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lee jaehwan。 1 hour ago
kim chungha。 5 hours ago
Im so tired
kim chungha。 5 hours ago
waking up at 4am.
kim junmyeon。 8 hours ago
@h, kim jungeun。 He smiles to himself as he sees the sudden expression on her face as she describes her job and experience as a model; being able, himself, to feel the sort of joy that it gives her to be able to have that sort of occupation. "Oh, well that's good. Really sounds like you enjoy your job and all that, despite the sometimes taxing sides of it. It makes me happy to see you genuinely love it." He nods his head before tilting his head to the side, giving a light shrug. "Ah, well you know, I'm literally living my dream. I've always wanted to entertain, to be able to show who I am, and to be able to touch people's lives and whatnot with my work - particularly through music. I've wanted to be an idol since I was young, and honestly, I never thought I'd be able to see that day where I was finally recognized as achieving my own dream. It makes me - quite happy, in retrospect." He nods his head. "I appreciate the worry, Jungeun." He nods, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Hm, indeed you do. I think I've mentioned before that I love being beside you. It makes me so happy, being able to spend my time with someone like you - or honestly, just you." He chuckles, shaking his head. I hope that doesn't sound weird at all. And of course, I'd be down. Whatever you'd wanna do, I'll always be up for it. Swimming? Camping? Want me to hold your bags while you shop? I wouldn't mind that either!" He exclaims proudly.

He hums as she gets ready to take a picture, poking fun at him as she charges him by inviting him over to her home. "Oh - I wouldn't mind coming over at all. I'll say yes. I do hope that none of your neighbors get the wrong idea though, especially at this time." He chuckles. "But yes, I'd love to continue our festivities together afterwards at your home. He grins as she takes her phone out, letting out a soft laughter, not knowing which screen he should be giving his attention to. "How about you take the picture, and send it to me. I'm sure you'd be better at capturing the essence of the moment anyways." He says and he lays his phone flat on the table and stares at the camera, giving a large grin as he brings an arm around her and pulls her close to him. "Ready when you are."
jung wheein。 17 hours ago
@h, shin hoseok。 Shhhush you don't need to mention that. /laughs and watch you eat, smiling at you as I feed myself octopus sushi and leans on you while eating.
h, shin hoseok。 17 hours ago
@jung wheein。 Well i cant help it hahaha yours is vast in ed things hahaha -pecks your cheek and nod before feeding myself some of the salmon-
jung wheein。 17 hours ago
@h, shin hoseok。 Hahaha okay wow your imagination is much more vast than mine. I haven't think that far.
/laughs and naturally open my mouth when you bring food closer, eats the salmon and squeals a little at the taste./ Item tasted so good.
h, shin hoseok。 17 hours ago
@jung wheein。 Hahaha nooo you would be too tired on going into labor and not to mention the chaotic morning with the kids running around hahaha -grabs one of the salmon sashimi and dip it to the soy sauce, bring it closer to your mouth- aah
jung wheein。 17 hours ago
@son naeun。 You can't be upset. Don't worry. Imma bring out the sos call when he's here okay? Haha at least that would help a bit. Don't feel upset on yourself. Bad timing happened a lot.
jung wheein。 17 hours ago
@h, shin hoseok。 Hahaha okay okay. I can accept four. Imagine you asking me for a football team. Smh okay then. Just a bit. /mix in some soy sauce and wasabi in a tiny bowl./ Let's eat~
son naeun。 17 hours ago
@jung wheein。 I cant help it :< i am aware that he's busy but i just feel upset sometimes. More like upset with myself because i cant bring myself to be here whenever he's here
h, shin hoseok。 18 hours ago
@jung wheein。 Haha yeah, or Kard. Two boys two girls. Would be nice hahaha -nods few times- yes please but just a tiny bit. I dont really like the surging heat aftertaste
jung wheein。 18 hours ago
@h, shin hoseok。 Hahaha okay fine. I'll wait for it. Four kids? That's okay. It's a whole mamamoo then. Hahaha
/sit next to you while eyeing the sushi, taking it out from the bag and grins./
Looks delicious. Do you want wasabi?
h, shin hoseok。 18 hours ago
@jung wheein。 I cant tell you now, its a surprise haha hmm like four kids? Hahaha not that big tho -grins as i put the bag on the comforter then sit down- ooh i cant wait~ lets eat lets eat
jung wheein。 18 hours ago
I saw cutie mina
jung wheein。 18 hours ago
I think wono has fainted on bed. Good night wonbebe
h, park chanyeol。 18 hours ago
son naeun。 10 minutes ago Reply
h, park chanyeol。 6 minutes ago Reply
son naeun。 5 minutes ago Reply

nOooO everything and i wanna die rip ):<

o n o why is thaaaat?

rip i forgot abt this.
im just like stressing out abt erythang and like ugh i just like strongly dislike school now c':
jung wheein。 18 hours ago
@son naeun。 /is squished and is happy./ Don't be upset. You're just going to waste your time when you can use the sulking time for more huggles and kisses from the worm boi.
son naeun。 18 hours ago
@jung wheein。 /throws myself to you and squishes you tightly/
u.u i guess i can live with this for now ;; i cant even get upset at him even if i'm upset
son naeun。 18 hours ago
So i went to the comments and they said that it's similar to other song orz
son naeun。 18 hours ago
kang mina。 18 hours ago
jung wheein。 18 hours ago
Rip dangdut
jung wheein。 18 hours ago
@son naeun。 It's okay. It will worth the wait. For now, you can huggles with mehhh
byun jungha。 18 hours ago
it reminded me of dangdut tho
byun jungha。 18 hours ago
i guess ._.
son naeun。 18 hours ago
And baam
son naeun。 18 hours ago
idk it gives me the same vibe as bboom bboom ;;


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Yukiko 21 hours ago
can i have my joy back?
etoile 23 hours ago
hello can i have my sakura back;;
occasus [A] 1 day ago
checked and cleared!
and i apologize if you were kicked out but it is due to inactivity but feel free to ask in getting your charas back! it was a clean up on the masterlist.
floraison 1 day ago
chaeyeon left.
-distress 2 days ago
hey beb :) i'm gonna be leaving
DemonEater 4 days ago
lemme have park jisung ❤️
chocobar 6 days ago
guess who's back uwu
kagaki 1 week ago
Are you still accepting people?
Youngie- 1 week ago
⟣ — checked
MoonPrincess 1 week ago
Hello, is Kim Taeyeon free? ^-^
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