☇ ғᴀᴍɪʟʏ #²。


The family #2




죽겠다 또 어김없이 너의 흔적이 남아 날 괴롭힌다 죽겠다 남 대하듯이 돌아 사이 떼어버리니 무너졌네 죽을 각오 미처 하지 못해서 죽겠네 몰랐던 거야

#love #care #protection

manoban lalisa 1 year ago
manoban lalisa 1 year ago
@kang daniel well we are family now, aren't we?
/smiles brightly at you/
there ain't no need for formality.
Just call me Lisa
kang daniel 1 year ago
@manoban lalisa thank you for the warm welcome, kind miss
manoban lalisa 1 year ago
@kang daniel ohhh hey there, welcome to the fam!
/smiles brightly at you
manoban lalisa 1 year ago
@lee yeoreum @kang seulgi @jung jaehyun hey there you guys and welcome to family numero two!
dunno bout you guys but I thought it would be nice if we could maybe get to know each other a bit? ahh only if you are not busy. And if you wanna. No pressure. Anyways I was thinking maybe doing something like twenty questions only without the questions? like just sharing one fact about chu whenever we stay here together? or is that too random? weird? AHh I hope I didn't bother you and you do not mind the tag.


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Twice_ 1 year ago
Left park yeoja
1de44d247d4541cf545e 1 year ago
byun baekhyun or kim jongin? c:
thecrxwn 1 year ago
Uhhhhhhh WJSN's Yeoreum please
pepega 1 year ago
kang daniel pls
Twice_ 1 year ago
Park jimin yeoja pls
Kitteni 1 year ago
Winwin , dang it
pendejo 1 year ago
hmu with kim taehyung please and thank you e u e
vanderlinde 1 year ago
min yoongi pls bb
oceani 1 year ago
gimme chae changhyun pls
peachtarte 1 year ago
kim jungwoo and choi heechu pwease uwu
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