sehun & kyungsoo’s





sehun 8 months ago
@kyungsoo Hey baby
/kisses your cheek
kyungsoo 8 months ago
@sehun plops in your lap
sehun 1 year ago
@kyungsoo I'm glad you found your way to me too.. because I honestly don't know where I would be without you.
Your love overpowers everything I have ever felt and I couldn't be happier. And if you ever start thinking that I deserve better, I want you to stop those thoughts because I don't want or need better. My life with you is all I will ever need. It's perfect, Soo. You complete me. You're my missing puzzle piece.
/tears up slightly
Soo.. My life without you would be meaningless.
I love you so much. More than anything.
/closes my eyes and kisses back, holding onto you tightly
kyungsoo 1 year ago
@sehun I’m glad I was able to find my way to you...I really can’t even imagine myself with anyone one has ever made me feel the way you make me feel and I’m just like blown away at how happy you make me baby...*says softly, as I inch closer to you* all I want is to continue to brighten your days—as cringey and cheesy as it’re my light in life. You’re all I’ve ever wanted and more and I want to make you the happiest ever.. and I don’t want to be paranoid I have no reason to be.. you love me and I love you that’s enough. You’re just.. I have no words for how amazing you are and how unconditional my love for you is *murmurs softly at the end, smiling back against you as my hands cup your cheeks, pulling your face closer to my own as I kiss you more, passionately moving my lips against your own*
sehun 1 year ago
@kyungsoo I think I do, because I’m crazy about you too.
/smiles back at you
You made me this way, soo. I wouldn’t be like this now if you didn’t find me when you did.
This is all for you. I’m glad I’m the one making your heart swoon, because I would be jealous if it was anyone else.
That’s the same for me, soo.. I could be feeling like crap then seeing you, hugging you or hearing your voice will instantly change that. I’m really a lucky man to have you by my side.
It’s okay to get paranoid.. because I’ll be here to help you get through it. Even though you think I might deserve better, if that meant losing you, I wouldn’t want better. You’re my best of everything, soo.
/smiles against your lips as my eyes close and slides my arms around your waist
kyungsoo 1 year ago
@sehun I don’t think you realize how crazy I am about you.. *shakes my head slightly and smiles to you* There wasn’t really a certain thing that made me fall, Sehun. It’s everything about you. You’re the most caring person I’ve met and the way you love me unconditionally makes my heart swoon. I can have a down day and then see your face, hug your for just a moment or even just hear your voice and I feel better. You made me know the real meaning of love, happiness and complete bliss and I would be a fool not to be insanely in love with you for that. My love for you constantly grows and with every day that passes by I’m happy knowing I’ll always have you. I know I get paranoid at times but I honestly can’t help that—it’s just because I feel terrible and know you deserve someone who can hold you always and treat you like the angel you are. And I will do my best to do that for you from now on. I’m completely in love with you and I always will be.. *murmurs softly, resting my cheek against your palm as I lean into your lips, giving you a loving kiss*
sehun 1 year ago
@kyungsoo /stares at you while listening to you after I finish speaking and squeezes your hand gently before placing a soft kiss on the back of it
/tears up slightly at your words
You never fail to amaze me.
I’ll be thankful to you forever for being there for me when I really needed someone and I’m so lucky that you fell for me. Still wondering what I did to make you fall for me though-
/chuckles softly and wipes the tears away
I love you so much and that will never change. I want to marry you to make sure you know that I’m here forever, and that I won’t just leave you for someone else while you’re not here.
I’m in love with you, kyungsoo.
/let’s go of your hand to cup your cheeks and presses my lips against yours softly
kyungsoo 1 year ago

@sehun *stares at you curiously and bites my lip as soon as I see you pull it the box* Sehun, I—- *decides to stop and listen to you, tearing up at the words you have to say and smiling as I reach to hold one of your hands, speaking in a shaky tone at first* I don’t know what to say... you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met and I’m extremely lucky that someone as kind and loving as you would want to marry me... I know I’m not around a lot and I feel terribly about that but the fact that you still love me ..that speaks a lot. I never want to hurt you and all I dream of is for you to be happy, Sehun. *pauses for a moment and stands, gently squeezing your hand before letting go and walking to the nightstand* It’s true.. we haven’t been dating for long but when you’re heart knows what it wants that shouldn’t matter. I bought this for you as a way to show that I may not be here often but I still think about you constantly. There is no one else I want to spend my life with when I have someone as understanding as you. I know you’ve had a tough time and I may not know all the details but I promise to never hurt you that way. You are an absolute blessing and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together... *grabs a small blue box and makes my way back to you, sitting in my old place on the bed* Of course I’ll marry you, Sehun. *holds out my ring for you* Looks like we had the same idea...*chuckles softly as I wipe away my tears with my free hand*
sehun 1 year ago

@kyungsoo /reaches into my back pocket and pulls something out while staring into your eyes
You found me in a hard time. You saved me from hitting the lowest point in my life and I’m very thankful for that. That was the moment I started falling for you.
Now, my love for you is unbreakable. I told you that I wanted this to last for a long time, and I wasn’t joking. I’m making it happen.
My love for you is brighter than the moon and every star shining in the sky at night and warmer than every fire that has ever been lit.
Every little thing you do makes me smile and it seems to be very easy for you to make me happy. You are my equivalent to oxygen because I simply cannot live without you. Your hugs make me feel safe and warm while your kisses make me feel like I'm melting on the inside. My love, my reverence, my admiration for you, all of those feelings have only increased since the day we met as I would have thought only a lifetime of passionate and intimate loving could have done. The feelings that we share have formed such a perfect love beyond all expressions, except in some great poem which I cannot write. I wish I could tell you exactly how much I love you but there are no words that I could use to describe it. You are more precious to me than anything else and I don't know what I would do without you. For as long as you are mine, you will always be treated like a king because you deserve the best of everything. I will stay by your side through thick and thin, supporting you forever because seeing you smile makes me so happy and even happier to be the reason for that smile, you are perfect, Soo.
You are the sweetest and most caring person and I love that
Why were you made so perfectly? It's almost like you were made for me.
I want the rest of my life with you. Until death and beyond, I shall love you.
Kyungsoo, will you marry me?
/opens the small box that was pulled out of my pocket to show you the ring
I know we haven’t been dating for very long, but it feels like a long time already and with how you’ve been feeling.. I thought now would have been a good time to do this.. to show you that I’m never leaving you
kyungsoo 1 year ago
@sehun *pouts and looks to you* did our animals do something? O-or did I? I’m sorry either way
sehun 1 year ago
@kyungsoo /kneels down in front of you and sighs before looking up at you, biting my lip hard to hide a smile
I don’t know how to say this..
kyungsoo 1 year ago
@sehun *plops on the bed, looking down* a-are you upset? I’m sorry if I made you feel sad
sehun 1 year ago
@kyungsoo /shakes my head
Be patient, baby
kyungsoo 1 year ago
@sehun oh— I like good things, tell me tell me! *bounces a bit with excitement*
sehun 1 year ago
@kyungsoo /shakes my head
It’s the opposite of bad
kyungsoo 1 year ago
@sehun I don’t know it just worries me..* mumbles before looking to you* is it bad..?
sehun 1 year ago
@kyungsoo Hey, that’s never going to happen..
/plays with your hair
I’ve actually been thinking about something a lot recently
kyungsoo 1 year ago
@sehun I know I know I just can’t help think I’ll come back and you’ll be like yeet and not want me *frowns softly into your shoulder*
sehun 1 year ago
@kyungsoo I’m all sweet and nice because I love you. Just because you’re not here sometimes, that doesn’t change my feelings for you..
/hugs you back
kyungsoo 1 year ago
@sehun It’s true you’re all sweet and nice and I’m a who makes you wait around yet you still love me I don’t deserve such kindness *hugs you tightly*
sehun 1 year ago
@kyungsoo No, baby.. don’t say that you don’t deserve me
/pouts slightly
kyungsoo 1 year ago
@sehun I don’t deserve another one I don’t deserve you.. you’re so amazing * kisses your lips before letting the kitties roam and play* hmmm okay youre Nala and youre Kiara my little lions *says referencing the lion king*
sehun 1 year ago
@kyungsoo I love you too, my precious soo~
/smiles lovingly
They’re both girls, bub..
I can get you a boy if you would like one though
kyungsoo 1 year ago
kyungsoo 1 year ago
OhMYgod I’m the happiest guy in the world you’re amazing I love you so much you know just how to please me I swear *picks up the kittens and holds them together against my chest* are they boys? or girls or one of each ahhh I need names for these precious angels —nugget you have siblings so soon!!!
sehun 1 year ago
@kyungsoo Two kitties, baby
/chuckles softly
kyungsoo 1 year ago
@sehun omgomg omg sehunnie!! *squeals with excitement as I peep into the box* a kitty!! *places nugget down to run before picking up the kitten* awe, thank you baby!
sehun 1 year ago
@kyungsoo /pecks your lips before walking into another room and comes back with a box that has some holes in it
You can open your eyes now~
kyungsoo 1 year ago
@sehun okay~ *takes nugget and holds him close while shutting my eyes*
sehun 1 year ago
@kyungsoo Wait, baby..
I wanna give you a present first-
Close your eyes~


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Your layout is beautiful~
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lascivious 4 months ago
oh god, the memories --
warms me little, bitty heart to see you guys still up and running.
I may not be remembered, or even I remember much but this place
still has a very special place in my heart. Time has really wooshed, huh?
I probably sound like a granny lmao, I'm sorry ! just happy to see that one
of my favorite places is still up as I come back onto this site hah!
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Um, may I join?
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