Bears Den


youngwoo & kim kibum

pair house

who's that boy

that's looking

back at me

i don't know you

Youngwoo H 3 months ago
@Kim Kibum *his smile never leaves his face as he carries his two large black suit cases and a duffle bag over his shoulders, watching how you were so excited about our new house. This was much bigger than what he shared with you, even though he liked the small space cause it gave him an excuse to hold you and up under you but you both knew that we needed space sometimes* yeah it does, and I excited to share it with you beautiful.. *smiles back just as wide as you watching you take his suit case before walking and taking your hand into his, pulling you side* C'mere babe..
Kim Kibum 3 months ago
@Youngwoo H *Gets in here slowly dragging two big pink suircases, full with everything needed, mostly clothes of course. The house they bought seemed so huge compared to the small space Kibum was so used to sharing with you. Whenever he was going somewhere, he was seeing you, or bumping into you. It made sense since the point of The Show was to make strangers closer. He left the luggage aside, took out the key, and looked back at you as you took your luggage* It feels so unreal... we finally have our own place, handsome.. *Smiles widely, unlocking the door for them to enter and holding the door thinking you may want to enter first*
Youngwoo H 3 months ago
@Kim Kibum oh yeah, get ready for every room to be defiled by our internal fluids... ;)
Kim Kibum 3 months ago
@Youngwoo H It's perfect! We can finally have our own place and have some fun. ;)
Youngwoo H 3 months ago
@Kim Kibum babe, our house is ready.


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Pika-boo 6 hours ago
hyungseok is taking his leave
please don't delete him though cause I might comeback
PrincessLilith 1 week ago
Can you reserve Heechul for me please? ^-^
credence 1 week ago
can i have stray kids hwang hyunjin?
taneejj 1 week ago
Can you add and reserve NCT Taeil, please?
ely-xions 2 weeks ago
can you add and reserve Jongin please?
shineesarahh 2 weeks ago
can you add and reserve Yixing, please
recyclebin 3 weeks ago
jehyun's official group name has been announced, it's 1team. :)
Pika-boo 4 weeks ago
Can you add and reserve yang yoseob
djinnamon 1 month ago
Can i reserve infinite Sungjong please
verizon 1 month ago
can i have cha eunwoo?
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