❧ Cabin







: Got lost in the woods? probably the cabin is the safest place to spend the night but is it?

~ thank you and spread love not just legs ~


Ψ Lee Sungkyung 1 month ago
@ϗ Suga Sungkyung was out today. She needed to get some errands and groceries done, so she left by noon expecting to be back by evening if things work out smoothly. However she is only halfway there when things already did not go as planned since she left something important at home, so now she need to turn all the back and start over. She just had herself a bad start, and little did she know it is a telltale for something worse that is about to come. On her way back to grab her stuff, she decided to take the shortcut to save some time. It is a path she rarely use to get to her house because it is somewhat darker there due to dense standing trees in that area. One of her checkpoints that marks she is almost there is a cabin, where she suddenly hear sounds someone struggling and it perked her curiosity. Could it be teenagers banging? She clicks her tongue, feeling the need to check it out before she silently approaches the cabin. Taking a peek through the cracks of the window, her eyes widened to see something that would never cross her mind earlier.
ϕ Christian Yu 4 months ago
@ϕ Kim Doyeon (it's ok, I am not in a hurry so take your time)

*I been doing this for days and I lost count of it, it's not that I can't keep track of time but I just stop giving a since I live for a very long time and will still live whatever I do. I look around before going inside the cabin, I know the girl is still inside, I can still feel her but unlike the first time, I saw her she is a bit stronger now. I go inside and looks around, making sure everything is still in place and no unwanted creature comes in while I am away*
you are getting better
*I say, almost murmurs while I placing my wrist near my mouth. I growl a little and my fangs elongated then I bite my wrist and waited until my blood flows from the open wound. I lifted her head and placed my wrist near her lips and waited for my blood to drips between her lips. I need to do it several times since my healing power heals the wound until I presume that she has drunk enough blood for the day*
tomorrow again
*I smile at her and fixed her blanket then I quietly leave the place, hoping tomorrow she will wake up and can tell me what happened to her*
ᾟ Song Hanhee 4 months ago
@Ϣ Jisoo As in, I'm yours~
/smiles cutely as I peck your lips, the tip of your nose and then your cheek
I still smell like strawberry, goodnight then~
/yawns cutely before I slowly fall asleep in your arms
Ϣ Jisoo 4 months ago
@ᾟ Song Hanhee Claim you?!
Where do you know these words from?!
/chuckles softly/
Just my scent all over you is enough for now
So let's sleep for a bit okay
ᾟ Song Hanhee 4 months ago
@Ϣ Jisoo I told you, I can handle it~
/pouts cutely while looking at you as I cuddle in your arms, holding me close
True..but you can also claim me, right?
Ϣ Jisoo 4 months ago
@ᾟ Song Hanhee Biting is mating mark for somewolves but I don't think it's a good idea because it hurts a lot
/smiles holding you close/
It won't be stronger than my own scent.
Maybe you won't notice but other creatures will
ᾟ Song Hanhee 4 months ago
@Ϣ Jisoo Isn't it biting counts as marking when your scent sticks on me?
/tilts my head while rubbing the back of my neck
Anyways, I do always use strawberry shampoo, conditioner, and body wash types..strawberries are my favorite fruit though~
Ϣ Jisoo 4 months ago
@ᾟ Song Hanhee I will just keep hugging you like this until my scent sticks to you
It will be impossible to get rid of the scent even if you shower many times
ᾟ Song Hanhee 4 months ago
@Ϣ Jisoo And how are you gonna mark me?
/smirks playfully as I boop your nose, then suddenly blush with a smile on my face
Hee hee..so what are we now?
Ϣ Jisoo 4 months ago
@ᾟ Song Hanhee /nods in agreement/
That's good.
Of course I will protect you
Maybe I should mark you with my scent too so no other creatures would try to attack you
ᾟ Song Hanhee 4 months ago
@Ϣ Jisoo Then I'll go with you for now on if we go in the woods so that I am safe and protected
/nods happily when you told me that
Yes, unnie..promise to protect me whenever you can?
Ϣ Jisoo 4 months ago
@ᾟ Song Hanhee Or worse.. What if you keep walking and end up hurting yourself or getting lost for long time
You're lucky I followed you quickly
/smiles shyly at what you do and leans in to peck your lips gently/
Don't do it again though
ᾟ Song Hanhee 4 months ago
@Ϣ Jisoo That is true, or else I would have been eaten by wild wolves or other meat eater creatures by then
/chuckles slightly as I beginnto nuzzle my nose with yours to show my affection on you
I'm sorry for making you worry though
Ϣ Jisoo 4 months ago
@ᾟ Song Hanhee I see.. You should be sleeping alone I guess
/wraps both arms around you holding you close/
If I didn't follow you . You could have been in danger in the woods
ᾟ Song Hanhee 4 months ago
@Ϣ Jisoo Yeah..I tend to sleepwalk during my deep slumber and it makes me do embarassing things
/snuggles in your arms so we can cuddle in bed while the fireplace runs
Is it true you love me back?
Ϣ Jisoo 4 months ago
@ᾟ Song Hanhee /chuckles softly shaking my head/
You didn't do anything wrong Hanhee
/makes sure the fire is good before getting up and sitting on the bed next to you/
Do you usually sleepwalk?
ᾟ Song Hanhee 4 months ago
@Ϣ Jisoo Y-You do?
/blushes madly in embarassment when I said to a tree instead of you
I must have said it to a tree instead of you..now I embarassed myself in front of you...I'm sorry..
Ϣ Jisoo 4 months ago
@ᾟ Song Hanhee Not sure exactly because you said it in your sleep and it was really cute I didn't really focus
/chucklles softly/
But I told you that I love you back
Don't you remember?
/walks to the back collecting some wood and arranges them starting fire in the small hearth in the corner/
ᾟ Song Hanhee 4 months ago
@Ϣ Jisoo [Of course]

Saying 'I love you' as a best friend or being more of a friend?
/nods softly as you hold my hand before taking us bacl to the cabin
Yes please
/lets go of you so you can do that and lay down on the bed, curling myself in the blanket
Ϣ Jisoo 4 months ago
@ᾟ Song Hanhee (thank you for understanding)

/nods then reaches to hold your hand and rub gently/
It was one of the sweetest things you said todau
Now let's go back inside and get some sleep
It is already getting darker
Maybe I should start us some fire to warm up?
ᾟ Song Hanhee 4 months ago
@Ϣ Jisoo (That's understanable)

I did?
/rubs the back of my neck while being flushed in embarassment and look down to the ground
Um..I said it to you as a best friend way, right?
Ϣ Jisoo 4 months ago
@ᾟ Song Hanhee (yeah because I want to interact with more people not just the ones I talk to)

/chuckles and tries to hold back the laughter/
Yes you did.... You hugged the tree and kissed it
Then you said I love you..
/giggles while trying to do it like you did/
ᾟ Song Hanhee 4 months ago
@Ϣ Jisoo [] i noticed it in the auctioned to date room and you're really in it. good luck on it though :)

/smiles slightly when I noticed something is stuck in my mouth before taking it out
Have I been kissing a tree during my sleep?
Ϣ Jisoo 4 months ago
@ᾟ Song Hanhee ()what is the problem here?!

/pulls back when you're awake and chuckles/
Are you asking me?
You were walking in your sleep and made me follow you here
I was worried you were talking and.. Woah... I'm so shocked
ᾟ Song Hanhee 4 months ago
@Ϣ Jisoo [] one problem..you're participating in the auctioned to date event

/slowly wakes up a bit, then sees you before I end up blinking
Um..what happened to me and why are we outside when we're suppose to go sleep??
Ϣ Jisoo 4 months ago
@ᾟ Song Hanhee /rolls eyes/
No.. I love you Hanhee
/holds your hand knowing you will feel it subconsciously and pulls you into a hug a tight one/
So much
ᾟ Song Hanhee 4 months ago
@Ϣ Jisoo /tilts my head with my eyes closed since I am still asleep, still hugging the tree
Umm..are you saying that just to be polite? I can say 'I love you' as a best friend way
/chuckles cutely
Ϣ Jisoo 4 months ago
@ᾟ Song Hanhee /watches what you're doing and smiles/
She is sleepwalking
How do I do this..
/comes closer to you and gently pecks your cheek/
And I love you too Hanhee
ᾟ Song Hanhee 4 months ago
@Ϣ Jisoo /is sleepwalking until I unknowningly hug a tree and give it a kiss
I love you, unnie...
/smooches it in my sleep
Ϣ Jisoo 4 months ago
@ᾟ Song Hanhee /feels you moving and gets up after you do/ Hanhee?!
/calls out and follows you outside/


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