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Jimin and Taehyung
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taehyung 2 months ago
@jimin /bounces excitedly in my seat until the show ends, clapping and standing up with you to exit the tent.
Wow that was amazing!
/grabs your hand and leads you out to the rest of the park.
jimin [A] 2 months ago
@taehyung *grins at your excitement and leans in, placing a tender kiss to you neck*
taehyung 2 months ago
@jimin /watches the whole show with an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm.
Wah babe! The elephant!
/squeals when the elephant comes out at the end and squeezes your hand.
jimin [A] 2 months ago
@taehyung *laces our fingers, my thumb rubbing gently at the back of your hand as i watch, completely wrapped up in the excitement of the show, all the way until the end of the show*
taehyung 2 months ago
@jimin /snuggles into you and watches the show with wide, excited eyes; reaches to hold your hand while eating the popcorn with my free hand.
jimin [A] 2 months ago
@taehyung *smiles into the kiss, letting out a pleased hum, grinning at you when you break the kiss. Rests my chin on your shoulder as i watch the show, keeping one arm hooked around your waist*
taehyung 2 months ago
@jimin Aweh how romantic~
/blushes deeply as you teasingly on my fingers, whining and pulling my fingers away from your mouth; turns to look at you when you whisper in my ear.
/looks over at the stage as the lights change but looks back over at you with soft eyes and cups one of your cheeks before pressing my lips to yours.
I love you too, bubbie~
jimin [A] 3 months ago
@taehyung *hooks an arm around your waist when you sit next to me, pulling you a little closer so i can press another kiss to your cheek*
I haven't either babe~
It'll be our first time together.
*laughs softly parting my lips and your fingers into my mouth as you hold the popcorn up for me, teasingly on your fingers gently before releasing you, pressing my nose into your hair and whispers*
I love you so much sweetheart~
*whispers in your ear just before the lights change for the show to start*
taehyung 3 months ago
@jimin /blushes a little at the pet name, following you into the tent and sitting next to you, bouncing excitedly.
Wah I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show like this before. I’m so excited~
/takes one of the buckets of popcorn and takes a piece, holding it up to your mouth.
jimin [A] 3 months ago
@taehyung *grins and leans over, pecking your cheek*
Of course baby boy~
*tugs you over to the snack cart, buying both kinds of popcorn and then leads you inside, finding some seats to watch the show*
taehyung 3 months ago
@jimin Wah really? Yeah! Let's do that~
/looks over at the snack cart and nods quickly.
Yes! I love popcorn- Ooh! Can we get regular popcorn AND kettle corn?
/tilts my head at you while giving you my puppy eyes.
jimin [A] 3 months ago
@taehyung You know, i think in thai land, you can ride elephants. We should take a trip some time
*grins and gives your hand a small squeeze, pointing towards a snack cart on the way in*
Should we get some popcorn for the show?
taehyung 3 months ago
@jimin /gasps and stares at you with wide eyes.
An elephant?! Ooh~
/follows you towards the huge tent, looking at it in awe.
Wah it's so big! I can't believe they can fit an elephant inside it, though-
jimin [A] 3 months ago
@taehyung *grins and laces our fingers, tugging you towards a huge tent*
The main carnival event baby~
All the performers will do an act and i think there will be an elephant too~
taehyung 3 months ago
@jimin /continues to swing my legs until we start to go back down, the ride ending.
Aweh already?
/gets off the ride when it stops and grabs your hand.
What show are we watching here?
jimin [A] 3 months ago
@taehyung *watches you a little laughing to myself and enjoying the ride as well*
taehyung 3 months ago
@jimin /nods and kicks my feet a little in the air, giggling.
/waits for the ride to start and kicks my feet more as the ride starts and we're lifted up into the air.
jimin [A] 3 months ago
@taehyung *grins and sits in the swing next to you, buckling myself in as well and flashes you a huge grin*
Ready baby~?
taehyung 3 months ago
@jimin /whines and pouts at you.
You're so meannnn
/looks over as the worker opens the gate for us to go in and grabs your hand, dragging you to the nearest swings.
I'm so excited!
/squeaks and sits down, buckling myself up
jimin [A] 3 months ago
@taehyung *rubs at my chest, grinning ear to ear*
Because it's sooo damn cute~
I love seeing you get all embarassed sweet cheeks~
taehyung 3 months ago
@jimin /looks at you, a little surprised.
You've never been..?
/blushes at your next statement, looking away shyly.
Why do you always make me blush..
/mutters and playfully hits your chest, looking up when you say we're next.
jimin [A] 3 months ago
@taehyung *smiles into the kiss, hooking an arm around your waist and pulling you closer*
I've never actually been on a ferris wheel before.
*moves up in the line a little, pulling you along with me*
Wanted to wait for the perfect guy to go with...
*stops at the gate, pressing a small kiss to your cheek*
We're next~
taehyung 3 months ago
@jimin /nods quickly.
Mhm~ It's so pretty when you're at the top and the park lights up and you can see all the pretty lights!
Plus I think it's super romantic if I go on it with you~
/coos and cups your cheeks to press a kiss to your lips.
jimin [A] 3 months ago
@taehyung *nods*
Okay, sure baby~
*grins and presses my nose to your cheek*
You like ferris wheels?
taehyung 3 months ago
@jimin /looks over the map with you and hums softly.
Hmm.. We can ride.. this one?
/points at a random ride.
I don't think I've ever been on that one before. Let's just ride all the rides!
/beams and presses a kiss to your cheek.
But let's save the ferris wheel for last~
jimin [A] 3 months ago
@taehyung *grins and nods grabbing a map from the stand at the enterance as i pay for us to go in*
Yes, of course princess~
I love that ride too!
*looks over the map for a few moments then tugs you along in the direction of the ride, getting in line*
We've got all day, until dinner baby~
*shows you the map while we wait in line*
What else do you wanna do here?
taehyung 3 months ago
@jimin /holds onto your arm as we walk towards the park.
Hmmm.. Oh! Can we ride the uh- the swings! The ride that looks like a merry go round kind of with a bunch of swings and it goes high in the air! I love that ride~
/jumps around excitedly as I explain which ride I want to go on, unable to contain my excitement
jimin [A] 3 months ago
@taehyung *holds your hand while i drive, lacing our fingers and singing along with you. Laughs softly and gets out as well, linking our arms and leading you towards the enterance*
I checked the schedule for the shows. I think we have time for one or two rides before the next one starts. What do you wanna do first, baby?
taehyung 3 months ago
@jimin Ah okay.
/sings along to the music on the radio as you drive, reaching to hold your free hand during the drive.
Ooh we’re here!
/squeals a little as you park the car, quickly getting out of it.
jimin [A] 3 months ago
@taehyung Not too far babe, less than an hour. It's in incheon, by the coast.
*flashes you a grin and cranks up the radio, driving us to a carnival in incheon and parking the car*


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