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choi seunghyun

is now officialy

my happiness

i love you, daddy

Choi Seunghyun 3 weeks ago
@Cjamm ok babe but have you forgiven me?
*pecks your cheek*
can't wait for the next weekend to spend with you. I love you
Cjamm [A] 3 weeks ago
@Choi Seunghyun no I haven't replied here let's not bury babe
Choi Seunghyun 3 weeks ago
@Cjamm *brought you in our home since we make the confession room as our own room. Hugging you tight while you are sitting on my lap, showering your face with soft kisses*
I am so sorry babe, I just know how busy you are and I don't want to burden you to reply because I sent a lot of messages. So sorry
Choi Seunghyun 1 month ago
@Cjamm "do you really want me to ravish you, baby?" Teasing you more, rubbing my thumb in your slit and using the precum that your is producing to your shaft faster, massaging your balls as well but when you said the words that I wanted to hear, I started to moves my hips towards your entrance, rubbing the tip before slowly penetrating your hole again. Savoring the feeling of your tight hole, choking my , I slowly sliding my whole length and rotating my hips adding more pleasures from what we already feel right now "baby wish is daddy's command"
Cjamm [A] 1 month ago
@Choi Seunghyun '' t-tease'' I mutter it out and my body jolts at your cruel manner to make me beg but holy it turns me on more than it should and you have no idea how much I love it when you act this way, dominate me like this ''I want you inside me so so much'' I whimper out a little louder yet not loud enough yet 'ngh'' I hiss louder and moan out your name ''I-I want you to ravish me babe, '' precum leaks out of my member on your hands and I release a shaky breath as it's so hard to stay calm and I am failling, muttered moans fill up this room and I grip onto your hand tightly as I beg ''d-daddy p-please I want you inside me''
Choi Seunghyun 1 month ago
@Cjamm "you are saying something babe, I can't hear your properly from here" smirks, suspending my from entering your hole and only the tip of it poking your entrance "can you say it a little louder babe?" instead of shoving it inside, I just poke your entrance like a fist knocking on a door. Contrary to the slow movement of my hips, my hand stroking your faster then rub my thumb on your slit, pleasuring myself from seeing you frustrated and pleasured at the same time "can you repeat it again babe?".
Cjamm [A] 1 month ago
@Choi Seunghyun I moan out louder when your tip enters me, my legs quiver and my body shake each time, making my mind go crazy as I can't hold back ''f- l-love'' I whimper as my clench, how much it wants to you deep inside it. My eyes shut tight and I hiss, your fingers teasing my front effects me just as much as your hard tip teases me at the back ''I-I want you'' I whisper quietly, gasping and parting my eyes to gaze at you, not sure how to beg or maybe slightly too prideful yet I manage to mutter some sentences out ''very deep...I want you to me hard right now, babe''
Choi Seunghyun 2 months ago
@Cjamm "I will hold it until I hear you begging your heart out," I said with a teasing smile, I poke your hole with the tip of my , shoving just an inch inside then pulled it out again doing the same thing over and over again because I am waiting for you to beg. My hand in the other hand continues to your making it hard again, tracing your mushroom crown and veins with my thumb looking at your face lustfully. You don't have any idea how much I want to shove my inside you but this teasing game is fun that I can restrain myself from ing you hard right now just to tease you more and see how much you can hold on.
Cjamm [A] 2 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun The way your lips moved against mine was something I could never explain to other people, it just made me feel special, like it's you and me like nothing else matters in this world just you and I. I gulp a little too loudly when you release your length, completely with this eyegasm. ''A-ah'' a shaken breath escapes my lips as I feel your sticky member rub against my clenching . ''t-tease'' I moan out as my body shudders beneath your touch ''h-how long can you rub it?'' I whimper as my twitches in your warm hold.
Choi Seunghyun 2 months ago
@Cjamm While devouring to your lips my hand is removing my trousers and freed my erected , I just moved the apron up to your tummy and not removing it completely. When my trousers slide down up to my knees I break the kiss and hold my rubbing it to your entrance, I know that I haven't prepared you enough and I used that excuse to teach you more, I keep on rubbing my that is leaking with precum to your puckering hole and in my movement you can sense that I don't have any plan to shove it inside you, my another hand holds your still sensitive and occasionally stroking it and sometimes went down to your ball, my smiling eyes are looking at you wanting to see how long you can handle the anticipation and my teasing to you.
Cjamm [A] 2 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun I moan out against your soft pillows you probably don't know how much I love kissing, and every part of your body and fingers is one of them, I playfully flick my tongue against your fingertip and give it a small . My release soaking the apron and coming trough fabric, feeling your bulge pressed against my sticky member doesn't help me at all, I only cling up more on you and hug you tight ''y-yes daddy'' I moan out ''Let's mark this house ours'' I whisper breathlessly and we can hear the dogs scratching the bedroom door, poor puppies but I had to close them in room knowing where I wanted this to go and that extra eyes would bother you even though has witnessed some things in the past.
Choi Seunghyun 2 months ago
@Cjamm "Oh, babe I have a lot of reason why I love you and this is one those things" your lips and used my thumb to push down your chin before shoving the same thumb inside your mouth and makes you it. The teasing smile becomes a smirk after your thighs are wrapped around my hips making you feel my clothe budge that I eventually rubbed to your crotch. I know you just because I saw the wet part of the apron that is still covering your body and knowing you are still sensitive after your s I hold your forward, pressing it to your skin and I lean down to squeeze it between our body. "ready for the real deal babe?" I ask teasingly and capture your lips again while grinding my bulge to yours.
Cjamm [A] 3 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun I whine quietly as I try to hold myself back '' b-babe, it's what am I supposed to do, it's why you love me'' I smile as I throw my head back and peek at you trough my shoulder but then you suddenly lift me up and place me on the table, I stare at you lustfully, biting down on my lower lip hard as I suspect your evil thoughts. My legs shift to wrap around your waist, pulling you tight against me just as I love to do when we are in this kind of position but I have no time thinking too much about that since my lips are busy devouring your sweet lips. My body quivering on every touch, gasping loudly I throw my head back your fingertips touching my heated skin is driving me insane as I keep aching for more. ''I love you'' I moan out and bite on your lower lip, tugging on it before you pull away and tease me more ''I-I am comi-'' I moan loudly as I release and soak the apron more.
Choi Seunghyun 3 months ago
*filled the outside bathtub with bubble bath and place and in another tub while I am chilling at the another one*
Choi Seunghyun 4 months ago
@Cjamm I spat your hand away from your , restricting you to feel more than what I am offering to you. "you should be taught a good lesson not to tease me so much, baby" my hand completely leaves your but I carried you to sit on the table, fixing the apron on place and covering your yearning . The teasing smile doesn't leave my lips as I come in between of your legs and kisses your lips in a passionate manner, my hand is caressing your jaw, taking everything slowly to savor the moment and to tease you even more since I knew that you are about to . "I love you" I whisper when I leave your lips for a few seconds and capture it again my lips start to trail your jawline down to your Adam's apple and it.
Cjamm [A] 4 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun / eagerly as you tease me, it was supposed to be opposite, I should be teasing you until you reached your limits but here we are in way different scenario, so unpredictable and exciting and you have no idea what kind of vibrations go trough my body whenever you take the control/
/my body shivers and I release a broken moan when your fingertips touch my perked buds yet whining a bit since you don't change your pace and I have to buck my own hips a little as I lean against the table/ I love this /I moan as I end up grinding against your bulge as I buck my hips more/ j-just /my hand moves down to myself faster, to show you what pace I need right now as I am so close/
Choi Seunghyun 4 months ago
@Cjamm *Teasing you more my tongue wander its way to the inside of your ear, flicked it inside and makes the inside of your ear wet as well. I rotate your body to lean on the table and my hand that is not stroking your goes up and plays with your . Rolling your bud on my thumb and index finger and then I pressed my crotch more to your *
do you like this baby?
*teasingly asked you while my hands are all busy with your and . My hand movement doesn't show any rush just to tease you more and measure how long you can take all these teasing*
Cjamm [A] 5 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun / as you on my earlobe, I can;t stop myself from drifting into wave of pleasure, my mind going blank and all I can focus is your touch, your heavy breathing, your breath against your skin, your heated saliva coating my earlobe/ ngh /whimpering when you me so slowly, my perked up s rubbing against the fabric of the apron as I grind against you and try to buck my hips forward for more action since you milk my so slowly it kills me inside as my body is burning and asking for more/
/the leaking precum soaking the fabric little by little/ faster daddy harder / as I want to feel your hand more so I can come all over the apron /
Choi Seunghyun 5 months ago
@Cjamm I can feel how needy you are, your gaze and how fast you grind your against my growing crotch, however, those are not the thing that giving away your emotion but it's your moan that makes me needy as hell. I lean down and your earlobe then slide my hand under the apron. I groan when I feel the warmth of your length against my palm and for a brief second I wanted to it faster likes how your gaze is telling me but I remember how you tease me earlier and your warning about not to remove the apron until it is soaking wet. I smirk and decided to give you a lesson instead of jerking your faster as you like I you in a slow and soothing way.
Cjamm [A] 5 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun Cupid's Daddy /whimpering and at your slow pace, it kills me, it drives me crazy, it makes my whole body yearn for you more, whimpering and not stopping my grinding, I tilt my head to peek at you trough my shoulder, your soaked fingers still inside my mouth as my own saliva drips down my chin, obviously wanting more I look at you with this gaze and flick my tongue against your digits, grinding faster to show that I want your hands to pick up your pace as well/
Choi Seunghyun 5 months ago
@Cjamm You are so with my finger inside your mouth and you don't have any idea how much temptation I need to fight just to stop myself from getting fully erected but your voluptuous grinding my hard on is making really hard for me to restrain myself and I won't let you get away with it. You teasing me so much with your , I gently your , no hastiness in my movement planning to tempt you more than how much you tempt me. I started to feel the wetness at the part of the apron that I am stroking. Tempting me like this is not good for you since I will make sure you will beg on your knees just to make me you.
Cjamm [A] 5 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun Cupid's Daddy / out when you my clothed , trying my best not to wet the apron yet but what can I do the round spot by the tip already darkens as the precum dirties it. Having you push your fingers deeper inside my mouth turns me on and I am not even sure why is it because of the way you taste, the way you dominate me, the way you demand me to your fingers good, I am not sure which...or maybe it's all/ ngh /I moan against your fingers, cloaking each digit in my thick saliva that soon begins to collect on my lower lip/
/I move my harder and slower against your hard on/
Choi Seunghyun 5 months ago
@Cjamm I keep on chanting inside my head /not must think any naughty thoughts! not must think any naughty thoughts!/ but damn you are so y and so breathtaking, removing my shirt ily with those slender fingers of your and the way you pulled my tie is so damn alluring to watch. I held my breath when I feel your hot lips painting my chest and I almost forgot to breath when you start ghosting my crotch /not must think any naughty thoughts! not must think any naughty thoughts!/ I chant again and I almost swallowed my tongue when you use your to tease me and even I tried so hard not to get turn on, I failed my starting to twitch inside my underwear and I feel the pleasure that is now growing inside me. I smirk when you placed my hand on your erected and let me it, squeezing your length using my fingers and palm.
That's right baby, my finger perfectly and Daddy will reward you later
Pushing my finger more inside your mouth and ensuring that you will fully coat it with your saliva.
Cjamm [A] 5 months ago
@Captain America {Choi Seunghyun} H I didn't enjoy the separation from your lips, believe me, I craved you and wanted you not least as you did, damn just feeling your eyes follow my bare round more that I thought it would, just knowing you can't take your eyes away from me, made me so hungry for you. My fingers wrap around your tie, tugging it towards me along with your body, tiptoeing and pecking your lips I slip your shirt off and lose the tie as well, happy since I got to try tie pull and kiss I always wanted to do. I press my lips on your chest, planting sloppy kisses down until my knees touch the ground and I use my teeth to your pants, pulling them down with my hands in a rush, leaving only your underwear I kiss you up again to your chest and smirk since maybe my lips ghosting on your clothed crotch has awaken it and if not well I have other devilish idea, I spin around and press my bare against your clothed crotch, my hand hold yours and place it on my clothed tent, guiding you to me slowly while I move your other hand to my lips, kissing, it and on your digits one by one, being my ed, , naughty self.
Choi Seunghyun 5 months ago
@Cjamm "I will mine, I will" smile and sealed your lips again "I will wait for you at the bus stop and I will catch you as soon as you light the bus" crashed my lips to yours, taking your lips with so much neediness, I had forgotten that we just finished eating and the dirty plates are still on the table, I whimper in annoyance when you asked me to stop. I honestly don't want to stop kissing you, I want to taste more of your soft lips, I want to taste more of your body. I grab my wine glass and finished the content in one gulp and pour some more, I'm about to drink my second glass of wine when you come back and my eyes were caught by the tent that you have, I feel hot and lust appeared in my eyes, then the anticipation makes my yearning to ravage your body intensify when you spin around giving me a good view of your plumped . I swallowed and look at you with anticipation and lust in my eyes, my lips partly opened as I nod, agreeing with what you are saying. I placed down my glass and watching you lovingly and full of admiration in my face.
Cjamm [A] 5 months ago
@Captain America {Choi Seunghyun} H I have this weird feeling when you get down to my eye level, my chest feels warm, it's like something is glowing inside my chest and it keeps saying your name over and over again because you're the reason I feel so loved and cared for and can't help but love and care for you as twice than that. I pucker up my lips when I see you lean closer, expecting for a peck and smiling when you continue talking ''I love you too so so so so so so much'' I say trough a warm chuckle as I squeeze you tightly into a hug. ''daddy I will run to you and you run to bus stop to catch me'' I whisper and tiptoe as you bow, crashing our lips together, my fingers going trough your hair, but when you deepen the kiss I tug on your hair and pull from the kiss. ''daddy'' I pant out ''allow me to do something first'' I jump to kiss your cheek and carry the plates away to the sink only leaving bucket with wine on the table, walking with obvious tent that raise the apron. ''daddy, don't get too and don't lose the opportunity to play with this'' I spin around and gaze at you lustfully, eyes sparkling with lust and love and affection I feel for you ''you're not allowed to take it off unless it's soaking wet'' nibbling on my lower lip I step closer to you and ing your shirt.
Choi Seunghyun 5 months ago
@Cjamm I break the hug and folded my knees to have an eye level with you. Staring at your brown orbs, I reach for your face and caress it with my palm "you don't have to remind me how much you love me because I will never forget that and even my mind forget about it my heart will never forget and will remind me the wonderful feeling that you always give me" I leans up and kiss your lips before I continue "the moment I lay my hands on you is the same moment you occupy my heart, I love you even you always doubt it. I will always love you and it is not something I am willing to forget" I stand up and cage you in my arms again, rubbing and then pinched your nape, feels hurt with what you said that it feels like a thousand knife stub my heart "oh! and you don't want to go home early. You still want me to wait for you, the 2 weeks is not enough waiting" I sigh and then smiled when you said about being in all fours gives me a naughty thought, this! you really bring out all my hormones in a chaos that my body always yearn to savage you. " I will wait for you, I will always wait for you. So please come home as quickly as you could" I bowed down and softly pressed my lips to your inviting lips, that seems like always asking to be devoured. Holding to your nape I deepen the kiss, tracing your lips with my tongue and tried to part it which I successfully did because you willingly opened your lips and welcomed my wet muscles in your hot cavern, I explore your mouth with my tongue and tasting the sweetness of it while my another hand is caressing your arm.
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Cjamm [A] 5 months ago
@Captain America {Choi Seunghyun} H The thumbs up you show spark something inside me, even if it's a simple gesture I can't help but feel happy about it, grinning to my ears like some idiot I sway my legs on my chair as I finished up my food and eyes only raised up when I had to meet your charming face features and watch you raise up the glass even higher. ''I will completely believe when we have less fights when I piss you off less than I do now'' I smile weakly ''I am afraid what if on times I come back we fight again what if I beat myself the whole two weeks and you then just let me go because I am not here to remind you I ing love you and want to one day marry you'' my voice breaks and I just shut my eyes tight as I rest my head against you, jaw clenching as I hold back the tears and curse you inside my head for bringing this up. '' how funny'' I whisper ''someone suggested me to take round trips and go somewhere and come back home late at night'' I hum ''maybe I will do that on times we fight'' I nuzzle you and hug you tightly ''but for now if you will wait for me I will run back on my ing four to be faster so I can see you, my love''
Choi Seunghyun 5 months ago
@Cjamm I smile widely at you, really satisfied with the taste of the food you cook and quite surprised that I will like it since we both know that we have a different palette in terms of food. I want to tease you and says it doesn't taste good but I know my facial expression will reveal that I am lying. I gave two thumbs up on you and a flying kiss then lifted up my glass and proposed a toast "ok, I agree now you are really a wife material" /tho no one can beat you on bed/ I chuckle and hide my smirk behind the wine glass, sipping at my wine. In the whole dinner time, I am just staring at you looking and watching how you chew your food, memorizing your table and eating gesture and I feel a sharp pain in my heart /I'm going to ing miss you/ I whisper under my breath. I stand up and come closer to you, encircling my arms around your body, hugging you tightly I whisper while my chin is resting on your scalp "don't go anywhere else when its time for you to go home? or do you want me to fitch you?".


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Pika-boo 5 hours ago
hyungseok is taking his leave
please don't delete him though cause I might comeback
PrincessLilith 1 week ago
Can you reserve Heechul for me please? ^-^
credence 1 week ago
can i have stray kids hwang hyunjin?
taneejj 1 week ago
Can you add and reserve NCT Taeil, please?
ely-xions 2 weeks ago
can you add and reserve Jongin please?
shineesarahh 2 weeks ago
can you add and reserve Yixing, please
recyclebin 3 weeks ago
jehyun's official group name has been announced, it's 1team. :)
Pika-boo 4 weeks ago
Can you add and reserve yang yoseob
djinnamon 1 month ago
Can i reserve infinite Sungjong please
verizon 1 month ago
can i have cha eunwoo?
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