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xngeliquer 1 year ago
I’m sorry but Zayn is leaving. Life has been and will get more hectic.
SugaHU 1 year ago
Is Min Yoongi available???
chrysopos 1 year ago
Piggybacking on LordJee a bit lol
I'm gmt -4/-5 so I could help add characters and accept apps too
Squiddly 1 year ago
Hey there
I was just wondering if you needed a co-admin? Even just to add peoples reserves up for you when your offline? I'm in UK time so I could offer to help out a bit :)
xngeliquer 1 year ago
decision made: can someone reserve Maluma for me please?
xngeliquer 1 year ago
sooooooo someone help me choose please-

Toni Mahfud, Maluma or Stephen James?
AshFlower 1 year ago
And also- the term for Medusa’s creatures are called Gorgons ouo
AshFlower 1 year ago
Please add Kina Shen please?
bananavores 1 year ago
Jennie Kim for me pls
babyqueen 1 year ago
Ahn Hyejin please?
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