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мιи уσσиgι (σ) 10 months ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) Yoongi cried until he fell asleep, curled up under his blankets. His roommate came in and woke him to go eat dinner, which Yoongi shook his head to. “I’m not hungry...” His roommate shrugged and left him alone. Yoongi sits up and rubs his eyes.

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ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 10 months ago
@мιи уσσиgι (σ) Yukhei is a bit surprised when the door is pushed open and the other comes crashing against him but he allows the other to shove him without making a move to stop him "I am not your alpha, but as a co-worker or ex co-worker, whatever you wanna call it, I'm worried and I can't just ignore what I saw..."
Yukhei wasn't sure what to do and the other had closed the door again. As he looked down the hall a few people were looking at him with worried expressions, but they quickly turned away when he looked at them.
Soon he could hear the other's muffled sobs from inside the room, and not sure what to do, he simply leaned his back against the wall and sat there waiting for the other to open the door, or come outside.
мιи уσσиgι (σ) 10 months ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) “Leave me alone!” Yoongi throws open the door and shoves Yukhei. “I’m fine! You are not my alpha and can not, /will/ not make me do anything! You have no right!” Yoongi shoves him again. “I don’t need you telling me what to do so go yourself!” He slammed the door right into the alpha’s face. He laid on his bed, suddenly queasy, just as his tears began to flow. He began to cry, his sobs getting louder and louder until they were probably audible from the hall. The omega rarely cried and he was ashamed of himself.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 10 months ago
@мιи уσσиgι (σ) "Fine! Then maybe I should just report you to a hospital and maybe they'll be forced to force-feed you or something!" Yukhei replied raising his voice a little as the other turned his back on him and walked away.
He crossed his arms over his chest with a sigh as he watched the other walking into one of the rooms, and after a few minutes of just tapping his foot angrily he slowly made his way to the room's door.
"Just so you know, I meant it... If you don't want to talk about it and don't want to let me try and help you, I will need to find someone who will be forced to help you..." He said softly from outside the door.
мιи уσσиgι (σ) 11 months ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) “Let go. Now. You’re hurting me.” Yoongi tugged his arm away. “There’s nothing to talk about. So just leave me alone or I’m reporting you for harassment.” Yoongi walks away to the room that he was in. Only one person had decided to stay with him due to his rude nature... but he liked it that way. He pushed his way through people and growled at anyone who dared to speak to him.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 11 months ago
@мιи уσσиgι (σ) "Yoongi!" Yukhei called as the other pushed past him and he quickly turned around following the smaller male, and holding his arm to keep him from going further.
"I know it scares you, and I know it makes you uncomfortable... But you need to talk about it! This is serious..." He said not letting the other go and nodding towards the room he'd taken with a few other people. He knew it was empty right now since most people were mingling in the living room getting to know each other.
"Please let's just go to the room and talk it out..."
мιи уσσиgι (σ) 11 months ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) “I don’t want to talk to you at all!” He stands again and puts his bag on, pushing Yukhei away. “Leave me alone!” He gets past him and tries to weave through people, failing. He kept trying and failing and was desperate at this point. He would not talk about this. He didn’t have a problem. He’s fine. He just needs left alone. But this alpha doesn’t seem to understand that though. Yoongi’s eyes darted around, trying to find a way to leave.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 11 months ago
@мιи уσσиgι (σ) "I know you don't! And that's precisely why we do need to talk!" He said looking straight into the other's eyes to show he meant it and there was no turning it around this time. He'd left him alone the last time, and the one before that... Now even through the other's clothes he could tell he was worse, and this time Yukhei just couldn't kook past it.
"You're right! It is definitely not funny... Now do you wanna talk right here, or would you like to move somewhere else?" Yukhei asked giving a quick look around the room they were currently in.
мιи уσσиgι (σ) 11 months ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) “Leave me alone, please, I don’t want to talk to you!”
Yoongi’s eyes showed a true, raw fear, an emotion that was very rare and strange emotion that rarely showed in his usually dull, tired eyes. He looked thinner than the last time Yukhei had seen him and he probably was. He looked desperate to get away from Yukhei. “Get away, let me go. This isn’t funny!”
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 11 months ago
@мιи уσσиgι (σ) Yukhei keeps enough distance so that he isn't standing in the other's personal space, but close enough not to give him an escape route as his way of letting the other know that he can't avoid him anymore.
"I know you don't want to talk to me..." He said matter of factly watching the other sit back down "But I should've said something before and it's been on my mind since then... Even if we're not friends, it's still part of my personal morals..." He says more softly keeping his eyes on the other and hoping to get some eye contact for a snippet of what the other was thinking.
мιи уσσиgι (σ) 11 months ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) Yoongi shakes his head and stands. “No. No no no no no, I’m not talking you. Go away. I don’t want to talk to you.” Yoongi tried to get past but was blocked. He began to get nervous. “Leave me alone.” He hugs himself and sits back down. “What do you want from me? I don’t have anything for you. We aren’t friends.” He hugs his bag to his chest.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 11 months ago
@gσ тαєѕєσв (σ) Yukhei observes the omega who has his eyes closed as he approaches until eventually, he seems to notice him and opens his eyes. The other looks around and Yukhei immediately realizes he is looking for him, but he keeps walking confidently towards the other at a fast pace.
Their eyes met just as the alpha is close enough to hear the muttered curse the other lets out and he stops right in front of the chair the other is sitting in.
"Hey... Yoongi.." He says slowly ready to step in front of the other in case he tries to run away "How are you doing?"
мιи уσσиgι (σ) 11 months ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) Yoongi hated storms. He hated small spaces. He hated people. Yet all these things combined into one and here everyone was, going into the shelter with their bags. It was loud and Yoongi was wary. He managed to get himself in a corner, sitting in a chair, his bag in his lap and hugged to his chest. He rests his chin on top of it and closes his eyes until he caught scent of an alpha—someone familiar, he thought—approaching him. His eyes snapped open and darted around and he caught sight of one of his coworkers from his summer job and as soon as Yoongi recognises him, he pales. “....”
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 11 months ago
@gσ тαєѕєσв (σ) Everyone was getting their things ready for the unknown time frame they'd have to stay at the shelter because of the storm. Yukhei had already been talking to a few of the people he knew and was now preparing to unpack his own bag when his eyes stopped in a short boy he'd seen before. More precisely, a guy he'd worked with in the past, only for a short while, but that had a left quite the mark on his life.
Near his last day of his summer job, Yukhei had found out something about the boy that he was definitely not supposed to know, something rather serious. He'd attempted to talk to the boy about it but the other always avoided it, or told him to shut up and forget about it. It had been a long while since he'd last seen him and he was still worried for the omega, so he set his bag down once again and made his way towards the shorter male preparing to get rejected once again, but ready to fight that this time.
кιм נυиgωσσ (в) 1 year ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) Yukhei's knowing grin was more than enough to throw a respectable beta off his game. Really, the honest talk after that was an extra Jungwoo couldn't handle, and it showed in the way his eyes widened. Keeping up a facade with alpha was proving impossible especially if he was to play with him like that. And those words about missing him had to be a game to make him lose his mind, a game Yukhei was obviously winning at. He broke his startled look into a somewhat constipated chuckle, in clear disbelief.

“Oh really…”

But the alpha wasn't done playing that effortless number on him, having the most passive reaction to his stealing a pillowcase and giving it back this shamefully. The cherry on top was his offering to let him have another piece of cloth in replacement. Yukhei was encouraging him to keep the scent without even asking questions. As infuriating as his generosity seemed, Jungwoo felt at peace. The alpha fully allowed his little obsession and better: he didn't question it.

“You're about right, I'd rather find something I want with your scent on it and take it without asking. Just for the thrill.” he said quietly and smiled, letting the nudge push him away before he sat back to his original spot.

“I usually take pride in being a good thief but in your case, considering you let me do it, it's no crime. It's just you being overly nice to some whimsical beta who hopps off your fence whenever he fancies and takes samples for his own entertainment.” he noted and shook his head. He was definitely feeling lucky the alpha let him be this daring. Any normal alpha would have just growled to make him show some deference, Yukhei was nothing like that.

“But in all honesty, I might be needing more than one of your things, because I was going home from the wild when I was picked up. I have nothing but the clothes I'm wearing and you're the only one I know. Well, I don't see the point in asking others for clothes when I have befriended you and I can't wait to try out clothes that cost more than my monthly rent.” he wiggled his brows but his amused look faded when he heard the wind hissing, stuff hitting the wall of the house, rain starting to pour. He tensed a little but kept looking ar the window.

“Did you have something planned for the night, before they picked you up?”
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 1 year ago
@кιм נυиgωσσ (в) Yukhei's eyes were following the beta's as they looked over him stopping at certain spots for a few moments before moving again only to stop yet again somewhere along the alpha's structure,
He gave out a small smirk at the other's statement because it was indeed true. He did avoid the other's questions quite often in fear of revealing too much, or even in fear of just thinking about it because he knew those thoughts would turn into overthinking and he would dwell too much in them.
He wondered for a few minutes whether to avoid it yet again or reply, before the other's response convinced him that it wouldn't be too bad to reply once in a while, and offering him a small smile he finally said that "I did, miss you too..." Even if the other hadn't exactly said that he missed /him/, but his scent instead.
He raised his eyebrow with a questioning look at the other's words and then looked down at his lap where now rested the pillowcase that had disappeared from his bed quite a while ago. Although he had never said a thing he did have a feeling the other had taken it. Especially when he went to sleep that night, and realized, that that same pillow that was now missing the pillowcase, had the beta's strong scent all over it.
He looked up at the other again and then down at the bag of the belongings he had brought for the time they'd be spending here.
"I might just find you something to replace the stolen pillowcase..." He said raising his eyebrow playfully again "Unless of course, you'd like to find something yourself, you thief..." He joked hitting the other's shoulder with his lightly.
кιм נυиgωσσ (в) 1 year ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) Jungwoo was glad the alpha didn't move away from his invasion. But at the same time, he nearly hoped Yukhei would, just to bother him. His mixed feelings left him gazing long after the handsome alpha spoked. It took him too long to look down to Yukhei's lap with insistance, even longer to realize looking at the other's thighs was barely better than staring at his facial features. What was sure was that Jungwoo /had/ to keep his eyes on Yukhei. He had missed him way too much and he preferred to break it rather than lie about it and later admit it indirectly.
"So one, you haven't answered my question, I notice that, you do that a lot... Chicken." His lips curled and curled until he found it in himself to look away because he was obviously mocking the alpha.
"And two: Yes. I missed your exotic scent." He looked the other in the eyes when he said so, as if he wasn't ashamed to be that affected. It was a way to cope and he wasn't sure it would work but it was worth trying.
"I wished I could break in your place to steal something from you, you know, a substitute to sniff when it's too much trouble." But he couldn't; because he was on total lockdown when in heat. Besides, his overly sensitive nose still found comfort in the old torn pillowcase that now just smelled his own beta scent. He pulled it out of his sleeve like nothing was wrong about keeping it there -or like it wasn't somewhat shameful to show it in public- and rested it on the alpha's lap. "I hope you have something else for me, Chicken."
Needless to say, he had found his very own nickname for Yukhei.
нωαиg мιинуυи (в) [A] 1 year ago
Minhyun stood very silent as they walked inside the wooden house. He hoped it had enough rooms and beds for everyone, he was pretty sure he didn't know anyone here and he didn't want to end up sharing a bed with someone he just met.
Everyone seemed to be either nervous, upset or really uncaring about what this fact, and Minhyun fell mostly on he nervous category. He was not exactly bad with people. but he was somewhat awkward with new people and had a hard time trusting people, so he might sometimes come off as a bit rude or suspicious, which was not the image he was trying to pass on. As an alpha took charge and decided to try and get the group to present themselves, Minhyun took a step back, waiting for someone to go first. It was long before a beta did go first, jumping on the couch the other was sitting on, and they engaged in a conversation that pretty much showed they already knew each other, Minhyun noticed a few people checking out the other rooms and took this as his chance to do so as well, parting form the group.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 1 year ago
@кιм נυиgωσσ (в) As he sat there waiting for any reply, Yukhei ran his eyes through the mostly unfamiliar faces of the people hoping someone would step up and actually reply. There were a few faces he recognize, and definitely a scent that would never get past him without him noticing, even if he couldn't see the beta right now, no matter how much his eyes wondered through the people.
It didn't take long though, before he felt a weight falling next to him on the couch, the scent immediatelly intensifying as he turned his head to meet eyes with Jungwoo. He hadn't seen him in a while so feeling the other's presence so close, and the delicious scent felt almost like a blessing. He didn't know where the other disappeared to for so long, and even if he visited the meetings after his cycle was done he didn't get to see the other, so he was surprised yet glad to see him here. If the other had been hiding from him for the past days, there was no way he could hide while sharing this small shelter.
He replied copying the other's smirk at the remark and raising a challenging eyebrow "Then how about you find your very own nickname for me? Of course it needs to have my approval..." He said with a small chuchkle before shrugging his shoulders a little at his next question.
"I could ask you the same thing... Did you miss my /exotic/ scent?" He asked using the other's very own word to describe his scent.
кιм נυиgωσσ (в) 1 year ago
@ωσиg уυкнєι (α) Jungwoo had his bag over his shoulder, his coat still on and he was actually waiting for the perfect moment to leave, unnoticed. He simply wouldn't want anyone noticing his absence and it could go just like that until he felt the scent of a very familiar alpha. Then his will change entirely, pulling on invisible strings to his gut, to his beta, to his heart: the kind of witchery only Yukhei could perform on him.
Jungwoo had physically avoided the guy with the unbelievably attractive scent for a while (which was actually the alpha's cyle and his own) and he was still thinking of a comeback line and the storm hit town. He almost went to Yukhei's place and got picked up yo the nearest shelter instead, a place where he figured he wouldn't have to worry about sleepwalking to the alpha instinctively.
Well so much for restraining himself, Yukhei was there. He still felt so glad to find him he plopped into the couch, closer to the alpha than planned because of his excitement.
"Why is it with you alpha to let people decide how they should call you? It makes me want to call you neither or both you know?"
He smirked, head turned to Yukhei, eyes detailing all those features he missed, undeniably.
"Missed me?" He added in amusement, when he was mossing the ideal window to escape the shelter.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 1 year ago
@ℓєє נιикι (α)  @ℓєє тαємιи (в) @נєσи נιωσσ (σ) @נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) @נυиg єυивι (σ) @נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) @мιи уσσиgι (σ) @мαттнєω кιм (α) @кιм ∂σуσυиg (σ) @кιм נυиgωσσ (в) @кιм тαєнуυиg (α) @кιм нуυиα (в) @вαє נσσнуυη (σ) @ωσσ ∂σ нωαи (α) @ραяк נιмιи (σ) @ιм ¢нαиgкуυи (в) @¢нσυ тzυуυ (в) (posting a starter for anyone that wants to take me up on this and to maybe get something out of this event
- reply however you prefer 1st or 3rd whatever is fine)

Yukhei walked inside the house they'd be taking shelter in, and he couldn't help but notice how small it looked, considering all the people that would be taking shelter here.
"Well, that's great..." He mutters after a long sigh, not used to a small house, let alone to be sharing it with everyone else.
"I don't think I know everyone around here... Wanna get some introductions done since we'll be stuck here for a while?" He suggested taking a seat on the couch before raising his hand in a short greeting "I'm Wong Yukhei, but you can call me Lucas..." He said, letting his eyes run over the few faces he was familiar with and the other ones he didn't really recognize, waiting for a reply from, anyone really.
נєииιє кιм (в) [A] 1 year ago
@ℓєє נιикι (α)  Jennie kept her eyes closed in pain as she reached her hand up to rub at her head, which slightly overpowered the burning sensation on her legs and arms because of the book being so thick and heavy. She reached her hands forward to help her slightly get up and muttered a small 'ouch' when her knees burned against the floor as she kneeled.
As she opened her eyes she immediately noticed the presence of a man next to her, and she wondered how she was so distracted to have missed his scent when he was so close. She looked up at his face for a few moments, and then took in his position and realized he was kind of shielding her, and felt her cheeks burning up a little at the embarrassment of both him seeing that spectacle and having him protect her after her disastrous attempt. She did wish she could tell him she didn't need his help or protection but was really in no position to do so after what just happened so she simply nodded at his words, her eyes going down to the floor as she took his hand to lift herself up.
"Yeah..." She said her eyes analyzing the injuries on her arms and legs, a couple of bleeding wounds on her knees "Thank you..." She muttered straightening her clothes. Once again she really wished she could refuse, her beta pride screaming at her, but he was being nice, and after he helped her, she didn't really want to be rude, so she nodded again and took a sit on the couch as she waited for him, offering him yet another quick 'thanks' before he left.
She noticed the red cover book beside her and let out a small sigh, shaking her head before turning her arms over to see a few more small yet bloody wounds and she cursed softly under her breath, letting her arms fall by her side once again and mentally cursing her luck as well as her clumsiness.
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ℓєє נιикι (α)  1 year ago
@נєииιє кιм (в) Jinki was standing by the far corner of the room, holding art book on his hand, back leaning against the wooden wall. from where he stood, he could clearly see what was going on in the room. He saw this female walking in and stood in front of one of the shelves. However, it seemed that there was something troubling her. So, he put a stop on his reading and did his observation on this female that he found really amusing. Numerous encounters to situation like this, it's better that to just stay back and not be involved with someone's trouble, especially when you were an alpha. Things tend to end up bad to an alpha than beta or omega who offered help. Since alphas often got misunderstood like they tried to take an advantage or show off in a way. Sometimes it could also trigger another alpha, like becoming their rivals cause apparently the person that we were trying to help was apparently their crush, girlfriend or their mate.
Then this lady disappeared from his view, either she's giving up or she's trying another attempt. For sure, he would be the spectator on the side. Turning his glance back to the book in his hand, he continued his reading until he saw through his peripheral glance a figure walking pass ahead of him. It seemed that she would try using a chair. Therefore, his observation continued.
It seemed that things were still out of range for her. Pondering for a moment, as his lips formed a thin line and his eyebrows slightly creased. Alright, he decided that he would help her. Closing the book on his hand, he placed it on the table as he walked towards the female. Just at the moment, he was going to reach out to help her, she fell down before he managed to catch her as he was late by a few seconds. All he could do was shielding her from the possibility of the entire shelf or books falling down on her by kneeling in front of her, slightly towering on top of her. Luckily nothing else fell on them except for the red book which he thought that it was what she wanted. "You are really lucky that nothing bad happened to you, except of the little scrapes." He said after making a quick scan on her body, not wanting to put blame on her for not asking for help because he knew very well about the word 'pride'. It didn't matter whether she's an alpha, beta or omega. Everyone has their own pride, that's why he wouldn't say anything about it.
He got up and offered his hand to help her stand up. "Just wait here, I'll take the first aid kit to tend to your wound." He told her while helping her to take a seat on the nearby couch and placed the red book next to her that he took when he stood up earlier. Silently, he turned around and went away to look for the first aid kit to help the female.
נєииιє кιм (в) [A] 1 year ago
@ℓєє נιикι (α)  Jennie stands at the bottom of the tall shelf of books looking up at the red cover of the book she wants to take, which is coincidentally sitting on the top shelf, extremely out of her reach. For a few long moments, Jennie considers what to do. She could definitely go grab one of the taller guys and ask him to get it for her, but then again, one of the things Jennie disliked the most, was being seen as a typical beta and told she's too small or weak, or that she needs help and protection from the alphas or stronger betas.
With that thought in mind, Jennie decides she does not need anyone's help and makes up her mind. She remembers seeing some benches on their rooms and immediately goes over there, picking one up and bringing it with her downstairs to the basement where all the books are.
At first, everything was going according to plan, except for the fact that the book was still slightly out of reach. This forced her to grab onto one of the shelves to pull her body a bit higher, but when she reached for the book with her free hand, her other hand immediately slipped from the wooden shelf making her lose her balance, which ended up with her falling over the bench which tipped over, and scrapping her arms and legs against the old wooden floor, the red cover book, falling along with her and hitting her head before dropping next to her on floor.
ωσиg уυкнєι (α) [A] 1 year ago
@ℓєє נιикι (α)  @ℓєє тαємιи (в) @נєσи נιωσσ (σ) @נυиg ∂αєнуυи (σ) @נυиg єυивι (σ) @נα¢кѕσи ωαиg (в) @мιи уσσиgι (σ) @мαттнєω кιм (α) @кιм ∂σуσυиg (σ) @кιм נυиgωσσ (в) @кιм тαєнуυиg (α) @кιм нуυиα (в) @вαє נσσнуυη (σ) @ωσσ ∂σ нωαи (α) @ραяк נιмιи (σ) @ιм ¢нαиgкуυи (в) @¢нσυ тzυуυ (в) @(H) ℓєє тαєуσиg (в) @(H) נυиg нσѕєσк (σ) EVENT HAS NOW STARTED! PLEASE JOIN IN EVERYONE!


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