h, park jamie。 2 weeks ago
sits my flat down and shoves popcorn into my mouth
h, kang younghyun。 [A] 1 month ago
⇀ now open。 ⟣


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theJxster 1 day ago
you can kick the h off leo and ken now
SJV1144 2 days ago
Applied as wonyoung
diphylleia 3 days ago
nahee as well
diphylleia 3 days ago
hyuk is ready to come back
SJV1144 3 days ago
can i have jang wonyoung as my third?
-trashcan 4 days ago
( ˙꒳​˙ )
ohwoahlotto 5 days ago
Can... can I have sunmu bacc uwu if shes still available thaf is
kodachrome 5 days ago
hola fam, shu/sooj/heej are off hiatus no w
hxrdcore 5 days ago
park chorong as my second pleaseu <3
yks_joy 6 days ago
Thanks for having Seokjin!
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