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choi seunghyun

is now officialy

my happiness

i love you, daddy

Cjamm [A] 2 days ago
@Choi Seunghyun SH unfair... if you will keep pushing me away of course we won't find our way back... do you know how much in pain I am... you're not here... when I'm having hard time you were the one to push me away and make everything more painful I lost my support I lost my love/lower lip quivers and I sniff/ I won't survive... here without you... the memories we made are so painful when I just can't let you go Seunghyun! !/groan/
why.../grind my teeth and keep my mouth shut/ all I will do is be shirtless /sigh/ there is nothing more than that...
/tear rolls down the cheek you just placed your soft lips on, I shut my eyes to feel the last kiss I got for you, your lips still linger on my skin when you pulled away and placed your bags on vehicle, I gaze the last time at your face, you smile when I'm breaking apart with the most painful expression on my face as I hold back my tears from dripping more/
Choi Seunghyun 2 days ago
@Cjamm *put down the bag to face you*
this is better for both of us if we are really meant for each other we will find our way back
*take a deep breath, lips tightly pressed to each other and look at the house for the last time*
you can do anything to this house, I brought this for you so you have all the rights to do whatever you wanted with it
*leans and hug you then pecks your cheek*
Goodbye Ryu, I never lied to you about how I feel I might not keep my promise to be forever by your side but I don't regret the times I spend you. Enjoy your life and you can do now the things you wanted without anyone restricting you
*smile and pat your shoulder then pick up the bag and luggage, putting everything in my car*
I hope you will be happy
*smile and drove away*
Cjamm [A] 2 days ago
@Choi Seunghyun SH /has just arived home when I see you shut the door/ have you...really made your mind... there is no place in your heart for me in the end huh...
Choi Seunghyun 2 days ago
*finished packing, patting the dog's head before closing the door and after leaving the keys on the table*
Choi Seunghyun 2 days ago
*comes to take all my stuff, putting my clothes and personal items in my luggage and other stuff in boxes. Packing everything and making sure nothing were left behind, Smiling and patting and then gives them tummy rubs before doing my thing*
Cjamm [A] 1 week ago
@Choi Seunghyun SH no babe/blush and grind down my clothed bulge on you/ let's keep it on babe /flushed cheeks roght to ears I kiss you back passionately/ I love you babe
I want you to make me be bad boy and dirty this uniform /bite your lip and tug on it before attacking yourblips greedly once again, I pant heavily and moan against your lips as I keep rolling my bottom body/
Choi Seunghyun 1 week ago
@Cjamm you sure look good on uniform babe but you look perfect without clothes on, do your lips are dry? let's moisturize it, babe
*kisses your lips, sloppily and tilt my head on the side while my hands caress your body against the fabric of your uniform*
let's take this out, babe?
*searches for the buttons and started to it while kissing you deeply and nibbling on your lips then it and inserted my tongue inside your mouth, rubbing our wet muscles together*
Cjamm [A] 1 month ago
/sits on bed, sighing and getting depressed over and over again, can't even watch properly tv as it drives me crazy every single detail reminds me of that one special guy, my hand reaches out to pet the doggos and , they both snuggling closer, nuzzling my chin that isn;t as smooth from not shaving second day in a row/
Cjamm [A] 1 month ago
@Choi Seunghyun /my body shivers when I hear your low, just woken up voice/ ngh~
/I gasp at sudden switch and chuckle/ yes I did
do you like the view / my lower lip/ don't I look y in the uniform
it will need to wash anyway how about we- ah/moans out when you grind down on me/ oh my love /whisper and attack your lips, groping your shoulders and then your back/
Choi Seunghyun 1 month ago
@Cjamm *feels your arm around me, smiling sleepily but opens my eyes after I feel your crotch grinding on me*
babe, you ing miss me
*hover on top of you, just pressing my lips to yours while caressing your jaw and lift my head to fully look at you, no longer sleepy as I am fully awake admiring the beauty in front of my eyes. leaning down again to capture your lips and started to grind my crotch against yours*
[post deleted by owner]
Cjamm [A] 1 month ago
@Choi Seunghyun /finally coming back for holiday from military, in the middle of the night right before the easter, I sneak quietly into our house only to see you sleeping on your back, biting my lip and straddling your lap, still wearing my uniform I slowly grind myself down on you, gasping loudly, my breath stopping every now and then as I am getting /
Choi Seunghyun 1 month ago
@Cjamm (you decide, I will reply to whatever you will make babe)
Cjamm [A] 1 month ago
@Choi Seunghyun [ I want to continue but I'm asking you]
Choi Seunghyun 1 month ago
@Cjamm (For the other place is up to you, make a decision about it)
Cjamm [A] 1 month ago
@Choi Seunghyun [ ok how about other places want to continue or drop them too?]
Choi Seunghyun 1 month ago
@Cjamm (Let start something new, since its been months)
Cjamm [A] 1 month ago
@Choi Seunghyun [psst want me to reply or start something new here?]
Choi Seunghyun 2 months ago
@Cjamm ok babe but have you forgiven me?
*pecks your cheek*
can't wait for the next weekend to spend with you. I love you
Cjamm [A] 2 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun no I haven't replied here let's not bury babe
Choi Seunghyun 2 months ago
@Cjamm *brought you in our home since we make the confession room as our own room. Hugging you tight while you are sitting on my lap, showering your face with soft kisses*
I am so sorry babe, I just know how busy you are and I don't want to burden you to reply because I sent a lot of messages. So sorry
Choi Seunghyun 3 months ago
@Cjamm "do you really want me to ravish you, baby?" Teasing you more, rubbing my thumb in your slit and using the precum that your is producing to your shaft faster, massaging your balls as well but when you said the words that I wanted to hear, I started to moves my hips towards your entrance, rubbing the tip before slowly penetrating your hole again. Savoring the feeling of your tight hole, choking my , I slowly sliding my whole length and rotating my hips adding more pleasures from what we already feel right now "baby wish is daddy's command"
Cjamm [A] 3 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun '' t-tease'' I mutter it out and my body jolts at your cruel manner to make me beg but holy it turns me on more than it should and you have no idea how much I love it when you act this way, dominate me like this ''I want you inside me so so much'' I whimper out a little louder yet not loud enough yet 'ngh'' I hiss louder and moan out your name ''I-I want you to ravish me babe, '' precum leaks out of my member on your hands and I release a shaky breath as it's so hard to stay calm and I am failling, muttered moans fill up this room and I grip onto your hand tightly as I beg ''d-daddy p-please I want you inside me''
Choi Seunghyun 3 months ago
@Cjamm "you are saying something babe, I can't hear your properly from here" smirks, suspending my from entering your hole and only the tip of it poking your entrance "can you say it a little louder babe?" instead of shoving it inside, I just poke your entrance like a fist knocking on a door. Contrary to the slow movement of my hips, my hand stroking your faster then rub my thumb on your slit, pleasuring myself from seeing you frustrated and pleasured at the same time "can you repeat it again babe?".
Cjamm [A] 3 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun I moan out louder when your tip enters me, my legs quiver and my body shake each time, making my mind go crazy as I can't hold back ''f- l-love'' I whimper as my clench, how much it wants to you deep inside it. My eyes shut tight and I hiss, your fingers teasing my front effects me just as much as your hard tip teases me at the back ''I-I want you'' I whisper quietly, gasping and parting my eyes to gaze at you, not sure how to beg or maybe slightly too prideful yet I manage to mutter some sentences out ''very deep...I want you to me hard right now, babe''
Choi Seunghyun 4 months ago
@Cjamm "I will hold it until I hear you begging your heart out," I said with a teasing smile, I poke your hole with the tip of my , shoving just an inch inside then pulled it out again doing the same thing over and over again because I am waiting for you to beg. My hand in the other hand continues to your making it hard again, tracing your mushroom crown and veins with my thumb looking at your face lustfully. You don't have any idea how much I want to shove my inside you but this teasing game is fun that I can restrain myself from ing you hard right now just to tease you more and see how much you can hold on.
Cjamm [A] 4 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun The way your lips moved against mine was something I could never explain to other people, it just made me feel special, like it's you and me like nothing else matters in this world just you and I. I gulp a little too loudly when you release your length, completely with this eyegasm. ''A-ah'' a shaken breath escapes my lips as I feel your sticky member rub against my clenching . ''t-tease'' I moan out as my body shudders beneath your touch ''h-how long can you rub it?'' I whimper as my twitches in your warm hold.
Choi Seunghyun 4 months ago
@Cjamm While devouring to your lips my hand is removing my trousers and freed my erected , I just moved the apron up to your tummy and not removing it completely. When my trousers slide down up to my knees I break the kiss and hold my rubbing it to your entrance, I know that I haven't prepared you enough and I used that excuse to teach you more, I keep on rubbing my that is leaking with precum to your puckering hole and in my movement you can sense that I don't have any plan to shove it inside you, my another hand holds your still sensitive and occasionally stroking it and sometimes went down to your ball, my smiling eyes are looking at you wanting to see how long you can handle the anticipation and my teasing to you.
Cjamm [A] 4 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun I moan out against your soft pillows you probably don't know how much I love kissing, and every part of your body and fingers is one of them, I playfully flick my tongue against your fingertip and give it a small . My release soaking the apron and coming trough fabric, feeling your bulge pressed against my sticky member doesn't help me at all, I only cling up more on you and hug you tight ''y-yes daddy'' I moan out ''Let's mark this house ours'' I whisper breathlessly and we can hear the dogs scratching the bedroom door, poor puppies but I had to close them in room knowing where I wanted this to go and that extra eyes would bother you even though has witnessed some things in the past.
Choi Seunghyun 4 months ago
@Cjamm "Oh, babe I have a lot of reason why I love you and this is one those things" your lips and used my thumb to push down your chin before shoving the same thumb inside your mouth and makes you it. The teasing smile becomes a smirk after your thighs are wrapped around my hips making you feel my clothe budge that I eventually rubbed to your crotch. I know you just because I saw the wet part of the apron that is still covering your body and knowing you are still sensitive after your s I hold your forward, pressing it to your skin and I lean down to squeeze it between our body. "ready for the real deal babe?" I ask teasingly and capture your lips again while grinding my bulge to yours.


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marionella 1 day ago
ateez' mingi, please!
Ward5B1 2 days ago
Please remove the sh sign for Seunghyun
vixx_lionleo 2 days ago
vixx cha hakyeon please!
allgame 3 days ago
I'm going to miss this place a lot. I met a lot of great people here as taehyung but I can't keep going. I'm sorry to anyone that didn't get a goodbye. this rp family has been the best I've been apart of in my journey rping, on as many platforms that I've tried. nothing has compared to lith. thank you. I wish y'all the best.
yujeong 3 days ago
crush (shin hyoseob), please!
qualities 4 days ago
seventeen's lee jihoon, please?
chocomilkbunny 6 days ago
kim wooseok for me pls?
maya_carter12 1 week ago
lee hoseok
vividly 1 week ago
Jung Taekwoon (as a second character), please!
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kim sunwoo please!
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