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yukhei 10 hours ago
@taeyong "relationship with queen victoria" - what kind of kdrama is this?
i think you've mentioned me being adorable once or twice before, yes
/feels my fingertips tingle when you kiss them, each one sending a jolt down to my stomach that makes me smile to myself
/there's a flash of nerveousness over my features when you mention your mother like that though, my eyes widening for a moment before i clear my throat
well... i have no intention of breaking your heart so hopefully... i won't have any broken legs
mischievous and lying are two very different things, beautiful
/closes my eyelids briefly when you kiss my forehead, shaking my head at your praise before i shrug my shoulders softly
you've been learning languages too. english, japanese, some chinese too
i needed to learn it a bit quicker, since i'm a foreigner. i still don't know how to express myself in korean sometimes, that's why i look for help from you guys or use my hands to help
/leans my chin atop your head as i waddle with you to the stand, arms still wrapped around you as you point out the things you want
/asks the worker for everything you've asked for, smiling at her in thanks as she hops to it, leaving me to hug you to me still like some teddy i've won here
if its any consolation, i'm lucky and grateful for your standards being low
it means i get to have you
taeyong 15 hours ago
@yukhei Oof, is it really? Still, i do feel like you might have some relationship with queen Victoria so my "hello" remains
Distracted... ohmy you are adorable - have I told you that before?
/my smile grows even brighter as you speak, bringing your palm to my face to leave a kiss on it, lips making sure to peck each fingertip before I let it go/
Let's tell everyone then. Anyway you want it - we can do it that way. Anything that would make you happy.
Be ready to be threatened by my mom though - i think she has been preparing a monologue about broken hearts resultingg in broken legs since the day one when I was born
/laighs gently as I lift one of my hands to pat over your arm wrapped around me, turning my face to you for a moment as if to examine before i hum thoughtfully/
I don't know, i don't know. I feel like you could be quite mischevious if you wanted to
/hums happily as you continue describing me, the whole scene overall making me rather emotional and i lift my hand to cover my face for a moment, not sure if hiding a blush or a silly grin as Iisten, only letting go as you kiss my forehead/
You're really good at it, though! I would never learn a language as fast as you did. Amd it must be so stressful... i just. Look up to you
/rambles as we leave the ferris wheel, happily intertwining our fingers, a childish giggle escaping me as you hug me from behind, my hand rising up to wave off your words/ yes yes i know. Taeyong's standards, where ya at?
/teases you, with another soft laugh as we reach the candy floss kiosk and I start pointing at the different things that I want/
yukhei 1 day ago
@taeyong jokes on you, its older than queen victoria so hA
and alright. i'll make a mental note of it then. and probably try not get terribly distracted by the thought of it in the process. and just... stuff. i think sometimes i just like hearing your voice
/glances down at our hands before i shake my head gently, giving you a warm, sure smile afterwards
i would like to tell them. i'd like to tell my family first, and you yours if you haven't already done so. but then i'd like to announce it to the fans together
i want to be with you, taeyong. i don't want to hide, i don't think i can-
/laughs a little, knowing i definitely couldn't hide it when it comes to my feelings for you, my arm tightening around your shoulders gently to be comforting to you
of course its true!
is this the face of someone who would lie to you?
/tuts softly, smiling to myself before i laugh gently, falling quiet when you mention me though and i shake my head, kissing the back of your hand before i press my cheek to it, looking at you as i speak softly
i'm still not great at korean but i know enough to be able to express, mostly, what i need to
i just thought wow, this hyung who didn't plan on this life, this career, really turned it around and made it work for him. and, well, you did-
/smiles at you, the wheel beginning to descend with us on it and i find myself leaning in, kissing your forehead just before it stops and we get off, helping you down as i hold your hand
/standing behind you, i drape my arms around you and waddle us towards a candy floss place
imagine that. you crushing on little old me
taeyong 1 day ago
@yukhei Whoa, Xuxi,say hello to queen Victoria from me, will you? /snickers at your words, nudging your shoulder playfully before sending a wink your way, my whole face shining with amusement/
Do I think that you ing me into oblivion would be fun? Hmm... yes, I think it would be fun -- we should arrange that ine day,really --
/speaks up casually, although the same playful shine remains in my eyes, grin widening as you agree, such small things about you making me smile like a dummy/
You do? What do you like me saying, mm?
/hints of worry run through my expression as I listen to your words, my teeth sinking down onto my bottom lip as I squeeze your hand once more/
I know what you mean, Yukhei-- what I wanted to say was.. before being an idol I am a man. And if I ever had to choose between a career and love, i would always choose love, as selfish as it might sound.
But i don't want you to be hurt either, and.. we don't have to tell anyone, if you don't want to --- i will be honest. I will do anything you will ask me to do, Yukhei. I want you to be the happiest --
/adds this in a reassuring tone,pleased purr leaving my slightly parted lips as you chase them, gladly leaning into your touch, my body pressibg against your own easily as I close my eyes, listening to you with a shy smile/
You flatter me so much -- i will start thinking too hivhly of myself if you continue this, really. Is it true that you had a crush on me for so long?
Hmm.. when I just became a trainee.. was intimidating - meeting everyone I mean. You know, i don't think many believed in my at first.
So i was in awe watching all of you. You - younger than me, not a native speaker and yet - so quick, as it seemed, to grasp onto things. You amaze me, really.. it must've been so hard - talking another language, training for so many hours a day -
Needless to say, I did start liking or.. crushing on you-- a long time ago.
yukhei 1 day ago
@taeyong you're ridiculous. and really the lady doth protest too much, methinks
and the latter option. don't you think it would be fun?
/grunts when you push my face away though i end up smiling, nodding in agreement about the date being nice as it is though
i don't know. i like a lot of things just because you've said them too
/glances away briefly before i meet your gaze again and suddenly i feel so tiny when you look at me like you do, like you can see right through me
i didn't mean it like that i just... we're idols- you know what people are like. even loyal ones can turn when they think they've done enough
i guess....
i just don't want you hurt because of me. especially if i can prevent it. but if you're sure then we can always tell the fans together...? i think they might like hearing it from us rather than dispatch
/sighs in relief when you kiss me, half melting into the moment as my eyelids fall closed and i gently call your name, leaning in when you pull away only to realise what i'm doing
/laughs softly to myself before i swap my current hand i'm holding yours with with my other, reaching my now free arm up and around your shoulders, holding you against me as i brush my lips over your hair
can't deny i had a mega crush on you before i got to debut. back when i was an sm rookie. when i found out that this guy who had been scouted but knew nothing about the industry let alone how to sing or dance, but then you trained and turned it around- not only to become one of the best dancers in kpop but also to become a leader of nct...?
i don't know. i was filled with awe and thought if he can do it and look that good, then i could try and be at least half as good
but then you shouldn't be surprised i had a crush on you. so many people do. i'm just the lucky one percent that had dream turn into reality
taeyong 1 day ago
@yukhei /chuckles softly as you cover my mouth, looking up into your eyes - mine in a shape of young moon as I smile under your palm, before I lift my own hand to lower yours down slowly/ pshhh, i am not jealous at all. Psh. Jaehyun- who could be jalous psh.
Hmm,behind closed doors though- is that a threat to kill me when we are alone, or a promise to love so hard I can't remember any of that?
/hums, satisfied grin on my face at your closeness, before I let out a whine, pushing your face away with a chuckle/ bad puppy, don't bite--
I like hearing you say it though - a date. Has a... ring to it, doesn't it? Maybe it's because you're saying it though -
/furrows my eyebrows as you mention a backlash, before I shake my head again, slowly but firmly, my eyes boring into your own as I want to make sure you're watching me as I speak/
You speak of it as if us dating is a horrible thing. But it's not - i'm in love and if anyone want's to hate me for that - so be it. The important ones would never - they all know how extremely happy you make me, Yukhei -
/my smile becomes fond as my eyes now ignore the view outside,fovused and more entertained by you, exploring your features like they're new as I keep your palm in my own, even this small touch making my heart beat faster/
Of course I do --
/hums, seeing your beautiful shy smile before you lean in, my face surging forward to meet your lips, maybe a bit less subtly or gracefully than i wanted it to, only to pull away a few moments later as I smile, wide and happy before responding/ hey there
yukhei 4 days ago
@taeyong /groans when you talk about jaehyun still, making a mental note never to bring him up again, reaching my hand over to cover your mouth again
babe you're cute and all but i'm not dating him. i'm dating you and your jealous little
but try say you're inferior to me again. see what happens next time we're alone behind closed doors
/growls the last part gently by your ear when i briefly lean down to do so, shaking my head to myself before i give your ear a small nip when you say that word again
we're on a date. or did you forget again?
and i don't think too much! i'm just... worried. what if people see and then give you backlash for being with me? you've gone through enough before
/looks out again and glances around a little more, running my tongue between my lips as its obvious i'd take a fall for you without even second thinking about it
/when you mention its pretty i turn my head and look over at you, admiring your side profile when you're not looking at me before i smile softly
yeah... it is pretty...
/whispers with a small smile before i see you look at me, watching you do what i do so often and it makes me laugh to myself, squeezing your hand gently in return
you mean it?
/asks quietly before i press my lips together, smiling to myself a little shyly before i see we've reached the top, making me lean in and brush my lips over your own, smiling as i murmur
taeyong 4 days ago
@yukhei /huffs as you pinch my cheek, looking away with my eyebrows still furrowed as I playfully scoff a few more times/ no no. I understand, really.Jaehyun is great, honestly - he's funny, he speaks a bunch of languages, he has a nice smile. I get it, I get it. I understand, I'm quite inferior, I get it, really.
/squeezes your hand before turning my face to you, huge grin on my lips despite my previous words, i tilt my head and give you my best puppy eyes as the line doesn't seem to be moving too fast/ we're on what? can you please say it again? It sounds.. unreal haha -- silly, right?
/chuckles playfully as i see you rather flustered, my hand reaching up to boop your nose quickly before i glance around, shrugging my shoulder/ I think.. I think you think too much, Lucas.. Loosen up a bit. ha. I am encouraging you to be more L O O S E /laughs at the joke reference as we get into the ferris wheel, my eyes curiously running over the view that begins to unfold in front of us/
this is so pretty --
well.. /turns to you, taking your hand and squeezing it firmly my eyes now more interested in you than anything behind the glass as I take your hand to my lips, kissing your knuckles - something you usually like to do yourself/ it is an honour to perform with you, Yukhei
yukhei 5 days ago
@taeyong /gives you an incredulous look when i see how you behave, rolling my eyes again before i reach a hand out and pinch one of your cheeks, giving it a tug just for good measure
someone sounds jealous of a man i'm definitely not dating or even on a date with at this very moment
/squeezes your hand in my own, smiling to myself as i feel you leaning against me again and i'm used to it and not at the same time, much like how everything feels new with you
mhm. but we can't because-
/blinks when you do just that, kiss me in public even if its a peck for a couple seconds and no more, glancing around before i look back down at you, clearly flustered
but we're in public-
what if someone saw and recognises us?
/frets as we wait in line for the ferris wheel, helping you on when its our turn before i rest my hands on the bar, feeling us slowly beginning to move up
of course i do. you debuted a while before me so i wanted to learn to be better at rapping
i wanted to be good enough to stand on stage with you some day. so, i trained and, well, i made it
/turns my head to look at you as we begin ascending, holding my hand out and turning it over so the palm is facing upwards for you to take
taeyong 5 days ago
@yukhei psh, where's the fun in that though? sounds like a b o r i n g kind of relationship if that never happens, Yukhei --
/rolls my eyes, although clearly i am not being serious, my eyebrows slightly rising up before furrowing as I shrug my shoulders rather carelessly/
yes, psh. I know that. of course I know that you're just teasing.. Psh. Of course.
oh? You're dating him? I see. How is Jaehyun then? Doing well, with his beautiful fudgin' sculpted face and his always perfect hair and--
/narrows my eyes as I speak of him before I lift my gaze at you to chuckle, clearly joking before I intertwine our fingers as I stand up, dropping my finished iced tea into the trash can nearby/
/smiles in a silly way as you put my hand in your pocket, the action reminding me of those old school romance movies where such action would be the most romantic and flirtatious thing that one could do before i lean against your body with a happy smile/
heh - a chance to kiss me in public? /murmurs, stepping on my tippy toes and planting my lips on yours for a short moment as I chuckle, going back to my comfortable position of just leaning against you/ every moment is a chance to kiss me thoough --
wait, really? of course it was okay -- it was more than okay, it was great. You always perform so well, yukhei-- dancing and rapping - it seems like it comes naturally to you
yukhei 6 days ago
@taeyong you know. a boyfriend who doesn't give me backhanded compliments and plotting my demise
/watches as you pull away and tip your head down, smiling a little before i hear you talking about the other members now
/still watching you as i sit on the horse, i turn around on my own and face you properly, leaning my head against the pole again
i'm just teasing. just like you do to me. isn't it fair?
you should know who my bias is you silly thing. i'm lucky enough to be dating him aren't i?
/as the carousal comes to a stop i get up, taking your hand and bringing you along with me with a small smile, heading to the ferris wheel
i'd love to
/smiles at you and brings your hand to my lips, kissing your knuckles again before i put your hand in my jacket pocket with my own, lining up not long after
i mean its a chance to kiss you in public without people freaking out at us
oh and did you like the song? did you think my rapping was okay?
i kinda... look up to you when it comes to rapping and what to do
taeyong 6 days ago
@yukhei ...what?
/turns my face to you, letting you see the kicked puppy expression on my features, eyes droopy and the corners of my lips tugged down as I pull away, before lowering my head and looking down/
I see. I see, It's alright, johnny and Jaehyun are cool, I'm not surprised that they would be your favorites, yeah. Yeah, it's okay, I get it..
/murmurs, clearly upset with your reply, genuinely worried if my teasing has actually offended you as I walk with you, small sigh leaving my lips/
yeah, coffee break - you look really cute in that. Like.. Cuddle worthy, you know? as in.. warm and soft heh--
/hums ant your response, looking around as the carousel starts spinning before my eyes light up, as I nudge my head to the side as if signaling for you to look/ yeaaaaah, I am not the biggest fan of dying either. But ferris wheel sounds fun, no? I've actually never been but i've heard that it should be really beautiful in it
or.. we don't have to if you're not feeling that one
yukhei 6 days ago
@taeyong ... i want a new boyfriend
/squints at you when you confess to your actual plan and what you've been doing, narrowing my eyes before i huff and look away from you, though i still let you lean against me
never said that. i can't tell you who my bias is
honestly it changes almost daily. one day its doyoung hyung, another its johnny, sometimes jaehyun-
see? total mess
besides, can't have a bias who gives me backhanded compliments, huh?
/hums as you describe the boss mv and i smile to myself, nodding as i remember how excited i was in general to be part of nct
oh yeah, the suits. i wasn't wearing a shirt beneath mine thanks to the cordi noonas
the other one? you mean coffee break? or another mv?
/tilts my head down at you, leaning my head against the pole in my own mount, shrgging my shoulders gently as i smile still
not sure yet
you're still finishing your tea. but when you're done we can go on a bigger ride if you like, though i'm not that big on them. i don't know about you but i'm not a fan of feeling like i'm about to die or hurl
is there anything you want to try?
taeyong 6 days ago
@yukhei oh no no, don't get mistaken, handsome. all these backhanded compliments? every single words is being though - through and considered, the amount of offensive vs flattering is calculated and well measured. Every word is weighted so if you get offended by my compliments -- just know that I actually planned that.
/leans against you rather subtly as we walk together, humming as I nod, acknowledging your words before I turn to you with shiny eyes, lips stretched into a wide grin/ awwww, Xuxi, are you saying that I am your favorite in the group as well?
/tilts my head to the side as you speak, recalling your looks in the mv before I hum, almost dreamily/ oof those were some good looks.. the turtlenecks? one big yes, everyone looks good in them, you especially. and then during some performances you had those chains around you -- oof. oof. that's all I can say
But yes, I watched the other one too! You looked so pretty--
/raises my eyebrows as you choose the carousal, my amused expression topped with a silly smirk before I wrap my fingers around the pole thingie to keep my balance, my whole body still turned towards you as I sit on the horse like a lady in 1700s would/ sooo.... what's the plan here, hm?
yukhei 6 days ago
@taeyong did you just compare hanging out with me being like the hunger games? hyung you gotta work on those compliments. they're cute but at the same time they make me wonder if you're just a mastermind pretending not to realise all he does
/raises an eyebrow when you describe your funeral as you do, rolling my eyes afterwards and giving your hand a small squeeze as we walk together
nah nah. looks are subjective and you're biased
just like how i'm biased about you
/looks down at you then, smiling softly to myself before i laugh as you flick my forehead, brushing it off playfully before i speak again
you and i know that's a lie. about the hat
/casts my mind back to how i looked in boss, struggling to put the memory of you out my mind first especially with that red hair
it was the blond hair and soft lens. the polo neck didn't help either
but hey i need you to watch more videos- i'm going to come bother you like i did the girl in coffee break when you least expect it
/grins at you playfully before i tug you onto the carousal, straddling a horse after i lifted you up onto your own one beside mine, wagging my brows at you before i grin again, figuring something slow would be better first at least
taeyong 6 days ago
@yukhei pppft, please. I love dealing with your dummy self. In fact, if there was a case, similar to you know, hunger games kind of situation, i will volunteer as a tribute to deal with your dummy self. So yea. don't doubt my determination, kiddo
/laughs softly as i make the situation sound way more dramatic than it actually is, still refusing to look at the sign as I rather turn around, covering that side away from my fave with my palm/
wow, thank you. I think to finish up the bouquet you should also add one of those mangos that are cut to resemble flowers? That street food thing -- i think it would really compliment the potatoes.
ahh well.. I do think that it nicely compliments almost every colour though. But pft. You're complimenting me there when you're a literal 20 out of 10 on every occasion.
/pulls down my hoodie to squint at you as you mention my hat, eyebrows raised before i reach out to flick your forehead, action rather gentle still/ excuse you. That hat was a fashion statement.
I mean.. You're cute in your essence so i guess the hairstyle doesn't really change that, ya know?
/takes your hand in mine as you stand up, squeezing your fingers gently before I follow you, almost forgetting about the half-finished tea that I still have in my cup as we walk/ hmm.. I think you look almost angelic beautiful in 'boss' - but then again, you look good in every mv
yukhei 1 week ago
@taeyong no i think i'm good. i'd rather be a bumbling mess and get to see your face rather than have you hide it behind a mask
besides, you'd be the one who has to deal with my dummy self
/grins as you pinch my cheek, rolling my eyes at how stubborn you're being about potato tornadoes though, pointing to the sign again before i snort to myself
you can't deny it when its literally there. and i'm gonna turn up at the funeral and lay a bouquet of em on your grave
its not blank. white, despite being a shade and not a colour, represents a lot of things. purity, innocence, serenity, calm, clouds, gentleness... the list goes on. and you said some good ones too
though i don't think everyone pulls off white- but you look pretty in it. just like in the touch mv
/laughs as you hide at the memory alone, gesturing to your own head as i lift my hands high up to signal what i mean
what about that stupid high hat you had on? the whole thing was so-
you liked my look in regular too? i'm so used to seeming cuter that it was just unusual i guess. but if you liked it i'll be happy
/gets up, holding out my hand to you before i walk over to the bin and toss my trash away, meandering around with you as i look over the rides and speak again
i think i look best in coffee break though. well, coffee break for soft and then take off for not so soft
taeyong 1 week ago
@yukhei hmm... but if it poses distractions for you to the point where you can't speak anymore, handsome-- we want to keep you sane and smart, right?
/teases, reaching my hand out to pinch your cheek with a grin, enjoying the effortlessly flirty conversation as I sip on the iced tea, the world seemingly becoming my own personal paradise as I'm with you/
Will never do that. In fact. I will refuse to believe that it is actually called that until the day I die. Mark my words. During my funeral i will make people serve those and call them "potatoes on sticks" just to prove my point. That's how petty i am going to be about this.
/nods my head at your question though, taking my time to enjoy the snack before I can actually reply/
I like white. Silly, but it's one of my favorite colours-- which is uh, a sad thing, right? Considering that white is just uh. Blank. But I think it's clean, it's neat. White clothes also make every possible skin tone look beautiful as heck - so yea
/hides my face in my palms as you mention win win's hair, shaking my head slightly as if trying to shake away a memory of some trauma, my eyes tightly shut for a moment before i collect myself/
no no. let's not even.. let's not even talk about his hair, i am still in denial regarding that
whatt? you were insecure about your 'regular' styling? oof that one was.. Insane. You looked so attractive i'm not surprised fans called you that--
yukhei 1 week ago
@taeyong if you start wearing a mask around me then i'm going to be sad because i can't see that pretty face no more and its the highlight of my day
every damn day
/grins as i flirt shamelessly, very much the kind of person who could be five decades into his marriage and still be found flirting like its the first time
nah i think it was an adult man but i doubt that's going to make you feel better-
naver the potato tornado some time. you'll be surprised
/shakes my head when you take a bite, offering you some more anyway as i lean across the table and take great delight in feeding you myself
mnh... kinda. it is just sugar after all and if you're going for that then may as well get the colour. but you like white right?
you tend to wear it often too, i've noticed
/its one of many things i've noticed about you, like no matter how much you might deny it, you seem to find great enjoyment in my jokes and flirtatious mannerisms
... yeah i kinda hope they fired the team who firstly dressed you like that, but then whoever gave it the go ahead. all of you looked a little- i mean sicheng's hair too i-
/shakes my head at the memory, laughing though before i lean my chin in my palm as i rest against the table just a little closer to you
somehow you made it out of there though
as for me. the styles i mean i'm not so fond of are... ah you know near rookies era when i had a bit of a sever fringe for a while? and then in regular, i don't mind it so much but i was nervous about my hair having the buzz sides and gelled back top style
but considering fans were calling me daddy i don't think it ended up being so bad
taeyong 1 week ago
@yukhei ...noted. I will start wearing my mask whenever I see you now -- to keep you sane -- what do you think?
/rolls my eyes playfully as you accuse me of yelling, shaking my head just slightly before leaning it to bite a bit of your snack despite the words I said earlier/
It must've been a child who worked on that, honestly. Who would even ---
meh hairstyles though? You? I beg to disagree-- I think you are one of those very rare people who actually managed to get good hairstyles despite the performance, you know-- Not all of us have been this lucky..
/Murmurs in a dramatic tone before i shake my head softly, as if recalling some memories of some long forgotten past/
ahh i like both! I actually like white the most because it seems the healthiest because it doesn't have any colouring in it... bUT it's quite stupid to hope for it to be somewhat healthy in the first place, isn't it?
ah. don't remind me. The situation in limitless--- /shudders visibly, resorting back to drinking my tea as if that could help me drown the horrible memories/
yukhei 1 week ago
@taeyong i- i messed up and got distracted by your lips so i lost my train of thought. sue me
/mumbles around another bite of food, clearing my throat afterwards and gulping it down when you suddenly tell about the name of the food being silly
why are you yelling at me! your country was the one who named them!
/throws my hands up before i end up laughing along with you, shaking my head to myself before i happily eat more, nodding in agreement about the hair
i've had some meh hairstyles but thankfully nothing terrible. ... yet
/finishes my snack before i use the napkin to wipe around my mouth, looking back at you when i'm done, leaning into my chair as i sip from my drink
what colour do you prefer? pink? blue?
candyfloss i mean. it makes me miss your pink hair a little
actually you've had a fair few interesting hairstyles yourself, huh?
/leans forward on my elbows against the table as i bring it up, my mind drifting to your firetruck and limitless styles
taeyong 1 week ago
@yukhei uh-huh. Yes, I see. How--how does that relate to dating though? Not to sound ignorant or anything but... what?
/starts the questions somewhat seriously but ends up snickering at the end of my sentence, pulling my hoodie closed for a moment, only to open it as I get myself together again, slightly teary eyes acting as proofs for my amusement/
IT IS A FLIPPIN POTATO ON A STICK OKAY? gee, why do we need all these fancy words to describe everything?
/looks to the other direction dramatically, before laughing again, my hand rising up to poke your cheek after/
it wasss- they all look like babies there though. some haircuts are also uh..... questionable. but i mean.. that's the charm of the show, i suppose-- /shrugs, only to smile brightly afterwards, gripping my cup of tea to hide the stupid grin behind it as i shake my head/ no no - enjoy it. I think there is a threat of me getting too interested in cotton candy later on anyways, so i will be fine--
yukhei 1 week ago
@taeyong no duh. i'm lucas, yukhei, xuxi, i gotta have good standards since i have three names right?
/unsure how that relates i shrug it off to be part of my endlessly weird explanations, pausing when i take a bite of my snack though
that's literally what its called! i can't believe i'm educating the korean on his own country's food- what has the world come to?
google it if you don't believe me. or look at the board you ordered it from for me
/points back to the board that, sure enough, says 'potato tornado' in cursive handwriting, sticking my tongue out at you afterwards
exo sunbaes do make a lot of food look delicious. their tour show was pretty cute
/murmurs as i'm busy enjoying the food some more, cheeks full of it as i use a napkin to wipe around my mouth, smiling at you happily
you don't want some more, hyung? you usually always demand to eat stuff
taeyong 1 week ago
@yukhei /clicks my tongue as you whine, chuckling at your cute antics afterward before your words make me smile wider than before, cheeks dusted with pink/
is that so? I'm glad then. above and beyond - i like it. sounds like exactly the kind of standard that I want to go for-
I don't know.. Potato on a stick? I've never heard of someone calling it a tornado before /shakes my head, not sure if i believe you just yet, picking just a cup of iced tea for myself once we are in the line/
/doesn't hesitate and takes a bite of your snack, humming happily at the taste before I nudge you, as if signaling for you to finish the rest as i don't want to steal it away from you, rather sipping on my tea/
ahhh honestly.. I think I first tried this after exo showtime as well --- i think it's just their talent of making everything look delicious /chuckles before winking at you playfully as I raise my hand to fix my hoodie/
yukhei 1 week ago
@taeyong /whines softly when you pinch my cheeks, though i don't mind too much when you coo at me and make me smile again
they were met a long time ago. now everything is just above and beyond, trust me
whaaaaaat? what's wrong with a potato tornado? what do you call them??? they're one of the greatest inventions of korea, at least in my opinion
/follows you as you tug me, laughing though as i give your hand a squeeze in return, lining up for food before i point out that i'd like an americano as well
/when we have our food i sit down with you, holding out the end of the potato tornado towards you, nodding for you to go ahead and have some for yourself
try it, hyung
i first saw these when i watched exo sunbaenim's showtime. they looked tasty so i told myself i had to have on at least once in korea. i've now lost count of how many i've had
/smiles before i sip from my drink, swirling it around a little just to hear the ice shake inside
taeyong 1 week ago
@yukhei /chuckles at your response, pinching your cheeks as I scrunch my nose, cooing moment later as if I have an adorable puppy in front of me, rather than a beautiful guy/
Adorable. I wanted to go out with you too – hopefully your expectations will be met though haha-- /gladly intertwines our fingers, turning my head around to spot any snack places before I hear your words, turning back with a rather sceptical look on my face, my eyebrow raised/ you want. A. “potato tornado”… I. Don’t know what to say --- your wish is my command, I guess.. But geez.
/shakes my head rather dramatically, only to squeeze your fingers gently afterward, tugging you towards the snack place/ yes, though, I do absolutely need it
yukhei 1 week ago
@taeyong /leans into your touch when you squish my face in your hands, laughing softly to myself after you kiss my lips and in front of others too
no no. not allowed to feel like that. i was just desperate to take you out
/rubs the back of my neck in a sheepish manner before i slide my hand int your own, linking my longer fingers between your shorter ones comfortably
buy me a potato tornado and you can consider yourself "forgiven" if you absolutely need it
/holds up my other hand, forefinger extended to signal the number '1' i mention, raising an eyebrow with a playful tilt of my head, happy to see how you're smiling so much
taeyong 1 week ago
@yukhei /stumbles next to you in curious confusion as you take us to the bus and only when we are standing in the line do I turn to you with a huge grin on my face, hands rising up to squish your cheeks with a chuckle, just observing you for a moment before I lean in to place a loud smooch on your lips, laughing softly as I pull away/
you're so cute, yukhei-- i feel like i was meant to treat us for a date though -- feels like I lied to you now..
so how about we get something to eat before any rides? like a snack?
It will be my treat-- /nods as if proud, the genuinely happy smile not disappearing from my face even for a short moment/
yukhei 1 week ago
@taeyong /tugs a hoody over your head as i drag you out from your dorm, smiling a little as i tugh it into place before showing you my own hoody, which just so happens to match your own
just in case you get lost or something
/grins at you before i slide my hand into your own, knowing it'll become apparent where we're going when the bus pulls up to the stops closer to our destination
/when its time for us i hop off with you, hand still in your own as we line up and get our wristbands, smiling over at you before we're finally inside
so... impromptu date, i know
but i figured it was a good time. so! what'd you like to do first?
changmin 9 months ago
@shin *looks at you smiling*
Very pretty
*smiles more and nuzzles you back*


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Shownu from monsta X as second chara pls
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can you add Minhyun?
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dowoon from day6 please and thankies
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I’m so proud of you bubbies

stay litty you bishes <3
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hai, heathens :)) guess who?
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