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who's that boy

that's looking

at my

 ding dong

Gulf Kanawut 1 week ago
@Cho Seungyoun Hmmm- I would be up for that- But don't spend too much for it- *follows you along to the spot and lets out a smile* This would do- But hey hey- Your body makes me want to keep my shirt on- You should teach me how to get those abs. *clicks my tongue playfully and sits at the edge of the pool, dipping my legs on the warm water*
Cho Seungyoun 1 week ago
@Gulf Kanawut i sure will! how i bout i treat you to food after this? /grins and pulls you along to a spot in the corder/ Now here's a nice spot with the proper shade! I dont wanna get sunburned /chuckles and takes off my shirt/
Gulf Kanawut 1 week ago
@Cho Seungyoun *accompanies you all the way to this swimming pool and walks to the entrance for the payments*
Well here we are-
And I think we got the right timing where there's not much people in here- I'm sure we'll find a good spot- Better avoid spilling things outside our zone- *nudges you and grins before then giving the entrance fee to the staff*
Payment's all on me for now- treat me next time instead-
Cjamm [A] 1 year ago
[pssst do try to avoid one liners]
Lee Seonghwa H 1 year ago
@Choi Seunghyun *rolls my eyes as i shake my head at the cockiness of your words*
Wow... you..god-like sculpture.
*chuckles teasingly*
*gasps when you pick me up and carry me on your shoulders*
I will haunt you. *exclaims as i let out gasp when you throw me again. My brain automatically going into panic mode, as i kick my legs and arms flail. My eyes tightly closed as i gasp for air whenever i can*
Choi Seunghyun H [A] 1 year ago
@Lee Seonghwa My body is sculptured by gods, I am sure even kids can't resist looking at it
*grins and laugh since I sound so cocky*
*waited for you to come closer, carried you on my shoulder and went to the deeper side of the pool and throw you back again*
don't panic, just kick your legs!!
Lee Seonghwa H 1 year ago
@Choi Seunghyun oh my gosh, im sure kids aren't looking at your body!
*shakes my head, shaking some of the water of my head*
that's so not a way! *laughs out as I splash you more*
what? *asks with a huff as i make my way to you, keeping my eyes on you wondering if youre gonna throw me again*
Choi Seunghyun H [A] 1 year ago
@Lee Seonghwa yes, everyone including kids
*laugh and put my hands on my waist*
that's the most effective to teach you how to swim
*used my hand to cover my face from the water and then gesture you to closer*
come here
Lee Seonghwa H 1 year ago
@Choi Seunghyun *keeps my eyes on you but nods though still not fully convinced*
Flaunting your body...to a bunch of kids?..
*asks teasingly as i follow you towards the pool, stopping when you do*
You think just right.
*states, though ends up gasping and letting you small scream of your name when you theow me into the water. My body going down , my feet quickly kicking myself up as soon as my feet touched the ground*
*gasps for air once my head i spooked out of rthe he water*
Wow..okay..thanks for almost killing me.
*huffs out as i splash you with water*
Choi Seunghyun H [A] 1 year ago
@Lee Seonghwa *fixed the robe and tightly tied it*
nothing wrong with the water, I am not just fond of flaunting my body to everyone
Let's go
*walks back at the kiddie pool and glances at the water level*
this is 4 feet, I think it's deep enough for you.
*smile and carried you up then throw you in the water*
Lee Seonghwa H 1 year ago
@Choi Seunghyun *follows after you, holding my bag as i go into the changing room, going into one of the other empty cubicles*
*once changed into simple black trunks and a black tank top, i come out readg.*
Im ready!! *sing songs, but stops upon the sight of you on the robe*
Oooookay. Why the robe?.is there something with the water? *questions with an eyebrow raised, fulled of curiosity as to why the robe*
Choi Seunghyun H [A] 1 year ago
@Lee Seonghwa *chuckles and carry my own bag, heading to the changing room*
I'm not gonna carry you, Mondon
*goes inside the empty cubicle and change to a swimming trunk but goes out wearing a robe*
are you ready?
Lee Seonghwa H 1 year ago
@Choi Seunghyun *chuckles softly and nods, making a mental note*
.hmmm *looks around and then quickly looks at you*
Nope!nope!... dont wanna be seen.
*huffs out*
Hey!! thats not fair. Calling me a baby, and not carrying.
*whines. But thats short lived as i grab my bag*
Lets go change
Choi Seunghyun H [A] 1 year ago
@Lee Seonghwa Yes! You shouldn't
*sigh while shaking my head*
It's up to you if you want to change here for everyone to see, as for me I will go over there and change my clothes
*point to the shower and changing station*
No, carrying you are not a baby tho even though your height is for a baby
Lee Seonghwa H 1 year ago
@Choi Seunghyun *laughs and shrugs my shoulder. Grumbling when you locked your arm around my neck*
This is not how i wish to die.
*raises an eyebrow and smirks*
Hmm. Daddyyyy~ Daddyyyy~
*sing songs but quickly shakes my head as i laugh*
i should not do that huh..
*places my bag onto one of the chair, next to yours. Laughs softly* thanks for bringing one.
Fine..lets go change.
*stares at you with wide open mouth and shakes my head*
Baby pool? Really niw?..you take me there...you will have to drag me!...or carry me princess style...since someone doesnt wanna gove me a piggyback...
*huffs out as i playfully glare at you*
Lets go change!..wait, where are the changing rooms...or is it in the open?
*asks as i look around*
Choi Seunghyun H [A] 1 year ago
@Lee Seonghwa What the heck..?
*laugh and locked my arms around your head, playfully strangling you*
but that's better than calling me daddy tho
*continue laughing while putting down my bag in one of the chairs*
good, I also bring one just in case you forgot to bring. let's go and change our clothes.
yes, I am actually thinking if I should bring you to the baby pool but I think that too much so we are here in the kiddie pool.
Lee Seonghwa H 1 year ago
@Choi Seunghyun Yes im ready papa *says playfully as i laugh, fixing my backpack*
Im ready. Im ready!!
Umm..i dont think I'll need it. But i did bring it just in case... hope i dont need it.
*mumbkes softly as i overlook the pool*
Wow...you did bring to a kiddos pool. *laughs and nods, liking it nonetheless*
Choi Seunghyun H [A] 1 year ago
@Lee Seonghwa Let's go, I have my clothes and the things I will or we will need for this swimming season
*fixed my backpacked*
Are you ready? Did you bring your lifebouy with you?


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