❧ Cabin







: Got lost in the woods? probably the cabin is the safest place to spend the night but is it?

~ thank you and spread love not just legs ~


ʥ Changmin 1 day ago
@ᾧ Reece King *moves my hips to welcome your every time you make my penetrate you deeper, stroking your until you and not long after I shot string of inside you while my hand stroking movements get slower just to ride your . I groan louder thankfully my makes it easier to moves from your very tight hole*
you always choke your daddy
*I teasingly looks at you and slap your as a "punishment" for what your hole did to my *
let us go in the bed
*standing up and holds your hand, placing you in your all four. Slapping your one more time then massage it a little before I lean down, spreading your and expose your puckering hole*
your hole is so beautiful
*I lean closer and your hole, poking the entrance with my tongue before inserting it and your inside*
ᾧ Reece King 3 days ago
@ʥ Changmin -keeping my head tilted back, i continue to eager bounce on your thick shaft, louder every time you mark me before i let out a cry of pleasure when you my length while hitting my g spot fast and hard-
Ohh gods, im so close or gods Daddy, breed me Daddy, breed your baby
-I cry out, eyes rolling back as my entire body trembles and my back arches, my tight hole becoming tighter and tighter before i all over your rock hard abs with a loud cry of pleasure-
ʥ Changmin 4 days ago
@ᾧ Reece King *your fast movement synchronized with the sensation that running wild inside my body, I keep on marking your skin while gripping to your cheek and when I feel that I am about to , I let go of your and reached for your that is being pressed between us, stroking it as I don't want to alone*
Daddy is about to , baby should with daddy
*I tend your faster, getting the pace of your bouncing on my lap*
ᾧ Reece King 6 days ago
@ʥ Changmin ()Its ok hun

-continues to eagerly roll and rock my hips at a quick sensual pace as I bounce on your long thick shaft, my hole tightening around as I close my eyes-
with you is always so so good Daddy, mhmmm
-moans out lewdly, tilting my head back as you cover me on marks, my ties curling as my large plump jiggles in your grip. Pulling you closer, i start bouncing faster and faster-
ʥ Changmin 6 days ago
@ᾧ Reece King (i am so sorry, I forgot about this)

*heavy breathing came out from my lips, I tried not to move my body again letting you do all the movement since I am having a lot of pleasure from your movement. I slide my hand on your and spread your cheek, spreading your hole as well*
You are tight as always
*I said in heavy breathing, hands still on your but my lips keeps on kissing your chest, neck, shoulder blade or where ever my lips will have contact with and leave marks on your soft skin*
ϕᾟ Donald Glover [A] 3 weeks ago
@Diamond Fangs *carry a pack of beer in one hand and the other hand around your waist, there's no other noise but our own steps and the creaking noise of the wooden floor*
*not bothering to enter even further, I put the beers at the first table in the sight and my hand slides away to pushes you down to the long couch*
I can feel you're baby
* my lips and hover over you, my face lean to your neck as breathing the tempting scent from you*
ᾧ Reece King 3 weeks ago
@ʥ Changmin Mhmmm, I realized
-whispers softly before louder and louder as you make my hips move, my back arching while I let out more moans of pleasure when you start to claim my lips once again, my nails digging into your broad back-
Oh gods Daddy, so good oh gods, way too good
-moans louder and louder before crying out lewdly when you start slamming into my tight heat, my eyes briefly rolling back before I start bouncing on your eagerly, rocking my hips-
ʥ Changmin 3 weeks ago
@Magus Petaloid and I am impatient for all that teasing
*gripping to your hips I make you move up and rolls your hips before I hold to your nape and pressed your lips back to mine since I am not yet finished in abusing your y lips, and biting your lower folds*
this is mine
*I declare between the kisses and makes you move faster before suspending it and do the ing then let you move on your own again*
ᾧ Reece King 3 weeks ago
@ʥ Changmin -lets out a loud, lewd moan as you push me down onto your thick, long shaft, making me throw my head back as my hole clenchs around you in a vice grip-
Oh gods, ahhh! It's so so big!
-whimpers before louder as you move your hips, making my thighs tremble, hugging your neck-
You're so eager and hard, Daddy
ʥ Changmin 3 weeks ago
@Magus Petaloid *I no longer have the patience to wait for my to be squeezed inside you since I am already holding your hips and your teasing makes it easier for me to push you down, finally penetrating your tight hole. I groan with how tight you are and how hot your inside is*
*chuckles and wiggles my hips to rubs my in your wall while my hands tease your crack by rubbing my middle finger in it*
ᾧ Reece King 3 weeks ago
@ʥ Changmin Mhmmm, i'm glad
-whispers before gasping as you squeeze my thick thighs before I slowly start grining on your long thick shaft once more, rubbing my tight entrance on the tip in a teasing fashion ever so often-
-moans lewdly as we kiss, my hands pulling you closer as I wiggle my hips, my bountiful cheeks jiggling in your strong hands-
ʥ Changmin 1 month ago
@ᾧ Reece King that is more I like it
*smirks and caress your arm that slides on your thighs, squeezing it. Heaving as my twitching against your plump cheeks, asking for more attention as I feel more aroused with the warmth that I feel against your skin*
*Taking your lips sloppily kissing you while my hands are freely moving around your body and give special attention to your *
ᾧ Reece King 1 month ago
@ʥ Changmin Mhmmmm, that doesn't sound all that bad
-chuckles softly, softly as I grip the back of your shirt, continuing to rub my plump rear on your shaft faster-
Ohhhhh? I'll have to fix that then
-says, gasping as you kiss and on my neck before slowly making my clothes disppear until i'm only clad in my heeled boots and thigh stockings, your pants soon disappearing as well, your large now resting between my plump cheeks-
ʥ Changmin 1 month ago
@ᾧ Reece King (it's here baby)
ʥ Changmin 2 months ago
@ᾧ Reece King then we will be doing this as long as we are alive
* your tongue while my fingers slide down to rubs your entrance, frowning as my feels the tightness of my trousers, restraining it to move freely*
my is having a hard time
*I whisper after breaking the kiss, kissing your neck and the skin, groaning as well*
ᾧ Reece King 2 months ago
@ʥ Changmin Mhmmmm, shouldn't I be worried too, you're just thirsty as I am, handsome
--whispers, loving the feeling of your large hands on my plump rear-
What if you never get tired of it?
-asks, into the hunger kiss as my tongue mingles with yours in an exchange, more moan escaping as you massage my with your finger while I rub your back, grinding my down on your thick bulge
ʥ Changmin 2 months ago
@ᾧ Reece King I am sure that I am that big but I know how thirsty you are with so I can't stop worrying
*massaging your before I slide one at the belt loop of your jeans*
this should only be mine until I get tired of it
*capturing and nibbling your lips hungrily, sliding my tongue inside your mouth and twirls it around your wet muscles, rubbing it together while my middle finger is rubbing the cleavage of your *
ᾧ Reece King 2 months ago
@ʥ Changmin Mhmmm go ahead, handsome, I don't really drink
I doubt there is anyone bigger than you. Stop worrying, i'm not going to leave you handsome relax.
-hums softly as you grab a hold of my plump rear, the soft and pliable under your large hands-
-whispers before eagerly kissing you back, pulling you closer as I slowly grind my on your bulge-
ʥ Changmin 2 months ago
@ᾧ Reece King ok, if you don't want to take a drink I will finish this all
*I take a drink at the can*
we are not sure of that, what if you found someone who is bigger than me? I am sure you will be lure with that someone in no time and forget about me
*smiling, placing down the can and makes my both hand groping your , making it bounce*
that will be so nice, what are we waiting for then?
*attack your lips and kisses you deeply*
ᾧ Reece King 2 months ago
@ʥ Changmin -hums when I see your frown, a smile appearing on my lips-
Sorry, I got busy, handsome
-says before getting on your lap, my lips before shaking my head at the offered beer-
We both know I wouldn't ditch you, Changmin
-smirks, softly as you my plump, bouncy rear with one of your large hands, my hands slowly rubbing your broad shoulders-
Nope, I'm nice and tight for you, handsome.
ʥ Changmin 2 months ago
@ᾧ Reece King *Instead of a smile a frown appears on my face*
You are late, do you want?
*holds your hand that is on my chest and pulls you to sit on my lap while offering the beer that I am drinking*
I thought you will ditch me today
*encircling my arms around your waist and my hand automatically slide down on your and it*
did you others before coming here?
ᾧ Reece King 2 months ago
@ʥ Changmin Appears a few minutes later, clad in a black crop-top, a tight leather high-waisted miniskirt, gartered stockings and heeled boots. Smiles when I see you before strolling over, looking you over. "Hey, handsome. Miss me?" I asked, resting my hands on your chest as I look up at you with a raised eyebrow.
ʥ Changmin 2 months ago
@ᾧ Reece King *enters the cabin, placed down the bag that I am carrying and sits at the bed first before standing up to take a clean bedsheet in the bag and bring out some food and drinks and place it on the table before changing the bedsheet. Opens one of the beer cans while waiting for someone to appear*
☠ Ballerina Dentata 2 months ago
/after walking around the island, the ballerina found an empty cabin carrying her bags of teeth he gracefully enters the said place and quickly found what she is looking for, a mirror on the wall. Tiptoe she stand in front of the mirror, opens the bag and carefully placed the tooth on her enormous lamprey-like mouth, adding new sets of the tooth in it/
ᾟ Ji Changwook ※ღ [H] 3 months ago
@ᾟ Lee Jongsuk [H] *arranges the full bottles together on the ground and looks up at you holding the disable water bag*
I completely forgot about this one... Will it be enough though?
*gets up and helps you unfold and fill the bag*
ᾟ Lee Jongsuk [H] 3 months ago
@ᾟ Ji Changwook ※ /smiling I step back so you can fill the bottles/
It's really nice and the water is definitely clean
/wating until you filled your bottles the filling the 5l big foldable water bag I brought along since it's is usable as a shower pretty well even to it probably will be a really short and cold shower it really helps with keeping clean/
ᾟ Ji Changwook ※ღ [H] 3 months ago
@ᾟ Lee Jongsuk [H] *beams excitedly behind you looking at the waterfall in awe*
Wow.. This is the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen on this island so far
Now that we found good water I will fill all the bottles we have then I need to find something to have water for washing up now
ᾟ Lee Jongsuk [H] 3 months ago
@ᾟ Ji Changwook ※ /nodding I point at the stone wall I front of us
See that's the well of the river let's go
/walking towards the wall until the source is finally seen a small waterfall out of the stone gathering in a small stone bowl kind thing that is carved out of the stone over hundreds of years by the water/
Look that's clean drinkable water
ᾟ Ji Changwook ※ღ [H] 3 months ago
@ᾟ Lee Jongsuk [H] *smiles and keeps clearing the way *
Really?! We made it finally
*beams happily at the thought of having some fresh and clean water*
This looks perfect
*gets the bottles ready to fill them with water from the spring*
ᾟ Lee Jongsuk [H] 3 months ago
@ᾟ Ji Changwook ※ /moving aside so you can clear the path before following along the river until the river gets smaller/
Just a little further and we could see the source
/kneel down near the water to see how clean it is and to make sure the we can actually use the water from this river spring/


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tourniquet 3 days ago
i don't know his full name but he goes by Issay, can i reserve him?
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blackfirelove99 4 days ago
Maia Mitchell please! <3
TaeTaesQueen 5 days ago
may i please me Lee Taemin again
forgot my password lost my account
The-Blind-Follower 1 week ago
May I get Natsu as a sec
mizudori 1 week ago
I dropped Jessica thank you!
Mama_Crayon 2 weeks ago
Me again. May I have Kim Jisung (tattoo artist) as my fourth?
Youarecherished 3 weeks ago
Can I get Kyungsoo back please?
--wow-- 3 weeks ago
Dropping Youngjun but keeping everyone else
muteki 3 weeks ago
I would like to leave my character, Kim Wonshik, if possible... I just can’t keep up :’)
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