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the 12 wonders。
adam levine ╱ lost stars
樹ヌレカ埼隅ス ╱ dear doyeon

cant believe it's finally the day, our one-year anniversary together. in other words, it has been one heck of a dream come true to have met you. meeting you and dating you are a few things, but being together for this long, for literally 365 days (a three-month old baby!!), that is a blessing in disguise. i still cant believe we've come this far, love. sure we had a still phase where both of us hadn't seen each other for weeks if not a month, but we got through that. and we're still going strong, you and i.

i was wracking my brain on what to do for you for this special occassion. you deserve so much, you deserve the most. but i hope this little present i put together makes you at least a percent of how happy you make me.

樹ヌレカ埼隅ス ╱ us
樹ヌレカ埼隅ス ╱ lee juyeon
樹ヌレカ埼隅ス ╱ kim doyeon

i wasn't sure whose face to use - markle or juyeon, but here i am using juyeon's face for this whole present heh hope you don't mind, baby. either way i'm still your cherry, right? but yea, here is my gift to you. i've always told you that you were my world. so here i want you to know why that is exactly.

the twelve wonders of the world. the twelve wonders of you, kim doyeon.

樹ヌレカ埼隅ス ╱ 12 wonders
# one

Your smile ─ I remember the first time I saw it. the upturn of the corners of your lips, the crinkles of your eyes, the small scrunch of your nose. oh did it take my breath away, made me weak in the knees. but i was still known as a young boy that time, one that didn't know love. but i caught sight of it the second i saw that beautiful smile. i knew then and there, that i was smitten by you. i wasn't sure how fast i'd fell, but instead of falling i was into the blackhole that is my love for you. and maybe (more like definitely) i have made a home in that certain blackhole.

# two

Your laugh ─ They say the cure to everything is laughter, but did they mean my own or yours? because certainly, whenever i hear your melodious laugh ringing in my ears, everything becomes better. my blue days become bright, my moody thoughts become happy, my frown replaced with a natural smile. maybe thats just the effect you have on me. but all i know is that i want to keep making you laugh, whether or not it's due to my stupid jokes or weird antics, i want to simply be the reason you're happy.

# three

Your beauty ─ Maybe that sounds a little materialistic of me, but I do believe you're the most gorgeous person i know. you're like a work of art, the mere sight of you is enough to get my heart beating a trillion miles an hour. you could be seated in the corner doing absolutely nothing and i'd still be inwardly drooling over how beautiful you are. heck, i even have a whole shrine of you on my profile just for me to take a look at whenever i feel like i miss you too much. at this point, your beauty is indescribable, but if i had to put it to words, i'd say it's equivalent to a sunset by the beach. so calming, so natural, yet so breathtaking each time one lays their eyes on it.

# four

Your heart ─ it is made of pure gold, so sincere and warm. your care and love for everyone around you is more than admirable, that if someone told me you were an angel that fell to earth, i'd believe him in a heart beat. because maybe that's just what you are, an angel that the universe gifted me with. if that really was the case, then i can safely say the heavens took a loss.

# five

Your sweetness ─ i consider myself to be a sweet-tooth who enjoys his chocolate and candy, but that never prepared me to meet you. you and your sweet smiles, sweet words, sweet personality. those are just a few things about you that made me fall for you more and more.

# six

Your kisses ─ i never knew i'd actually get addicted to something, but guess i'm addicted to kissing you. or, well, smothering you with kisses then pouting when you don't kiss me back, heh. we haven't gotten further than 5 second kisses, but those brief kisses and quick pecks are enough to leave me wanting to steal more. and to give you more. oh how i love littering pecks all over your pretty face, watching your eyes flutter shut as i do so. it's calming, being able to give you gentle affection like that.

# seven

Your equal patience ─ i feel like the biggest dynamic of our relationship is that we both aren't rushing anything. we're both young and we have so much ahead of us so i'm glad we're still taking our time, because we know we have each other. that, and your family would kill me if i tried anything, not that i would heh.

# eight

Your affection ─ i always thought i was clingy, since i'm always one to hold onto people and smother them with affection. and then i met you, and pft i only managed to confirm that fact. my clinginess grows tenfold when you're around since i always wanna hold you, keep you in my arms. and the fact that you don't mind that makes my heart burst with warmth. you're always returning my cuddles and hugs and affection, which make me more than happy than anything else could.

# nine

Your silliness ─ this may be a random one but i really do appreciate the fact that our senses of humour match well, heh. we're always being silly with each other and i enjoy those moments so much. you'd let me nom on your shoulders, and would do the same to me. you laugh at my stupid pickup lines, and would give me one as well. you enjoy my funny faces, and would simply return it. we both just match each other really well, and i'm so so grateful to have met you.

# ten

Your words ─ its bad enough you make me weak just by smiling and existing, but its really the things you say to me that make my heart pound hard in my chest like a jackhammer. you know just what to say at the right moments, especially when we're having one of those random deep moments in the midst of everything else. you're always so thoughtful with me that i find myself wanting your opinion for the smallest things, just because i know how easy it is for me to listen to you.

# eleven

Your hopes ─ even though we're so young and naive, your hopes for our relationship aren't shallow. they're as vast as mine since we sometimes already talk about marriage. oh how perfect it'd be to spend the rest of my life with you. it's just reassuring knowing that we're always on the same page when it comes to our future.

# twelve

Your love ─ a year ago today, i was lucky enough you even agreed to being my girlfriend. and now we're far into the relationship yet my love for you is only growing. i cant thank you enough for returning that love and making me feel special to you. your love for me is what keeps me going, knowing that at the end of the day, i have someone to hold, care for and love.

樹ヌレカ埼隅ス ╱ love, juyeon

this whole thing is just my messy thoughts and unmatched icons, but i hope you know the main point of all this. its to tell you and show you just how much i love you. even after a whole year of loving you, i only see myself falling further and further into your clutches. you stole my heart but its as if you keep doing so, snatching it away each time with your pretty smiles and thoughtful words. 

younger me was unsure about love but you have made it worthwhile up till now and i hope it's vice versa. i just can't believe we've been together for this long and i hope we'll continue to 5, 10, 20 years of being you and i, of being us. i only see you in my future, doyeon-ah. you make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me happy, you make me whole. i don't know what i'd do without you and i dont even wanna imagine it. all i wanna do now is live in the moment and that is with you, safe in my arms.

i want to keep loving you because as always, i tell you that you're a fallen star the sky mistakenly dropped onto my lap. its been a year since you came into my life and yet you're still shining as bright as ever. i love you so much, my baby star. you are my past, present and future. i want to grow old with you and live with our fifteen pets and live my life cuddling you day and night, everyday. you're who i want to be in my future -- heck you are my future, love. it's me and you until after forever, alright?

lee junyoung [A] 11 months ago
@kim doyeon turns my head to press a kiss to the side of yours as i tighten my hold on you as well, rubbing a soothing palm up and down your back slowly.
i'm glad, baby. i love you sooooo so so so much.
jennie kim 11 months ago
@lee juyeon pulls back and rests my head on your shoulder, arms tightening around you like im worried you'll disappear. i loved the gift. i loved loved it.
lee junyoung [A] 11 months ago
@kim doyeon wraps my arms around your slim waist as i hold you real close to me, letting out a bright laugh at all the kisses.
i take it that you like the gift as well, mm?
jennie kim 11 months ago
@lee juyeon runs up to you and throws my arms around you before smothering you in a million kisses
i love you so much
lee junyoung [A] 11 months ago
@kim doyeon don't cry, love ;;
i love you so much mmkay? and i'm so lucky to have you asdfghjkl. you're my dream come true and i will keep cherishing you till after forever. now come give me a kiss maybe? heh -
[post deleted by owner]
jennie kim 11 months ago
@lee juyeon i am speechless. i dont have anything too poetic to say because i think ive just been blown away. there are tears in my eyes but they're not from sadness they're from joy, love and my gratitude. thank you for loving me baby and showing me what all the disney princesses and all those film couples felt. when we're together it's like we're in our own little romance film heh. i love you so so much lee juyeon. and it will always be us until after forever. hhhhhyy i need to wipe my teary snotty face
lee junyoung [A] 11 months ago
@kim doyeon and here is your gift, baby!! i'm sorry the icons don't match and the messages are jumbled up words but that's just my mind when i see you, heh - jumbled up and messy but at the same time, you give me clarity. i love you so much, lee doyeon. happy one year, baby girl ♡


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