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h, yu christian。 1 month ago

I love you my bestfriend, my constant, my love, my life, my sweetest drug, my girlfriend, my baby, lady of my life, my dream come true, my star and sunshine and most specially the girl who makes my heart skip a beat ❤
Happy late Valentine's my love ❤
I love you always
h, yu christian。 1 month ago

She gave my the most wonderful memory and more moments that I cherish the most. Her smile that brightens up my life.
My Euphoria ❤
h, yu christian。 1 month ago

To the person who gives meaning to my life and continuously gives joy to my heart. The girl who stole my heart and brings color to my life ❤
h, yu christian。 1 month ago

The girl that I admired and adored the most. The beautiful girl not only in my eyes but also to everyone ❤
h, yu christian。 1 month ago

To my girlfriend who's always here for me. And the woman whom I love and cherish ❤
I love you to the moon and back
h, jung daehyun。 [A] 1 month ago
park chorong。 51 seconds ago Reply
we both es and dead

oh heejun。 1 minute ago Reply
oh i thought u meant we all are es and i rt'd that

park chorong。 1 minute ago Reply
congratulations who- this is a place for dead peeps
h, yu christian。 1 month ago
lim bora。 Feb 1, 2019 22:51:28
babe, i know i’m moody most of the time
i know i’m selfish
obviously, i’m not the best girlfriend
but thank you for sticking up to me
thank you for always trying your best to understand me
i love you so much and i appreciate you
i know i might not show it
but deep down i’ll always appreciate you for not giving up on me, on us ❤️

Yep my girlfriend is that cheesy
I love her so much ❤️
h, jung daehyun。 [A] 1 month ago
song nayeon。08:34:20Reply
you woke up to the beauty of this chatroom
h, kim jungeun。 1 month ago
im nayeon。09:27:54Reply
love @ first sight is me @ jungeun
[post deleted by owner]
h, jung daehyun。 [A] 1 month ago
kang mina。11:47:45Reply
good night everyone love you guys and gals

don't overwork yourself today and make sure to pat yourself on the back for trying today

y'all are beautiful and pure and yup blessings are for the sweethearts in this rp

h, han sanghyuk。 1 month ago
kang yebin。 22 seconds ago Reply
climbe my chair and screams into the void
yoo jeongyeon。 2 months ago
jung jaehyun。1:04:30 AMReply
@hong euijin。 extends hand to hold your chin pulling your head to the side only to let my lips meet your rosy cheek. mwah. good night. u w u.
[post deleted by owner]
kim hyunjung。 2 months ago
manoban lalisa。 8 seconds ago Reply
kim sohyun。12:54:48 AMReply
each and everyone of you deserves every bits of happiness there is in this world, and everyone deserves everything they want, like, love and care for too. you guys are individually special and special individual like you deserves more than the happiness the world and universe can give. so never think of otherwise, never think you're not one of those special person because you are. to some, you might be the reason as to why they're smiling for those days so hold on, okay? ♡
kim hyunjung。 2 months ago
the laugh that came out of that thin, lanky body was outrightly menacing– hollow, pitchy and unpredictable, the kind to echo through your dreams and give you not a second of sleep for an entire evening. lord, this boy was a psychopath; no wonder everyone called him a madman.

his hands pinned my wrists rather loosely against the cold damp wood of my own barracks; he knew i wouldn't have chosen to escape anyways. "how... how did you learn to do that?" i say as i struggle to catch my breath. the smirk that tugged at the madman's lips was not in any way suggestive even in the most senseless of manners – rather, it was the same manic grin that he wears every time he watches an enemy galleon go down, the same lunatic smile he sports every time he loots a sacked city. "i can go through everything, m'lady. sharks, bullets, even pesky little girls like you" – he did not look even the slightest bit fazed.

and slowly, slowly, that evil quirk on his lips faded, and his eyes traveled from mine onward south, until i could feel the weight of his upper body in the same magnitude as his gods-damned stare on my lips. "lord, oh lord san, you ing coward just go ahead and kiss me already!" another menacing, ugly and hollow laugh. "if that's what you want then."

– and so he did.
lee jieun。 2 months ago
kim hyunjung。 50 seconds ago Reply
; drizzle.

do you not marvel
over how the clouds,
the heavens,
the highest beings
take a precious moment
to unwind
let lose
and weep?
do you not marvel over
how we
such small,
living beings
still find ourselves
for showing such emotions?
my love, i tell you
does not mean weak
softness, vulnerability
it is a synonym of strength
do not let your drizzles
become thunderstorms
and form monsters of it's own
do not let it
consume the sunlight
within you,
do not let it
make a monster
out of the moon, too.
do you not marvel
over how heavier,
stronger hurricanes
carry the heaviest water,
the heaviest weight?
do you not marvel
over how same is so
that applies to us
living beings?
so go,
go forth and be vulnerable,
be sensitive,
be honest.
let your drizzles
bring soft tunes
of joy
clad in sorrow
to your brethren-
trust me when i tell you this,
they will only resent the thunderstorms.
be a monster of your own kind,
the kind that has a superpower
of turning drizzles
into rainbows of promise.
h, jung daehyun。 [A] 2 months ago
kang yebin。21:43:17Reply
i love ever single soul here with all of my gay heart
h, jung daehyun。 [A] 2 months ago
kang mina。10:34:59Reply
wow im in the right rp

you guys are so inspirational it hurts
manoban lalisa。 2 months ago
park chanyeol。10:42:37 PMReply
peaches are booties on branches with leaves :(
son naeun。 3 months ago
cha eunwoo。12:35:43 AMReply
son naeun。11:34:48 AMReply
cha eunwoo。12:33:32 AMReply
son naeun。11:31:57 AMReply
i cri he's the truly uwu-nim
bows down

blesses u with howoly water
u have now been baptized with uwus

i have been baptized with uwus 
I am blessed with uwus
i'm the only naeuwun

sings along to the pokemon theme song
i wanna be the very best
that no owone ever wassss
to catch them is my real test
to train them is my cauwuseeee
son naeun。 3 months ago
cha eunwoo。12:31:22 AMReply
am i the uwunim
the uwultimate uwu
son naeun。 3 months ago

jung jaehyun。12:15:39 AMReply

the daddiest
son naeun。 3 months ago

son naeun。 3 seconds ago Reply 

park sooyoung。11:57:51 PMReply

manoban lalisa。16:57:19Reply

son naeun。12:57:01 AMReply

jung jaehyun。 48 seconds ago Reply

best ever

Wikihow to unsee this

son naeun。 3 months ago
im changkyun。12:12:14 AMReply
breaking: blind item: we have heard that female idol S poked through male idol I's eyeballs. I said to be in recovery right now, but will have to leave his group. fellow member Y is said to not be sad about his departure at all.
h, jung daehyun。 [A] 3 months ago
im changkyun。22:46:24Reply
kang younghyun。 [A]10:45:53 AMReply
someone, call the bop prevention hotline.

dials 1-800-bop-stop
h, jung daehyun。 [A] 3 months ago
kim woojin。20:39:27Reply
uwujin and youwung.k
manoban lalisa。 3 months ago
kang minhyuk。1:22:38 PMReply
i just want to say, whoever is trying to blend in, you don't have to

kang minhyuk。1:22:56 PMReply
just be yourself and we'll accept you for who you are no matter what

kang minhyuk。1:23:21 PMReply
some may not, but majority will because we are fam and fam accepts each other no matter what
h, park roseanne。 3 months ago
ung wheein。2:40:03 PMReply
Esp roje

jung wheein。2:39:57 PMReply

jung wheein。2:39:54 PMReply
I love you


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Yukiko 20 hours ago
can i have my joy back?
etoile 22 hours ago
hello can i have my sakura back;;
occasus [A] 1 day ago
checked and cleared!
and i apologize if you were kicked out but it is due to inactivity but feel free to ask in getting your charas back! it was a clean up on the masterlist.
floraison 1 day ago
chaeyeon left.
-distress 2 days ago
hey beb :) i'm gonna be leaving
DemonEater 3 days ago
lemme have park jisung ❤️
chocobar 6 days ago
guess who's back uwu
kagaki 1 week ago
Are you still accepting people?
Youngie- 1 week ago
⟣ — checked
MoonPrincess 1 week ago
Hello, is Kim Taeyeon free? ^-^
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