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xu minghao。 [A] 1 month ago
@jang yeeun。 his head nodded at the information he acquired, eyes wandering around the vicinity as he tries to spot someone who wears a creme coat but it seems like it's a little to early to search that's why his gaze fell on the ground instead, not wanting to look as if he was suspicious. "alright then, take care on the way here." minghao told her, still not hanging up not until she's finally here.

"i see you. i'll head right over."

his head turned to every direction, a minuscule smile made its way on his lips once he saw someone familiar approaching by, face mask pulled down and tucked under her chin. he then realized that he forgot to wear one himself, being in such a hurry earlier a lot of thing went over his head but he can't really be blamed since by the time he woke up, he saw the time on his phone and he was quick to get out of bed — rushing in prepation and departure, only to realized that he wasn't even really late, his bandmates only pulled a prank on him, they've changed the time on his phone and he couldn't really bring himself to be annoyed, he was too used to this silliness that they do, not to mention, he did it on one of them last time, so maybe thjs was their payback. he should have expected it.

minghao turned off his phone and shoved it into the pocket of his coat before taking her hand that was held out for him, gently shaking it as a form of greeting then he lets go.

"oh, it's fine. i just got by here 5 minutes before i called you and sure." he stood up from the bench before a chuckle left his tiers, "nah, it wasn't if i ignore the part i got pranked by the guys. thought i was late but turns out they messed with my phone, i wouldn't have noticed it if i didn't saw the clocks around the streets. how about you though?" his gaze still focused on yeeun as he asked her. it wasn't really uncommon for him to start being talkative towards the other, he's usually like that — friendly and easy to approach, he had always thought that first impression matters the most.
jang yeeun。 1 month ago
@sh, xu minghao。 thin fingers hooked onto the upper hem of the face mask covering her nose and mouth from the cold and pulled the article down to hug her chin. grey-ish white swirls of fog condensed as yeeun exhaled, cat like eyes observed her surroundings, she wasn't too from where she intended to arrive. it was her first time in a while traveling outside of the daily van that would take her and her group members to the broadcasting station, company headquarters, and dorms. however the long distances spanning broadcasting station to station, her keen eyes began to memorize the familiar paths and landmarks along the way. despite this, as put together as yeeun appeared at the moment, she was definitely nervous. today was a day of encounters, and being as such, she pondered over things repeatedly, fussed over her appearance for quite a while earlier that morning. it was only until she pulled up the chat history between her and minghao, to initially ask a question, that she felt reassured. they were fairly comfortable with each other's presence, the mere thought put her at ease, and subsequently made her forget her question.

but as she walked down the path to the museum, her hands began sweating, perhaps it was because she kept them tucked in her pocket all this time. but her heart thumped a little faster too, so while she wasn't as much of a nervous wreck as she was this morning...yeeun was definitely nervous. she had to take in another breath, allowing her shoulders to loosen, and just then her phone had rung. she picked it up, greeting the caller back. "i'm super close, it shouldn't take me too long to arrive. i'm wearing a creme coat, and color should give me away"

taking note of the marble steps leading up to the grandeur entrance of the museum. a broad grin replaced her previously neutral expression, satisfied that she arrived to the location on time. tearing her gaze away from the museum, she scanned the vicinity to look for the familiar face she was so nervous about meeting a short while ago.

the nervousness was quickly met with excitement once she spotted the brunet, "i see you. i'll head right over." yeeun hung up, slipped her phone into her pocket and took long strides over to the benches where minghao was sitting. beaming, she held her hand out to him.

"hey, i hope you didn't wait too long since it's pretty cold out today. i wouldn't want you catching a cold, so how about we head into the museum? also..." yeeun exhaled, surprised at how much she was able to blurt out,"i hope you're travel here wasn't too troublesome?"
xu minghao。 [A] 1 month ago
@jang yeeun。 as minghao walks down the streets, a soft sigh left his lips along with a cloud of smoke due to the cold that quickly vanishes with the wind that blew by, hitting the male's skin and despite having three layers of clothing underneath, it still brought a mild tremor that coursed through his body. he was glad that february was the last month of the winter season before it would bid farewell as spring comes by and greets everyone with colors as it is the time to which flowers will be in their blooming state and couldn't wait for the cherry blossoms to be in full bloom so he can take a picture of the beautiful scenery.

it didn't take too long for him to arrive to his destination, being by the art museum and having thoughts if he should wait outside or inside, so he decide to wait outside instead to be easily spotted by the other just by their arrival. minghao sat on one of the benches outside the vicinity of the building, just by the main entrance as he takes out his phone from the pockets of his taupe trench coat. unlocking the device and going through his contacts, debating with himself whether he should text or call yeeun. they were comfortable enough towards each other to finally get to the point to which calling can be done without the awkward silence lingering around them unlike the first time they tried but somehow the brunet was still hesitant at times and those times are like now. after a few moments, he inhaled and exhaled deeply before pressing the call button.

his phone now placed near his ear ad he listened to the rings, once picked up the girl on the other line he started out with a greeting to be polite and followed by with informing her that he's already by the museum before asking about her current location, trying his best not to sound like he was being impatient or anything since it wasn't like that, he couldn't really explain it properly but he knows that it's a common thing to ask yet he couldn't help but be extra conscious with himself. they're going to meet up for the first time, not like something by the backstage after every performance but it became more personal since it was just the two of them and the thought was something he doesn't really know how to feel or react to since they just started getting to know each other not too long ago, in courtesy of both groups they came from planning it out to set them up for a blind date but decided against it for a lot of reasons like the lack of time and it felt rush for some reason, so it was better if they went on getting to know each other in their own way and meet up when they feel like doing so or when they're comfortable enough with each other, both should agree upon it and this is it, this is where they can finally move away from just being acquaintances and learn more about each other personally.
h, park jamie。 2 months ago
waits for rhe stautes to come to life
h, jung daehyun。 [A] 3 months ago
⇀ now open。 ⟣


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