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◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 4 days ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] It just is, in a way, so dont ask anymore pmsl. So aM I, bintU. Beams at you before stealing a peck on the tip of your nose, encircling my arms around your torso. So other than getting "a little sick" and been busy, what have you been up to, bubby?
Wheezes. I love you too, mi lubby bubby hubby ;; It does noT, it's just that it needs rest after battling with the viruses è n é. It isnT, now stop complaining and drink your water like a good bintu
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 4 days ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] what's so cute about that. i'm seriouS, jipuP. chases after your lips to give it a couple of loud smooches in return. i really missed you too..
i love you, sweetheart ( ´ ֊ ` ) but i'm pretty sure your body fails a lot of times, so... no. it's just the SAME
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 4 days ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] You're so cute wtf ; n; Carefully tilts my head up to place a quick kiss on your lips when you leaned down. Good. You already know this but I really missed you btw.
Yes ó n ò. Me getting sick is my body's way of battling with these annoying viruses mkaY ù n ú so in conclusion, my body is badass. I do because it's better than taking MEDICINES pmsl
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 5 days ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] that's because i don't know how to act after disappearing for a week or so rip. don't worry, i'm not that kind of person. i'll keep my word for you. raises up my hand to your hair in an endearing way before leaning down to nuzzle my nose on your crown. mmhm..
sweetheart? chuckles. really? are you really sure about that?? cuz you've been getting sick quite frequently. sometimes you get these headache and such. explain that. psh. you just like water that much
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 5 days ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] I figured but you're already disappearing a lot of times, I already accepted it and adjusted myself a long time ago so the next time I'll just greet you with a big I miss you kiss but whenever you show up you always feel more distant and I get upset with that cause I could have used the time talking to you about other things that can be discussed later on with showering you kisses. I'm really happy you thought of my feelings first, again smh, but I already told you your wife is more tougher than you think. And besidES I dont hold onto things like that, I told you, I've been waiting all my life, sounds sad but my patience is really long so, I can wait for you. Just make sure you tell me if you're not coming back cause istg if you make me wait without tellinG-
Grumbles against your chest but happily buries myself in your warmth, nestling my cheek on your broad torso with a contented sigh. You better, you owe me those atleast...
Wait I'm melting, call me that again. -puppy eyes- -puppy eyes-. ExcuSE ME, are you laughING. IM SEriouS. I have the immune system of ten baby Hercules so haH. NOt sO. You're just not used to drinking plain water
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 6 days ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] well, whenever i wanna do it, there's this thought that keeps stopping me. telling me that i might be too insensitive if i just casually do it like i never disappeared for a week or more, so.. mentally clutches my chest when I saw that adorable expression written all over your face, trying hard not to smile, knowing that you might think I'm not taking this seriously. but i can provide you extra hugs and kisses while i'm here.. immediately engulfs you in my embrace before pressing a kiss on your crown in a loving manner.
shush, sweetheart. it will happen. COUGHS rock with a strong will and a TOUGHER immune system. pfftー why are you so cute. it is SO. it makes me wanna puke
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 6 days ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Not that I'm not flattered with that but doesnt giving me a kiss or hug would make me feel more better than not doing it all... Slightly furrows my eyebrows together afterwards, pouting my lips while avoiding your eyes as I mumble. You keep promising that but you'll eventually disappear again for a while so...maybe it's better if you don't...you know...just you still returning is a good silent promise for me
Pmsl I really dont think so but sure, love. Baby tenshi is a rock with a strong will and a tougher immune system than baby Hercules that I can bet so I'll be fine tbh. It's noT lmao
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 6 days ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] i just don't want you to feel like i don't care about you anymore cuz i would never neglect you. shushes you by continuously smooching your lips before kissing you all over your face. i'll make it up.. ;
it will! i can feel it. but baby tenshi is a lot more fragile than baby hercules so she needs to take good care of herself more. it IS
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 week ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Either of those is acceptable tbh, cause I've never been one to be good with timing the atmosphere or whatever people calls it. And we already established that you wont be showing up frequently even if you want to, it's normal now. For me anyway. thats why I keep telling you that I completely understand. Scrunches up my nose and blinks at you. You also didnt gave me any valentine's kisses...
I think that time wont come tbh but yeah it would be pmsl. Yes and baby hercules should know that even he can get sick so he has to take care of himself more. It's noT wys pmsl
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 week ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] oh... i uh.. i thought..ー BUT LoOK, it's not easy oK! it's not like it didn't cross my mind. i just don't know how to do it again! a guy has his own problems too y'know. like, how do i hug you? should i do it after i tell you an amazing pun or should i just casually go for it. stuff like that.. settles my hands on your soft baby cheeks just so I could gently squish them before pressing a smooch on your forehead, trailing more on the bridge of your nose until its tip.
i guess so.. but it would be nice if that happens. i'm baby hercules! that's better. but it is. it's as gross as the other medicines
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 week ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] No I dont. I dont even wanna be mad at you! Im not mad at yoU. I'm suLKING. And I get that, why'd you think I didn't wanna tag you huH. I'm just moping cause you finally show uP and have been showing up for five days straight and I havent gotten oNE (1) Kiss and a short cuddlE- which I know I should have just said something like a normal person but my pride said dont throw yourself at him. And stop saying sorry all the time, it's not like you can help it so it's not your fault. But if you still wanna argue about it then just give me a kiss as a way of saying sorry.
Yeah but you know I wont be me if there wasnt a lot dont you think so. good, but that wont go unnoticed on your baby Hercules title Jsyk. .....fine, only so you wont start skipping on your water intake- icb you make drinking water sound like a medication smh
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 week ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] i'm really sorry for missing out a lot. i know. you have every right to get mad at me. but there's just been a lot of things going on lately and it's keeping me too occupied. and you're not tagging me again about it. please tag me if you're starting to sulk at me or just anything you want to talk about
in short, there's a lot? yeah, well, me neither. you should take them the way i'm drinking a glass of water everyday
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 week ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] No. I'm actually moping at you, but at the same time Im kicking myself for even brooding about it.
Sure. I dont know there's a lot to think about so idk which ones bothering me. I'm not sick anymore btw, so it's really fine. They already bought some im just not taking them
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 week ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] so... am i getting a reward for it? ( ´ ֊ ` ) i wanna stay indoors too. keep me with youu. how come? is something bothering you again? or maybe it's because you're sick? whaー you should take them! go buy those vitamins you pup
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 week ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Good (ú o ù )
Yeah but I cant really feel it whenever it gets hot since I'm always indoors. Yeah but I cant sleep at night. its still fine. No, I forgot to take them again ever since we ran out
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 week ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] ofc. no tricks or lies here. the cold weather is fine. i just can't stand it whenever it suddenly gets hot. eh? but you need that. mm.. do you still take your daily vitamins then?
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 week ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Hm, if you're really sure. You better be tbh
Yeah it affected me too. The cold has its pros and cons. Im not really but its fine. Just a mild one in short periods of time in a day, not too worrisome. I dont drink medicine but im drinking lots of water so mhmm
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 week ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] i'm 200% sure. and i'm drinking some water as promised ( ´ ֊ ` ) the weather has been kinda bad lately since it keeps changing. although i really like it whenever it gets cold. anyway, you better be resting. do you have a headache tho? don't forget to drink your medicine ok?
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 week ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] You sure? 100 percent sure? You are drinking some water right? You promised...
I caught a cold the other day and almost had a bad sore throat but i immidiately drank some honey with lemon and it worked like magic. Still have a cold tho but its fine, its going away
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 week ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] don't worry. i'm feeling better now. it only lasted for half a day, so.. what about you? are you in good shape? i mean, you're not sick or anything?
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 week ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] What ( •́ ‸ • ̀)
Take a lot of rests please, bintu. Don't tire yourself out, don't forget to eat something and drink water ;;;;;
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 week ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] baby. i feel sick.. ;
but that made me a little better heh
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 week ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] https://twitter.com/jskfiles/status/1226484987018412035?s=19

Happy valentines o u o wanna say a lot but to summarize it just take care always. I love you
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 2 weeks ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] happy valentine's day, my baby tenshi! ok, i know i've been saying this a lot but i'm really sorry for going mia every single week. my sched has been very hectic lately and there's a bunch of stuff that i still need to deal with. BUT do know that i still think of you. always. i hope you're doing well these past days. have you been eating properly? you didn't get sick, right? just let me know if something's bothering you, alright? i love you
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] I guess...idk
Im...my emotions are all over the place but they arent for me...am I making sense? (•́ n • ̀)
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Chuckles as I keep your hand on my cheek. Well it is a local kakanin in our province so thats understandable. But how about the others? Stubbornly shakes my head. Not gonna tell
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] it's not dumb. every person has their own level of sensitiveness over something. your perspective about it is just different from them so it's just perfectly normal for you to be troubled by it, alright. don't worry. no matter what, i'll try my best to be here for you whenever you need someone ok
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] fondly watches you nuzzle your soft cheek against my palm, cupping it after a while. oh, guess what. i finally asked my grandma about your favorite pawa. she said she hasn't heard of it before and is totally clueless like me. i literally snorted at that time. tightens my arm around you while loosely taking a handful of your hair with my other hand, raising it up to silently inhale its scent. let me change my question then. what do you mean by luring me in, hm?
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] No...just still shaken up i guess pft
Which sounds dumb cause looks like im the only one affected by it.
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Cant stop the small smile to slip on my lips after getting a kiss, gently taking off your hand on my eyes and nuzzles my cheek against it. Its okay, so am I.. Nods my head with a soft hum. Mh, most likely. Quietly snorts in your chest to hide my embarrassment. Then i guess i dont have to repeat myself huh


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hello love - may I get seokwoo cc'ed to Kim taehyung please?
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kim yeri, yeh shuhua and boo seungkwan please
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boop! I'll be leaving my charas and reapply with a new account.
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hiatus until the 25th for ten and yuqi, please!
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Could I have Kim Sejeong?
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Hey I apologize for being inactive can I return as Park Jihyo pls ;;
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may i have Kang Daniel for my fourth and Park jihyo for my friend heckles?
Natalie0309 1 month ago
Hi I was wondering if I could be Jeong Somi??
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hi could i have my mark tuan cc-ed to park sooyoung and have my wall cleared please?
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