bubble tea


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byun jungha。 1 month ago
I came here to get some bubs but someone asked pennywise to work here
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h, park jamie。 2 months ago
buys the whole store
h, lee hyeri。 3 months ago
//Walks into the store and buys myself a bubble tea, sitting by the window and drinking it while i watch over the people walking by
h, jung daehyun。 [A] 3 months ago
⇀ now open。 ⟣


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Yukiko 20 hours ago
can i have my joy back?
etoile 22 hours ago
hello can i have my sakura back;;
occasus [A] 1 day ago
checked and cleared!
and i apologize if you were kicked out but it is due to inactivity but feel free to ask in getting your charas back! it was a clean up on the masterlist.
floraison 1 day ago
chaeyeon left.
-distress 2 days ago
hey beb :) i'm gonna be leaving
DemonEater 3 days ago
lemme have park jisung ❤️
chocobar 6 days ago
guess who's back uwu
kagaki 1 week ago
Are you still accepting people?
Youngie- 1 week ago
⟣ — checked
MoonPrincess 1 week ago
Hello, is Kim Taeyeon free? ^-^
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