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yukhei 4 months ago
@taeyong hmm... hermione is smart but she's too good sometimes. i'm only just recently reading the books, nearly finished the priosoner of azkaban and i love remus
he's such a good man and stuff. i loved him in the films but i love him in the book too
/murmurs as you hide against my neck, feeling the heat from your face there and it makes me smile to myself, only able to imagine just how red your face must seem to be now
/its my turn to feel embarrassed though, my face warm as i feel heat flooding through it and i clear my throat, rubbing my palm over the side of my neck lightly
hey... its nothing to thank me for
you know that, right? the world is a much better place with you shining in it openly
/as you finish up and try and make jokes i smile to myself, skin still ticklish from your kisses before i'm gently setting you down and turning myself around to face you, laughter on my lips as i do so
/looking down at you i slowly stop laughing, glancing down at your lips and then back up to those pretty eyes of your, caging you between the railing to the side and my body
maybe... but if it means cutting into what little time i have with you already?
then i might need some hard convincing
/laughs happily again before i'm pressing my lips against your own, kissing you sweetly as my eyelids falling shut and i sigh, one hand cupping the side of your face as i brush my thumb against your jaw for a moment
i love you...
/lightly nudges your nose with mine, kissing you once more before i turn around again, pulling you up onto my back again and resuming walking with you like that
if you ever begin to forget how much i love you then i'll remind you, alright?
no matter when or where. i'll remind you. i promise
/nods softly as if to confirm it for myself before i'm just grinning to myself and walking, looking ahead of me as i do so, taking my time and just enjoying being with you as always
taeyong 5 months ago
@yukhei /huffs, as you seem to take the witches' side once more, although my expression is playful, each facial feature of mine drowning in this rather careless playfulness that I feel when I'm around you/
I have seen enough shenanigans to know what's up.. even that teenage witch - Sabrina- she's up to no good either!
I think the only one I can accept is Hermione -- I trust that girl for sure.
/as I finish what seems to be almost a rehearsed monologue, i let my head fall, hiding my face in the back of your neck while I wait for the redness of my cheeks to disappear - genuinely meaning my words and yet still being somewhat shy to declare them out loud/
I am being honest when I say that you truly are an angel on earth for me. And I want to do everything that's in my power to show you my love every day - because you deserve it - all of it.
/as you start speaking about me, i feel the flush making a grand comeback to my cheeks and spreading to the tips of my ears as I close my eyes, enjoying the sound of your voice and the content of your words, them making my heart beat faster in my chest as I squeeze you tighter for a moment, hoping to express my gratitude/
I -- i think you already are teaching me love.. every day i learn bits from you. I had trouble letting people in - after all that's been taking place in my past, j just didn't think i should trust again..
But you make it so easy, xuxi. When I'm with you I let myself believe that this love.. maybe I am worthy of love, you know? Maybe i am worth something like this and..
I just can't thank you enough for letting me feel this..
/murmurs as I tip my head down, pressing a collection of soft butterfly kisses to the back of your neck, lips slowly sliding over your skin and finally getting a rest on top of your head as I try to pour all of this emotion into my actions/
/after a few moments I clear my throatn not wanting the atmosphere to turn gloomy and giving you one more squeeze between my arms while a smile forms on my lips as I speak up/
Do you.. /clears my throat again, chuckling as I try to get back to my usual playfulness/ do you think we should get a podcast or something? "Teaching youngsters how to love and confess, Taeyong and Yukhei life advice"?
yukhei 5 months ago
@taeyong /simply chuckles as you insist about witches being evil, shaking my had gently at you before i tut under my breath as well, reaching a finger over to gently boop at your nose
clearly you've never seen the good little witch
and yeah, unique. but i'll give it some more thought before i suggest anything. don't worry. but no its not silly to say, hyung
/smiles in reassurance before you speak a lot more about what you like than i thought you would, my eyes widening before i quickly straighten up and concentrate on listening to you a little more
/blinks at you before i feel my face heat up and i'm grateful for the excuse to hide it when i give you a piggyback ride instead, holding onto you carefully
i don't think i've ever had anyone say stuff like that about me... honestly i'm flattered and more than a little embarrassed
/admits quietly before i begin walking, my cheek still hot from where you kissed it as my chest feels tight whilst my heart is thumping like crazy inside
well... here goes nothing
i guess i should start with how much i adore you being human. i've mentioned before knowing you've had a bit of a speckled past but you realised a long time ago that kind of behaviour wasn't acceptable
so you changed yourself and you clearly have a big heart because you felt guilty about your past years later. and i think at first you were kind to try make up for the past but then it just became really genuine
that's you now
the guy who became an idol not knowing the first thing about singing or dancing but stuck it out and not only made it himself but became a very reliable person to those younger to him and a shoulder to lean on for his hyungs too
/hoists you up a little higher, clearing my throat as i think more specifically about the things i like about you when it comes to our relationship
i know people have hurt you before and whilst i don't know the extent or details i can guess how much because of your habits. i'm sorry about the past but whilst i can't change it i can try and make your life now a lot better
i can try teach you its okay to disagree and it won't mean i'll leave you. i can teach you its okay to be upset and to lean on someone else once in a while... i can teach you to stop apologising for breathing...
/my voice drops to a quieter level with these next words, a smile on my lips as i stop walking for a moment but keep you on my back and in my arms
i'd like to go travel places with you. i'd like to hold your hand in front of the world. i'd like to hold you close on long winter nights and keep you warm. i'd like to make you restless in the heat of summer and get lost in another kind of heat entirely...
i want to live with you. and i don't just mean living together i mean i want to go through the years of my life with you, by your side. there's no one else i'd rather do that with, taeyong
i love you
taeyong 5 months ago
@yukhei Well true. But quite an interesting concept,dom't you think? I feel like i haven't really been expoaed to such idea before so it's interesting to think about --
Whyy nooot,don't be a party pooper --
/chuckles before i hear your reply,nodding happily when you say you're proud of your work, leaning my head to your shoulder shortly in a small sign of affection/ yeah? That's good -- you should be.
/narrows my eyes at you as you ask if i would break up with you,scoffing as I shake my head - not in disagreement but rather in disapproval of such question,my eyes still having a playful shine to them so it's probably easy to tell that i'm joking/
What I would do for sure is - be more cautious when speaking to you, because, as I have mentioned previously, i do believe that old ladies are wi t ches - good or bad it doesn't matter. Magic is not to be messed with no matter what --
/states all this as if i am actually laying the facts in front of you, your laughter bringing a smile to my face as we continue walking, me rather lazily dragging my feet as I do not wish for this date to end/
Something unique? I like it. We are quite unique on our own, no? I feel like we have a certain um. Dynamic around us? Is that silly to say??
/leaning to the railing i watch the water for a moment, not meeting your eyes as i listen to your question, my eyebrows furrowing - not in annoyance but rather in concentration as I think about my response for a bit,before turning my face to you, expression a tad more serious than before as I speak/
Do I really like you? Well..
I like the feeling of going to sleep without worrying and bting my lips, unsure if the person i am with has hidden feelings or ideas or thoughts that he wouldn't discuss. I like feeling safe and not worrying that a single word of mine could break a bond. I like knowing that no matter what I can always talk to you. That any issue there is - i can be open about it. I like that you are the goofiest and silliest I know,and yet you are mature and smart and understanding and accepting. I like knowing that you wouln't force me into anything I don't feel like doing. I like that we can be silly together - i love joking with you. I like how kind you are - it amazes me what your kind heart is capable of. I like that there is probably no topic that we couldn't talk about because you know so much but you're also open to listen to things you don't know yet? I like that it is never boeing with you - we can sit and do nothing and I would still feel my heart being fulfilled. I like that you don't mind my affection - i like that you are open about your feelings. I like that none of us is superior to the other - i like that we can appreciate eaxh other.
So to summarise. Yes, I think I like you --
And ah, your face is also incredibly handsome as well
/winks as i finish, cheeks red, maybe because of the confession or because of your touch or the combination of both. Biting my cheek gently, i lean in to brush my lips over your cheek before jumping onto your back and wrapping my legs around your waist with a chuckle as I snuggle close, arms wrapped around your neck/
What about you? What do you like,Xuxi?
yukhei 5 months ago
@taeyong all that lying must have taken so much energy. i feel tired just thinking about it, my god. i think i might skip the dramatic reading though
/leans in a little when you reach up to press a kiss to my cheek, smiling softly to myself as i feel your soft lips on my skin
i am proud of my work. don't worry, hyung
/rolls my eyes at your dramatic exclamations, laughing though as i enjoy your more quirky side like the others, especially when its you being weird over me
hey, i'm not the one that's going to be an old lady
or are you going to break up with me when i turn into one?
/poses a couple more times when you're looking over the glowsticks i've put on us, some of the poses a little more dramatic than the others before i'm laughing happily
/gently tugs you along to keep walking, stopping by the railing overlooking some of the water, lit up by the lights around us and i can't help but shrug
maybe. i'll give it some more thought though
we'll find something. unique too
or rather, it'll find us
/turns around then, lifting my arms to lean my elbows on the railing behind me, relaxing as i stand there nonchalantly and loll my head in your direction, smiling still
do you really like me, hyung?
i mean. what specifically do you like...?
and not just my looks- that's a cop-out answer i'm not going to be accepting from you
/teases as i shift to lean on one elbow, turning myself entirely towards you before i reach my hand out and brush my fingers over your cheek, smiling at the soft feeling before i trace your scar beside your eye
/tips my head, pulling you closer without warning before i turn my back to you, crouching and waiting for you to hop up as i offer you a piggyback ride
taeyong 6 months ago
@yukhei Right right, I agree. Ah but also! I recently read this fanfiction where the whole relationahip was based on both xharacters lying to each other 24/7?like - they both knew that each is talking nonsense all the time - like. I think they didn't even know each others' names? But uhhh that fanfiction was so good i will dramatically read it to you one day, don't you worry --
But yes - in real life this kind of stuff wouldn't work. Trust and honesty i feel like are the foundations of any healthy relationship--
/leans into you,sighing gently as you speak, closing my eyes to relax against you, my hand still soothingly brushing your side although who am i even soothing at this point, is it you or me/
It is. But it's important to not overwork yourself, right. It is also important to stop and appreciate the work that you have already done - to feel lile some sort of pride over it. Then it is easier to move forward-
/nods before i step on my tippy toes to bush my lips over your cheek gently, as if this small kiss could somehow make everything in the world a little better. As I step down, however,i give you a rather suspicious glance, the playful glint returning to my eyes/
Okay but -- why are you siding with old ladies amd not me?I think! They got you already! Brainwashed you! Oh my, Xuxi, you're going to turn into an old lady! Oh my!
/chuckles,glancing over you and tilting my head to one side, then the other, as if trying to get a good feel of this new style that you're introducing/
Well i mean. I guess this is spot on - neon is very much on nowadays right?
/adjusts my glowing bracelets as I think, small hum vibrating through my parted tiers before I glance up/jewelry... hm.
What could be something cool? Like earrings?
yukhei 6 months ago
@taeyong yeah she was definitely in the wrong. you don't have a relationship if there isn't honesty as a foundation, right?
/smiles softly as you get all worked up about the drama, appreciating how into it you are and how passionate you are even over this
/leans into your side a little as your arm winds around my waist and holds me even closer, listening to you talking about your parents and missing them
i guess when we need our family any distance is too much
as for the working hard, i can always do better. that's not a surprise though. its natural, right?
/gives you a reassuring smile to ease your worry, knowing you fret enough about the group as is, you don't need to worry about me missing family on top of everything else
/snorts when you go back to yelling after the compliment, shaking my head softly at you before i hear you talking about old ladies now and apparently how they scheme things
what kind of old ladies have you been hanging around? i think someone has been watching too many dramas
/hums as i finish the look i've given both of us, grinning when you question me about it though and i shrug my shoulders shamelessly
considering we both got into sm based on looks alone, i think we could win
/scrunches up my nose when you mention a tattoo, merely because i'm too picky to be happy with one design on me forever but also the pain
okay so not tattoos but what else?
or is that too mainstream?
taeyong 6 months ago
@yukhei Ahh i guess so. But he did end any kinda relationship with the short haired girl as soon as he found out though.. honestly she was all hurt and all but.. i get him? I mean their relationship was primarily based on her lying to him.. that's not very nice--
/flails my arms around,honestly, being way too into this whole drama, yet still wanting to set my points straight. As you shrug, i calm down a little, wrappin my arm around your waist and squeezing your side gently/
Miss them, hm? You must be so.. brave, honestly. Like. My parents are not that far away, so i get to visit them more often and yet i still feel the longing each day..
But i guess the best we can do is work hard,right..
Which is spmething you already do - you know that, yeah?
/i talk in a calm voice, the fingers on your side gently drawing abstract circles as if soothing you, my eyes travelling to your own as I add to my train of thoughts a few moments later/-- you are one in a million, Xuxi,i hope you know --
/gives you a small smile,leaning to you with a sigh of relief, before you switch our candy flosses./ WHY DID YOU THROW MY HARRY POTTER MERCH AWAY?! /whines in an overly dramatic voice, longingly staring back at the trash can before sighing again,a throwing a shaming look at you before laughing gently./
Old ladies are the most suspicious of the ladies - you never know what they're thinking. One moment they are smiling and talking nicely to you and then the other - look they're gossiping about you with all their old friends --
You can't trust those friendly smiles.
/shakes my head, my voice serious, almost like i'm reading some science book to you, including a nod every few moments to highlight my points. As you start the customisation,I only stand there,blinking calmly, not letting my smile reach my lips and rather fircing it to express itself through my eyes only/ is this a makeover? Are we in the antm now-- /My eyes widen before I finish the sentence, as I gasp, covering my mouth with my palms as if some amazing realization has just hit me/
Oh my. We should get some cheesy matching stuff, i've always wanted to do that--
Was initially planning to say tattoos but uh,kaybe not.
yukhei 6 months ago
@taeyong not naive. no. but i guess it also depends on the situation right? and how much you liked the person
i'd have spoken to the friend about it first and went from there though. also feel like the guy in question should know about it too, right?
/shrugs a little when you mention my family being proud of me, honestly not able to contact them as much as i would like
i'm not sure. i think so? i miss my little brother a lot though
/shakes it off as i don't want to bring the mood down, appreciating the kiss to my cheek and your little giggle makes a certain warmth bubble up inside of me
/rolls my eyes with a grin when you mention wearing a silk bathrobe in front of my parents, laughing quietly under my breath as i look at you
/gives you the rest of my cotton candy to have and enjoy, taking your stick when you're done and tossing it in a bin we pass by
now my boyfriend is picking on old ladies
/teases you right back before i wrap an arm around your waist, holding you close before i stop with you to get some glowsticks, putting the glass frame ones on you and another around your neck, a headband on my head and matching bracelets that show up different colours as the night goes on
taeyong 6 months ago
@yukhei oof. yes, please proceed, these compliments don't make me flustered at all, no
yea yea, that one. see.. okay, i get it that you cannot control feelings and blah blah blah but.. i feel like if i started liking the same guy as my best friend, i would just.. back off? like. Clearly it would hurt but i would rather hurt myself than my friend, is that too naive to say?
/gets a bit worked up as my tone starts getting louder and my words leave my lips faster before I chuckle at myself for getting this involved into some kdrama character's life/
well.. i am sure your family is proud to the skies now, aren't they? you are a great person and a successful idol - i'm sure you make them proud with each passing day.
/smiles as I speak, honestly meaning the words before I lean in to peck your cheek quickly, giggling like a child who just did something mischievous afterwards/
well.. yes but it sets off like a first impression, doesn't it?
but if you say so -- i will wear a silk bathrobe then. I feel like comfort should be the key --
/nudges your shoulder teasingly before i join your chuckle, closing my eyes as our faces lean closer, only to open them and give you a bright smile as you move away. Finishes my own cotton candy wordlessly, waving the stick around before I glance up at you as if knowing some secrets/
i don't know.. suspicious, isn't she?
I'm onto you, susana---
yukhei 6 months ago
@taeyong that's my point! you're so gorgeous you literally blow me away on a daily basis
the main girl's best friend was the really put together woman right? with the cropped hair? and she liked seojoon too?
/asks as i tilt my head, trying to remember since it was a while ago now before i look back at you, smiling to myself after another moment
we haven't really had the time to visit my family, you know?
i actually recently said on keep running that i wanted to become successful, so i could go home and make my family proud, you know?
...ended up making yuqi cry since i guess it was relatable but its still true
/shrugs softly before i murmur 'you are special' softly under my breath, smiling at you still before i chuckle when you mention what to wear for my parents
you can wear whatever you like, baby
they're more interested in the person beneath the clothes rather than the clothes themselves
/chuckles under my breath when you turn back to the lady before finally taking the bite i offered from between my own lips, making me smile to myself once more
/leans back up, finishing my own piece before i lean against your side a little more, holding you close to me as we walk beneath the lights together
why else would sh give it to us?
she did say we were cute together
taeyong 6 months ago
@yukhei /hums, a small surprised noise showing my surprise at the kiss, however, I return it, my fingers gently squeezing your own before I pull away with a soft laugh/ oh yeah yeah, deffinitelly. Who wouldn't want such a.. uh.. fine piece of man hm?
/wiggles my eyebrows at you as you pull away, cautiously glancing around as if to see if anyone has seen the soft kiss we shared, my cheeks slightly blushed and my chest filled with the rather irrational happiness/
Yess with those two! To be honest I kind of enjoyed their relationship more than the main couple -- the main girl and her best friend were a bit... problematic, you know?
/tilts my head in surprise of your words, blinking quietly for a bit before my smile widens, the candy floss forgotten in my hand as I look up at you, beaming/
You haven't introduced any of the others to your parents? Ahh that makes me feel.. special? Hehe. I will make sure to make the best impression on them then--
I could uh.. dress up in a suit? Do you think they would like that? Or like a sweater and collared shirt under to give out that "responsible boi" kind of vibe?
/chuckles, my tone playful although the pink remaining in my cheeks gives out some feeling of pride, only to squint again hearing your later words/ pshhh. Us. I bet. I bet. /glances back at the lady only to turn back at you with the candy between your lips, my eyebrow rising up as I give you a sassy questioning look, teasing for a short moment before leaning in to share the bite wih you/
yukhei 6 months ago
@taeyong /smiles as i hear you speaking so confidently about yourself, enjoying hearing it as i lean down and kiss your lips softly, forgetting the others as i want to make a point for you
i am lucky to have you though... i hope you know that
/leans back casually afterwards as if nothing happened out of the ordinary, like i didn't just kiss you in public, making me smile as i take a couple more bites out the sugary treat
ah i started watching that when it came out! siwon and park seojoon, right?
i liked it but felt too frustrated so stopped. since its on netflix now i'll probably being that when i finish w!
but i agree. i like serious genres with the funny moments
/when you mention learning chinese for them i feel touched because its a real dedication, making me gently squeeze your hand that's in my own
i think they'd definitely be touched
you'd be the first person i brought home to meet my parents as my partner too
/says with such pride my chest swells a little, glancing down at you and raising an eyebrow when you squint at me, rolling my eyes with a dimpled smile
i think she liked /us/
/pops some candyfloss in between my lips, leaning in as i wait for you to take the other half and enjoy it, smiling to myself with my lips pressed together as i wait
taeyong 6 months ago
@yukhei pshhh. no no. you know what actually is best for learning? having a native boyfriend or girlfriend - one hundred percent they will make you learn everything you need. so what i'm saying is - lucky you for having my fine /shuts up for a moment, pondering on this sentence that i've just produced before shaking my head lightly/
that was pretty confident of me to say - i don't actually think overly good of myself most of the time--
my favorite ones.. hmmm. I like the ones that have quite a serious plot but then there are some funny moments as well -- i enjoy those jokes.. Like.. "She was pretty"? Recently watched that - was quite fun.
/chuckles as you whine at my teasing, shaking my head just slightly before i put an exaggerated pout on my lips, trying not to smile although I enjoy the playfulness of the moment/
ahh -- i could learn chinese for them! I have the basis and for your parents I would deffinitely try! do you think they would be impressed?
ahh --- so cheesy-- i love it
/happily takes the candy floss, taking a small strand of it and putting it in my mouth, letting it melt slowly as I hum, satisfied while observing the conversation you're having with the lady. as we walk away, i turn back squinting gently before looking up at you/
you think she liked you? /murmurs in a playfully jealous tone, squeezing your fingers for a moment/
yukhei 6 months ago
@taeyong ah yeah i know what you mean. i've watched a lot of korean dramas to help me learn it better. its really the best for learning! historical dramas are some of my favourites but i think of all the ones i've seen, hwarang was my favourite
what about you?
aye- why do you tease me so much hmm? do you like seeing me tear up and whine because of you?
/tilts my head, raising an eyebrow after a moment before i kiss the top of your head several times, smiling as i squeeze you gently in my arms
courage or idiocy? i wonder- my parents? ah, they might struggle to talk to you but only because my father is chinese and my mother is thai. they speak some english but they're not fluent in korean. the same goes for my little brother, though he speaks more english so you can talk to him easier
regardless, i know they're going to love you
just not as much as me. but then no one will
/reaches forward, taking the candyfloss from the woman and handing it to you, the thing bigger than yours and my head combined
"for you"
oh but i just ordered the one...
"i know. you two are too cute not to treat like that"
/smiles at her and takes the extra one she holds out, thanking her again even after i paid, stepping beside you as i hold your free hand in my own, smiling as we walk under the lights
that was nice of her, huh?
taeyong 6 months ago
@yukhei One of those historical ones where the main characters used the oldschool language and their hands touching is the most intimate thing that happens- which overall sounds like it should be pretty boring, but it's actually really good and makes you cry and---
/i chuckle as you seem to be so nervous about what I've said, waving ny hand off as if to brush off the worry,my eyes full of amusement/
Don't worry, silly bun. My mom is the tiniest, cutest creature you've ever seen, i promise. My daaad on the other hand -- /glances up at you,pausing dramatically before i laugh it off as well/ just joking. Both of them will love you even more than they love me, i know it.
What about your parents, though? Do you.. think they will like me?
/hums as you mention languages, shrugging in acknowledgement before i give you an adoring smile, raising my hand to curl it over your cheek, fingers brushing your skin gently before I speak up/
Mhm, that is true - i know small bits of some languages. But being in a foreign country you're almost forced to only speak their language like 24/7. That takes some courage, hm?
/feels warmth spread in my chest as you hold me like this,leaning backwards into your embrace for a moment as I just enjoy this, before clearing my throat and turning back to the cotton camdy lady, flashing her a quick smile/
Mmm i think the reason you have me is because you somehow thought that i am attractive or charming? Like, are you sure you're dating the right guy, Yukhei? /jokes as I turn my head to you, stealing a quick kiss from your lips before i chuckle childishly/
yukhei 7 months ago
@taeyong "relationship with queen victoria" - what kind of kdrama is this?
i think you've mentioned me being adorable once or twice before, yes
/feels my fingertips tingle when you kiss them, each one sending a jolt down to my stomach that makes me smile to myself
/there's a flash of nerveousness over my features when you mention your mother like that though, my eyes widening for a moment before i clear my throat
well... i have no intention of breaking your heart so hopefully... i won't have any broken legs
mischievous and lying are two very different things, beautiful
/closes my eyelids briefly when you kiss my forehead, shaking my head at your praise before i shrug my shoulders softly
you've been learning languages too. english, japanese, some chinese too
i needed to learn it a bit quicker, since i'm a foreigner. i still don't know how to express myself in korean sometimes, that's why i look for help from you guys or use my hands to help
/leans my chin atop your head as i waddle with you to the stand, arms still wrapped around you as you point out the things you want
/asks the worker for everything you've asked for, smiling at her in thanks as she hops to it, leaving me to hug you to me still like some teddy i've won here
if its any consolation, i'm lucky and grateful for your standards being low
it means i get to have you
taeyong 7 months ago
@yukhei Oof, is it really? Still, i do feel like you might have some relationship with queen Victoria so my "hello" remains
Distracted... ohmy you are adorable - have I told you that before?
/my smile grows even brighter as you speak, bringing your palm to my face to leave a kiss on it, lips making sure to peck each fingertip before I let it go/
Let's tell everyone then. Anyway you want it - we can do it that way. Anything that would make you happy.
Be ready to be threatened by my mom though - i think she has been preparing a monologue about broken hearts resultingg in broken legs since the day one when I was born
/laighs gently as I lift one of my hands to pat over your arm wrapped around me, turning my face to you for a moment as if to examine before i hum thoughtfully/
I don't know, i don't know. I feel like you could be quite mischevious if you wanted to
/hums happily as you continue describing me, the whole scene overall making me rather emotional and i lift my hand to cover my face for a moment, not sure if hiding a blush or a silly grin as Iisten, only letting go as you kiss my forehead/
You're really good at it, though! I would never learn a language as fast as you did. Amd it must be so stressful... i just. Look up to you
/rambles as we leave the ferris wheel, happily intertwining our fingers, a childish giggle escaping me as you hug me from behind, my hand rising up to wave off your words/ yes yes i know. Taeyong's standards, where ya at?
/teases you, with another soft laugh as we reach the candy floss kiosk and I start pointing at the different things that I want/
yukhei 7 months ago
@taeyong jokes on you, its older than queen victoria so hA
and alright. i'll make a mental note of it then. and probably try not get terribly distracted by the thought of it in the process. and just... stuff. i think sometimes i just like hearing your voice
/glances down at our hands before i shake my head gently, giving you a warm, sure smile afterwards
i would like to tell them. i'd like to tell my family first, and you yours if you haven't already done so. but then i'd like to announce it to the fans together
i want to be with you, taeyong. i don't want to hide, i don't think i can-
/laughs a little, knowing i definitely couldn't hide it when it comes to my feelings for you, my arm tightening around your shoulders gently to be comforting to you
of course its true!
is this the face of someone who would lie to you?
/tuts softly, smiling to myself before i laugh gently, falling quiet when you mention me though and i shake my head, kissing the back of your hand before i press my cheek to it, looking at you as i speak softly
i'm still not great at korean but i know enough to be able to express, mostly, what i need to
i just thought wow, this hyung who didn't plan on this life, this career, really turned it around and made it work for him. and, well, you did-
/smiles at you, the wheel beginning to descend with us on it and i find myself leaning in, kissing your forehead just before it stops and we get off, helping you down as i hold your hand
/standing behind you, i drape my arms around you and waddle us towards a candy floss place
imagine that. you crushing on little old me
taeyong 7 months ago
@yukhei Whoa, Xuxi,say hello to queen Victoria from me, will you? /snickers at your words, nudging your shoulder playfully before sending a wink your way, my whole face shining with amusement/
Do I think that you ing me into oblivion would be fun? Hmm... yes, I think it would be fun -- we should arrange that ine day,really --
/speaks up casually, although the same playful shine remains in my eyes, grin widening as you agree, such small things about you making me smile like a dummy/
You do? What do you like me saying, mm?
/hints of worry run through my expression as I listen to your words, my teeth sinking down onto my bottom lip as I squeeze your hand once more/
I know what you mean, Yukhei-- what I wanted to say was.. before being an idol I am a man. And if I ever had to choose between a career and love, i would always choose love, as selfish as it might sound.
But i don't want you to be hurt either, and.. we don't have to tell anyone, if you don't want to --- i will be honest. I will do anything you will ask me to do, Yukhei. I want you to be the happiest --
/adds this in a reassuring tone,pleased purr leaving my slightly parted lips as you chase them, gladly leaning into your touch, my body pressibg against your own easily as I close my eyes, listening to you with a shy smile/
You flatter me so much -- i will start thinking too hivhly of myself if you continue this, really. Is it true that you had a crush on me for so long?
Hmm.. when I just became a trainee.. was intimidating - meeting everyone I mean. You know, i don't think many believed in my at first.
So i was in awe watching all of you. You - younger than me, not a native speaker and yet - so quick, as it seemed, to grasp onto things. You amaze me, really.. it must've been so hard - talking another language, training for so many hours a day -
Needless to say, I did start liking or.. crushing on you-- a long time ago.
yukhei 7 months ago
@taeyong you're ridiculous. and really the lady doth protest too much, methinks
and the latter option. don't you think it would be fun?
/grunts when you push my face away though i end up smiling, nodding in agreement about the date being nice as it is though
i don't know. i like a lot of things just because you've said them too
/glances away briefly before i meet your gaze again and suddenly i feel so tiny when you look at me like you do, like you can see right through me
i didn't mean it like that i just... we're idols- you know what people are like. even loyal ones can turn when they think they've done enough
i guess....
i just don't want you hurt because of me. especially if i can prevent it. but if you're sure then we can always tell the fans together...? i think they might like hearing it from us rather than dispatch
/sighs in relief when you kiss me, half melting into the moment as my eyelids fall closed and i gently call your name, leaning in when you pull away only to realise what i'm doing
/laughs softly to myself before i swap my current hand i'm holding yours with with my other, reaching my now free arm up and around your shoulders, holding you against me as i brush my lips over your hair
can't deny i had a mega crush on you before i got to debut. back when i was an sm rookie. when i found out that this guy who had been scouted but knew nothing about the industry let alone how to sing or dance, but then you trained and turned it around- not only to become one of the best dancers in kpop but also to become a leader of nct...?
i don't know. i was filled with awe and thought if he can do it and look that good, then i could try and be at least half as good
but then you shouldn't be surprised i had a crush on you. so many people do. i'm just the lucky one percent that had dream turn into reality
taeyong 7 months ago
@yukhei /chuckles softly as you cover my mouth, looking up into your eyes - mine in a shape of young moon as I smile under your palm, before I lift my own hand to lower yours down slowly/ pshhh, i am not jealous at all. Psh. Jaehyun- who could be jalous psh.
Hmm,behind closed doors though- is that a threat to kill me when we are alone, or a promise to love so hard I can't remember any of that?
/hums, satisfied grin on my face at your closeness, before I let out a whine, pushing your face away with a chuckle/ bad puppy, don't bite--
I like hearing you say it though - a date. Has a... ring to it, doesn't it? Maybe it's because you're saying it though -
/furrows my eyebrows as you mention a backlash, before I shake my head again, slowly but firmly, my eyes boring into your own as I want to make sure you're watching me as I speak/
You speak of it as if us dating is a horrible thing. But it's not - i'm in love and if anyone want's to hate me for that - so be it. The important ones would never - they all know how extremely happy you make me, Yukhei -
/my smile becomes fond as my eyes now ignore the view outside,fovused and more entertained by you, exploring your features like they're new as I keep your palm in my own, even this small touch making my heart beat faster/
Of course I do --
/hums, seeing your beautiful shy smile before you lean in, my face surging forward to meet your lips, maybe a bit less subtly or gracefully than i wanted it to, only to pull away a few moments later as I smile, wide and happy before responding/ hey there
yukhei 7 months ago
@taeyong /groans when you talk about jaehyun still, making a mental note never to bring him up again, reaching my hand over to cover your mouth again
babe you're cute and all but i'm not dating him. i'm dating you and your jealous little
but try say you're inferior to me again. see what happens next time we're alone behind closed doors
/growls the last part gently by your ear when i briefly lean down to do so, shaking my head to myself before i give your ear a small nip when you say that word again
we're on a date. or did you forget again?
and i don't think too much! i'm just... worried. what if people see and then give you backlash for being with me? you've gone through enough before
/looks out again and glances around a little more, running my tongue between my lips as its obvious i'd take a fall for you without even second thinking about it
/when you mention its pretty i turn my head and look over at you, admiring your side profile when you're not looking at me before i smile softly
yeah... it is pretty...
/whispers with a small smile before i see you look at me, watching you do what i do so often and it makes me laugh to myself, squeezing your hand gently in return
you mean it?
/asks quietly before i press my lips together, smiling to myself a little shyly before i see we've reached the top, making me lean in and brush my lips over your own, smiling as i murmur
taeyong 7 months ago
@yukhei /huffs as you pinch my cheek, looking away with my eyebrows still furrowed as I playfully scoff a few more times/ no no. I understand, really.Jaehyun is great, honestly - he's funny, he speaks a bunch of languages, he has a nice smile. I get it, I get it. I understand, I'm quite inferior, I get it, really.
/squeezes your hand before turning my face to you, huge grin on my lips despite my previous words, i tilt my head and give you my best puppy eyes as the line doesn't seem to be moving too fast/ we're on what? can you please say it again? It sounds.. unreal haha -- silly, right?
/chuckles playfully as i see you rather flustered, my hand reaching up to boop your nose quickly before i glance around, shrugging my shoulder/ I think.. I think you think too much, Lucas.. Loosen up a bit. ha. I am encouraging you to be more L O O S E /laughs at the joke reference as we get into the ferris wheel, my eyes curiously running over the view that begins to unfold in front of us/
this is so pretty --
well.. /turns to you, taking your hand and squeezing it firmly my eyes now more interested in you than anything behind the glass as I take your hand to my lips, kissing your knuckles - something you usually like to do yourself/ it is an honour to perform with you, Yukhei
yukhei 7 months ago
@taeyong /gives you an incredulous look when i see how you behave, rolling my eyes again before i reach a hand out and pinch one of your cheeks, giving it a tug just for good measure
someone sounds jealous of a man i'm definitely not dating or even on a date with at this very moment
/squeezes your hand in my own, smiling to myself as i feel you leaning against me again and i'm used to it and not at the same time, much like how everything feels new with you
mhm. but we can't because-
/blinks when you do just that, kiss me in public even if its a peck for a couple seconds and no more, glancing around before i look back down at you, clearly flustered
but we're in public-
what if someone saw and recognises us?
/frets as we wait in line for the ferris wheel, helping you on when its our turn before i rest my hands on the bar, feeling us slowly beginning to move up
of course i do. you debuted a while before me so i wanted to learn to be better at rapping
i wanted to be good enough to stand on stage with you some day. so, i trained and, well, i made it
/turns my head to look at you as we begin ascending, holding my hand out and turning it over so the palm is facing upwards for you to take
taeyong 7 months ago
@yukhei psh, where's the fun in that though? sounds like a b o r i n g kind of relationship if that never happens, Yukhei --
/rolls my eyes, although clearly i am not being serious, my eyebrows slightly rising up before furrowing as I shrug my shoulders rather carelessly/
yes, psh. I know that. of course I know that you're just teasing.. Psh. Of course.
oh? You're dating him? I see. How is Jaehyun then? Doing well, with his beautiful fudgin' sculpted face and his always perfect hair and--
/narrows my eyes as I speak of him before I lift my gaze at you to chuckle, clearly joking before I intertwine our fingers as I stand up, dropping my finished iced tea into the trash can nearby/
/smiles in a silly way as you put my hand in your pocket, the action reminding me of those old school romance movies where such action would be the most romantic and flirtatious thing that one could do before i lean against your body with a happy smile/
heh - a chance to kiss me in public? /murmurs, stepping on my tippy toes and planting my lips on yours for a short moment as I chuckle, going back to my comfortable position of just leaning against you/ every moment is a chance to kiss me thoough --
wait, really? of course it was okay -- it was more than okay, it was great. You always perform so well, yukhei-- dancing and rapping - it seems like it comes naturally to you
yukhei 7 months ago
@taeyong you know. a boyfriend who doesn't give me backhanded compliments and plotting my demise
/watches as you pull away and tip your head down, smiling a little before i hear you talking about the other members now
/still watching you as i sit on the horse, i turn around on my own and face you properly, leaning my head against the pole again
i'm just teasing. just like you do to me. isn't it fair?
you should know who my bias is you silly thing. i'm lucky enough to be dating him aren't i?
/as the carousal comes to a stop i get up, taking your hand and bringing you along with me with a small smile, heading to the ferris wheel
i'd love to
/smiles at you and brings your hand to my lips, kissing your knuckles again before i put your hand in my jacket pocket with my own, lining up not long after
i mean its a chance to kiss you in public without people freaking out at us
oh and did you like the song? did you think my rapping was okay?
i kinda... look up to you when it comes to rapping and what to do
taeyong 7 months ago
@yukhei ...what?
/turns my face to you, letting you see the kicked puppy expression on my features, eyes droopy and the corners of my lips tugged down as I pull away, before lowering my head and looking down/
I see. I see, It's alright, johnny and Jaehyun are cool, I'm not surprised that they would be your favorites, yeah. Yeah, it's okay, I get it..
/murmurs, clearly upset with your reply, genuinely worried if my teasing has actually offended you as I walk with you, small sigh leaving my lips/
yeah, coffee break - you look really cute in that. Like.. Cuddle worthy, you know? as in.. warm and soft heh--
/hums ant your response, looking around as the carousel starts spinning before my eyes light up, as I nudge my head to the side as if signaling for you to look/ yeaaaaah, I am not the biggest fan of dying either. But ferris wheel sounds fun, no? I've actually never been but i've heard that it should be really beautiful in it
or.. we don't have to if you're not feeling that one
yukhei 7 months ago
@taeyong ... i want a new boyfriend
/squints at you when you confess to your actual plan and what you've been doing, narrowing my eyes before i huff and look away from you, though i still let you lean against me
never said that. i can't tell you who my bias is
honestly it changes almost daily. one day its doyoung hyung, another its johnny, sometimes jaehyun-
see? total mess
besides, can't have a bias who gives me backhanded compliments, huh?
/hums as you describe the boss mv and i smile to myself, nodding as i remember how excited i was in general to be part of nct
oh yeah, the suits. i wasn't wearing a shirt beneath mine thanks to the cordi noonas
the other one? you mean coffee break? or another mv?
/tilts my head down at you, leaning my head against the pole in my own mount, shrgging my shoulders gently as i smile still
not sure yet
you're still finishing your tea. but when you're done we can go on a bigger ride if you like, though i'm not that big on them. i don't know about you but i'm not a fan of feeling like i'm about to die or hurl
is there anything you want to try?
taeyong 7 months ago
@yukhei oh no no, don't get mistaken, handsome. all these backhanded compliments? every single words is being though - through and considered, the amount of offensive vs flattering is calculated and well measured. Every word is weighted so if you get offended by my compliments -- just know that I actually planned that.
/leans against you rather subtly as we walk together, humming as I nod, acknowledging your words before I turn to you with shiny eyes, lips stretched into a wide grin/ awwww, Xuxi, are you saying that I am your favorite in the group as well?
/tilts my head to the side as you speak, recalling your looks in the mv before I hum, almost dreamily/ oof those were some good looks.. the turtlenecks? one big yes, everyone looks good in them, you especially. and then during some performances you had those chains around you -- oof. oof. that's all I can say
But yes, I watched the other one too! You looked so pretty--
/raises my eyebrows as you choose the carousal, my amused expression topped with a silly smirk before I wrap my fingers around the pole thingie to keep my balance, my whole body still turned towards you as I sit on the horse like a lady in 1700s would/ sooo.... what's the plan here, hm?


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