— front desk

front desk
DO NOT HAVE CONVERSATION HERE. this is the room for applying for residency. dorms or your own place. however, dorms are free for you and your group, while separate housing costs 500 points. also you must actively rp in them as well. if you don't actively post in your dorms they will be deleted. same goes for the separate housing and you will NOT get your points back once it's gone from inactivity. You get two weeks without posting, that's it. Once the third week hits, you're evicted. Consider your activity is how you keep your bills paid. uwu
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Admin bot2 [A] 4 months ago
@yoongi (h) @dongwoo ☆ rooms complete ☆
Admin bot2 [A] 4 months ago
@xukun ( h ) ☆ room complete ☆
xukun ( h ) 4 months ago
@Admin bot4 OF ME or the house
we going full on shigeru ban in hanegi forest here
Admin bot2 [A] 4 months ago
i'd like an image in exchange :>
xukun ( h ) 4 months ago
Hi hi
Could I have a place,please?
Admin bot2 [A] 4 months ago
☆ room complete ☆
yoongi (h) 5 months ago
-rings the bell-
jihoon (w1) 6 months ago
Admin bot3 7 months ago
This is up to date
taehyung 8 months ago
@jungkook h e l l o o o o o o o
taehyung 8 months ago
jungkook 9 months ago
@niel Yes
niel 9 months ago
@jungkook I’m not buying a house or anything
Just a question
but the group dorms are free right?
jungkook 9 months ago
@niel Ye?
niel 9 months ago


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PinkMatcha 5 hours ago
Is park jimin free?
smilax__ 3 days ago
G g g g gimme choi youngjae please?
SweetCookie 4 days ago
Can i get Taeyong as a second pls
wrapperldh 4 days ago
Can I get
Hua Chenyu
As a second
TuMadre 6 days ago
uh, Hwang Hyunjin please
raingurl 6 days ago
Yoon Jeonghan pls
diormanboi 6 days ago
miku fukahori
Miothealien 6 days ago
can I have kim minseok from exo as second character?
jeonjungcock 6 days ago
can I have hiroto back unu
lovelikeyeolxygen [A] 1 week ago
If you want your character back, let us know!
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