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kim kibum 31 seconds ago
@kim sunggyu *lays back when you don't answer, giggling and hooking my arms around you when you lay on me*
Morning future husband~
kim sunggyu 2 minutes ago
@kim kibum /let’s him use the backyard for his business , then brings him back in and crawls back into the bed with you, plopping myself on you when seeing your awake
kim kibum 3 minutes ago
@kim sunggyu *wakes up a few minutes after you leave the bed, sitting up and rubbing my eyes*
kim sunggyu 4 minutes ago
@kim kibum /sleeps until morning when I hear some whimpering coming from nachos side of the bed, sits up and looks at him, scooping him into my arms to take him outside
kim kibum 4 minutes ago
@kim sunggyu *hums softly at the feeling as i fall back asleep, sleeping peacefully through the rest of the night*
kim sunggyu 7 minutes ago
@kim kibum / you softly in my sleep when feeling you come closer to me, nacho curled up against my back
kim kibum 8 minutes ago
@kim sunggyu *sleeps for a little whine but eventually wakes up with a soft whine, overheating from cradling the puppy to my chest. Picks him up and set him on the other side of you, draping myself over your chest and going back to sleep*
kim sunggyu 10 minutes ago
@kim kibum /closes my eyes, letting out a light sigh before falling asleep
kim kibum 11 minutes ago
@kim sunggyu *smiles and gives a small nod, settling in the pillows again and dozing off quickly*
kim sunggyu 12 minutes ago
@kim kibum my baby is so tired
/smiles and your cheek
sleep babe
tomorrow we have to take nacho shopping
kim kibum 12 minutes ago
@kim sunggyu *continues kissing you, letting out a soft content sigh against your lips before pulling away with a small yawn*
kim sunggyu 13 minutes ago
@kim kibum /chuckles softly against your lips, one hand sliding up to cup your cheek as we kiss
kim kibum 14 minutes ago
@kim sunggyu *pouts a little*
I like kisses~
*the pout melts away when you kiss me again, kissing you back deeply, pouring in all the love i feel for you*
kim sunggyu 16 minutes ago
@kim kibum /rolls my eyes and laughs lightly
someone is clingy today ~
/grins and brings my lips onto yours once more
kim kibum 18 minutes ago
@kim sunggyu *giggles watching you and puckers my lips*
Okay, wait, me again~
kim sunggyu 20 minutes ago
@kim kibum /presses a kiss on the top of his head
damn he’s so fluffy
kim kibum 22 minutes ago
@kim sunggyu *giggles at the pat and cracks my eyes open*
Kisses for nacho too?
*dips my head down to plant a kiss on the top of his head, the puppy sleeping curled up between us*
kim sunggyu 23 minutes ago
@kim kibum I love you too baby boy
/slides my arm around you, patting your gently
kim kibum 24 minutes ago
@kim sunggyu *smiles into the first few, kissing back with the rest and catching your bottom lip when you let the kiss linger, it into my mouth and brushing my tongue over it before releasing you*
Love you daddy~
*rests my head on the pillow with a content sigh*
kim sunggyu 27 minutes ago
@kim kibum always
/grins and leans over to you, pressing my lips onto yours repeatedly a few times before letting the kiss linger
kim kibum 30 minutes ago
@kim sunggyu *slides my leg over, pushing it between your legs*
Bed time kisses for your fiancee?
*keeps my eyes closed, smiling a little and waiting for you*
kim sunggyu 34 minutes ago
@kim kibum yes baby we’re all sleepy
/nods slowly
I think it’s bed time
kim kibum 34 minutes ago
@kim sunggyu *yawns softly and hooks my arm around nacho, cuddling him to my chest with a pleased smile on my lips*
kim sunggyu 45 minutes ago
@kim kibum I love you too baby
kim kibum 1 hour ago
@kim sunggyu *smiles*
I love you~
kim sunggyu 1 hour ago
@kim kibum /laughs softly and kisses your cheek softly
kim kibum 1 hour ago
@kim sunggyu *grins*
*sighs softly, letting my eyes fall shut*
kim sunggyu 10 hours ago
@kim kibum /laughs softly and nuzzles you
he’s our son technically so he needs to be involved
kim kibum 11 hours ago
@kim sunggyu *laughs and sets my hand on top of yours as you pet him*
I was just thinking we should have him be in the wedding~
kim sunggyu 11 hours ago
@kim kibum I think so
don’t dogs grow fast?
/chuckles lightly and pets his fur
he’ll be our big baby then
omg babe we can have nacho be our ring bearer at our wedding


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grilledcheese 2 days ago
hi. this is jooheon's rper. i was kicked out but i recently lost a family member so i have been inactive. i'm sorry for not informing you guys, i've just had a lot to deal with. ; ;

is there any way that i can get him back? : (
Rubberducky_ur_the_1 2 days ago
Hello hello I'm back from the dead...is there a Chance I can get Akay and Yunho back?
Wintertwilights 1 week ago
Can i get mingyu back :(
mrskwonjiyong 1 week ago
Can I cc Sehun into Jeon Jungkook please c:
koreanshrimps 1 week ago
can you a&r kim wooseok? thank you thank you
hakyeomma [A] 1 week ago
❀ keep in mind, you are not getting warnings for going inactive, and will just be removed. you're always welcome back though.
ShadowAngel 1 week ago
could you add and reserve Lee Wongeun please? Thanks ^^
witchytae 1 week ago
hey is it possible to get wonho as my second character?please ;w;
Tohoshinki 1 week ago
Is Park Hyungsik available? I would like to reserve him as my second character please.
witchytae 2 weeks ago
hi there can i get yugyeom back please?
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