cat cafe


h, park jamie。 2 weeks ago
manoban lalisa。 3 weeks ago
@kim jongin。 my cheeks noticeably turn red as i catch the cashier's inquisitive stare, letting out a soft, sheepish laugh as i really didn't mind the affection in public, but it still makes me feel a bit shy when people are looking. my eyes turn to look at you when you take my hand again, my eyes wide in question as you lace our fingers before i even get to touch my card. your words bring a small frown to my face, my lips forming into a pout. i nod hesitantly. okay, but i'm paying next time. i say firmly, gently squeezing your hand again before tiptoeing slightly to peck the tip of your nose.
h, kim jongin。 3 weeks ago
@h, manoban lalisa。 my eyes narrow playfully, giving your smaller hand a light squeeze. then i suppose we'll have to agree to disagree, hm? i'm certain you're cuter. my eyes flicker to you as you order, an adoring smile gracing my features, eyes practically shining as i lean in to press a sweet kiss against your temple soon pulling away just a tiny bit at the cashier's inquisitive stare. this is what i mean- cuter than the kitten. waits for the cashier, leaning my weight from one foot to the other subconsciously, gaze caught by your hand leaving mine and moving to your purse, quickly taking your hand in mine again and lacing our fingers together, head shaking as my nose wrinkles up slightly. my treat, alright?
manoban lalisa。 3 weeks ago
@kim jongin。 my head raises to look at you as i feel your soft lips on the back of my hand, my lips stretched into a smile. love, i don't think anyone can surpass this little furball's cuteness. laughs softly, squeezing your hand as i follow you towards the cashier. looks at you as you bend forward, nodding enthusiastically as i hear your words, before turning to the cashier to ask. the cashier recommends a small box of kitten treats, i nodding to agree to make the purchase. raising the kitten towards the cashier, i show her the treats. do you want that, baby? i say, talking in the same small voice, before glancing at you with a sheepish smile. letting go of your hand for a moment, i reach for my card inside my purse, waiting for the cashier to finish ringing up all our orders.
h, kim jongin。 3 weeks ago
@h, manoban lalisa。 grins, eyes shining with the utmost adoration as you laugh, leaning in to gently bump my nose against your cheek before i shrug exaggeratedly. well what can i say? my girlfriend is far too kissable for me to be able to hold back. reciprocates the tender kiss, reconnecting our tiers briefly when you pull away. an abashed smile decorates my mien as you laugh, spare hand rubbing my nape: soon nodding firmly at your answer. blueberry it is then- pauses my spiel on noticing your act, a fond look painted over my visage as i bring your hand to my lips, leaving a kiss upon it as i let a light chuckle slip past my decks. you've surpassed the cuteness of the kitten. continues our short walk, reciting out our order before humming quietly, bending towards you to whisper out a small suggestion. how about we ask the cashier what he would recommend for the little critter?
kim jiwoo。 4 weeks ago
@wen junhui。 wears her coat shifts to your side, linking her arm with yours and pulling you close as we bid goodbye to the staff and leave – only the cute plaster on her cheek left as a memory.

[ uhhhh let’s request! ]
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 4 weeks ago
@kim jiwoo。 not really expecting the peck, his cheeks now being dusted with the colors of roses before almost stuttering out his reply 'no problem' and looking a bit flustered for a moment. head nodding in agreement to you, he starts preparing for the two of you to leave.

[uh there's no amusement park around here, do you want us to go request one or just continue on wall?]
kim jiwoo。 1 month ago
@wen junhui。 she cupped the cheek you put the plaster on, puffing out her cheeks before leaning in to plant a peck on yours. thank you... she mumbles before grabbing her stuff. should we go now? i’m full at least. ignores making eyecontact with the rest of the staff inside, staring out to the window as she wears her long coat.
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 1 month ago
@kim jiwoo。 a small smile was on his facial features as he continues in cleaning the scratch. just, be careful next time, okay? he said just before he starts preparing the the band-aid and putting it over the slight abrasion. there we go, it looks cute on you since it has cartoon cats printed on it. patting your cheek softly right after.
manoban lalisa。 1 month ago
@kim jongin。 my eyes disappear into crescents as a burst of giggles escape from my lips upon your sweet kisses, a hand gently resting on your chest. hmm- i hum, and you're getting greedy with your kisses. laughs. not that i'm complaining though, by all means, i want more. with a small playful grin painted on my lips, i lean closer to you, my tiers moving ever so gently against yours before i pull away with a smile. takes your hand as you stand up, carefully cradling the furball in my arm, squeezing your hand lightly as you interlace our fingers, following you to the cashier. blinks the moment you stop in your tracks, looking at you in question, before i laugh softly upon hearing your query. blueberry chessecake? i suggest, titling my head slightly. i'm good, love. but- trains my eyes on the kitten resting in my arm, the tone of my voice becoming cuter, as if i was talking to a child. how about you, baby? what do you want?
h, kim jongin。 1 month ago
@h, manoban lalisa。 leans against you, arm coming around your shoulder to tug you closer, mindful to do the latter slowly so the kitten wouldn't be disturbed, a knowing smile growing on my lips as i catch your eyes on me, your evident gaze making me grin as i press a flurry of sweet kisses upon your ever so pretty mien, my grin only growing wider with each smooch. god, you keep getting more adorable. pauses then, nodding thoughtfully before standing up once again, this time holding out a hand for you. let's go order then, we should probably take the little one as well, so she can pick out her treat. waits for you take my hand, lacing our fingers the moment that affectionate contact is made as i gently pull you to the cashier. oh babe, i forgot to ask- stops in my tracks, throwing you a sheepish smile. which flavour of cheescake and is there anything else you want?
kim jiwoo。 1 month ago
@wen junhui。 she pouted as she awaited for your return, the scratch not being that big of a deal, more of surprised by the unexpectedness and watches you approach her with the alcohol bottle in hand. she flinches when you place it on her cheekbone, making a face and suddenly feeling like a child being looked after, a feeling of embarrassment settles in her chest. I’ll be fine, don’t worry. I think I might’ve picked the wrong cat to pick up. she attempts to chuckle to ease up the situation. thank you though. she notices the staff eyeing them with questionable looks, bringing unwanted attention on her.
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 1 month ago
@kim jiwoo。 it depends honestly? it's not all the time i'm recognized and it's not all the time that you're not since who knows- he couldn't help but cackle at what you've said, immediately getting surprised when the cat scratched you. almost being in panic as he saw that the scratch you got was starting to bleed, it didn't help when he saw you flinching away as it was stinging, he guesses. oh god- are you okay?? i'll uh go get something to treat it, wait here- he ran to the counter and asked one of staffs for a rubbing alcohol, cotton and bandages while explaining the situation. they've asked if he needed help but replied 'no, thank you.' since he knew that cat scratches weren't a big deal before going back to you.
okay this gonna sting a little bit- just tolerate because we don't want any infection on the wound. he says before putting some alcohol on the cotton and starts putting it on the scratch.
kim jiwoo。 1 month ago
@wen junhui。 yeah a sheep café! it's in hongdae but i always forget to go there. also i'm scared of being recognised, though i'm nowhere near as popular as you are so maybe it's just silly of me to worry. really? i would've been so bummed if i were you. bet the sheeps were super soft... and trust me you don't! besides i wouldn't mind if you did either.
oh yes, sure-, one of the cats she picked up she leaned in to give a kiss ends up scratching her cheek out of surprise, making her face freeze and let out a whimper. auch! hey that wasn't nice... puts the cat down and pouts, touching the scratch with her fingers and immediately flinches.
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 1 month ago
@kim jiwoo。 yeah but we were busy so, meh. he shrugs his shoulders before picking up another cat, nuzzling against its soft fur before letting out a muffled laugh and putting it down as it runs along with the others. sheep cafe? i mean i heard raccoon cafe located in japan but sheep cafe? is it the one in hongdae? 'cause wow i would like like to see some sheep- i mean i saw some back in china in a show but uh they didn't allowed us to touch them so. he notices how much he was blabbering, i talk a lot don't i? he cackled before standing up and dusting off the fur on his clothing but saw some sticky roller just nearby, taking one to roll off the fur on his clothes. do you need one? your covered with fur too- he says as he was handing a roller to you.
kim jiwoo。 1 month ago
@wen junhui。 she get's up to sit back on her seat, pulling some cat hairs out of so she can finish her puffs and finishes it in one bite. they really went to one without you guys? damn. i'd be sad too. but hey at least now you're in cat heaven and got all these cute kittens surrounding you. she chuckled at the questioning look of the kitten, it's round blue eyes looking so comedic. dammit patricia! work with me! speaks to the cat as if it could understand me, now some of the cats going away to other customers. this is fun, but did you know there's also a sheep and a racoon cafe out there?
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 1 month ago
@kim jiwoo。 who knows? we might have met uncertain death and we've gone home to cat heaven. he said without looking, his focus was more on the cats that surrounded him, he felt at bliss at the moment. is this what his bandmates felt when they went to a cat cafe too? well that wasn't fair but then again on that day, he was stuck in schedules in china along with minghao so even though he's the most known member to love cats he wasn't even available to be tagged along. the compliment that you gave him didn't went unnoticed, he smiled wider at it. sounds good to me, let me just- he took the little ragdoll kitten from earlier and puts it on the pocket of his jacket. it popped out and looked up, meowing as if to ask what's going on. i don't think this is gonna work with them popping out all of the sudden.
kim jiwoo。 1 month ago
@wen junhui。 she bursted into laughter after seeing the photo and continued to be surrounded by the cats, one laying down on my chest and purrs. is this heaven jun? am I dead and this is the afterlife where I’m covered in cats forever? she coos and plants another smooch on a kitten, before bringing herself up on her forearms and watches you with a grin. you look so cute. maybe we could split up the cats and put them under our shirts to take back home?
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 1 month ago
@kim jiwoo。 another string of laughter tumbled down his tier as he watches in amusement. seeing how the cats were playing with you. he took the moment to fish out his phone from the pockets of his jeans and took a picture of you and the cats, catching the moment when you planted a kiss on one of them on the head. aren't you all so adorable, he commented before showing the photo on his phone. yeah, i wouldn't mind that, seems like they don't want us to be away so soon. he pets the cat on his lap but another joins in. okay let me at least finish my drink and food before i could eveb play with you guys. he now puts down the two cats and focused more in finishing what he ordered, once he was done he crouched down so he can be by the cats level, being pounced and jump on by the shoulders and some rubbed themselves onto him. i feel like taking them all to our dorm even if i'll get scolded.
kim jiwoo。 1 month ago
@wen junhui。 w- we’re under attack! she acts over dramatic as the cats won’t let her go, noticing you getting bombarded by them as well. she “falls” down to the kittens and lays on her back so she’s smothered by them sniffing and my face. my poor face! i give up, they’ve got me jun. i surrender. scratches the cats heads and chuckles before kissing one’s head. i think we might have to be here longer than thought.
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 1 month ago
@kim jiwoo。 he laughs softly as he watches you with the cats. this is cute, they all like you. he now puts down the kitten since it started to trash around in his arms. it is, especially when you think of the timea when you were just a trainee and back to your current state. he said before taking a long sip, do you want to play with the cats first? we can spare a few minutes for them if you like? maybe buy a few treats for them. he suggested before getting startled by a siamese cat who jumped on his lap and starts rubbing itself on him.
kim jiwoo。 1 month ago
@wen junhui。 suddenly a flock of cats come by my feet, aging from old to young, meowing loudly and almost scaring me as they all expectantly wait for me to do something, only making me more confused. w... what do you want kittens– notices the small bit of creampuff that had fallen to the floor was being eaten, now all of the cats thinking I was feeding them. h hh hey! no it’s chicken’s creampuff not yours. she covers it protectively and tries to shoo the cat’s away, them only thinking it’s a game. y-yeah you could say so. but I do like stability and routine in my life, since my career is already one big adventure, don’t you think. she finishes her puff and eventually gives in, dropping on more piece quickly so the staff won’t notice me.
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 1 month ago
@kim jiwoo。 exactly though but i don't really plan on getting a lot of pets just two cats would be fine by me. he starts chuckling when he sees the kitten falling asleep for a bit, letting it rest on his arm as he takes a sip from his drink. 11am? great but i guess there wouldn't be much people there 'cause it's just a normal day so we don't have to worry about it- so you're the adventurous kind, huh? that's nice. he now watches you eat the creampuff, smiling at your reaction before he takes one creampuff, taking a bite of it and sees it was filled with chocolate filling. i think you'll manage to find the strawberry one from the two, if you want to know which one it is just poke the bottom part with your fork and you'll see it.
kim jiwoo。 1 month ago
@wen junhui。 the kitten purred and softly his face while I rubbed it’s paws. that’s unfortunate, besides you never know if the dogs would be too rough with the cat. mind you i love both creatures equally. but especially a cat this tiny needs protection and care. eyes you before retreating her hand away. i’m sure once your life becomes more... manageable you can get tons of pets.

checks the time on her phone. yes it’s only 11am right now and the places closes at ten so we have more than enough time. just hope the que’s ain’t insane. all of those rides sound amazing, lucky for you I like action and going fast. her eyes light up from the sight of the creampuffs, shaking her head in response as she grabs the fork. no i’m not – i hope it’s strawberry though. dips into it and closes her eyes so the surprise won’t be ruined to her and places the bite size to . ..... cream cheese. still good tho!
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 1 month ago
@kim jiwoo。 i don't have the time to stay and pet them, we're always on the rush for schedules, that's why. he looks down at the kitten on his arms, an endearing smile was given to the animal by him. does it now? he chuckled before petting its head. as much as i want to take her home, i don't think it would be a good idea since we have dogs already and i don't want to give the staffs more work since they're the one taking care of the pets when we're away. he softly sighed.

that's quite a lot, but we have all day to do so, if's still morning. isn't it? so we can manage to try those out. he responded before his order arrives and he showed gratitude to the waitress before she goes. uh, i think i want to go to thay gyro drop ride and i think there's also the zipline there? as for food, i think i would wanna try out funnel cakes, it's been a while- and oh, maybe you want to try the creampuffs out? he slides the plate towards you with his free hand, they called it 'surprise puffs' since you wouldn't know what filling you'll get. chocolate, strawberry jam, cream cheese or caramel- you're not allergic or dislike any of those, right? i hope-
kim jiwoo。 1 month ago
@wen junhui。 she let's out a sound of awe once you raise the cat up into your arms, almost forgetting completely that this is a cat café, the sight of you already captivating her enough. she let's out a coo and watches how the kitten rubs itself on your neck and places her tiny paws on your chest, letting out a barely audible 'eep' sounds. clutches her chest and reaches out to gently rub it's face. really? there tends to be a lot of strays out here so no wonder. damn that cat is gorgeous. i think it likes you.

takes a sip of my drink before settling with a soft sigh and a smile on her face. i want to go to the rollercoaster or the spooky house! maybe even on the gigantic slide or the ones where you can spin the ride around while you sit on the cups. she blabbers on, constantly thinking of new rides and finding it hard to shut up. do you have any ones you want to go to? or maybe even foods you wanna try?
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 1 month ago
@kim jiwoo。 oh, okay. good to know. he nodded just before his head turned to the direction to where you were pointing at before his gaze goes back to you. alright, and yeah it isn't i think it's just a 10-15 minutes walk from here. he says then he stands up from his seat, heading towards the counter. he ordered the usual mocha frappuccino and creampuffs.

he gets back to your table once he paid and received change, being instructed that his order would just be given to the table. is there any types of rides you want to try out once we're there? he questions before his attention was taken by a 'meow' sound right below him. he looked down and saw a ragdoll kitten, he couldn't help but pick up the small creature up, staring into its icy blue eyes before craddling it into his arms. i honestly haven't came in contact with a feline for months, last time it was when i found a stray by the streets.
kim jiwoo。 1 month ago
@wen junhui。 she get's up by the sight of you but immediately sits down as you wave me off, already had ordered a nice hot drink for herself and was currently warming her fingers in it. no you didn't at all! i was just here a bit early, heh. she eyes you and gently points to the cashier with her head. you should go order something, i promise i'll wait. the amusement park isn't far away either, right?
sh, wen junhui。 [A] 1 month ago
@kim jiwoo。 a message right away and a chuckle escaped when he read your message, a bandmate passes by and questions him but he waves them off, saying it was nothing. 'cute, anyways take care when going there okay? see yah.' he sent before leaving off the phone on the couch just to take a quick shower and change right away. it didn't take long before he was already leaving their dorm and the building.

calling out for a form of transportation he gets in and go to the cafe that was a few blocks away. getting off and paying the driver, he looks at the establishment and immediately noticed you just by the window, he smiled and went inside. chimes rang as the door was opened and he was now sitting infront of you.

hey, i didn't make you wait long, right?
manoban lalisa。 1 month ago
@kim jongin。 smiles as you nuzzle my cheek, intertwining our fingers. snuggles closer to you, moving as carefully as i could to avoid disturbing the kitten on my lap, smiling to myself as i take the time to soak in your features, looking at you with adoring eyes while you try to make a choice. your voice snaps me back to reality, blinking as i feel the blood rushing to my cheeks, mentally hoping you didn't notice me staring. my eyebrows raise slightly at your question, nodding, and letting out a soft laugh. let's get those brownies then. maybe a slice of cheesecake too? i suggest, titling my head slightly to the side. a smile appears on my lips as you boop the kitten's nose, almost melting at the sight of you two. definitely a yes, babe. i nod, pecking the tip of your nose before giving you a smile.


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