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badges cafe


welcome to the badge shop, where you can earn or purchase some flair to be displayed in your character's profile. more badges will be added over time, so check back regularly to see what new flair you can give your characters!


some badges require details to be given. these details can be found by hovering over the badge image in the table.


other badges offer a different image depending on details given. for example, if your character is a small pet owner, we will pick an image for the particular pet (if possible). if a badge has this option, there will be a "+" next to the example.


  01.    site events


cost: free with proof


these are badges that can only be earned during a limited-time for community and site events. once the event is over, the badges will be added here for reference and for anyone who participated and never claimed their reward.


join during opening week



event badge




  02.    activity


cost: free with proof


badges are "by character", so you may not - for example - have 50 posts on two characters and try to claim the "reach 100 posts" badge.


reach 100 posts


reach 500 posts



reach 1,000 posts



reach 2,000 posts



post 100+ in 24 hours



have a aesthetic profile



be shipped with 10+ people


have changed dp 20 +



have a memory liked 10+



complete 3+ scenes in rooms






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Twice_ 1 year ago
Left park yeoja
1de44d247d4541cf545e 1 year ago
byun baekhyun or kim jongin? c:
thecrxwn 1 year ago
Uhhhhhhh WJSN's Yeoreum please
pepega 1 year ago
kang daniel pls
Twice_ 1 year ago
Park jimin yeoja pls
Kitteni 1 year ago
Winwin , dang it
pendejo 1 year ago
hmu with kim taehyung please and thank you e u e
vanderlinde 1 year ago
min yoongi pls bb
oceani 1 year ago
gimme chae changhyun pls
peachtarte 1 year ago
kim jungwoo and choi heechu pwease uwu
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