species list

there are several creatures that are mentioned in greek mythology. here are a few that you can be. if there is something that you would like to be that is not on the list, please comment or message an admin about it. you are only allowed to be a humanoid creature.


a race of (mostly) female beings that reside in nature. they are playful beings that are usually the wives of gods or great heroes. there are different types of nymphs depending on where they live.

dryads (forests)

acheloids (from the river Achelous)

alseids (groves)

hamadryads (trees)

hydriads (water)

lampades (underworld)

leimoniads (meadows)

meliads (ash trees)

naiads (springs and rivers)

napaea (valleys)

nereid (the Mediterranean)

oceanids (the sea)

oreads (mountains)


an ancient race that survives solely by smelling flowers and apples. they do not need to eat or drink. they can die by smelling strong and unpleasant smells.


a nation of all female warriors. amazon females are the daughters of ares and harmonia, a nymph. they are brutal and aggressive and believes war was the only way of life.


the race of people who resided in atlantis. they are unable to be out of water for long periods of time


beautiful creatures who lives in salt water. unlike atlanteans, they are able to go longer periods without water. when they touch land, their tails go away and take form as human legs.


sirens are dangerous creatures, who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and singing voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

daemons (demons)

demons are a scarcely figure in Greek mythology. there are two types of demons, good and evil ones. there appears to be no real moral of these creatures.

medusa's creatures

humans who have hair of snakes like the maiden medusa have. many can go from regular human hair to snake hair based on emotion.

i dont think this is real, i just made it up lmao


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