his head as he watched the other go off to find information on the critters, if the beta was happy then he wasn't going to complain and he certainly wasn't about to stop him from doing something that he was enjoying. He'd smile and contently watch a little longer before wandering over to the beta as he started listing names off, chuckling again before humming lightly in thought. "There are always plushie ones that you could get instead?" He suggested, though knowing him he could suggest that with every animal. "They are rather cute though, hmm you wanting to sit and watch them a little longer before we go see the other ones?"
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook was off in a flash again, looking for the plaque or informational sign about the Meerkats in the enclosure as he rounded the pit and eventually found the post. "I want to know if they have names!" he explained momentarily, sounding all too enthusiastic. He loved finding the names of the animals, he felt it gave them just that little bit more of a personality though the sad stories weren't as nice.

Scanning down the board he eventually found the names of thirteen Meerkats and assumed the other two must be indoors or underground perhaps, unaware they had actually passed away some time ago and the sign simply hadn't been updated. It wasn't something he needed to know however.
"We have... Bailey, Token..." he began listing off the names, smiling at each one. "Aww, I want a pet Meerkat! Though... that's probably a bad idea. Forget I said that, but they're just so cute!" he practically whined, leaning over the bar as the Meerkats converged on the driftwood.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun smiled and gave the other a light grin at the huff and refluffling of hair, he couldn't help but tease the beta sometimes even if it were the simplest of forms. He glanced at Ryeowook and beamed at the other briefly when he felt him leaning on him. He soon paused when the other went rushing over to the enclosure and laughed softly, following him on over to it and peered over to see the meerkats. The words spoken had him humming softly in agreement and finishing off some thought in his head while glancing at the beta out the corner of his eye, he could swear that Ryeowook would be the end of him with that amount of cuteness just flowing from him.
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook huffed and re-fluffed his hair before jumping slightly at the arm over his shoulder having not seen the move being made. He didn't complain about it of course, quite the opposite as he momentarily leaned against Kyuhyun before they continued their walk.
A few minutes later, he was cooing at a sign and rushing over to the enclosure like a giddy child. Meerkats.
"I love these little guys! They're just-they... they're just ADORABLE!" he grinned.

There were roughly eleven Meerkats currently in sight in the large sand-pit enclosure. Some were digging around for snacks hidden by the keepers, some standing on the driftwood and keeping watch and the rest were wandering around the perimeter and looking up at the various people.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun eyed the beta and tilted his head a little. "I didn't say anything about being too heavy did I? Silly." He smiled and reached over to playfully fluff up the other's hair, humming as he shrugged his shoulder. "Well, you did say to go in order~ there are fluffy animals on the way and after, so there'll be plenty to see, Wookie." He chuckled softly while slipping his arm about the other's shoulder's and led him in the direction of the next enclosure, there'd be fluffy animals before it too.
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook hummed, deciding whether or not the answer was sufficient but figured there were better things to do than scrutinise answers. "I'd be amazingly fat for a start" he answered back, shaking his head and following the other again.
"They're cool but... I think I prefer the fluffier things".
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun hummed and shook his head. "No, but it's something that I'd notice if that makes sense? Then I'd likely worry that something might be stressing you out." He looked sheepish for a moment before raising a brow slightly. "Why wouldn't you be amazing? You'd be amazingly cuddlier so there. Hmmm giraffes should be the next ones we see, after we're there we can go look at the snakes and amphibians, those are always cool to look at."
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook raised a brow at the statement, partly curious to it. "And you've been watching my weight~?" he asked, unsure if he should be offended or flattered by the comment. At any rate, he couldn't be mad with Kyuhyun regardless the answer.
"Well excuse you, I'd be cuddlier at least. Don't know about amazing though" he enjoyed the hug, of course he enjoyed it, melting against Kyuhyun for its duration however short it may be. Oh if only things were different... if only he had the courage to say something.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun shift over to peer over the other's shoulder to read the plaque as well, tilting his head a little as he did. He hummed while casting a gaze towards Ryeowook, smiling lightly and chuckling while stepping away for a moment. "Well, that's true. Though I think you have it lucky, I haven't seen you put any weight on no matter what you've eaten." He commented idly, chuckling again as he gave a brief hug to the other male. "You'd still look amazing though."
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook looked at the plaque on the stand in front of the glass. The Tigers were all three make named Kashi, Lidan and Truck. The last name had the Beta tilting his head and wondering about it until he read the story. Truck was rescued from an exotic pets owner who fed him far too often and all the wrong foods causing him to become very overweight... He couldn't help but smile for the happy ending yet feel angered by the story.
"Poor guy... Though I relate, food is too good sometimes" he commented.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun smiled widely seeing the beta so happy about the larger beasts, laughing quietly as he let Ryeowook drag him on over to the enclosure. He'd give a slight glance to the people giving the beta strange looks, huffing a little as that slight protectiveness he had for the other kicked in, shifting closer to him when he noted the other staring at the cats through the glass. Humming to himself he looked up at the tigers too, tilting his head slightly in thought.
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook was snapped from his train of thought as Kyuhyun spoke up, immediately smiling once more and lighting up his features before partly dragging Kyuhyun over to the enclosure he'd been pointed to. "TIGERS!" he called out, earning a strange look from one or two adults nearby but the Beta could ignore them. He was here to see big cats dang it!

There were currently two Tigers in the enclosure, it seemed the third was having a dentist appointment according to the paper plastered on the glass. They two cats lazed in the sun magnificently, one draping his massive paw over its face before rolling over. Overall the Tigers didn't seem all that active, but Ryeowook was fascinated nontheless with the beasts, grinning stupidly through the glass.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) Kyuhyun tilted his head while watching the other out the corner of his eye briefly, smiling automatically for a moment before pointing over towards the tiger enclosure. "The tigers are here, let's go see them." He'd hum, taking the beta closer so that they'd be able to look at them together.
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Ryeowook hummed, smiling lightly and half-skipping along behind Kyuhyun when the other had taken his hand. It had a strange effect on him, each and every time and he simply couldn't help it. Whenever Kyuhyun hugged him, held his hand or did anything of the sort he couldn't stop but feel giddy, excited and happy, no other Alpha has this for him... 'okay, calm down... you're... totally in love with an Alpha aren't you...' he thought to himself, looking to Kyuhyun and watching him closely as they made their way.
'No... out of your league. He's just, being polite! Erm, friendly...' he frowned at that thought, it didn't make him happy in the slightest so he quickly pushed it to the back of his mind.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 11 months ago
@кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) "Sure, anything for you Wookie~" Kyuhyun smiled at the suggestion from Ryeowook and nodded his head lightly at it in agreement. Humming to himself for a moment to get his bearings he'd take them in the direction of the tigers after taking hold of the other's hand, a usual habit he had.
кιм ʀуєσωσσк (в) 11 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) "Well... why don't we go through in order? Would probably be easier than doubling back on everything" he replied, giving one last look to the Koala before looking to the habitat opposite which seemed to be Lemurs. Lemurs were cool, though he thought their hands were a little weird. He liked most animals really.


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