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who: room name
yook sungjae [A] 1 year ago
@lee donghyuck 4:44am, 13.10.18

Good morning Haechan,

We hope you are having a wonderful morning or evening. We of tae & co are so sorry to hear about your experience! :( unfortunately our ceo and co-founder, taehyung and guanlin are quite proud of their works and i, a mere public relations worker am unable to control them and their actions. we hope you are able to understand this and accept everything that is due to come.

As for the aesthetics of you wall, if i may add some personal opinions, i think the yellow is quite a lovely colour dont you think? followed by quite a handsome face by mr worldwide handsome :o its quite the combination!

Do come to love the colour yellow soon!

if there are any further issues, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Warmest regards,
Yook Sungjae, public relations @ tae & co
T: +816666666
E: [email protected]
Hours: 12pm-5am
yook sungjae [A] 1 year ago
lee donghyuck [h] 1 year ago
@yook sungjae jk love you hellopandasquad HAHAHA
lee donghyuck [h] 1 year ago

@yook sungjae ah yes i have been guided here by sungjae to leave my letter of complaint:
dated 13 october 1:43am
please do stop the tagged admin for leaving allusions, or more accurately, direct quotations of "Sample of My Pasta" and "putting jungkook's aegyo into KPOP songs" on my wall. What troubles me is not so much the words itself, but the fact that they often come as subtitles to pictures, sample: https://i.imgur.com/qsF6ySi.png. the bright yellow straw that functions as hair simply does not suit the aesthetic of my wall and ruins the organised chaos i currently have as a theme. i hope the admin in question can take this invaluable opportunity to make some corrections and i look forward to seeing the rectifications made.
lee donghyuck aka haechan
moon bin [A] 1 year ago


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Bao-Bei 1 year ago
turnips 1 year ago
vomits my heart and lungs out

hi ❤️
-trashcan 1 year ago
happy chrimmus.
is chrismun!
merry crisis.
merry chrysler.

a belated merry christmas guys c': ily
narcotic 1 year ago
heejin left. thank you.
Luscinia 1 year ago
Suzy is leaving. I had fun
eddb3adcc647e87b13ad 1 year ago
sorry for not being active, but hyungwon will be taking his leave!
yeonin 1 year ago
im sorry son naeun left :<
eristic 1 year ago
dropped hajoon and juyeon uwu
acuteassmess 1 year ago
I'm sorry but jia left. I give you guys the best of luck for this rp, I am sorry for being inactive ;;
Twice_ 1 year ago
Left seungyeon and soyeon,, keeping jimin tho
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