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Abandoned Tavern



: Exploring the wood is always an adventure you can't forget, especially if you will found an abandoned tavern but wait, why there's a tavern in there in the first place? isn't that sketchy?

Ghostly encounter: bored? why not have a little chit-chat with our bartender, unfortunately, he doesn't belong in the land of the living.  

~ thank you and spread love not just legs ~


₰ Do Kyungsoo 23 hours ago
@Ψ Yuyu I have my ball here /The kitsune holds to his chest and grab something from inside when he moves his hand, a shimmering ball appears on his hand and show it to the other with great care as he doesn't trust the other and might just grab it from his hand. Kyungsoo looks at the other, ensuring she saw the ball before he quickly hides it once again/ I am clueless on what happened to me when I first notice that I don't have my powers, I first check my ball but it is here and I hit a dead end. This is the first time it happened to me and I can't explain it to myself. /he sighs deeply/ I will not seek help if I know what to do /He keeps on staring at her/ I am willing to be your personal slave.
Ψ Yuyu 1 day ago
@₰ Do Kyungsoo () so sorry about not replying to this sooner!

Get your power back?
- I raised a brow while glancing you over curiously before smirking.-
Sure...but what happened to it? Like did you ball get stolen or?
- chuckles softly while going to ruffle your hair.-
It is best to explain as much as you can. But what do I get in return?
₰ Do Kyungsoo 1 week ago
@Ψ Yuyu (()) Sorry for poking but I am still waiting for a reply, if you decided to drop this please let me know.
₰ Do Kyungsoo 1 month ago
@Ψ Yuyu /He stops and listens, stealing glances at the person in front of him and decided to keep quiet as he doesn't know if he can help him or not. He will not go around telling everyone about him especially the plan that he is cooking. He takes a step back, he feels that they are so close to each other even though they are feet away. They are in a close placed and he feels suffocated just the thought about it. He thinks deeply, it's just the two of them and this person doesn't know his name maybe it won't put him in a difficult situation if he will tell him what he needs/ I have in a situation here, I lost my power when I arrived in this place and I wanted to get back, can you help me?
Ψ Yuyu 1 month ago
@₰ Do Kyungsoo - I smirked at your reaction before raising a curious brow with your words. Tilting my head to the side as my hair grew black as I watched you closely -
Uh huh...and what is it that you want?
- letting out a low hum i came closer to observe you a bit more, even giving a sniff.'
Can you not afford your freedom,
₰ Do Kyungsoo 1 month ago
@Ψ Yuyu /His annoyance is not enough to mask his awkwardness and anxiety towards others. The moment he heard someone at his back he gasps and jumps forward in the other direction just to get away from whoever just showed up. He glances at him before focusing on the floor and speaks at a low voice/ I am here for someone who can grant me something I wanted, I am willing to place all my cards in the table just to have what I wanted.
Ψ Yuyu 1 month ago
@₰ Do Kyungsoo I sighed as I roamed around the old tavern looking for anything that maybe useful as I waited for whoever summoned me here. Once I heard foot steps I went to hide immediately before watching you closely, seeing how patient you would be. Smirking to myself once I noticed you wanting to leave I teleported behind you so would just bump into me before I cleared my throat.-
₰ Do Kyungsoo 1 month ago
@Ψ Yuyu I must be crazy /I said inside my head as I walk towards an abandoned place. I went inside and hope for something better that may come up because I think ever since I came here everything comes out wrong and nothing basically works for my existence in here/ hello! anyone here? /I called out while walking all over the place/ if anyone here, show yourself /I shout again slowly losing my patience for the waiting that I am doing/
ϗ Elijah ღ 3 months ago
/hides here with you/
Ψ Tyler Blackburn ღ [A] 3 months ago
/drops in on my favorite hiding place for a bit
Ѯ Shohei 3 months ago
@Ӂ Holly Keeping his eyes adverted no wanting to look at the damaged wing, leaning against a post with his back to her. Folding his arms across his chest, chewing the inside of his cheeks in thought. "It wasn't really to catch. More of to stall the others so I could escape."
Almost sulking as he slide down do a seated position, "in case you haven't noticed, I'm not that great at what I'm suppose to be doing."
Ӂ Holly 4 months ago
@Ѯ Shohei Holly felt tears fall from her eyes, the pain was unlike anything she'd ever experienced "Well sorry. But there's nothing I can do about it" she said with a harsh glare
She winced as she stood up, feeling a little bit woozy. Leaning against a wall, she let out shaky breathes, and bit her lip
"What were you even trying to catch?" She asked through clenched teeth
Ѯ Shohei 4 months ago
@Ӂ Holly "That was kinda the point," he began to panic a bit. He had no trap, and injured .... Bird... And he now had no hiding spot. Now what was he supposed to do? Messing up his own hair in frustration with a groan, "nobody else was to suspect that I was here. I dont want to be out there with them."
Walking over to the cord that would dismantle the net, he pulled out a dagger to cut it. Moving out the way as the remainder of his trap fell apart with loud snaps that he was certain that those close enough would hear. Wincing as he saw how mangled hwe wing looked, turning away quickly as he felt a sickening burn in his stomach.
Ӂ Holly 4 months ago
@Ѯ Shohei Holly couldn't believe this man had the audacity to scold her when she was the one, who'd just gotten hurt while trying to find someplace to spend the night where it was warm. "I was cold and tired, how was I supposed to know that someone set a trap in here? This place looked like it hadn't been touched in years!" she shouted in frustration from inside the net "I never said it was for me, but you should have been more careful, now my wing is messed up and I won't be able to fly!" she struggled with the rope "No, I don't know how long it took you, and to be honest I don't really care. I'm in a lot of pain, terribly sorry" she said with heavy sarcasm,
Ѯ Shohei 4 months ago
@Ӂ Holly Landing hard with a thud as he was hit with the intruders and the extra weight of the heavy duty net. Feeling like the wind was knocked out of him, her the screaming of the female brought him back to the world. Shoving the other of grateful the line was still attached to help, slowly getting to his feet. "Well maybe you shouldn't have barged in and messed up my trap, now I have to reset it up."
"It's not like it was set up for you anyhow," he pouted a he began working or how to undo the ties. "Do you know how long it took me to set it up like that? "
Ӂ Holly 4 months ago
@Ѯ Shohei Holly let out a loud cry as she was captured in the net, one of her wings bending in a way they never should. She let out shaky breathes as she tried to calm down and breath through the pain, her eyes looking around before landing on the boy across from her. Her gaze traveling from his face to the cause of this entire problem "You!" She shouted "Is this contraption yours?!" She winced as she tried to move "Get me down, now"
Ѯ Shohei 4 months ago
@Ӂ Holly He looked over to a side hearing the door open, nobody shouldve been here yet. A click signalled to him the the trap and bit tripped and wbomever it was was now going to be in for a very unpleasant surprise. He ran out from where he was hearing the flap of wings, something his prey defiantly did not have. The ropes above were not laid out for wings. Rushing over to the other side he had hoped to reach the fail safe in time. The varies clicks and clanks sounding around him as he ran, practically running to the anchor that would stop everything. Hitting it as quickly as he could looking over to the one that had been caught in the crossfire.
Ӂ Holly 4 months ago
@Ѯ Shohei Holly had only just woken up an hour before to discover that she was on an island, rather than back in heaven. She looked around the area finding a old tavern that had seen better days and was barren of life. Pushing open the door and stepping inside, she heard the sound of something moving. She looked down at her foot seeing what she'd just stepped on, realizing it was a trap. Her wings spread out as she was about to take flight
Ѯ Shohei 4 months ago
@Ӂ Holly Running through the schematics in his head over and over as he tried to set everything up. All the calculations had been done and checked over a few times before he was confident enough to attempt builfing the trap. Carefully looping some strings togther that would keep it in place until the right moment came. Once the last piece was in play, the incubas tool a slow step back to admire his work.
Ψ Tyler Blackburn ღ [A] 5 months ago
@ϗ Elijah ღ  It is very much needed. /bathes in the kisses before pulling back/ are you feeling better now? /whispers as I lean in to steal a kiss while stroking your hair/
ϗ Elijah ღ 5 months ago
@Ψ Tyler Blackburn ღ  good...cause I'm going to keep saying that everyday, all day if needed /snuggles with you and showers you with kisses, nuzzling your neck/
Ψ Tyler Blackburn ღ [A] 5 months ago
@ϗ Elijah ღ  I love you. I love you. I love you too. /sinks against your chest, squeezing you in my arms/ I can never get sick of hearing it.
ϗ Elijah ღ 5 months ago
@Ψ Tyler Blackburn ღ  And I won't mind spending my eternity with you
/chuckles and cuddles you to me/ I love You, I love You, I love You /let out a happy sigh/ some days I feel like I don't get to say it much
Ψ Tyler Blackburn ღ [A] 5 months ago
@ϗ Elijah ღ  The day you stop looking at me that way is the day I dig both our graves. /chuckles while taking another sip of my tea/ I'm not afraid to die again. /wiggles my eyebrows as I lean in to steal a kiss/
ϗ Elijah ღ 5 months ago
@Ψ Tyler Blackburn ღ  Oh really...My baby been proud of me /chuckles and leans to kiss you softly, holding you closer/ I told you...the day I'll stop looking at you that way is the day you should start worry /pecks your forehead/
Ψ Tyler Blackburn ღ [A] 5 months ago
@ϗ Elijah ღ  /smiles as I sit on your lap, exchanging our tiaras as I give you the bigger one/ mhm. You're right. You didnt. You've been on your best behavior and I've been so proud of you, eli./ chuckles and boops the tip of your nose with my nose/ but deep down we both know you're thinking it. /presses my lips to your own/
ϗ Elijah ღ 5 months ago
@Ψ Tyler Blackburn ღ  Well I still admire the fact you bothered to learn just for me, placing the cup down and you on my lap/ I have no idea what you are saying, it's not like I said anything about ing you with just the tiara on, calling you princess while pounding deep inside you /says that with blank face/
Ψ Tyler Blackburn ღ [A] 5 months ago
@ϗ Elijah ღ  Yes, I figured it out eventually. /mumbles as I place my cup down, hugging you to me/ you can make a cup of tea the most ed event that every happened. /laughs/
ϗ Elijah ღ 5 months ago
@Ψ Tyler Blackburn ღ  It's just putting hot water..../mumbles with a chuckle, shaking my head/ what are you saying i'm just enjoying my tea princess, nothing ed about tea right?
Ψ Tyler Blackburn ღ [A] 5 months ago
@ϗ Elijah ღ  I'm glad considering I dont know how to make tea. /sees that smirk and shakes my head/I can see you being a . /laughs while taking a sip of my cup/


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Sorvidalia 10 hours ago
can i request kim doyeon please?
momomochi 3 days ago
sana please?
Ciel_versky 3 days ago
Please add and reserve Son Naeun for me
Everme29 3 days ago
Sam, Kristine and Georgia are leaving had fun here.
Luscinia 1 week ago
Hello, can I get Chungha?
-nope- 1 week ago
can I get back Eli?
i'm dropping lucas, wooyoung, and taehyung. but san is staying. 'm going on a purge cause i finally hit the point where i spread myself a bit too thin both on rpr as well as irl
TaeTaesQueen 2 weeks ago
Can I have Baekhyun please
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Oh it’s been a while ! How are you all ?
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